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20 Crochet Bookmark Patterns

Do you want a crotchet bookmark design and you’re confused about which to go for? This article provides all you need to know about crotchet bookmark designs and the most suitable one for you.

For a variety of reasons, crochet bookmark patterns are ideal. They are small, making it simple to make many quickly.

Projects that provide immediate enjoyment are excellent stress relievers.

Make a lot of these so you have extras to give as last-minute presents over the holiday season.

Check out our 20 crotchet bookmark designs below!

Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns

1. Bunny Bookmark Pattern

The adorable bookmark shown in the images below is the perfect complement to your child’s nursery! It will make reading a lot more enjoyable!

They are also ideal for Easter and can take the place of all the extra candy in the Easter baskets for your children.

For those who want to fill those baskets with non-candy gifts, these bookmarks and an Easter book form the ideal set.

 And unlike other bookmarks, this bunny would be very difficult to lose.

A 2,5 mm hook is required for this project. Create it in any color you like! 23 cm is the final size.

You can get this pattern at

2. Peacock Feather Bookmark Pattern

This peacock feather-shaped crochet bookmark would make a charming and inventive birthday, teacher, or Christmas present.

This pattern has countless potential applications.

You may quickly create a peacock’s feather with some leftover yarn, which is incredibly unique and unusual.

Making garlands and wall hangings as well as adorning box tops, cards, caps, bags, and key chains are all options.

You can find this free crochet tutorial on YouTube.

3. Animal Crotchet Bookmark Pattern

Looking for a handmade gift for a bookworm? The popular animal crochet bookmarks will add joy to any reader.

Whether it’s a pig, dog, cat,or even a dragon, you can crochet a bookmark that looks just like your favorite animal.

Get this beautiful pattern at

4. Easy Textured Bookmark Pattern

Some people absolutely detest it when one of their paper bookmarks disappears or is torn.

Because of this, crocheted ones could be a fantastic and durable substitute.

You or the book lovers in your life will truly like it!

The dimensions when complete are 2.25″ x 7.75

This pattern is available at

5. Flower Garden Bookmark Pattern

The summer is here, which means it’s time to invite flowers into your home. Why not insert some crochet flowers into your favorite book?

Reading in the garden will make for a nice memory to cherish throughout the winter.

Crocheters of all levels will enjoy making this flower bookmark pattern.

This bouquet is sure to make someone smile with its straightforward stitching and the lovely pattern.

With rows of tiny flowers, you can make this adorable crochet bookmark to give it an extra special touch.

You can get this pattern at

6. Celebration Bookmark Pattern

If you love more lacy, romantic, vintage designs, this bookmark will be absolutely ideal for you.

Your reading will be much more enjoyable and stand out with this detailed, beautiful bookmark!

Simply click on to get this pattern

7. Lotte Lace Bookmark Pattern

This bookmark pattern has a delicate, vintage style and was made by DreasCrochet.

Additionally, this project is both gratifying and incredibly rapid.

12 x 12 x 15 cm is the dimensions to use.

You can order this pattern from

8. Bruges Lace Bookmark Pattern

Your friends and family will love receiving these adorable bookmarks as gifts.

They are plain, lacy, and absolutely lovely.

You can simply make them because they only require simple stitches and are completely beginner friendly.

You can get this pattern at

9. Diamond Lace Bookmark Pattern

Keep track of which page you are on while reading a novel with the help of this lovely lace crochet pattern.

This quick and simple effort yields an exquisite result in this easy crochet bookmark pattern.

The beautiful lace bookmark shown is a relatively easy project that can be completed with leftover yarn.

The pattern has a row of diamonds running down the middle, and it’s the ideal last-minute present suggestion.

Click on to order this pattern.

10. Summer Flower Bookmark Pattern

It’s the perfect time of year for this stunning crocheted bookmark.

This bookmark is a fantastic stash buster because it’s a very quick and simple project that only requires about 25 yards of Super Fine yarn.

