Famous Poems About Symbolism for All Poem Lovers

Famous Poems about Symbolism for all Poem Lovers. These top poems in list format are the best examples of symbolism poems written by professionals and I believe you will be glad to read them.

Famous Poems about Symbolism

This post is focused on the best Symbolism poems written by famous Poets of all time.

These top poems in list format are the best examples of symbolism poems written by famous poets:

1. The End

Seeing through these cold dead eyes now,
This world looks much different.

The scars of one’s life entire,
Appear now for all to see.

What once meant everything,
Really means nothing now.

I still see and sense things mortal,
But the earthly world can’t hear my words.

Lying on an ice-cold white slab this darkest night,
I see the pale yellow moon’s sad face in the sky.

With visions of people who’ve crossed over before,
I wonder when Charon shall finally appear?

Shall it be him who appears on this new horizon?
Or shall it be someone or something else?

The everyday mortal world moves on as before:
Regardless of one’s wealth, poverty, fame, shame, infamy.

I guess now all the ancient mysteries of the universe,
Shall become obvious and answered in kind.

I wonder what shall be said to me and the reception?
Thumbs up or thumbs down—I guess I shall find out.

The pale yellow moon now appears brighter . . .
As if a special message cometh soon from a winged angel.

Hope this helps to answer my lingering questions . . .
As the dark void from the mortal world grows greater now.

I feel a gentle tug pulling me upward now from Earth’s grasp,
Into the majestic arms of infinity and into God’s eternal light!

By Gary Bateman

2. Love’s Alchemy is Eternal

Your look, touch, and scent now so perfect pure,
Enchants my true emotions and soaring passion.
I knoweth now our love shall always endure,
As God unites our souls as one by divine action!

Our sensual passion defines love’s spirit entire,
As we caress and kiss for this moment’s bliss.
Love’s alchemy maketh our spirits soar afire,
As we embrace our lips find that deepest kiss!

Our hearts beat now in a sacred tempo of love,
That reflects our real destiny, two souls as one.
This is God’s gift to us from Heaven high above,
As we wish these magic moments of eternal fun!

By Heaven, I pray our love’s alchemy forever,
And declareth my love shan’t leave you ever!

By Gary Bateman

3. Venus Gifts a Yarrow’s Kiss

O, weeping willow shed your sorrow
on whispering breeze to soothe your grief
within whose breath’s a healing yarrow
to whisk away tears upon your leaf.

Sweet rustling zephyr embraced in sway
as misty-eyes sigh mournful wind-song,
a wistful heart in bosom ballet
with shadows dancing as currents throng.

Weep not, soulful shimmer ‘neath sun’s gold
for chartreuse vines fly the west wind’s bend,
enlightenment seeps in roots to hold
as yarrow’s pink kisses blown to mend.

By Susan Ashley

4. Retreat to Heed Our Honest Deeds

Two old oak trees weathered by winds and rain
with fallen leaves, branches and toughened bark
to shield a core of grandeur, and sustain
the wisdom borne to see the light from dark.
Two noble men aware of twilight time
both face evil world with courage and grace
Love and Nature gifts each, a life sublime
all standing with courage none can erase.
Each rooted within mother earth’s great fold
weathering this world’s darkest raging storms
images show lives lived regally and bold
tho’ existing in weakened earthen forms.
With words of wisdom written in our seeds
we seek retreat to heed our honest deeds.

By T.J Grén & Robert Lindley

5. Here, Again: The Autumn Equinox

I wish you well…

I’m here, again…
Come riding in, upon the western wave
My hair all wove with golden leaves, my breast
As pale as moonlight on a hidden grave
And all the sins of summer long confessed

I come, again…
In sweeping skirts, with white swan feathers strewn
To brush the summer dust from weary grass
Make ash of aspen, damp the flame of noon
Before the frost freeze water into glass
I bring, to you…
Windfallen apples, berries from the hedge
Long shadows on the barrows, and the chalk
Wild winds to stir the willows and the sedge
And mist, and myth, down every path you walk

