Sexy Comics

10 Sexy Comics You Won’t Hide Under Your Bed

Do you like comic books? Do you enjoy having sex and/or masturbating? Watching porn or reading erotica? If you indicated yes to any of the aforementioned questions, we have listed seven sexy comics that you could find entertaining.

Sexy Comics

A sensual comic book used to be nothing to be proud of. Some of us wonder about our teenage decisions when we look back on bowling ball boobs and poorly written stories.

The majority of your fellow perverts are now adults and happily produce their own Sexy Comics for your enjoyment, which is a good thing.

Modern comics do a terrific job of not relegating “sexy” to the imagination of a single guy—or to a single genre. Here are eleven erotic comics you may enjoy—for the articles!—and then display proudly on your bookcase. They range from uncomfortable to funny to so romantic they’ll call you afterward.

1. Sex Criminals

Sexy Comics

Sex Criminals by Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction hailed as “the toughest comic to successfully Google,” isn’t actually about sex offenders.

A party hookup reveals that the two awkward, newly minted bank robbers have the ability to freeze time with their orgasms, and they decide to go into business together. They both believed they had created it, which makes it humorous.

They then believed they were the only ones capable of doing it. Sex Criminals also earns credit for featuring a constantly expanding cast of characters and addressing the entire gamut of sexuality (and asexuality).

2. Sunstone

Sexy Comics

In Sunstone, two girls are in a BDSM relationship, complete with restraints, ball gags, and shiny vinyl attire. But it’s also about them as individuals, how they fall in love, and the group of friends they form as they live their lifestyles together.

Ally is a powerful dominatrix with a hidden yearning to snuggle and play MMORPGs, while Lisa is a nerdy writer with a secret submissive side.

In what has been dubbed an “erotic romantic comedy,” writer/artist Stjepan Sejic is able to express something fantastic and relatable out of subject matter that is all too frequently reduced to fetish.

3. Oglaf

Sexy Comics

So, I suppose it’s common knowledge that the Middle Ages were more like Blackadder than The Tudors. The “sex and fantasy” theme is handled by the webcomic Oglaf in a way that capitalizes on amusing stereotypes and sexism.

Wizards and attractive pirates are among the enjoyable aspects of medieval fantasy that are combined with a contemporary sense of humor, diversity, and absurd boner jokes that are simply funny.

Despite the fact that comedy is the focus of the work, intellectual sex positivity and comedy are always in style.

4. Casanova

Sexy Comics

Casanova, the second Matt Fraction novel on this list, has nothing to do with the dubious Heath Ledger romantic comedy from the aughts.

Thanks in large part to the talents of painters Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon, the tale of secret agent Casanova Quinn’s dimension-hopping, body-swapping, time-traveling spy network becomes as strange and erotic as your strangest subconscious sex dreams.

The tip of the iceberg is despotic sex islands, attractive robots, and potential partners. Casanova is as strange as it sounds and as sensual as it is.

5. Lost Girls

Lost Girls

After the publication of this book, when Alan Moore was questioned about authoring “erotica,” he immediately clarified that it is, in fact, pornography.

Lost Girls, illustrated beautifully by Melinda Gebbie, tells the narrative of beloved fairytale characters Wendy Darling from Peter Pan, Dorothy Gale from Wonderland, and Alice Fairchild from Alice in Wonderland.

The three adult ladies eventually cross paths at a mountain resort and exchange the “real” tales of their fictional encounters. The “sexy fairy tale” motif is present in Lost Girls, but it has more in common with classic erotica than with contemporary Halloween garb. Most likely, your librarian has a copy. in private.

6. Saga


The actual dynamic combo that Marko and Alana are is one that most of us aspire to be a part of one day. They fight, and they have flaws, yet Fiona Staples’ illustrations also make them look very attractive.

When every night might be your last, Saga is a love story that takes place during a galactic conflict and is filled with the kind of fantastic sex you’d have on your last night of life.

Saga is passionate, but not only that. Even when it becomes philosophical, lust is always present. “What’s the antithesis of war?”

7. Empowered


It takes a lot of self-awareness to save the day given the long and dishonorable history of oversexualized women in comics. Enter Adam Warren’s defense of sex in comics in his film Empowered. Emp is sour-faced, blonde, and the object of a good amount of T-and-A because her suit frequently suffers thrilling setbacks.

She is, however, written with such agency and knowledge that she comes across as the actual, hormonally-addled teen we were all once upon a time rather than a blow-up doll in a costume. Emp is a young, not-so-dumb, full of…plucky insights character who enjoys having sex and is fully cognizant of the absurdity of her hilarious circumstances.

Her supporting cast is as authentic as she is, and when it comes to honesty that is so on point, it can be uncomfortable, they go beyond mere sex talk. It’s not necessary for libido to make sense, but it definitely assists when it does.

8. Red Thorn

Red Thorn

Red Thorn, a contemporary novel from Vertigo, a beloved publisher from the 1990s, promises lusty paranormal adventures at their best.

Our main heroine, Isla, is bold when it comes to her motivation (and her desires), and David Baillie’s novel isn’t hesitant to allow his leading lady’s hookups to drive the plot just as much as her magical abilities.

Being taken along for the trip by a girl who isn’t scared to embrace the ride is downright refreshing. (Giggity.) The appropriate eroticism definitely oozes from situations that may otherwise be innocent revelations thanks to Meghan Hetrick’s work. There is still only one problem, however, a second date is required.

9. Oh Joy, Sex Toy!

Oh Joy, Sex Toy!

Erika Moen’s Oh Joy, Sex Toy! is for you if you prefer sex blogs to overtly erotica. It’s like a cartoon version of Drew Pinsky’s Loveline, a sex counseling column with comic strip humor.

Erika quickly transitions from being incredibly instructive to be hilarious to be exposed (both emotionally and physically!) while she is reviewing products and videos, responding to reader inquiries, or hosting guest comics.

OJST! meets a unique need because it’s not just the most realistically instructional comic on this list, but also one of the more graphic.

10. The Sandman: Endless Nights

The Sandman: Endless Nights

Fans of the main series of The Sandman, The Dream King, and their siblings continue to adore Neil Gaiman’s collection of short stories about them.

It’s an excellent introduction to the various realms of The Endless and a great spot to start the series. Desire’s story stands out on this list since each of Dream’s siblings rules over a different facet of human nature.

Want’s story is one of pure desire and demonstrates how the ultimate strength of lust is desiring, not obtaining, with artwork by erotica expert Milo Manara.

Sexy comics do a great job of not confining what is “sexy” to the mind of a single male or to a certain genre. They can be unpleasant, humorous, or perhaps so romantic that you’ll get a call later.

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