My Bestest Friend Poem
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My Bestest Friend Poem – 15 Poems about Genuine Relationship

My bestest friend poem are poems you should send to your best friend. To different people, Best Friends means different things.

Some insist that you should only have one best friend. For various facets of their personality, some claim that they have best friends.

Your best friend is the person who gets you, whatever the exact meaning. They have an idea of who you are and what you mean. Best friends should not be divided by the greatest distance.

You will always feel a kinship with them, and you will be able to continue the friendship immediately even after not speaking for many years.

1. Title: “Best Friend Moved Away”

Sitting in class
Thinking of you
It’s hard to realize
I’m not with you

Knowing you’re so far away
Knowing you’re not here
It makes me
Want to tear

Knowing you’re happy
Fills me with cheer
But knowing you’re sad
Fills me with tears

I’m so far away
I can’t help but think
I miss you, I love you
But I can’t speak.

Best Friend Moved Away - My Bestest Friend Poem

2. Title: “The Golden Grain”

Eyes have seen, yet not perceived
The friendship tie that binds
Ears have heard, yet not conceived
The secrets of our minds

Songs of old cannot reveal
The bonds we two have shared
Poetic prose cannot explain
Of fate that had us paired

Hand in hand and step by step
We walk a chosen path
No thoughts we have of looking back
Or giving in to wrath

So separate the wheat from the chaff
To glean the golden grain
Though winds may blow the chaff away
Our friendship will remain

The Golden Grain - My Bestest Friend poem

3. Title: “Friends are Angels”

Our friends are like angels
Who brighten our days
In all kinds of wonderful
Magical ways

Their thoughtfulness comes
As a gift from above
And we feel we’re surrounded
By warm, caring love

Like upside-down rainbows
Their smiles bring the sun
And they fill ho-hum moments
With laughter and fun

Friends are like angels
Without any wings
Blessing our lives
With the most precious things

Friends are Angels - My Bestest Friend Poem

4. Title: “Farewell My Last Goodbye”

I cherished the times when we were together
I hoped that it would last forever
but now there’s nothing I can do
today I’ll say my goodbye to you

Though it’ll be long before I see you again
I know you’re happy there, safe in heaven
and though I’ll miss you and love you that much
I know, God’s love for you, I cannot match

Time will pass, it would lessen the pain
but my feelings for you, they will stay the same
I know you’re watching there, up above
I wished you’ll read this poem, signed with all my love

I’ll say my farewell
not to cry, I will not swear
I will miss you
Farewell my very good friend

Farewell My Last Goodbye - My Bestest Friend Poem

5. Title: “A Golden Chain”

Friendship is a Golden Chain,
The links are friends so dear,
And like a rare and precious jewel
It’s treasured more each year…

It’s clasped together firmly
With a love that’s deep and true,
And it’s rich with happy memories
and fond recollections, too…

Time can’t destroy its beauty
For, as long as memory lives,
Years can’t erase the pleasure
That the joy of friendship gives…

And the Golden Chain of Friendship
Is a strong and blessed tie
Binding kindred hearts together
As the years go passing by.

A Golden Chain - My Bestest Friend Poem

6. Title: “Special Friend”

If you have a special friend,
You have the greatest treasure,
For the devotion that she shows
Will give you so much pleasure.

When troubles come your way
She’s there to help you through;
She never fails or falters
In all, she’s asked to do.

When you need encouragement
She’s there to cheer you on;
Her faith in you is constant
When other friends have gone.

Of all the precious jewels
The world could ever hold,
To have a friend like you
Is a beauty to behold.

Special Friend - My Bestest Friend poem

7. Title: “Thank You, Friend”

Gratitude, my friend, extends to you,
For treasures that in my heart accrue
For your empathy and profound care,
Given generously beyond compare.

Appreciation for your heartfelt ear,
Uplifting me when skies aren’t clear.
Unveiling the finest within my soul,
Just for being uniquely you, in whole.

Thanks for conversations deep and wise,
Igniting thoughts that tantalize.
For shared laughter in moments absurd,
For mysteries unsaid, yet clearly heard.

Beyond blemishes, you’ve chosen to see,
Investing time so graciously.
For every act of kindness you extend,
Thank you, dear friend; you’re a true godsend.

Thank You, Friend - My Bestest Friend Poem

8. Title: “A Friend I Can Count On”

When challenges knock on my door,
As mischievous gremlins explore,
And my spirit takes a downward cue,
Leaving me feeling low and blue…

As I seek solace in the moment,
A name quickly springs to mind,
One ever-ready to lend support,
Whose words are gentle and kind.

A soul who lifts my heavy mood,
A partner against troubles’ attack,
Making the sun’s rays shine more bright,
Guiding my spirit back on track.

They straighten the winding road,
Navigate each twist and each bend,
Making every day feel grand,
And that someone is you, my friend.

A Friend I Can Count On - My Bestest friend Poem

9. Title: “My Treasured Friend”

Dear friend, discovering you, a joy profound,
Our bond, a precious gift, love unbound.
In your presence, authenticity is bare,
Secured by the embrace of your love and care.

