Sympathy Poems
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Sympathy Poems – 20 Poems about Empathy, Pity and Condolence

The desire to feel sympathy for each other is one of the most beautiful qualities that we possess as humans. The human condition is one of fundamental aloneness.

We give great compassion to the person in pain as we reach out and express our sympathies with another human being in pain. They know they are practically alone, but at least they know that people care about they and try to understand him.

1. Title: “Sending Sympathy”

I extend my deepest sympathy,
For your recent loss, my friend.
In this difficult time, lean on me,
A helping hand I’ll extend.

I’m truly sorry for your pain,
Words may falter, but love remains.
Should you need someone to share the strain,
Call on me, and together we’ll sustain.

Grief’s journey is heavy to bear,
But you’re not alone, I’m here to care.
If solace eludes you, I’m ready to share,
In your sorrow, let my friendship declare.

Sending warmth and strength your way,
For brighter tomorrows, day by day.
In times of darkness, don’t hesitate to say,
I’m here for you, come what may.

Sending Sympathy - Sympathy Poems

2. Title: “Just Call On Me”

Sorrow unfathomable, deep and wide,
For someone cherished, now by your side.
This time of grief, difficult to borrow,
Strength sought from above, tears to follow.

May your pain find release, sincere and true,
Regaining spirit, inner peace anew.
Prayers for faith to bring a gentle ease,
Blessings from God, never to cease.

If your burden feels too much to bear,
I’m here, a companion to lighten your care.
Reach out, and together, we’ll dare,
Till grief’s shadows slowly wear.

In this journey, your steps not alone,
Lean on me when strength is overthrown.
Together, we’ll face what the future has shown,
Till pain softens, and healing is known.

Just Call On Me - Sympathy Poems

3. Title: “I’ll Always Be There”

Your world today is veiled in loss,
Aching feelings, a heavy cross.
Should you seek a friend on whom to lean,
Anytime, any day, my presence keen.

Thoughts of you linger, I genuinely care,
Feelings to share, burdens we can bear.
Give a ring, let conversations unfold,
Together navigating stories untold.

In moments of need, I’ll stand right there,
A constant companion in the wear and tear.
Ready to discuss, ready to share,
Anytime you call, I’m committed to care.

Through the ebb and flow, highs and lows,
Your trusted friend, as life unfolds.
In times of joy or depths of despair,
I’m here for you, always ready to be there.

I'll Always Be There - Sympathy Poems

4. Title: “Even When They’re Gone”

You loved them deeply, that’s clear,
Love endures, never to disappear.
Even in their absence, they stay,
Love’s presence never fades away.

Would you trade what you had,
To ease the ache and make hearts glad?
Erase memories, wipe them clean,
From the slate of time, be unseen?

Memories, precious gifts, we find,
In the recesses of the heart, they bind.
Even when they’re gone, stories unfold,
Golden memories, treasures to hold.

Instead of heartsick and feeling low,
Instead of letting sorrow grow,
Remember the joy, the times you had,
Cherished moments, forever glad.

Even When They're Gone - Sympathy Poems

5. Title: “To Those I Love”

Heart, don’t weep, don’t shed a tear, just smile,
Speak of me as if I linger beside you awhile.
In love, we found a heavenly embrace,
Our time together, a cherished space.

Remember me not with sorrow or despair,
But with laughter, the joy that we share.
Each moment with you, a piece of paradise,
A love so profound, forever in our eyes.

Grieve not, find solace in the memories we made,
In the laughter and love that will never fade.
Heaven was here, in each smile and touch,
Cherished moments, I loved you so much.

Though I’m gone, our bond remains true,
In every whisper of the wind, I’m with you.
Grieve not, find comfort in love’s gentle cue,
For in your heart, I’ll always imbue.

To Those I Love - Sympathy Poems

6. Title: “We’re With You”

In moments of missing, we’re by your side,
In spirit, wondering how you abide.
Hoping each day brings a bit of ease,
Coping with loss, finding gentle release.

We understand, we deeply care,
As you navigate the weight of despair.
In your grief, we stand close and near,
In our thoughts, sending comfort sincere.

Sympathy and encouragement, we extend,
Affection and strength, heartfelt blend.
Carrying on with life, as you persist,
In the face of loss, we assist.

For he/she, in spirit, would want this embrace,
A support to carry you through the space.
In our hearts, in our thoughts, always near,
With each passing day, overcoming the tear.

We're With You - Sympathy Poems

7. Title: “Reaching Out”

My heart extends its care to you,
For the challenges you’re going through.
Frequent thoughts and prayers anew,
Held close, my support for you.

