Happy Fathers Day in Heaven
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Happy Fathers Day in Heaven – 10 Poems to Remember Your Dad

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven is a perfect poetry collection to remember your dead father. Missing your father on Dad’s Day? Some of the most touching poems about Happy Fathers’ Day to My Dad in Heaven have been rounded up!

Father’s Day is around the corner and for someone whose father has passed away, it can be quite difficult.

In their lives, their absence is irreplaceable. Their death leaves a sad scar in the hearts of children who lack their father’s care, affection, and security.

1. Title: “Happy Fathers Day in Heaven”

I hold love and longing for you, Dad,
even though you’ve departed,
your memory remains cherished,
each day, you’re not disregarded.

If heaven marks this day’s grace,
it becomes an extraordinary space.
A reunion, a family tree’s embrace.

Your father, grandfather,
great-grandfather in the crew,
it’s a beautiful thought, if they
share this day with you.

Feel my love across the distance,
though I’m here and you’re afar.
Happy Father’s Day in heaven,
to the finest dad, by far!

Happy Fathers Day in Heaven - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

2. Title: “My Dad”

I’ve known a man
Close to my heart, he stands.
Suddenly, one day,
Life’s seams began to strand.

He’s departed now,
A reality hard to conceive.
This man, my dad,
Forever unseen, I grieve.

But a reunion awaits,
Of this, I’m certain.
A day will unfold,
When it’s my time to curtain.

So, I’ll cherish him near,
Close to my heart’s core,
For the day we reunite,
We’ll be torn apart no more.

My Dad - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

3. Title: “Wish You Were Here”

I’ve closed my private door,
Shutting out those who care,
Encased in a protective box,
Resisting solace, a heavy layer.

I, your firstborn,
Daddy’s little girl, in your orbit,
I forged my own path,
Yet, never strayed far, I admit.

I am proud of you,
Brave and resolute to the end,
When asked, “How are you?”
No pretense needed, my friend.

In our hearts, you live on,
Loved and missed profoundly,
Rest peacefully, and watch over,
Those who journeyed before you, fondly.

Wish You Were Here - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

4. Title: “My Angel”

As morning light breaks,
I gaze at the sky,
Questioning why you left
Before our last goodbye.

Under the night’s starry embrace,
I sense you watching from above,
I hope you’re proud of me,
Yet, I stumble with love.

I lay in bed, eyes shut tight,
The truth of your absence dawns,
Fears creep in, tears follow,
Life feels fractured and drawn.

A glance towards the heavens,
I imagine you soaring high,
My guardian angel above,
I find solace even as I cry.

My Angel - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

5. Title: “Always With Me”

Constantly in my thoughts,
Emotions riding waves high.
Over six years have passed,
Since you ascended into the sky.

Much has altered in our journey,
Yet, you persist within.
A personal beacon of hope,
Guiding me through life’s spin.

As I close my eyes tonight,
Tears may trace their way.
But in dreams, you’ll visit,
Shielding me from fears at bay.

Today, just another in line,
No different from the rest.
Tomorrow, you’ll still be here,
Dad, enduring and the best.

Always With Me - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

6. Title: “Each and Everyday”

Another year unfolds,
Yet, you remain distant, far away.
In my heart, a constant presence,
Every single, lingering day.

It’s still hard to fathom you’re gone,
Deep-seated hurt persists.
Daily tears trace their course,
Longing for you to coexist.

Goodbye went unspoken,
Why did you have to depart?
You left, and I never expressed
The depth of love from my heart.

I yearn for the chance to convey,
“I love you, I miss you,”
Each day, an echo of that wish,
In a heartfelt, persistent hue.

Each and Everyday - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

7. Title: “Children Need a Daddy”

Children need a Daddy,
For countless things each day:
Lifting them high off the ground,
Where sunlight’s cheerful display.

He’s the deep music they hear,
Assuring all is right,
When night brings forth their fears,
Turning darkness into light.

A great mountain in their heart,
Rising tall and strong,
Guiding them to find a start,
In life’s dance, a melody lifelong.

Through trials and storms, he’ll stand,
A guardian with a loving hand.
Children need a daddy
And they are happy to have you

Children Need a Daddy - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

8. Title: “If Roses Grow in Heaven”

In heaven’s garden, roses grace,
Lord, pluck a bunch with tender embrace.
Nestled in my father’s arms so tight,
Gift them from me, a token of light.

Tell him of the love I hold,
Miss him dearly, as days unfold.
When he smiles, in joy and peace,
Seal it with a kiss, a sweet release.

Among celestial blooms so divine,
Whisper my affections, intertwine.
In the haven where he now resides,
Echo my love through heavenly tides.

May the petals speak the words unsaid,
A floral message, in hues widespread.
For my father in the realms above,
Sent with love, a tribute of purest love.

If Roses Grow in Heaven - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

9. Title: “Father”

In Daddy’s arms, a haven found,
For myriad joys, all around.
Lifted high where sunbeams play,
A dance of light, a joyful ballet.

A melody deep, a comforting song,
Echoing through the night, so strong.
When fears arise in shadows deep,
Daddy’s music, a promise to keep.

Guiding through life’s daunting maze,
In Daddy’s presence, a comforting gaze.
A guardian, a beacon of light,
Guiding through each daunting night.

A little girl’s anchor, strong and true,
Daddy, the bond that will see her through.
In moments grand and terrors small,
Daddy’s love, the greatest of all.

Father - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

10. Title: “Life Lessons”

You might have believed I didn’t see,
Or that your words went unheard,
Life’s teachings you shared with me,
But every single one, I observed.

Maybe you assumed I missed it all,
That we’d drift and grow apart,
Dad, I absorbed it entirely,
Inscribed deeply on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t stand,
As the person I am today;
A solid foundation you crafted,
Immutable, never to sway.

Your values shaped my journey,
I cherish the path you bid.
So, here’s to you, dear father,
From your eternally grateful kid.

Life Lessons - Happy Fathers Day in Heaven

After losing a father, there is an indescribable amount of grief. Often, losing a dad means losing a guardian, a guiding hand, a best friend, and a superhero.

But it will help to bring light to your darkest days by reflecting on all the incredible memories you exchanged and the great man he was.

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