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Intravenous ciprofloxacin dosage and pharmacokinetics in adults with active chronic hepatitis C, J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr 2005;37:1. [ PUBMED] 17. Mazzola S, Fava R, Santini H, et al. Antibiotic treatment and cardiovascular risk. Arch Intern Med 2001;161:1645-8. [ PUBMED] 18. Eriksen TB, Hviid O, Mørkvist G, et al. Propranolol-like effect of long-lasting ciprofloxacin administration: effects on the expression of angiogenic factors, leucocyte growth factor, and cyclooxygenase-2. Pharm Res 2001;25:947-53. [ PUBMED ] 19. Jaffe JT, Hickey J, Glynn RJ, et al. Effects of long-term fluoroquinolone therapy upon the expression of angiogenin, VEGF, vascular endothelial growth factor, cell adhesion molecule-1, and endothelial-specific protein-5 in normal volunteers. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2005;49:1485-90. [ PUBMED ] 20. Vickers G, Eriksen TB, Ristow SD, et al. Increased endothelial adhesion molecule-4 expression in HIV-infected chronic hepatitis C patients. Gastroenterology 2009;130:1663-9. [ PUBMED ] 21. Diflucan fluconazole over the counter Zeng J, Yang S, Chen Y, et al. Effects of piroxicam as monotherapy on the angiogenic response of experimental hepatitis C virus infection in normal volunteers. A prospective study. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy 2007;52:1557-62. [ PUBMED ] 22. Yang X, Jiang L, Zhao C, Cui J, Jiang J. Treatment with intravenous tigecycline attenuates and slows down fibrosis in a patient with chronic hepatitis C infection: a novel strategy for liver transplantation. Ann Pharmacother 2007;44:1181-8. [ PUBMED ] 23. Wang J, Yu F, Zhu W, Zhao XQ, Wang F. Antibacterial effect of tigecycline in hepatic nephritis associated with chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Asian Pac J Clin Nutr 2007;23:15-20. [ PUBMED ] 24. Zhou Y, Gao Li B, Chen P, Wang X. Treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection with the combination of azithromycin plus tigecycline slows down fibrosis and prevents liver damage. Hepatology 2010;53:1931-43. [ PUBMED ] 25. Cui J, Yang L, Li S, Wang F. Tofacitinib for fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Hepatology 2009;52:1653-9. [ PUBMED ] 26. Cui X, Zhang Y, Wang S, Zhu J. Tofacitinib versus ciprofloxacin for treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection: a meta-analysis and of randomised controlled trials. J Hepatol 2009;53:1201-9. [ PUBMED ] 27. Wang J, Xu D, Cui Y, Yu Jiang M. Tofacitinib therapy delays onset and slows down progression of fibrosis in Hepatitis C virus-transmitted chronic virus patients with hepatitis C infection. Hepatology 2006;53:2027-36. [ PUBMED ] 28. Cui J, Yang S, Z, Wang B, Jiang J. Tofacitinib vs. azithromycin for the treatment of liver cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 2007;57:2965-71. [ PUBMED ] 29. Zhang P, Xu G, Jiang J, Cai Y. Tofacitinib versus ritonavir plus pegylated Interferon therapy for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus infection. Chin J Hepatol 2008;14:101-6. [ PUBMED ] 30. Wu X, Xie L, Zhang Jiang Y. Treatment generic drug price regulation canada with pegylated Interferon-alpha 2B plus piroxicam for chronic liver cirrhosis in patients with Levitra kaufen 10 mg chronic hepatitis C virus infection: efficacy of pegylated Interferon-alpha 2B and piroxicam in the first 12 months of therapy. Hepatol Int 2009;43:543-50. [ PUBMED ] 31. Zhang P, Hu X, Zheng J.

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