If there’s a task, big or small,
Anything at all,
Consider me at your beck and call,
Don’t hesitate; I’m here for all.

Through moments heavy, through moments light,
In your journey, day and night.
Remember, I’m here, within your sight,
Ready to lend strength in your fight.

Let these words a comfort be,
A reminder, you’re not alone, you see.
If you need support or company,
Count on me, unfailingly.

Reaching Out - Sympathy Poems

8. Title: “You Are in Our Thoughts”

You’re on our minds as you navigate,
Through the depths of sorrow, contemplate.
Prayers whisper for healing’s embrace,
Time, a healer, your steps will trace.

The yearning for the one you miss,
Our understanding, a shared abyss.
Consolation sails on empathy’s stream,
Easing the strain, a tender gleam.

With each passing day, may pain release,
Pleasant memories, a haven of peace.
In your journey, we stand steadfast and true,
A support system, embracing you.

May healing unfold with gentle grace,
Time’s passage, a comforting embrace.
You’re not alone in sorrow’s hue,
Forever in our thoughts, our hearts with you.

You Are in Our Thoughts - Sympathy Poems

9. Title: “Eternal Flight”

Skies of azure blue, where you once soared,
A moment’s flight, the joy you adored.
Now, in perpetual skies, forever true,
Your smile echoes in each ray’s debut.

The world now hushed, colors fade,
Yet your laughter in echoes is gently laid.
A quiet whisper in the breeze,
Our hearts, ever missing you with ease.

Amidst clouds or a rainbow’s high,
Your memory lingers, painting the sky.
Each tear we wipe, a tribute so dear,
For in our hearts, you’re always near.

The birds now sing a softer tune,
As sunsets weep beneath the moon.
Yet in their melody, we find a trace,
Of your laughter’s lingering embrace.

Eternal Flight - Sympathy Poems

10. Title: “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You”

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields.

And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand,
Guiding you through shadows,
With love that eternal shall stand.

May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the warm rays of sun fall upon your home,
And may the hand of a friend always be near.

May green be the grass you walk on,
May blue be the skies above you.
May pure be the joys that surround you,
May true be the hearts that love you.

May the Road Rise Up to Meet You - Sympathy Poems

11. Title: “Fallen Limb”

A limb has fallen from the family tree,
Yet hear a voice that whispers, “Grieve not for me.”
Recall the best times, the laughter, the song,
The vibrant life I lived while I was strong.

Continue my heritage, I’m counting on you,
Keep smiling, and the sun will shine through.
My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest,
Recalling the blessings, truly blessed.

Carry on traditions, no matter how small,
Move forward in life, don’t worry about the falls.
I miss you all dearly, so keep up your chin,
Until the day comes when we’re together again.

Embrace the echoes of joy in each memory,
Let them be the light when shadows you see.
In the fabric of time, our bond remains,
A love unbroken, where fondness sustains.

Fallen Limb - Sympathy Poems

12. Title: “If We Could Bring You Back Again”

If we could bring you back again,
For just an hour, a moment’s refrain,
Unspoken love, we’d freely bestow,
Countless sentiments, in earnest, we’d show.

If we could bring you back once more,
To share the love we held in store,
Your presence cherished, more than we knew,
A lasting bond, forever true.

If we could turn back time’s decree,
To express what should have been, you see,
You’d feel the depth of our current pain,
And know how much we miss you, in vain.

If we could bring you back anew,
Our heartfelt words, we’d not eschew,
But time moves on, with memories near,
In our hearts, your presence, dear.

If We Could Bring You Back Again - Sympathy Poems

13. Title: “No One Can Know”

No one truly grasps the depth you’ve paid,
The void left behind, the price unweighed.
As energy dwindles, shadows unfurl,
Lean on us; we’ll help you through this swirl.

Coping with grief, a path unclear,
Time may bring relief, inching near.
Though the one is gone, a void unsown,
Our concern stands strong; you’re not alone.

No one can fathom your silent plight,
The burden you carry day and night.
Yet, within our concern, a melody strong,
Together, we’ll help you carry on.

In the ebb and flow of sorrow’s tide,
May our presence be a comfort guide.
No replacement for the one that’s gone,
But united, we’ll find the strength to carry on.

No One Can Know - Sympathy Poems

14. Title: “A Better Place”

She found peace in a serene realm,
Where earthly sorrows overwhelm.
No troubles linger, pain no more,
Resting on a distant, tranquil shore.

Grief’s burden on our hearts is pressed,
Mourning in sadness, tears expressed.
To find relief, we navigate,
A journey through loss, profound and straight.

