Hateful Poems

Hateful Poems – 10 Poems about Despising Someone You Might Relate To

There are some Hateful Poems about Love out there that You Might Relate To and maybe use in some occasions.

Love can sometimes be annoying, frustrating, and on most occasions throw you into depression. But the best part of Love is when you are sure about the person you love.

Because despite it all you know this person is the one for you. So despite all the fights and arguments, you both have, there is always a way to resolve it.

1. Title: “The Cycle”

Why do we feel such strong emotion,
Of complete care and pure devotion.
It seems to bring, just pain and fear,
Along with shame and then the tears.

Making it last for a while,
Thinking he or she is in denial.
Keeping secrets from each other,
Living lies with one another.

Beating ourselves with jealousy,
Wondering who it is they see,
The warmth that we had felt before,
Begins to fly,right out the door.

Distance then grows the two apart,
Knowing they are not right at heart,
The cycle that they had began,
Finally came unto its end.

The Cycle - Hateful Poems

2. Title: “To My Enemy”

Let others sing of friendship’s grace,
And thank its kindness, fond embrace.
But here, a garland I entwine,
To crown you, my adversary divine.

Your disdain, a relentless goad,
Propelled me up the steepest road.
No lure matched your cutting sneer,
A potent force, crystal clear.

Your anger sparked a cleansing fire,
Fueling a relentless, soaring desire.
In mortal strife, a daily fray,
A spur that led me all the way.

While others praise love’s gentle reign,
I offer thanks for enduring disdain.
To you, my foe, my words decree,
My gratitude, relentless enemy!

To My Enemy - Hateful Poems

3. Title: “Love and Hate”

Ope not thy lips, thou foolish one,
Nor turn to me thy face;
The blasts of heaven shall strike thee down
Ere I will give thee grace.

Take thou thy shadow from my path,
Nor turn to me and pray;
The wild wild winds thy dirge may sing
Ere I will bid thee stay.

Turn thou away thy false dark eyes,
Nor gaze upon my face;
Great love I bore thee: now great hate
Sits grimly in its place.

All changes pass me like a dream,
I neither sing nor pray;
And thou art like the poisonous tree
That stole my life away.

Love and Hate - Hateful Poems

4. Title: “Echoes of Rage”

Within the silent grasp of midnight’s air,
Resonates a fervent wrath, an affair unfair.
A symphony of tumult, a tempest’s brawl,
Where fury and ire enthrall.

It tears apart bonds once forged in steel,
Now fragile, fractured, with wounds to heal.
Echoes of rage, a cacophonous song,
Persistently linger, relentless and strong.

Once unbreakable ties, now torn,
In the wake of tempest, night forlorn.
What was enduring, steadfast, and true,
Now lies in ruins, sorrow’s dew.

The symphony of anger, unyielding might,
Consumes the light in the still of night.
As embers of fury continue to accrue,
All that remains is a bitter residue.

Echoes of Rage - Hateful Poems

5. Title: “I Had No Time to Hate Because”

No time for hate, with the grave in sight,
Life too short, to end enmity’s fight.
No time for love, yet a small toil,
In love’s realm, a task not royal.

The grave looms large, a reminder stern,
No room for hate, as we all must learn.
Life’s brevity, a plea to mend,
No time for grudges, no time to spend.

In the tapestry of life, threads are few,
Enmity’s end, a task we pursue.
A little toil of love, we find,
Large enough for hearts entwined.

So let us cease hate, and love’s toil embrace,
In life’s limited time, find grace.
For in the grand design we see,
Love’s little toil is enough for me.

I Had No Time to Hate Because - Hateful Poems

6. Title: “Tangled Threads”

There’s something I can’t undo,
In my thoughts, a darkness grew.
I’ve imagined ending you,
Suffocating in the lies you strew.

In anger and wrath, I drown,
Avoid the ardor path, don’t walk down.
Instead, traverse the glass so broken,
Feel the pain your words have spoken.

I’m left with no choice but hate,
This fate you sought to create.
Your decision, not mine,
If this is what you desire, then fine.

In my hate, you’ll face the fire,
No one left to mourn, no one to inquire.
No escape from this hell,
No soul left for you to sell.

Tangled Threads - Hateful Poems

7. Title: “The Wounded Soul”

In the depths of wounded hearts, we trace,
Scars of hate, an intricate embrace.
A tapestry woven with pain and strife,
Mapping the journey of our life.

Hate’s grasp is firm, its roots entrenched,
In wounded souls, its grip entrenched.
Yet healing starts when we confess,
The hate that’s led us to distress.

With open hearts and open minds,
Leave behind hate and judgments unkind.
In compassion, we shall uncover,
The path to peace, the route to recover.

Strive to be whole, release the hate,
Let love endure, its power innate.
In the rebirth of a wounded soul,
Harmony on Earth find their goal.

The Wounded Soul - Hateful Poems

8. Title: “Lost Love”

As I sit and ponder the day away,
Recalling the young love I gave away.
Searching for a love left behind,
Too young to see she was one of a kind.

Like a ship passing in the night,
She sailed away, out of sight.
The hurt I felt, still lingers today,
A poignant ache that won’t fade away.

For years, I walked a solitary shore,
Dreaming of eyes I’ll see no more.
The love I felt, endures today,
For the one I let slip away.

In the echoes of time, a bittersweet play,
Longing for a love that couldn’t stay.
Yet, in the quiet moments, I find,
A lasting love, gently enshrined.

Lost Love - Hateful Poems

9. Title: “Hate”

A choke on joy’s river,
A berg in happiness’s sea.
Hail in an affection shower,
Hurtling, hurting the heart’s decree.

A feeling of loath, bitter taste,
Fanned fires of internal hate.
Emotional roar, mental misery,
Bleeding profanities in anger’s state.

Antithesis to all that’s lovable,
Anticlimax to pleasant pleasantries.
Mercurial efforts dislodge fun,
Mindboggling evil splash with unease.

An upheaval in affection’s space,
An onslaught on joy, an unholy trace.
Yet in the chaos, a spark may be,
A chance for calm, a heart set free.

Hate - Hateful Poems

10. Title: “Hidden Discontent”

In the vast and wide shadows, I confide,
Hidden feelings within me abide.
A person dwells, whom I despise,
Loathsome presence under darkened skies.

Their being grates upon my soul,
A bitter taste, taking its toll.
Dislike for them, a relentless chase,
A feeling I can’t shed, nor efface.

In hidden corners, disdain resides,
A secret turmoil that forever abides.
Their presence in my heart, a weight,
A burden I can’t shake, a freight.

With each passing day, it grows and swells,
Hidden discontent, like ringing bells.
Yearning for peace, a tranquil space,
Yet this dislike within, I can’t embrace.

Hidden Discontent - Hateful Poems

These poems express or show the emotions love carries, and yes it also carries hate, you can hate someone and still hate them so much.

In situations such as those, you have to ask yourself if the love you have for this person is greater than the hate.

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