I’m here, again…
The promise of the harvest to fulfil
The energy of autumn, streaming through

The swirling springs that spiral round the hill
To drench the land in red and russet hue

I come, again…
Between the longest day and shortest night
To fill the blood and marrow of your bones
With all the orange glory of the light
Before the dark descend upon the stones

I bring, to you…
A cornucopia of ripened fruit
Dark juices of the vine in bottles bright
To nourish soul and body, to transmute
Your thought to dream, your dream to second sight

For I am She…
Am Autumn writ, in every field and tree
Am mistress of the Owl and running Hare
So yield unto my kiss, and blesséd be
And dance with me, oh Druid, if you dare…

By Gail Foster

6. Breaking Bad

dance with slum lords
they shed fake tears
victims they shout
from Ivory towers

Mock and attack
they of dark cloth and deceit
possesses no real God
they whoreship only their prey
living by night not day

Some even screech praise untowards
sick is the mind who follows
dead morals and upended graves
they really are the bully’s slaves
Yet their churches pew is full

Criminals all
singing love songs
sewing fear and anger

no wonder God got fed up
evicting them one and all

By Arthur Vaso

7. Ageless Seeds of Simple Joys

Ageless Seeds of Simple Joys

When walking in splatter of Spring’s anticipated rains
blessed is the youth in you, if wearing no shoes;
further given if you can then see rainbow hues
thus finding such fantastic sights halt great worries and pains.

Such fleeting rewards fly by with blossoming paradise sails
should you bask in that magnificent soft warm glow;
savor precious moment, follow which way it blows
casting care to the wind, seek victory that never fails?

As smiling blue sky, clears to send you a most wondrous day
your heart explodes in radiance of sacred gifts
with sunny joy bestowed as clouded spirit lifts –
hope’s appreciation cupped in hands; precious golden ray.

Sweet tears of joy that bring us back to laughter of our youth
when colors filled our world not overcast with doubt,
and purest pleasures bloomed and new ideas did sprout

from creativity’s simple seeds sown in fertile truth.

So for a time give wings to worry’s flight from your pained mind,
your future’s not as bleak as life would make it seem;
bare feet can splash in puddles neath a rainbowed dream,
life’s pleasures in your golden age still there for you to find.

By Robert J. Lindley and Susan Ashley

8. Soul Mates Solace

When my final shadows cling on desperately
Where I fight formidable battles
to merely hold the light
I send you loving vibrations
and soul sustenance
Deep from the cathedral
of one heart to another
where today no choirs sing

nor symphonies play
Yet it is here where we meet
in spiritual solace
here to surrender
and exchange inestimable treasures
recollecting memories
like unopened letters
Galaxies are stretched
over chronicles of shared history
Nebula birthing stars
will be exposed
in forth-coming conversations
bringing short-lived fulfillment to you
Hungry to feast
now will be the time
to approve your blood art vision
and with my own haunting surrender
as dappled shades ink stain your chest
I will reside with you and share, mesmerised
pens – by branding
as this will be your written reams to me
your artist’s pallet or brushed canvas
no need for words
and yet creating
mysterious magical moments
Bitter-sweet the music
that dances taut guitar strings

but now blood approved
please go kick your heel up
return to your laughter
and ride on the breeze
for not all are lost
change not
for I am with you always
to love, listen and comfort as one
with you in me and I in you
as masterpiece

By Anna-Marie Docherty

9. Fool of Infiniti and Queen of Fate

Fool of Infiniti

A wanton bird pecks at the stars
A Jester peers through crystal bars

This prison of love with rainbow hue
Illusion parts to lets you through

On dragon wings forever free
You quest into your dreams to see
Smoke and mirrors and shadow haze
To guide you through an endless maze

Slow motion tear rolls down her cheek
Its only passion that you seek ?
Engulfed in strange duality.
She wonders her reality

Your eyes still mock her with desire
Your kisses light her inner fire
Your touch can melt her to your will
But you will never take your fill

Black widow spider guards your heart
She spun the web, she keeps it taut
It is your only fatal flaw.
A secret, silent metaphor.