Paths may align as life descends,
A hope divine, as the story mends.
Her cherished face in realms afar,
A reunion awaits, beyond the star.

Separated by life’s heavy load,
Yet, a bond unbroken, a cherished abode.
In time’s tapestry, love’s sweet code,
On the afterlife’s road, a reunion stowed.

A Better Place - Sympathy Poems

15. Title: “After They Are Gone”

When someone we love passes away,
We ache, but we go on;
Our dear departed would want us to heal,
After they are gone.

Grief is a normal way to mend
The anguish and pain in our hearts;
We need time to remember and time to mourn,
Before the recovery starts.

Let’s draw together to recuperate,
As we go through this period of sorrow;
Let’s help each other, with tender care,
To find a brighter tomorrow.

In shared memories, their spirit lives,
A guiding presence that comfort gives.
With each other’s support, we’ll withstand,
Grief’s tide, until we reach the promised land.

After They Are Gone - Sympathy Poems

16. Title: “Comfort in Grief”

Dear Lord, in grief’s encompassing tide,
Bestow your comfort, let love abide.
For the losses endured, burdens they bear,
May your touch of solace ease every care.

Happy memories, a balm so sweet,
Softly soothing, in sorrow’s retreat.
Guide them through this painful hue,
Drawing them closer, Lord, to you.

In sincere condolences, we share their pain,
For the heavy loss, hearts deeply strain.
May your presence, Lord, be a steady guide,
In your grace, may they in peace abide.

As the journey of grief unfolds each day,
Grant strength, O Lord, to find their way.
Let your love embrace, like a warm tide,
As they navigate sorrow, with you by their side.

Comfort in Grief - Sympathy Poems

17. Title: “Remembering Mom’s Love”

Mom, on each Mother’s Day we miss,
Every minute since your parting kiss.
You were our center, a guiding light,
Now, it’s hard to fathom your absent sight.

Before your soul embarked beyond,
It’s a challenge to accept you’re gone.
Yet, we celebrate the life you led,
Cherishing memories like treasures spread.

Your gifts to us were countless and true,
Wonderful memories that comfort and renew.
Mom, in our thoughts, forever alive,
In our hearts, where your spirits thrive.

Think of us, as we think of you,
Hearts full of love, feelings ever true.
Looking up at you, sweet Mom, above,
As you gaze down, an eternal love.

Remembering Mom's Love - Sympathy Poems

18. Title: “We Can’t Believe You’re Gone”

Dad, our sadness has no end,
In disbelief, we comprehend.
Grieving daily, a heavy weight,
Carrying on, we navigate.

You were our guide, strong and true,
A friend and support, we miss you.
Without you, how will we cope?
The loss of our dad, a mountain slope.

Teacher, example, firm and kind,
Your legacy in our hearts we bind.
Communicating in our own way,
Feeling you near, day by day.

Memories soothe, pain to sway,
Yet, life won’t be the same each day.
A part of us went with you, still,
Forever in our hearts, your love instilled.

We Can't Believe You're Gone - Sympathy Poems

19. Title: “Fond Remembrance of a Furry Friend”

Today, my thoughts are wrapped around you,
In the loss of your friend, so dear and true.
For those without a pet, they cannot see,
The depth of grief that now envelops thee.

Pets give love, a matchless embrace,
A lovable face, a furry grace.
In your arms, their presence sweet,
A bond unbroken, a connection complete.

You gifted your pet a life so bright,
With love that’s genuine, pure, and light.
May recovery find its gentle way,
Mending your heart, brightening each day.

Unconditional love, a treasure to feel,
Pets’ companionship, so utterly real.
May memories linger, warm and near,
Easing your sorrow, calming each tear.

Fond Remembrance of a Furry Friend - Sympathy Poems

20. Title: “Time Will Ease the Hurt”

The sadness of today is locked in time,
A slow and painful climb.
Moving forward feels so hard,
The present marked by every scar.

Feelings vivid and painfully real,
With time, their grip may slightly peel.
No wound so deep will wholly fade,
Yet each day, a lighter shade.

Imprints on the mind won’t erase,
Softer memories, time will embrace.
Though the heart won’t let sadness part,
Echoes diminish with each healing heart.

The climb continues, slow but sure,
Grief’s intensity begins to blur.
Even as memories linger and stay,
Time softens the edges, day by day.

Time Will Ease the Hurt - Sympathy Poems

The right words can be hard to find in times of grief, especially when consoling a mourning loved one or speaking at a funeral.

If you are having trouble articulating your feelings during this difficult period, browse through some sympathy poems that can provide support to someone who is mourning.

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