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Summer Poems – 14 Poems about Sunny Months and Holidays

Summer is a magical time with its long sunny days and warm nights. When you’re looking for words to describe summer, Dailytimepoems can help you out.

You can also create your own summer poems, like short ones where each letter in “summer” stands for something special, or super short haiku poems.

1. Title: “In the Hazy World of Dreams”

Haze in the air, three students on the bus,
Jackhammers clatter, causing quite the fuss.
Sweat beads form, like a coat of summer’s heat,
A couple on a bench, their love’s retreat.

A cyclist speeds by, a whistle’s shrill cry,
Emotions flare, tempers reaching the sky.
Regret is spoken, apologies exchanged,
In solitude’s embrace, hearts estranged.

The sky turns blurry, a storm’s drawing near,
A lanky cat slinks, whispers of fear.
Familiar is the feeling of being alone,
Hollower than a bassoon’s melancholic tone.

A chill wind rustles, leaves shiver in the air,
Car alarms wail, as if in deep despair.
In this moment, a world in disarray,
Yet dreams persist, to guide the way.

In the Hazy World of Dreams - Summer Poems

2. Title: “O Summer Moon, Your Radiant Glow”

Shine on, O moon of summer bright,
To leaves of grass, you cast your light,
Catalpa and oak, in silver attire,
Glisten beneath your celestial fire.

An Italian lad, his accordion in hand,
Sends songs to you, his heart’s demand.
A Polish lad with his dearest delight,
They wed next month, love’s future in sight.

An old man dreams, beneath cherry tree’s gleam,
In his backyard, a sheen, a cherished dream.
The clocks command, time’s passage so fleet,
Yet here I sit, on the porch’s seat.

Drinking thoughts like purest white,
You rain them down, a tranquil sight.
Shine on, O moon, forever bright,
In your silver glow, a wondrous night.

O Summer Moon, Your Radiant Glow - Summer Poems

3. Title: “Winter Night and Summer Day”

In winter’s hush, I rise at night,
By candle’s glow, in quiet light.
But when summer’s sun holds sway,
I must to bed, in daylight’s ray.

I wish to gaze at birds in flight,
Their songs and colors pure and bright.
Or hear folks’ steps along the way,
As they go past in the light of day.

Seems rather tough, do you agree,
When skies are clear and spirits free?
I long to frolic, laugh, and play,
But daytime sleep gets in the way.

In winter’s night or summer’s ray,
My dreams persist and softly sway,
I’ll find my moments, come what may,
To shine and rest in the light of day.

Winter Night and Summer Day - Summer Poems

4. Title: “They Mock Me for Well-Curb Gazing”

They tease me for well-curb gazing, you see,
Always turning to the light, never to be,
In the depths where hidden secrets might be,
Reflecting myself in the watery spree,
A godlike image, in fern and cloud’s decree.

Once, chin on the well-curb, I did lean,
Beyond the surface, a mystery was seen,
Uncertain, white, as if from a dream,
In the watery depths, where it might gleam,
But it vanished, like a passing stream.

A single drop from a fern did fall,
A ripple appeared, the mystery did enthrall,
Blurred and obscured, it was lost to all,
What was that whiteness, both big and small,
A truth, a pebble, or just a thrall?

In the dance of light and shadow’s play,
I pondered the well-curb, both night and day,
Looking for answers, come what may,
For beneath the surface, where water’s sway,
Lies a mystery, waiting to convey.

They Mock Me for Well-Curb Gazing - Summer Poems

5. Title: “Summer’s Song”

Oh, summer has dressed the land so fine,
In a cloak woven from the sun’s warm shine!
A mantle of skies painted soft and blue,
A belt where rivers dance, all fresh and new.

Now, let the wind’s kiss on our cheeks be sweet,
As the air’s gentle hands softly greet.
In this pause from strife and life’s fiery beat,
Embrace the freedom, the lands and lakes we meet.

I envy the farmer’s boy so gay,
Singing as he plows, a cheerful display.
The lush young crops bend in the breeze’s play,
Cooling his brow as he merrily sings all day.

His song is for the morning’s dewy grace,
No thought of another’s ear, no race.
A chant that kings and the world embrace,
A song of life’s joys, a merry embrace.

Summer's Song - Summer Poems

6. Title: “A Summer Day’s Beauty”

I recall an afternoon, not too long ago,
In August, with a gentle breeze’s flow.
The river’s speed, the light’s soft glow,
A distant sail, like a moon’s faint bow.

The water’s surface with pale ripples spread,
They tread tranquil fishing boats by the coast,
The curved grove where green trees are widespread,
The radiant grasses, and the sun overhead.

In the serene sky, the sun’s laughter did reside,
A twinkle across the land, far and wide.
Unseen children’s joy, crickets’ cheerful guide,
And the soothing whispers of the rippling tide.

In the summer clouds, like dreams they sweep,
Unnoticed, as I watched in quiet keep,
All these lovely sights and sounds, so deep,
I held them close, my memories to reap.

A Summer Day's Beauty - Summer Poems

7. Title: “The Poetry of Earth”

The poetry of the earth forever thrives,
Even when the birds seek shade to survive,
In cooling trees, they from the sun do hide,
A voice will travel, the meadows it’ll stride.

That voice belongs to the Grasshopper’s grace,
Leading in summer’s joyful, vibrant embrace,
He revels in his endless, lively race,
Resting beneath a pleasant weed’s embrace.

