Poetry for Single Mothers

Poetry for Single Mothers – 10 Emotional Poems about Raising a Child

Poetry for single mothers will move you to tears. Poetry is an art that connects with different people for different reasons at different times in their lives.

No two women’s journeys indeed are the same. However, I believe there is an age-old picture being painted of single mothers that are covered in brushstrokes of despair and pain.

The aim of these Poems below is to shatter that idea.

1. Title: “She is a Single”

A single mother, her thoughts entwine,
Strong, independent, a rare find.
Striving for a lovely home each day,
Yet sometimes feels alone in a disarray.

Her kids, her joy, the apple of her eye,
They see her as a hero, none can deny.
Actions brim with love every day,
Grateful to the Lord each night, she’ll say.

Thankful for strength in each new dawn,
A great mom, her title forever drawn.
Challenges may come, her path may sway,
Yet love and strength guide her way.

In quiet moments, as the day is done,
Reflecting on battles fought, victories won.
Through trials and triumphs, standing tall,
A resilient spirit embraces it all.

She is a Single - Poetry for Single Mothers

2. Title: “Wild Flowers”

She had a brother
Once he jumped into water
To save a drowning stranger
But had died himself.

She vowed not to marry
To look after her old parents
And gave birth to a girl child through IVF
Using a donor sperm.

She was from a conservative community
So found this way to quell all curiosity
About her single partner hood
And the missing father of the child.

She is a class one officer in Gujrat
And single mom of India.
She had faced many problems initially
But time has solved everything.

Wild Flowers - Poetry for Single Mothers

3. Title: “In Praise of a Single Mom”

I wonder what you were thinking
You had no time to weep
You were going to have a child
You were determined to keep

Suggestions came from everyone
How could you bear the shame
No husband and a missing father
The child would have your name

You gave me life, you gave me love
Forgetting all your future plans
You nurtured me to adulthood
Without a father’s hand

We cried together laughed together
We weathered all the storms
To me you are the best
In all the world, my Mom

In Praise of a Single Mom - Poetry for Single Mothers

4. Title: “My Mom”

With love that knows no bounds,
My mama, ever kind,
She whispers words that echo round,
A constant in my mind.

She sees me sprout and shed a tear,
Her presence, ever near,
No need for words, her heart is clear,
Our bond, forever dear.

Warm embraces, gentle kisses,
Her love, a guiding light,
Through sunshine shadowed blisses,
She holds me ever tight.

My mama, oh so special,
Her love, a precious gem,
A bond that’s truly magical,
My forever diadem.

My Mom - Poetry for Single moms

5. Title: “A Single Mother Doesn’t Know Defeat”

Yet another day of triumph,
Awakening with a sense of pride.
She navigates the road to work,
Smiling at the past she’s set aside.

Yet another day of reverie,
Reconnecting with the essence within.
Unfurling her wings to soar,
Seeking tranquility deep within.

As the moon illuminates her haven,
Yet another day concludes.
She embraces her children tenderly,
A single mother undefeated, it exudes.

Her heart swells with love and bliss,
Commencing with a heartfelt prayer.
She walks an uncharted trail,
Grateful for each day, beyond compare.

A Single Mother Doesn’t Know Defeat - Poetry for Single Mothers

6. Title: “My Little Miracle”

The moment I cradled you in my embrace,
I sensed a profound shift in my life’s space.
You, my little miracle, entered my world,
Together, through challenges, we swirled.

As a solo parent, the journey is demanding,
Yet, with you, every struggle is worth it.
Observing your growth, love, and learning,
A timeless reward, ceaselessly returning.

Your resilience fuels my admiration,
With steadfast love, you offer elation.
Side by side, we’ll overcome any plight,
Confidence in this, I hold tight.

Here’s to my precious miracle so dear,
Infusing joy into each day, crystal clear.
Gratitude fills my heart in your presence,
In ways that words struggle to commence.

My Little Miracle - Poetry for Single Mothers

7. Title: “A Woman’s Capability”

She is the “Rhinoceros Beetle,”
There is nothing she can’t handle.
She is the burning candle, spreading light,
Pushing darkness away, inviting it to be bright.

She stands by “to live and let live,”
Makes her community come alive.
She is a mother;
Dare anyone cause her bother.

She is an angel in life,
Sister, mother and wife.
She goes beyond the barrier of pain,
Withstanding burning sun and rain.

Men work for self,
While she toils selflessly.
Let us give strength to her,
Respect the causes she stand for.

A Woman's Capability - Poetry for Single Mothers

8. Title: “Strength in Solitude”

Solitary, yet not truly left alone,
I traverse this path, all on my own.
My little one, steadfast by my side,
Together, our love, impossible to hide.

Single motherhood, a challenging feat,
Through struggles, I won’t accept defeat.
For my child, the battle will always wage,
To ensure life’s script turns the right page.

Moments of doubt and shadows of fear,
In my heart, the truth rings clear.
Closer to the life I’ve dreamt,
For me and my little team, content.

Here’s to the single moms, resolute,
Above the challenges, we take absolute.
Strength in solitude, a unique find,
Love that’s truly one of a kind.

Strength in Solitude - Poetry for Single Mothers

9. Title: “My Little Miracle”

The moment I cradled you in my embrace,
I sensed my life had taken a new trace.
You, my little miracle, my heart’s tether,
Together, we’d face the unpredictable weather.

As a solo mom, the road is rough,
But with you, every challenge is enough.
To witness your growth, love, and learning,
A reward that’s ceaselessly returning.

Your resilience, an endless inspiration,
With unwavering love, a constant foundation.
Together, we’ll conquer whatever comes our way,
In this, my confidence holds firm each day.

Here’s to my little miracle, my sunbeam,
Infusing joy into every waking dream.
Grateful for your presence, beyond expression,
In ways that surpass mere verbal confession.

My Little Miracle - Poetry for Single Mothers

10. Title: “A Love Like No Other”

I never experienced a love so divine,
Until I embraced motherhood’s design.
A bond robust and unyielding,
Enduring even when the days are unceasing.

As a solo mom, I strive my best,
To provide for you with each passing test.
In return, you gift me a love so grand,
It sweeps me away like grains of sand.

Your embraces, kisses, laughter, and grins,
Illuminate the darkest moments within.
My heart swells with joy, an overflow,
You infuse my life with a radiant glow.

Here’s to a love unparalleled,
Nurtured and growing, not easily quelled.
My child, you’re my heart and soul,
The greatest love, my life’s central role.

A Love Like No Other - Poetry for Single Mothers

lot of single mothers out there. Thrown into confusion after discovering that they were pregnant, whether unwanted or unplanned, and had to deal with the pain of raising the child alone because the father left.

Or even those who suffered the loss of their husbands and had to raise the child alone.

These poems are to encourage them or hopefully put a smile on their face. We hope you had a good read.

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