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Who Am I Poem – 10 Poems to Help You Define Your Identity

The Who Am I poem is a delightfully gloomy poem in which the speaker considers their existence and wants to relax while explaining themselves.

Throughout the Who Am I poem, issues such as melancholy and loneliness are addressed. These primary uniting elements may be found in the representation of despair and battles with problems during a particularly low period in his life.

It freely acknowledges the many speakers’ darker thoughts and emotions of loss about persons who were formerly close to them.

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1. Title: “Inner Vault”

Regret dwells within, my self-made strife,
In words and deeds, a tumultuous life.
I openly confess my error, stark,
Struggling against it, a burdensome arc.

The truth persists, a lingering sting,
Cutting deep, like a relentless spring.
Refusal isn’t viable, it’s clear,
Apology delayed, acknowledgment near.

From within, a genuine apology,
Bound by remorse, an anxious decree.
Undeniably at fault, my admission,
Revealing within, my heartfelt volition.

Yet forward I tread, a path to amend,
Learning from mistakes, my heart on the mend.
As I seek redemption, a sincere quest,
To heal the wounds, and be my best.

Inner Vault - Who Am I I Poem

2. Title: “I Broke the Cross of Jesus”

I shattered the Cross of Jesus,
The one he bore for me.
Beneath the burden of shame and sin,
It could no longer stand free.

Though the cross was heavy,
He sought no aid that day.
Stumbling, dragging, pulling hard,
He persevered along the way.

And now the cross lies broken,
Bearing the weight of enduring sin.
No open heart stands to receive,
To let the savior in.

So, we now understand what we must do
To reclaim what’s been lost.
We must pray each day,
Turn from sin’s sway,

I Broke the Cross of Jesus - Who Am I Poem

3. Title: “So Sorry”

I’m sorry for letting you down,
Things can’t be the same, I fear.
My impropriety, my regret,
I’m the one to blame, sincere.

I wasn’t strong when needed,
Failed to follow through the line.
Dropping the ball in our game,
Apologies for this troubled time.

I’m sorry for the wounds I’ve caused,
Things won’t easily mend.
My shortcomings, my mistake,
I hope our hearts can still transcend.

Letting you down hurts the most,
I’m sorry for the pain I’ve sown.
Hoping for forgiveness to grow,
In our moments, love can be known.

So Sorry - So Sorry

4. Title: “Who am I?”

Who am I? They often tell me,
From my cell’s bounds, I stepped free,
Calm and cheerful, firm in stride,
Like a Squire leaving countryside.

Who am I? They often speak,
Conversing with warders, strong and meek,
Freely, friendly, with words clear,
Commanding presence, without a fear.

Who am I? They also say,
Enduring days of misfortune’s gray,
Equably, smilingly, proudly worn,
Accustomed to triumph, strength reborn.

So, who am I in this confined space,
A puzzle, a presence, in life’s embrace,
Facing challenges with a steadfast face,
A soul resilient, full of grace.

Who am I - Who Am I Poem

5. Title: “Who Am I?”

Eager, excited for the year’s start,
New book-bag and pencils, a joyful part.
Notebooks and shoes, all in a row,
Ready for lessons and friendships to grow.

But this time, a shift is clear,
No more elementary school cheer.
Entering a new phase, different and bold,
Navigating changes as stories unfold.

High hopes and aspirations in the air,
Not just about classes, but life to compare.
Secondary adventures, paths to explore,
Learning and growing, evermore.

New challenges, a mature lore,
This chapter’s different than those before.
No longer elementary school’s lore,
A fresh journey, knocking at the door.

Who Am I - Who Am I Poem

6. Title: “Who am I?”

In a world filled with woe, who am I?
My purpose unclear, where will I fly?
God, my Master, His love rings true,
With me always, whatever I pursue.

Friends may forsake in times of strife,
Yet God’s presence sustains my life.
Jesus sacrificed for my liberty,
My Savior, the key to eternity.

Denying God makes life goals hollow,
Only His truth remains to follow.
Guide me, Oh God, to live for You,
Save, help, and keep me steadfast and true.

In a world filled with woe, who am I?
Purpose undefined, where will I rely?
God, my Master, love steadfast and pure,
Only His truth, forever to endure.

Who am I - Who Am I Poem

7. Title: “On a Columnar Self”

On a Columnar Self so strong,
A reliable support we lean upon.
In tumult or Extremity’s height,
Certainty stands as our guiding light.

Against the lever’s futile try,
And the wedge that seeks to pry.
Conviction, like a Granitic Base,
Endures, regardless of the space.

In moments when none stand near,
The Columnar Self we hold dear.
Steadfast in its unyielding might,
Guiding us through the darkest night.

Amid life’s challenges and test,
On this solid self, we rest.
In Certainty’s unwavering embrace,
A resilient, enduring grace.

On a Columnar Self - Who Am I Poem

8. Title: “Invictus”

In the night’s encompassing cloak,
Black as the pit, its shadows evoke.
Gratitude to the gods, wherever they may be,
For my soul, unwavering and free.

Within the firm grip of circumstance,
No wince, no cry, I take my stance.
Under chance’s relentless bludgeoning blow,
Head bloodied, yet unbowed I go.

Through the darkness, a resilient soul,
Enduring, unyielding, reaching its goal.
In the face of adversity’s ruthless advance,
I stand firm, in unwavering trance.

So, from the night that veils me in gloom,
Emerges a spirit that refuses to consume.
In the struggles, the triumphs, I avow,
My soul remains unconquerable, here and now.

Invictus - Who Am I Poem

9. Title: “I’m Nobody”

I’m nobody, and are you too?
A silent duo, a clandestine crew.
Let’s keep it quiet, our secret, concealed,
Revealing not, in this hidden field.

How dreary it is, to be somebody known,
Public like a frog’s incessant tone.
Broadcasting names all day, unbroken,
To an admiring bog, a tiresome token.

No need for fame, no claim to tout,
In the shadows, we silently flout.
To escape the spotlight, a quiet reprieve,
Where peace coalesce and weave.

So, let’s be nobodies, you and I,
In a world where anonymity is nigh.
A subtle existence, a tranquil log,
Away from the chaos, just like a fog.

I’m Nobody - WHo Am I Poem

10. Title: “Revelation”

No more my heart shall grieve,
In God’s Light, I find reprieve.
Above life’s toil, my soul takes flight,
A Bird of Fire in Infinite’s bright.

I’ve known the One, secret play,
Beyond the sea of Ignorance’s sway.
Harmony with Him, I dance and sing,
Golden Eye of the Supreme’s wing.

Drunk deep in Immortality,
Root and boughs in vastity.
My Form known, realized at last,
Supreme and I, united, steadfast.

In Eternity’s tender embrace,
A dance with time, an endless chase.
Beyond mortal bounds, I soar,
Forever One with the cosmic core.

Revelation - Who Am I Poem

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