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I Promise You Poem – 10 Poems Collection of Perfect for Lovers to Share

I Promise You poems are perfect for lovers to share. Are the promises of love true enough too? Promises of forever, are they even going to begin? Are there pledges made only to be broken?

What about keeping promises? All who bring improvements to the lives of people as they find love and love have chosen to stay. Have you ever broken a promise to someone that you made and felt like there was no way to erase the pain?

Are your pledges true, true enough that you can see through them? Promises to love somebody before their eyes close and they say goodbye.

1. Title: “Words are not Enough

No words suffice to convey,
No deeds can fully portray
The depth of my emotions, it’s true.
With you, my life’s enriched and anew.

You’re the beacon in my darkened path,
My treasure, my joy that lasts.
You lend me strength in times untold,
When despair tries to take its hold.

You’re my one and only, rare and divine,
Completing my existence, making it shine.
In the face of defeat, you’re my victory,
A cherished symbol in life’s tapestry.

No expression or action could relay
The magnitude of love that’s here to stay.
My heart overflows, words fall through,
Yet, my love for you is steadfast and true.

Words are not Enough - I Promise You Poems

2. Title: “When I Die I Want Your Hands on My Eyes

When I depart, let your hands be my guide,
The light warmth of your cherished touch abide.
Let the tenderness that shaped my fate,
Caress my essence, a memory to restore.

While I slumber, wish for you to thrive,
May the wind’s whispers in your ears arrive.
Inhale the sea we cherished side by side,
Stroll the sands where our footsteps coincide.

Let what I adore endure and thrive,
For you, my love, were my song’s very drive.
Blossom endlessly, oh radiant one,
Embrace all my love ordains, let it be done.

May my shadow weave through your silken hair,
And in this, let the reason for my song declare.
With every note, let our story unfold,
A timeless love story, forever to be told.

When I Die I Want Your Hands on My Eyes - I Promise You Poems

3. Title: “My Promise”

This is my promise, for all to see,
How much you truly mean to me.
I promise to love you endlessly,
As long as you share that love with me.

I tell the stars high above,
You’ll always have my endless love.
To the fish in the sea,
They too know you mean the world to me.

Forever, our time I vow,
Lives entwined, I promise now.
To lift you up when you feel down,
Even as a clown.

If this promise seems not enough,
I’ll reconsider our bond, tough.
Yet, even if I do,
My love for you remains ever true.

My Promise - I Promise You Poems

4. Title: “Forever Love

You revealed a love so steadfast and true,
Offering solace that made belief in you bloom.
Beside me always, holding my hand,
In adversity, you showed understanding firsthand.

You never wavered, never gave up the fight,
Through pain, struggles, you remained my light.
In the shadows and moments of despair,
Your unwavering love proved that you care.

You declared that with me, nothing else matters,
Easing my burdens and soothing life’s clatters.
Enduring pain solely for my sake,
You showed me a love only true hearts can make.

Promising to stay, you spoke of forever,
In return, I vow to leave you never.
From the depths of my heart, these words depart,
I’ll love you eternally, even when we’re apart.

Forever Love - I Promise You Poems

5. Title: “Love You Forever

When the warmth of yesterday fades away,
Leaving you somber, caught in disarray,
Count on me, steadfast, to remain,
Through the storms of life, I’ll share your pain.

As your world crumbles, tears descend like rain,
I’ll be the voice calling, easing your strain.
No need to question, no need to pry,
I’m here for you, and that won’t ever die.

In the depths of despair, when all seems askew,
Your palette of emotions, I’ll help renew.
When hope dwindles and skies turn blue,
I’ll paint your world with colors true.

As December’s chill and fleeting time enthrall,
My love for you will endure, standing tall.
In the dance of moments, as time slips away,
My love will burn brighter, come what may.

Love You Forever - I Promise You Poems

6. Title: “God’s Plan

In the transition from light to night’s embrace,
Through the journey, our strides keep pace.
Pausing to catch our breath, in an intimate tether,
No force can sever, we’re bound forever.

Beneath the sun’s radiance, love is in your gaze,
Your smile, a constellation, like stars ablaze.
My heart quickens with each trace of your touch,
Discovering you felt like Love’s inaugural clutch.

