The Best Positive Affirmations for Marriage

Affirmation for your marriage is the perfect place to start when you feel your relationship needs a boost.

affirmation for marriage

Affirmations can help if you’re having problems in your marriage or just need a fresh start. Repeating affirmations on a regular basis can help to strengthen your relationship and allow your marriage to thrive.

We’ve compiled a list of the best marriage affirmations and explained how they can help your relationship.

What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are extremely effective, especially when used in marriage.

Positive marriage affirmations are powerful phrases that describe what you want your marriage to be and have the ability to transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.

You have the power to transform your marriage into something positive and beautiful when you use positive love affirmations!

Is Positive Affirmation Really Effective?

Our minds are extremely powerful. A lot of research has been done on positive affirmations for marriage, and what they’ve discovered is that the more these positive affirmations for marriage are recited, the more they start to seep into our subconscious minds until our brain actually starts to believe what we’re telling it.

We can reprogram our brains to think more positively about our marriage! What a fantastic idea!

I love that we have the ability to change our negative thoughts; all it takes is committing to practicing these positive relationship affirmations!

If you can get your spouse on board, it will be even more effective, but don’t worry if you’re the only one doing these positive marriage affirmations… I guarantee you’ll notice a difference!

What are Words of Affirmation?

Affirmation words are the words that comprise our positive affirmations for relationships. These words should be strong and bold, and they should only be used in the present tense.

It’s best to try to avoid saying things like “I hope” or “someday we can be”.

When we use bold words in the present tense, it becomes a statement that we will begin to believe as we repeat them! When we use the present tense, we have a much more positive feeling.

Because you say things like “I hope someday we can be…”, it almost makes us excited about our marriage instead of discouraged. So, use the present tense and experience the power!

Why are Positive Affirmations for Relationships Important?

Positive affirmations for relationships are essential at any stage of a marriage. Positive affirmations for relationships will only strengthen your bond as a couple, whether you’re barely hanging on or thriving.

I don’t know about you, but when life gets busy and I’m juggling kids, housework, extracurricular activities, work, etc., etc., my relationship with my spouse tends to fall back on the list of priorities.

When you feel like your relationship with your spouse needs a little reboot, start with positive love affirmations.

How to Do Positive Affirmations for Marriage

There is no right or wrong way of doing positive affirmations for relationships!

Do whatever works best for you and your spouse.

Some things we like to do are pick a few of the positive affirmations that we resonate with together as a couple and write them down.

You can even write these positive love affirmations on sticky notes and place them on your bathroom mirror so you will both see them often and be reminded of them!

To take it one step further, you could make these positive affirmations for relationships part of your daily routine by reciting them out loud as a couple each morning or each night before bed!

There is something so special about hearing these positive love affirmations being spoken out loud by your spouse. Again, do whatever works for you but those are a couple of ideas to get you started!

Positive Affirmations for Marriage

Positive Affirmations for Marriage

These positive marriage affirmations are fantastic to repeat as a couple to help your relationship thrive!

  • Every day is a new adventure
  • Every day is a new chapter in our book that we write together
  • Good things are happening.
  • I am a better person because of my spouse
  • I am an equal partner
  • I am blessed with an incredible spouse
  • I am in a loving, supportive relationship
  • I am safe and loved
  • I choose not to be offended and to respond with love
  • I choose to see our marriage as a gift
  • I contribute value to my marriage
  • I forgive and forget because we are worth it
  • I have no need to compare myself – we both have an equal value
  • I keep moving forward because I see the beautiful future we will have
  • I love and am loveable
  • I make time to show my appreciation for my spouse
  • I offer apologies because we are best friends
  • I replace anger with compassion and understanding
  • I see the potential in my spouse
  • I show my love through actions and words
  • I take pleasure in being together
  • I trust in our ability to succeed
  • I trust in our love
  • I welcome romance in my life
  • My contributions are many and valuable
  • My life is better because I married my best friend
  • My marriage is becoming stronger and more stable each day
  • Nothing can separate us
  • Our love for each other is strong
  • Our marriage brings me joy and contentment
  • Our marriage brings out the best in us
  • Our marriage gives me confidence
  • Our marriage gives me hope for a beautiful future
  • Our marriage grows stronger each day
  • Our marriage has space for individuality
  • Our marriage is built on trust and loyalty
  • Our marriage is top priority
  • Our past has no power over our future
  • There are wonderful experiences for us to look forward to
  • There is room in our marriage for our dreams and aspirations
  • Together, we can get through anything
  • We are an amazing team
  • We are faithful to one another
  • We are growing closer emotionally and spiritually
  • We are half of a whole
  • We are meant to be together
  • We are open to each other
  • We are partners, not competitors
  • We are passionate about each other
  • We are resilient
  • We are so in love
  • We can resolve conflicts calmly
  • We complement each other’s differences
  • We complete each other
  • We don’t have to agree to love each other
  • We encourage each other
  • We forgive each other
  • We forgive each other so we can grow
  • We fulfill each other’s needs
  • We grow closer daily
  • We have an infinite ability to overcome any challenges
  • We have the freedom and power to create the marriage we desire
  • We lift each other up
  • We look forward to growing old together
  • We love each other unconditionally
  • We make each other laugh every day
  • We understand each other
  • We were destined to be together
  • Wonderful things are in store for us

Positive Affirmations for Her

Positive Affirmations for Her

These positive affirmations for her are excellent for wives to repeat in order to improve their marriage and love and appreciate their husbands more:

  • I am clear with my intentions and expectations
  • I love making my husband happy
  • I listen to his ideas
  • I give him the benefit of the doubt
  • I appreciate his input
  • I am loyal to him
  • He is my greatest blessing
  • He has so much potential
  • I am devoted to him
  • I choose to see the best in him
  • I verbalize my love for my husband every day

Positive Affirmations for Him

Positive Affirmations for Him

These are wonderful positive affirmations about his wife for him to repeat. This will assist the husband in seeing his beautiful wife‘s true potential:

  • It’s okay to be vulnerable
  • I can express my feelings
  • I love making her happy
  • I make sure my wife knows she is beautiful
  • I support her
  • I give her the benefit of the doubt
  • I appreciate all she does
  • I listen to her ideas
  • I am loyal to her
  • She is my greatest blessing
  • She has so much potential
  • I am devoted to her
  • I choose to see the best in her
  • I verbalize my love for my wife every day

Reciting positive affirmations for your marriage gives you the ability to transform it. This also allows you to support and maintain existing good relationships. You’ll begin to feel more confident as you and your partner begin to flourish together again if you repeat your affirmations on a daily basis.

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