And all about her swirl the dreams
The nightmares all with voiceless screams
And in her hand the strangest key
To fit the door of What Will Be ?

And when her eyes search yours again
You take her to the spider den
You spin the dreams she hopes to see
And lock your hearts in mystery.

So enter in to lick the flame
Eternal prisoner of the game
Illusion is false imagery
She whispers your Infinity

The Queen of Fate

The Queen of Fate by the outer Gate
Her carriage to Nowhere, will await
Her cloak is wrapped against the night
Her eyes are wide with peculiar fright

Gray horses eyes turn back in fear
With thunderclaps upon her ear
Blue jagged lightning points the way
Along the path to yesterday

Cold, sullen driver cracks his whip
His crooked smile curls round his lip
His horses leap the cruel abyss
Dark Queen of Fate sees none amiss

Above the mist a gate appears
Who will wipe the Gate-man’s tears ?
Gray horses strike and paw the air
Fate Queen ascends the carriage stair

And all about her swirl the dreams
The nightmares all with voiceless screams
And in her hand a wondrous key
To lock Enigma’s Mystery

Pass through the gate O Queen of Fate
Another carriage will await
Drawn by steeds of Promises
Illusion starts and finishes.

By Suzanne Delaney

10. Promise of the Pomegranates

Outside the city where the pomegranates grow,
where a heart is free and the sky is wide
where time is slow like a rivers flow
and the crow that flies is your only guide
In orchards wild and row upon row
the pomegranates grow in the countryside.
Such dreams of peace relieve the crush
And guide the sweep of the painter’s brush.

Outside the city where the four winds blow
Prolific with seeds the pomegranates grow
And when in winter all covered in snow
the promise of spring and summer bestow
Outside the city where the pomegranates grow
I wait with the wisdom inside that I know
That seasons may come, or seasons may go
And the winds of change may toss us and blow

But in our hearts is a place we may go
Outside the city where pomegranates grow

By Suzanne Delaney

11. Symbolism ‘N Semantics

They’re the party of wealth
Unconcerned with the health
Of the economy
Relative to you and me
The situation’s getting frantic
Still they’re up to their old antics
Of symbolism ‘n semantics
Symbolism ‘n semantics

The problem is gigantic
In fact it’s transatlantic
His approach is sycophantic
But they are quite pedantic
Is he being too romantic
As they come with their semantics
Their symbolism ‘n semantics
Symbolism ‘n semantics

They’ve tried to pass a bill
Over there up on the hill
But despite the public will
They keep arguing it still
They’re complaining ‘bout the pork
But haven’t put down their fork
So we’ll have to wait
But the hour’s getting late

The problem is gigantic
In fact it’s transatlantic
His approach is sycophantic
But they are quite pedantic
Is he being too romantic
As they come with their semantics
Their symbolism ‘n semantics
Symbolism ‘n semantics

It seems they have a crush
On a pill popper named Rush
Who someone should tell hush

And stop talking so **** much
By hoping that he fails
While we lay on the rails
He’s blowin wind up their sails
So how did he avoid our jails

The problem is gigantic
In fact it’s transatlantic
His approach is sycophantic
But they are quite pedantic
Is he being too romantic
As they come with their semantics
Their symbolism ‘n semantics
Symbolism ‘n semantics

They voted millions down the drain
In a war that was insane
But now hear them complain
Instead of trying to ease our pain
Their politics remains the same
But we made our selection
Where were they the last election
Cos it changed the whole complexion
With a call for redirection

The problem is gigantic
In fact it’s transatlantic
His approach is sycophantic
But they are quite pedantic
Is he being too romantic
As they come with their semantics
Their symbolism ‘n semantics
Symbolism ‘n semantics

By Cedric McClester

12. My Social Commentary

I could list the number of people that have been killed by police in the last year.
I could list the number of police that have been killed in the last year.
I could list the number of people that have died with cause in the last year.
I could list the number of people that have died without cause in the last year.
I could do all these things
but it wouldn’t matter
because somewhere along the road
we lost our way.