In the depths of your dark, chocolate-hued eyes,
A gaze so intense, it steals my breath, no disguise.
Your voice, a melody, like birds in song,
With every caress, I want to belong.

Our souls entwined, an unbroken bond,
A perpetual flame, forever beyond.
No force shall part us, united we’ll be,
In perpetual togetherness, eternally, you and me.

God’s Plan - I Promise You Poems

6. Title: “You’re My Everything

In life, we often dream so deep,
Of love that lasts, a promise to keep.
Someone who understands the soul’s plea,
A love that’s genuine and meant to be.

A balm for the soul, a gentle kiss,
Igniting love’s fire, pure and bliss.
Caressing every pore, beneath soft skin,
Completing you, making you whole within.

Never weary of whispered words,
Grasping core beliefs, where meaning girds.
A partner who warms the sun’s embrace,
Treasures the moon in love’s eternal grace.

Faithful and unwavering, not a love that parts,
Cherishing only you, binding all hearts.
Such perfection in love, a dream it seems,
On screens and dreams, perfect love gleams.

You’re My Everything - I Promise You Poems

7. Title: “True Love

In friendship and love, a treasure untold,
A cascade of wonders, a joy to behold.
These gifts you bring into my life,
Unique and unparalleled, banishing strife.

My heart finds fulfillment in the love we share,
Growing more beautiful, beyond compare.
Each day our love flourishes and blooms,
A testament to the joy that eternally looms.

With you, I’ve all that my heart desires,
In your presence, my soul aspires.
Always by my side, in moments and more,
You’re my Forever Love, whom I adore.

In a smile, a memory, a feeling so rare,
You linger with me, always there.
No matter where life may lead,
You’re the anchor, the love I need.

True Love - I Promise You Poems

8. Title: “Never Really Knew You

No matter how he strives to break free,
She’s the constant thought in his reverie.
From the dawn of the day till its twilight hue,
His heart echoes with love, it continues to renew.

The potency of his emotions steadily climbs,
Ensnared by every gesture, every one of her signs.
In anticipation that her love might manifest,
He yearns to prove the love within his chest.

Despite attempts to deny what’s real,
Deep down, he senses the truth’s appeal.
His heart exclusively echoes her name,
In her love, he finds his destined claim.

If she decides to push love’s embrace astray,
He’s uncertain of how to navigate that dismay.
Yearning for reciprocity, his heart holds fast,
Hoping their love perpetually will last.

Never Really Knew You - I Promise You Poems

9. Title: “Forever and Always

Last night, the pinnacle of my life’s embrace,
Anticipation grows for our marital grace.
No longer entangled in love’s perceived sin,
Our union, a pure flow from deep within.

Your sweet kiss, a taste I hold dear,
Never wanting it to disappear.
In your tight embrace, everything aligns,
You make each moment feel sublime.

I’m elated to have you by my side,
My love for you is an unwavering tide.
Though thoughts may drift, for now, I let go,
Just know, sweetheart, my love continues to grow.

I cherish you deeply, my love so true,
The thought of being apart, I eschew.
In our journey, let love be our guide,
Forever by each other’s side.

Forever and Always - I Promise You Poems

10. Title: “I Know You

Darling, my love for you is profound,
You’re the heartbeat, my soul’s sweetest sound.
I feel like I could soar high and free,
With every gaze into your eyes, you see.

Darling, my love for you is pure,
In my heart and soul, you endure.
Leaving you is something I’d never do,
Forever entwined, our love holds true.

Darling, my love for you beats as one,
In a gaze, a love more radiant than the sun.
Together, our hearts in harmony align,
A love so strong, enduring and fine.

Darling, my love for you echoes clear,
Forever together, without a fear.
In this journey of love, just you and me,
Forever entwined, eternally free.

I Know You - I Promise You Poems

Saying “I love you” is a tough thing to do. If you show your true feelings, or if you are being forced into it, you may be concerned.

When they think it’s necessary to say I love you, everybody has their own time. No time is right or wrong.

However, when a person makes himself vulnerable and says, I love you, and his words are not returned, it is hurtful. It can be a simple act of courtesy sometimes to return the sentiment.

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