When you’re away, a yearning takes flight,
Our connection destined, feels just right.
Thoughts of you fill my days with glee,
You’ve become an integral part of me.

In laughter and sorrow, joy and tears,
We navigate life’s hopes and fears.
Our shared journey, an endless flow,
Time with you, more precious than you know.

Harmony defines our friendship’s trend,
Two souls blending, a perfect blend.
A lifelong treasure, I vow to defend,
You, my dear and cherished friend.

My Treasured Friend - My Bestest Friend Poem

10. Title: “A Friend is Like…”

A friend, akin to a serene forest,
Or a tranquil, calming blue sea.
A sanctuary in life’s turbulence,
Only a friend can truly be.

A friend, a melody that soothes,
Easing the strains within our brain.
Diverting us from life’s turmoil,
Diminishing the ache and pain.

A friend, like ice cream on a scorching day,
Adding sweetness in a unique way.
Making life more delectable,
In their own special sway.

A friend, a blend of all that’s good,
Adding sweetness to life’s beat.
You, my friend, complete my world,
Making existence utterly sweet.

A Friend is Like - My Bestest Friend Poem

11. Title: “A Golden Chain”

Friendship forms a chain of gold,
Linked by friends, precious to hold.
A rare and valued jewel,
Grows more cherished, year by year.

Bound with a love profound and true,
Enriched by memories old and new.
Time can’t tarnish its enduring grace,
Nor erase the joy friendship does embrace.

A priceless gift, beyond all measure,
Not bought or sold like worldly treasure.
An understanding friend, a wealth untold,
Worth more than a mine of precious gold.

The golden chain, strong and blessed,
Binds kindred hearts, enduring tests.
Through passing years, the tie remains,
Friendship’s legacy, a love that sustains.

A Golden Chain - My Bestest Friend Poem

12. Title: “Thank You, Friend”

Gratitude, friend, for all you share,
Meaningful gestures, beyond compare.
Abundant concern and understanding flow,
Thank you, for making my heart aglow.

For listening with a heart so kind,
Cheering me up when shadows bind.
Bringing out the best in me,
Simply for being you, so free.

Thanks for conversations, deep and wise,
Stimulating thoughts, a pleasant surprise.
In silly moments, laughter rings,
For the unexplained joy your presence brings.

Looking past flaws, spending precious time,
Kindness in actions, so sublime.
For all you do, both big and small,
Thank you, dear friend, for it all.

Thank You, Friend - My Bestest Friend Poem

13. Title: “A Poison Tree”

I harbored anger for my friend,
Expressed my wrath, saw it end.
Angry with my foe, I chose to conceal,
Unspoken, my wrath began to zeal.

Nourished with my fears, day and night,
Watered with tears, dark and light.
Basking it in smiles, using deceit’s art,
It grew, a seed planted in my heart.

Day and night, it expanded wide,
Bearing a bright apple by my side.
My foe noticed the gleaming sign,
Realizing that the anger was mine.

Under the veil of night, he crept,
Into my garden where secrets were kept.
Morning brought a glad sight to see,
My foe beneath the tree, defeated, and free.

A Poison Tree - My Bestest Friend Poem

14. Title: “Friends”

We’re heading to different high schools,
I know it’ll be tough, breaking friendship rules.
Once best friends, now torn apart,
Memories of good days embedded in my heart.

Through these years, you were my support,
In moments of sadness and tears, your comfort.
Yet now, everything’s rearranged,
No more laughter, no notebooks exchanged.

Inside jokes and hallway gossip now fade,
High school looms, a fear to evade.
The worst part is the uncertainty,
Of a future without our camaraderie.

I’ll never forget that smile so bright,
A source of joy, a guiding light.
Though paths diverge, and time may add,
You’ll always be the bestest friend I’ve ever had.

Friends - My Bestest Friend Poem

15. Title: “Friendship’s Flower”

Life resembles a garden’s expanse,
Friendship, akin to a blooming romance.
With sunshine and shower, it thrives,
Growing in beauty, as life derives.

Lovely blossoms, nurtured with care,
By those who unselfishly share.
Working to make the place fair,
Adding grace to the atmosphere.

Like garden blossoms, friendship’s sweet,
Growing more profound with each greet.
Watched and tended with thoughtful eyes,
It deepens as time swiftly flies.

If the seed of friendship is sown,
Deep and true, its beauty is known.
Understanding, the watchful guide,
Friendship’s flower will ever abide.

Friendship’s Flower - My Bestest Friend Poem

Friendship is an incredible feature of humanity as a whole, giving us the ability to have other people whom we can be close to and believe in, aside from our family members.

Friends can also be the cause of our downfall or our uplifting, so while we have friends we have to be careful of the kind of people we call friends, particularly best friends, there are some evil ones as well, as there are some awesome friends out there.

Send your best friend a poem today, it makes all the difference.

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