Play around with the colors and give one or two of them to your pals!

This pattern is available at

11. Simply Daisy Bookmark Pattern

Star stitch is undoubtedly a pattern you’ve seen before, but it was probably on a baby blanket or a winter item.

You can make a simple bookmark out of it.

These tiny stars appear beautifully when they are stacked. 

Dayna demonstrates that this bookmark looks fantastic in a variety of colors, so pick your favorites and make some right now!

Get this beautiful pattern at

12. Peek a-boo-Rainbow Bookmark Pattern

This little craft is a lot of fun.

This grand project by Jess will make a thoughtful gift for both children and adults while being simple enough for beginners.

This bookmark is intended to have a slight peek-a-boo because the top portion sticks out a bit.

You can get this pattern at

13. Making Waves Bookmark Pattern

It’s easy to put your feet up and read that ideal summer novel during the leisurely summer days.

Why not adorn your summer reading with this adorable Making Waves Bookmark-free crochet design?

A thin yarn (#3) is used to create the Making Waves Bookmark. You simply need roughly eight yards of each of the three colors.

Use a 3.5 mm crochet hook to work the design lengthwise, then finish it off with a tassel.

You’ll be able to produce these quick and easy, textured bookmarks in no time, and they’re truly special and sweet.

Play with the colors to create a unique and personalized one. It will make a beautiful present.

Simply click on to get this pattern

14. Spiked Granny Bookmark Pattern

This project should work for you if you are more of a contemporary crocheter because it is straightforward and effective.

One of the simplest and most often used techniques is the Granny Stitch, and this little geometric bookmark is much smaller than a true stitch swatch.

You’ll succeed in no time!

This pattern is available on 

15. Granny Square Bookmark Pattern

A classical read calls for a classical accouterment, and nothing is more essential to book lovers than a quality bookmark.

In one piece of handmade art, the granny square bookmark pattern brings all these qualities together.

It won’t take you very long to complete this project, which is enjoyable and simple.

Use the thinner yarn to create a granny bookmark that won’t damage your books and will be gentle on them.

You can order this pattern from

16. Birgitta’s Bookmark Pattern

So a wonderful spot to begin your reading preparation is with this amazing bookmark.

Overall, it’s really a stunning, lace page setting that will undoubtedly go with a traditional design.

Torun Johansson created this exquisite crochet bookmark because a small section of lace sewn into a bedsheet in the 1930s inspired her.

It truly has a vintage appearance, and it would be the greatest last-minute present for any reader!

Click on Ravelry to get this pattern.

17. Very Shelley Bookmark Pattern

Do you agree that crocheted bookmarks are the best way to use up leftover materials?

Your reading will be kept organized and made so much easier with this project, which is quite simple to put up.

Make one for yourself, as a last-minute gift for close acquaintances or relatives, or for a teacher.

If you need this pattern, you can get it on Ravelry.

18. Dainty Bookmark Pattern

Get your leftover yarn ends together and start working on this delicate crochet bookmark.

It comes together quickly and looks lovely in many colors.

You can adorn them with a variety of items, such as ribbons or crocheted flowers, as you can see in the image below.

This pattern is available on

19. Crochet Hedgehog Bookmark Pattern

Unlike the other patterns, this adorable hedgehog is tied to a paper clip rather than being inserted into your book.

If your book pages are on the thin side, you’ll appreciate the alternative of the adorable creature perched at the top of the book because it reduces some of the bulkiness of having a crochet item inside your pages.

20. Harry Potter Bookmark Pattern

With these four Harry Potter house scarf-inspired bookmarks, you can return to Hogwarts in style!

You still have time to create this adorable and useful scarf bookmark for yourself or your favorite Harry Potter fan.

Mark your location, keep your pages clean and be prepared to read the next Harry Potter book.

You can get this pattern from

Your bookmarks design should reflect your own style since reading is a personal activity.

Which crotchet bookmark design is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box below!

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