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Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Perfect to Remember your Dead Father

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Perfect to Remember your Dead Father.

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven – Missing your father on Dad’s Day? Some of the most touching poems about Happy Fathers’ Day to My Dad in Heaven have been rounded up!

Father’s Day is around the corner and for someone whose father has passed away, it can be quite difficult. In their lives, their absence is irreplaceable. Their death leaves a sad scar in the hearts of children who lack their father’s care, affection, and security.Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

1. “If—”

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!
– Rudyard Kipling

2. Through His Eyes

As I peered into the eyes of the man I knew to be my dad,
I saw nothing.
No honor, no strength,
No humanity, no compassion.
Nothing but a black hole,
created by lies,
broken promises,
and everlasting deception.
But as I took one last look…I realized,
that just because a man is given the title of a dad doesn’t make him one.
– Morgan Piper

3. Father

He never made a fortune, or a noise
In the world where men are seeking after fame;
But he had a healthy brood of girls and boys
Who loved the very ground on which he trod.
They thought him just little short of God;
Oh you should have heard the way they said his name –‘Father.’
– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

4. As…

As now can’t reveal the mystery of tomorrow
But in passing will grow older every day
Just as all is born is new
Do know what I say is true
That I’ll be loving you always
Until the rainbow burns the stars out in the sky (always)
Until the ocean covers every mountain high (always)
Until the dolphin flies and parrots live at sea (always)
Until we dream of life and life becomes a dream
– Stevie Wonder

5. On the Beach at Night

Weep not, child, Weep not, my darling,
With these kisses let me remove your tears,
The ravening clouds shall not long be victorious,
They shall not long possess the sky,
they devour the stars only in apparition,
Jupiter shall emerge, be patient,
watch again another night, the Pleiades shall emerge,
– Walt WhitmanHappy Fathers Day in Heaven

6. Father’s Day In Heaven

I love you and I miss you, Dad,
and though you’ve passed away,
you’ll never be forgotten,
for I think of you each day.
If heaven celebrates this day
how special it will be.
A gathering of the many dads
upon our family tree.
Your father and grandfather
and great grandfather too.
How wonderful it is, if they
can spend this day with you.
By Ron Tranmer May you know how much I love you
though I’m here and you are there.
Happy Father’s Day in heaven
to the best dad anywhere!
– Ron Tranmer

7. Children Need A Daddy

Children need a Daddy
For many, many things:
Like holding them high off the ground
Where the sunlight sings!

Like being the deep music
That tells them all is right
When they awaken frantic with
The terrors of the night.

Like being the great mountain
That rises in their hearts
And shows them how they might get home
When all else falls apart.

– by Nicholas Gordon

8. Labor Of Love

A ready made family was by chance
By our labor of love romance
A husband, a father, a friend
In this great life that has no end
‘Tis but a journey; this circle of life
The joys of children and of wife
With stories told, you watched them play
From winters snow to summers day
With their coats and trousers hung on a hook
Their pockets bulging out fat at the seem
A marble, a comb, a map, a pocketbook
Shared treasures of a little boys dream
The shoes of a Father you do fill
Not for fame or fortune; Only your goodwill
With guidance and love they see all you do
The little child in themselves is in you too
As the hours, days, years go by

– Julie Atwood

9. Play With Me

There’s a magic moment sent down from the sky.
Descending so stealthily, it almost passes me by.
It may be in the morning or the late afternoon,
Or sometime after midnight, when the cow jumps over the moon.

Come, play with me.
Your presence is requested at a banquet for a bear.
The giraffe and the tiger insist you be there.
Please, hurry daddy, the tea is getting cold.
And you are getting old.
Come stay with me, play with me, daddy, please.
– Warren Throckmorton

10. Silent, Strong Dad

He never looks for praises.
He’s never one to boast.
He just goes on quietly working
For those he loves the most.
His dreams are seldom spoken.
His wants are very few,
And most of the time his worries
Will go unspoken, too.

He’s there…a firm foundation
Through all our storms of life,
A sturdy hand to hold onto
In times of stress and strife.
A true friend we can turn to
When times are good or bad.

– Karen K. Boyer

11. My Daddy

I sit and look back to how far I can remember,
And you are always there next to me.
Each and every day you were helping me grow up,
And making me be the best that I can be.

Your love was forever strong,
Your cuddles forever tight.
Every day since I was born,
Your love was always in sight.

I will always be your Baby Girl,
And you will always be my Dad.
I know I will always be the luckiest
To have the best Dad any girl could have had.

– Ranja Kujala

12. My Dad

He wasn’t faster than a speeding bullet,
but he was quick to come to my defense.
Unable to leap tall buildings,
but could lift my spirits when life didn’t make sense.

He did not have the strength of a locomotive,
but the size of his heart could crush any man.
He faced all that the world could throw at him
and always told us it was God’s glorious plan.

He didn’t wear a cape, a mask,
or have any super powers,
But ask any of his friends,
he was there in their darkest hour.

Michael Macdonald

13. Though I’m Gone I Feel Your Love

To my dear family,
I’m sending this from above,
That even though I’m gone from earth,
I can still feel your love,
And all the times we spent together,
Growing a love that would last forever,
Are times that will never leave,
Because you remember me.
I’m sorry about the timing,
For I didn’t want to leave,
But God called me home,
So I fell into eternal sleep.
There was so much left to do here,
Cause God took me quite young,
I had a loving family,
And so much to teach my son.

– Steven M. Hollifield

14. My Dad

As a kid when I watched you walk,
Leaving behind your foot mark,
I leaped and jumped to match that stride,
Never succeeded however hard I tried.

Now no more a kid and grown up in all ways,
I still struggle every moment every single day
To stick to your path, no matter come what may,
Where unbounded faith and principles lead the way.

After every fall of mine you made me stand up right,
Wiping away my tears and making me smile bright,
Inspiring me not to lose my heart in the moments of fright,
Telling me the real meaning of life is to fight.

– Antara D OFathers Day

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven – After losing a father, there is an indescribable amount of grief. Often, losing a dad means losing a guardian, a guiding hand, a best friend, and a superhero.

But it will help to bring light to your darkest days by reflecting on all the incredible memories you exchanged and the great man he was.

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