We have battled over the meaning of life
it’s freedom!
no it’s money!
We have pursued what we set in front of us
with little regard for its effect.
We build amusement parks over graveyards.

Death is unfortunate now
of course when it isn’t useful.
Police **** a man and it’s symbolism.
A man kills police and it’s symbolism.
A white man chides a black man and it’s symbolism.
A black man chides a white man and it’s symbolism.
it’s lazy
it’s also unfortunate.

If everything is symbolism
then nothing is.
If we cling to every moment like it’s a rock on a cliff
we will fall to our death every single time.
We grasp for the bigger picture
as we fail to see the smaller one.
Everything must mean something
no moment should be lost on us.

it’s lazy
it’s also unfortunate

What i’m saying is that the meaning of life
is thought
pure unadulterated
back of the head against the pillow
eyes to the ceiling
hand on the heart
mind in the clouds

Thought defies population statistics
thought frees you from the numbers.
Suddenly it doesn’t matter how many police died last year
or how many people they killed.
If we think we can observe the issue
or ignore it entirely.

We can do whatever we want
isn’t that what life is supposed to be?

But thought requires work
we must view not only both sides to every story
but each degree of the angles in between.
It isn’t easy.
It isn’t simple
and that’s why I think it will never correct itself.
Next year more people will die
because we won’t think.

It’s lazy
it’s also unfortunate.

By Tark Wain

13. Municipal Gum

Municipal Gum was written by Oodjeroo Noonecaal. Municipal Gum is about the changes in society and the tendency of people to want to control everything. Oodjeroo uses various techniques to convey this idea.

At the beginning of the poem Oodjeroo is addressing the tree. This immediately creates empathy for both the tree and her people. By the last line she has emphasised this with the pronoun “us” to show that they suffer a similar fate.

This poem expresses how life in Australia has changes especially for Aboriginal people. In the first half of the poem Oodjeroo is talking about how life was for her and others. It explores the changes in society and the displacement of the Aboriginal people from their land.

“Whose head hung…Its hopelessness”, the author uses this as further re-iteration of the immorality of the situation and by the use of analogy comparing the tree to her people to further emphasise the shame and lack control of that the Europeans have inflicted upon her and the environment.

Oodjeroo uses extended metaphor technique in the very first line of the poem ‘Hard bitumen around your feet’. This means that the gumtree has been placed in the city scape where it is suppressed and not allowed to spread out and be unique in its own way. This is clear and immanently direct link to the pain and suffering endured by the Aborigines post European settlement.

Oodjeroo uses vivid language to present these ideas. For example the use of the word castrated is very effective. The connotation of the word is very demeaning. With castration often comes a sense of a loss of pride and power. The word castration is symbolic of how Oodjeroo feels the European have treated Aboriginal people and the environment. Castration also refers to the fact that what is done is done. Nothing can undo what they did and the damaged they have caused.

Other symbolism includes the title “Municipal Gum”, municipal meaning community, implies that the gumtree belongs to the community. One of the vast differences between European and Aboriginal law is that Aboriginal people did not believe in the ownership of land or of animals and plants. Municipal Gum is a reference to the Europeans assumptions that everything is theirs to own and control.

The rhetorical question, “O fellow citizen, What have they done to us?” is the conclusion of the implications that have been made throughout the poem. Oodjeroo, is advocating for her people and all things wronged by the controlling behaviour of the Europeans. Rhetorical questions are used to provoke thought and to stimulate a pre-determined response. “What have they done to us?” They have “castrated, broken… strapped and buckled” and ultimately changed things to a point that they cannot be fixed.

In conclusion, Municipal Gum is a poem about the constrictions and change that the European invaders forced upon the Aboriginal community and the environment she believes that the Europeans have deemed themselves ever powerful and practice their power in a manner that is immoral.

By Trang Nguyen

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