The poetry of earth never departs,
Even on a winter’s eve, when frost imparts,
A stillness surrounds, but from stoves, there starts,
The Cricket’s song, warm beats in our hearts.

It lulls those half-lost in drowsy spell,
Like the Grasshopper’s song, it sings so well,
Among the grassy hills, a soothing swell,
The poetry of the earth, forever to dwell.

The Poetry of Faith - Summer Poems

8. Title: “Whitsun Train Journey”

Late on a Whitsun day, I did embark,
On a train not in haste, under the sun’s spark.
Past fields, farms, and serene streams,
Wedding celebrations dissipated like dreams.

Passengers gazed at the view unfolding bright,
Weddings at each station, bathed in light.
New couples setting off, old ones watching in turn,
An hour of memories, as the tracks did churn.

London beckoned, in the sun’s warm embrace,
Postal districts like squares of a vast space.
As the brakes tightened, a feeling of descent grew,
Like an arrow-shower, into the unknown, we flew.

Four people, now complete, the journey’s tale,
Of that Whitsun train ride, through hill and dale.
A journey that carried moments to treasure,
As we moved on, into the unknown’s pleasure.

Whitsun Train journey - Summer Poems

9. Title: “I Remember Adlestrop”

Adlestrop, a name I recall with ease,
On a hot day, a sudden tease.
An express train paused, all still,
In late June, it left a thrill.

No one came, and no one went,
A silent platform, a moment spent.
Meadows, willow-herb, and sky so blue,
In that quiet hour, I knew.

A blackbird sang in the countryside,
As Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire sighed.
For a minute, a symphony complete,
In Adlestrop, memories sweet.

Willows, willow-herb, and fields so vast,
Meadowsweet, and haycocks at last,
Still and lovely, tranquil as the sky,
High cloudlets floating gently by.

I Remember Adlestrop - Summer Poems

10. Title: “Faerie’s Song”

Over hill, over dale,
Through bush, through brier’s frail,
Over park, over pale,
Through flood, through fire’s tale.

I wander everywhere,
Faster than the moon’s glare.
I serve the fairy queen,
To dew her orbs so pristine.

Cowslips tall, her loyal throng,
In golden coats, they belong.
With spots like rubies, so rare,
Fairy favours, they wear and bear.

I must find dew-drops here,
And in each cowslip, a pearl so clear.
Farewell, spirits, I must be on my way,
Our queen and her elves approach today.

Faerie's Song - Summer Poems

11. Title: “In the Evening’s Bracken”

Imagine twilight in tall bracken’s reign,
Its scent, a blend of dark and earth’s domain.
Contemplate the verdant world of the infecting fern,
Where one can crouch, concealed, and discern.

Nestle your feet amidst the sturdy stalks,
A bower once, a dwelling for secretive talks.
Where captive birds once poured their song,
Now nature’s embrace, where you belong.

Look beneath at the root’s weaving dance,
Holding the world within its firm stance.
Gaze above to find the fern’s subdued grace,
Spotted with spores, a hidden dwelling place.

Breathe deeply, for there’s nowhere else to be,
Amidst this enchanting, embracing spree.
In twilight’s bracken, where life finds its core,
A world to explore, forevermore.

In the Evening's Bracken - Summer Poems

12. Title: “Summer’s Midnight Moonlight”

Beneath the soft moonlight’s glow,
In the heart of summer’s warm flow,
At the solemn midnight’s silent pace,
Sweet thoughts gently fill the space.

Where the trees extend their airy grace,
Their branches reach for the starry chase,
Or bend to cradle the earth’s reprieve,
A haven for weary souls to believe.

In these wild gardens, a vision lies,
Amidst the emerald grass, where it complies,
Dew-kissed flowers, a fragrant crown,
In the moon’s tender glow, softly drown.

Nature’s lullaby, under the moon’s white shroud,
In a dream-filled world, so tranquil and proud.
A summer’s night, where all is still and fair,
Whispering secrets to the warm, midnight air.

Summer's Midnight Moonlight - Summer Poems

13. Title: “Summer’s Bounty”

The sun is rich, its warm embrace,
Golden hours, life’s perfect grace.
Silver days, they gleam and shine,
In this season, everything’s so fine.

Weeks of green, stretching without end,
School’s out, it’s time to play, my friend.
Little League, hopscotch by the creek,
After supper, hide-and-seek we seek.

The daylight lingers like a vivid dream,
Freckles bloom, a joyous, sunlit stream.
They come like flies to sweet delight,
In the summer’s glow, everything feels right.

Laughter fills the air, we’re wild and free,
This season’s gift, pure simplicity.
In the long, live-light of summer’s scheme,
We play, we dream, in this golden gleam.

Summer's Bounty - Summer Poems

14. Title: “Apples”

Behold the apples’ rounded spheres,
July rain’s gift, lush and clear.
The polestar of flowers, dark and grand,
Their crimson-stained rinds, mapped like land.

Russet, crab, and cottage red,
Glow under the sun’s fire, they spread.
Then they drop like sweat from on high,
Bubbling in the grass, where they lie.

They tumble down without a care,
Where they fall, the world they share.
The stallion chomps with sturdy jaws,
The starling pecks with a beak that claws.

In each plump gourd, the cider’s bite,
Boys’ teeth break the skin, a pure delight.
The waltzing wasp enjoys its treat,
The bent worm finds a passage so discreet.


It’s funny how summer, as awesome as it is, always feels too short. Just when we start to really enjoy it, it is over.

That is how it goes with all the wonderful things in life. They are really cool, but they do not last nearly as long as we’d like.

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