Poems about Time

Poems about Time – 10 Poems about Seasons and Managing it

Time is recurrently considered an illusion as poems about time will reveal. Too fast for some and too slow for others. We all have our perception of time and season and this has found expression in the mind and writings of several poets. 

Compiled below are some of the best poems about time from great poets. These poems about time will give you a deeper insight into time as you read them.

1. Title: “When I Have Time”

In my free moments, I’ll work to do,
Bring joy and fairness to others too.
For those whose lives are filled with care,
I’ll lift them up from the depths of despair.

When I find time, my dearest friend,
Won’t endure toils without an end.
Guiding her steps on paths that wend,
With praise, I’ll cheer, her heart to mend.

Don’t wait for time, dear friend so near,
She may not know the warmth you’d share.
Spread smiles and words, alleviate,
In lives precious, don’t hesitate.

Now is the time, don’t let it slip,
Extend a hand, a friendship grip.
For in the present, bonds are made,
To last beyond what time has laid.

When I Have Time - Poems about Time

2. Title: “How it Flies”

Value time, never assume,
Tomorrow’s presence, don’t presume.
Live today, don’t defer,
Sorrow may be what you incur.

Time is precious, swift it goes,
Youthful thoughts, time bestows.
In a flash, it passes by,
With age, we grasp how it can fly.

Never waste a moment’s grace,
Cherish each one, in life’s embrace.
Fleeting hours, don’t deny,
They’re the threads of our life’s tie.

As days unfold, heed the chime,
Of time’s rhythm, a relentless rhyme.
Appreciate now, before it’s past,
For time’s grip is never steadfast.

How it Flies - Poems about Time

3. Title: “Time Keeps Trucking”

Time moves ever so slow,
When I’m feeling low.
Mid-day comes, coffee to brew,
Then the day speeds, a fact I knew.

Can’t make it faster, no matter what,
Helpless, no solution to seek or cut.
Other times, hours fly like a jet,
Time keeps moving, no time to fret.

Crawling or flying, the hours unfold,
In time’s grasp, our stories are told.
No control over time’s swift or slow,
It keeps on moving, to and fro.

Embrace each moment, cherish the ride,
Through slow and fast, side by side.
For time’s journey is our shared fate,
In its rhythm, find joy, not belate.

Time Keeps Trucking - Poems about Time

4. Title: “Thievish Time”

Do not plunder me, cunning Time,
Of all my blessings or my bliss;
I harbor treasures within my heart
That you are impotent to dismiss.

You may strip my arm of vigor,
And render my temples lined and bare;
Take away the gleam from my eyes,
And sprinkle silver upon my hair.

No, never while the earth is fair,
And Reason keeps its clock aglow,
Despite your thefts, O Time,
I shall not be bereft of joy.

Thus, thieving Time, I do not fear you;
You lack power over this heart of mine;
My precious treasures are truly mine,
It’s only the settings that belong to you.

Thievish Time - Poems about Time

5. Title: “A Prayer in Time of War”

Thou, whose deep ways are in the sea,
Whose footsteps are not known,
To-night a world that turned from Thee
Is waiting — at Thy Throne.

The towering Babels that we raised
Where scoffing sophists brawl,
The little Antichrists we praised —
The night is on them all.

Grant us the single heart, once more,
That mocks no sacred thing,
The Sword of Truth our fathers wore
When Thou wast Lord and King.

Let darkness unto darkness tell
Our deep unspoken prayer,
For, while our souls in darkness dwell,
We know that Thou art there.

A Prayer in Time of War - Poems about Time

6. Title: “Only Time Will Remain”

It’s unbranded and unclaimed,
Elusive and in vain.
It ebbs and it flows,
Wishing away as it goes.

Present and past,
Fleeting and fast.
It whispers in the wind,
To the oceans and back again.

It echoes of battle cries
Where the red rivers once rose.
Under moonlit skies,
It witnessed the ashes’ last cast.

It heals the broken and bruised,
Has been abused and misused.
Infinite and untamed,
Only time will remain.

Only Time Will Remain - Poems about Time

7. Title: “A Race of Time”

My birthday’s come around once more,
Another year, I can’t ignore.
With added age, one more score,
A fact that’s become quite a bore.

The years, they fly, swift and sly,
Leaving behind a hefty sigh.
Yet, with a smile, I’ll embrace,
Not letting time’s race my joy erase.

As candles glow on the cake,
Reflections of the years it takes.
I’ll celebrate the journey’s trace,
Not fearing wrinkles or time’s embrace.

So, let the years continue to dance,
In this fleeting, transient expanse.
I’ll welcome each age, and in grace,
Find joy in life’s evolving embrace.

A Race of Time - Poems about Time

8. Title: “God’s Time”

Time eludes, forever racing,
Our grasp on it, Earth-bound, facing.
What we fathom beneath the skies,
Differs when seen from divine eyes.

God comprehends, His wisdom vast,
Perfect timing, in Him steadfast.
Plans extending beyond our knowing,
In His hands, our trust is growing.

Releasing control, perplexing, yet liberating,
God’s timing guides, our hearts pulsating.
Faith anchors us, belief enduring,
In His timing, our journey maturing.

As the clock ticks, life’s tapestry weaves,
Unknown paths, surprises it conceives.
In the mystery of moments unfurled,
We find solace in God’s eternal world.

God's Time - Poems about Time

9. Title: “Time is Swift”

Seize the rose in its bloom,
Now vibrant and full of groom.
Delay not till the morrow’s dawn;
Time hastens, swift and gone.

Kindness in deeds, sow today,
Ere the next sunrise lights the way.
The future holds uncertainties,
Time moves with fleeting ease.

If a purposeful life you’d mold,
Toil and strive before the night unfolds.
Regrets are the cost of delaying,
Time’s flight, forever swaying.

In the tapestry of moments, sew your part,
Crafting with love, a work of heart.
For the future is born in each present’s light,
Time’s essence, a continuum of might.

Time is Swift - Poems about Time

10. Title: “A Poem About Time”

Time moves in its own paradox,
Neither too swift nor in paradox.
It marches on, an endless stream,
A ceaseless flow, a persistent dream.

Time beckons for rest, time for learn,
In its rhythm, life takes its turn.
To squander moments is a foolish play,
A choice that steals the light of day.

Spent or saved, time’s currency varies,
Some revel in it, while others miscarry.
Jails and failures, where some lose time,
Yet, in every loss, a lesson to climb.

Abundance or scarcity, time’s decree,
An open canvas or a confining sea.
Pause or proceed, the choices we sow,
Time’s pendulum, a continuum to know.

A Poem About Time - Poems about Time

Seep in a deep breath, close your eyes, ponder on the beauty of those words, and assimilate. These poems about life are certainly amazing.

You can share these verses with close friends or a poetry community. Also, leave us a comment in the comment section below.

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