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10 Authors Like John Grisham

Do you like John Grisham’s books? Would you love to read about authors who write exactly like him? Then this article was written specifically for you!

One of the most well-known authors that has ever been published is John Grisham, the master of the legal thriller.

Grisham practiced criminal law and was a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives before picking up the pen.

The legal and general thrillers written by the following authors below are likely to send John Grisham fans on an amazing adventure.

1. Lisa Scottoline

authors like john grisham

Like John Grisham, Lisa Scottoline also pens legal thrillers.

She holds a law degree and is the author of over 30 critically acclaimed crime fiction books, including “Don’t Go and Look Again”.

Scottoline has received several awards and held the office of President of the Mystery Writers of America.

The plot of “Don’t Go” centers on a soldier who is sent to Afghanistan only to return home to find his wife dead.

He learns an unexpected secret, which sets off a downward cycle that he must strive to escape.

2.  Attica Locke

authors like john grisham

Look no further than Attica Locke’s “Blue Bird,” a legal thriller about the clash of race and justice in America.

For John Grisham fans who like how Grisham doesn’t shy away from discussing the racial dynamics of the South, this is that perspective from a black author.

3. Lee Child

authors like john grisham

James Dover Grant, a well-known British author, writes under the pen name Lee Child.

Additionally, Child writes thrilling thriller books, much like John Grisham.

The first novel in the Jack Reacher series, “Killing Floor”, actually took home both the Barry Award and the Anthony Awards for Best First Novel.

The international bestselling author of crime and detective fiction, Robert Crais, has won many literary awards.

4. Robert Crais

authors like john grisham

The Monkey’s Raincoat, one of his best books, won the 1988 Mystery Readers International Macavity Award for Best First Novel.

The 1988 Anthony Awards for Best Paperback Original went to it as well.

Elvis Cole, a private eye, is the protagonist of the book. He locates a missing husband and his little boy with the aid of his buddy Joe Pike.

5. Alafair Burke

authors like john grisham

Alafair Burke, the author of a series of legal thrillers, drew inspiration from her famous father, crime author James Lee Burke.

Burke, like Grisham, bases her books’ realism on her legal training and actual court cases.

Burke’s first book, “Judgement Calls,” is partially based on the case of Keith Hunter Jesperson, a serial killer known as the “Happy Face Killer.”

Also, Imette St. Guillen and Jennifer Moore’s slayings are the basis for Angel’s Tip in a vague sense.

6. Scott Turow

authors like john grisham

If you enjoy legal thrillers written by John Grisham, you’ll definitely enjoy Scott Turow’s factual and fiction works as well.

In addition to Personal Injuries, he has written more than ten legal thrillers.

7. Shamini Flint

authors like john grisham

For fans of John Grisham, Shamini Flint is another excellent choice because she is a former lawyer who is now a successful author.

Flint won the Council of Legal Education Prize for receiving one of the best total scores on her bar finals.

A Most Peculiar Malaysian Murder, the first book in the Inspector Singh Investigates series, is her debut book and reflects her excellence as a legal scholar.

8. Michael Connelly

authors like john grisham

Michael Joseph Connelly is another author whose works are similar to those of Grisham.

He has sold more than 74 million copies of his 31 novels and one nonfiction book globally.

His best book is The Black Echo.

The protagonist of the book is Harry Bosch, a Vietnam veteran who worked as a tunnel rat before transitioning into a Los Angeles police investigator.

He is looking into a murder perpetrated by bank robbers who, in his opinion, were pursuing more than just money.

9. David Baldacci

authors like john grisham

David Baldacci is one of the many talented writers who are comparable to John Grisham.

He is a novelist of American descent who also writes suspense and legal thrillers.

While continuing his legal career, he penned the international blockbuster Absolute Power in 1996.

The imaginary American president in the book commits crimes with the help of his secret agents and then covers them up.

 They released a movie version of the book with Gene Hackman and Clint Eastwood in 1997.

10. Kellye Garrett

authors like john grisham

Kellye Garrett is the writer you want if you’re seeking someone who is fresh in the legal thriller scene.

Garrett spent eight years writing for the CBS smash program Cold Case, despite not having a legal education like John Grisham.

Garrett developed fresh strategies every week for writing about gruesome and frightening homicides.

However, her “A Detective by Day Mystery” series, about an unemployed actress turned detective, shouldn’t be read by anyone expecting the same grimness.

Fans of John Grisham who want to read something lighter-hearted like Grisham’s Theodore Boone series might try Kellye Garrett.

Hollywood Homicide and Hollywood Ending are two titles from the “Detective by Day Mystery” series.

Other authors to look out for are:

11. John Sandford

authors like john grisham

American best-selling author John Sandford is actually John Rosewell Camp.

He is the author of the 32-part Prey television series.

Lucas Davenport, a detective of the Minneapolis Police Department who oversees his own intelligence division, is the subject of the book series.

 On occasion, Davenport assists the Minnesota governor in resolving contentious political issues.

12. Meg Gardener

authors like john grisham

Meg Gardiner, a former attorney and lecturer, is currently pursuing a third career as a bestselling mystery author.

Meg Gardiner writes legal thrillers that frequently earn positive reviews and become bestsellers, much like John Grisham.

The novels Into the Black Nowhere and Gardiner’s Unsub should be on your reading list if you’re looking for a John Grisham thriller with serial killers.

13. John Lescroart

authors like john grisham

Over 20 legal and crime thriller books by John Lescroart have been published, and they have sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

His writings have gained widespread praise; Sunburn (1981) was the recipient of the Joseph Henry Award from the San Francisco Foundation.

A young American man is searching for his lover in this legal thriller, where loyalty is put to the test and people are killed.

Even though the genre may be diverse, authors like John Grisham have a captivating manner of creating books.

Have you gotten a favorite author yet? Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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