Poems about Addiction – 15 Poems about Obsession and Dependency

Addiction can turn a healthy individual into a mess. There are many things to which anyone can be addicted. The common link is that it can ruin your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Whether it is drugs, gambling, or some other kind of substance abuse, your life can immediately spin out of control if you aren’t careful. Some people are born with an addictive personality.

They may try any substance or drug at one time, and it will ruin their lives forever. Others experiment with different sorts of lifestyle choices, and nothing still sticks to them. There is nothing fair about addiction.

Below are some poems about addiction.

1. Title: “Dear Addiction”

In letters, I declare our parting,
No more enduring, my heart departing.
I can’t bear you, my soul aches,
Why I embraced you, my mind retraces.

You drained my strength, wore me thin,
Now I see the darkness you live in.
You arrived with promises bright,
But now you bring only blight.

Families shattered, lives laid bare,
Bank accounts drained in despair.
You teased and played with my emotion,
Demanding actions tainted with devotion.

Why won’t you vanish, hide away,
Far beyond where I can stray?
At home, they fail to comprehend,
How you shred me, then lend a mend.

Dear Addiction - Poems about Addiction

2. Title: “Chains of Graving”

Chains of craving, relentless and tight,
Whispered lies dictate what’s wrong and right,
In its grasp, I shrink and feel small,
A puppet to addiction’s haunting call.

Every dawn, I vow to break free,
By nightfall, it tightens its hold on me,
Endless cycle, once more I fall,
Within this shadowed, echoing hall.

Dreams of sunlight, aspirations for the day,
Yet in shadows, I’m destined to stay,
This binding cycle, my heart does grieve,
Longing for the day I can finally leave.

In the darkness, a silent plea,
Yearning for the soul’s decree,
A ray of hope, a path to weave,
Breaking free from the chains that cleave.

Chains of Graving - Poems about Addiction

3. Title: “Whispers of Hope”

In the quiet night, a whisper grows,
Softly telling of a path few knows.
Beyond the grip, beyond despair,
Lies a world, fresh and fair.

Temptation strong, yet hope stronger still,
A guiding force, a test of will.
Every stumble, every fall,
Hope’s gentle voice, beckons and calls.

Embracing tomorrow, leaving pain behind,
Seeking the strength, I know I’ll find.
With love and time, wounds will cope,
Forever guided by whispers of hope.

Through the darkness, a flicker of light,
Guiding hearts to a future bright.
In the symphony of struggle and scope,
Endlessly sustained by whispers of hope.

Whispers of Hope - Poems about Addiction

4. Title: “Unseen Scars”

Behind closed doors, secrets held tight,
A family’s struggle, concealed from sight.
Addiction’s burden, a weight to bear,
Leaving scars, deep and rare.

Eyes that once sparkled, now dim with tears,
Clutching memories of happier years.
Each relapse inflicts a new wound,
Hope for the family, further marooned.

Within these walls, hope perseveres,
Love’s strength, dissolving fears.
In the face of pain, by your side,
Open arms, love won’t subside.

In the silent battles waged each day,
A family’s love will find a way.
Amidst the struggles, they won’t part,
United, mending every heart.

Unseen Scars - Poems about Addiction

5. Title: “Whispers of the End”

In addiction’s grip, the allure is profound,
Sweet promises made, yet sleep is unwound.
With every rush, each perilous bend,
Whispers of an impending end.

Dancing on the edge, a perilous game,
Flirting with death, repeating the same.
The abyss beckons, the fall is near,
Yet addiction’s voice is all one can hear.

Ensnared in the net, caught in its snare,
May love’s call be the one they dare,
To pull back, mend, and fiercely defend,
Against addiction’s whispers of the end.

In the shadows, hope may seem thin,
Yet love’s persistence is where we begin.
A beacon of light in the darkest night,
Guiding the way, towards a hopeful sight.

Whispers of the End - Poems about Addiction

6. Title: “From Chains to Freedom”

A problem arose, its roots in the street,
Unplanned, it took hold, beneath my feet.
One hit, I thought, would be my high,
But it left me yearning, reaching for the sky.

Daily, I craved, my lungs grew sore,
Praying for forgiveness, my soul implored.
God, the only one who could break this chain,
Pull me from the mess, release the pain.

Paranoia set in, a spiritual test,
Failing, I couldn’t let the weed find rest.
Seeking forgiveness, my daily plea,
The struggle between addiction and being free.

But change arrived, a decisive leap,
Climbing upward, the journey steep.
Now, transformed, more than just me,
Breaking free, I am finally free.

From Chains to Freedom - Poems about Addiction

7. Title: “In the Shadow of Addiction”

Long ago, dreams lay dead, choices made,
No rhyme, no reason, addiction’s cascade.
Unheard screams echo inside my head,
Living in hell, seasons bring dread.

Haunted by demons, unable to maintain,
Anger finds solace, a destructive gain.
Yearning for a life I no longer see,
Lost in the grip of this relentless sea.

Broken promises, shattered hearts remain,
Kids without a mother, a soul in pain.
Guilt lingers, a relentless companion,
Justification falters in this addiction.

Fighting hard, feeling only defeat,
Searching for the light, a daunting feat.
Crying out to God, seeking respite,
Caught in the chaos of this addictive plight.

In the Shadow of Addiction - Poems about Addiction

8. Title: “Reclaiming Light”

In the morning, pills I’d pop,
At night, the cycle wouldn’t stop.
A blade held tight, cutting through,
Deep into my skin, the pain I knew.

Dressed up, a facade of my best,
Yet inside, a turmoil, a troubled nest.
Alcohol flowed to quench my thirst,
A futile attempt to escape the worst.

Abused and battered, a painful past,
Bruises and gashes, the memories amassed.
A decision made to change my track,
Reclaim the life I couldn’t take back.

Now sixteen, a newfound gleam,
No more drugs, no more self-esteem.
The pain, the cutting, a distant theme,
Ahead in the game, a brighter dream.

Reclaiming Light - Poems about Addiction

9. Title: “Fatal Choices”

In the shadows, I chased a fleeting high,
Meth’s cruel grip, a relentless tie,
My dreams shattered, my soul bereaved,
A cautionary tale, I hope you’ll perceive.

I danced with demons in the dark,
Meth’s illusion left a permanent mark,
A tragic tale, a life derailed,
In the web of addiction, hopes impaled.

The party promises turned to lies,
In the wreckage, my demise,
Family weeps, mourning my fate,
A life consumed by a toxic bait.

Let my story be a somber refrain,
A reminder to resist meth’s deadly chain,
In the face of temptation, take a stand,
For a life unbound, choose a safer strand.

Fatal Choices - Poems about Addiction

10. Title: “Echoes of Unloaded Lead”

They unleash life’s lead,
Into unseen foes they tread.
Machine gun memories, rapid and dire,
Flying through thoughts, setting them on fire.

Recollections, musings in a spinning haze,
Spent shells gather, a mental maze.
Turbines of the mind, smoking the room,
Unloading burdens, a relentless gloom.

They yawn and doodle, seeking amusement,
Ink stains marking moments spent.
Purpose loosened, without courage’s caffeine,
Meetings adjourned, a wandering scene.

Nodding gingerly, understanding the grim,
Lives teetering on a balance so slim.
Birds careen by, smokestacks tall,
Silent recognition of lives in free fall.

Echoes of Unloaded Lead - Poems about Addiction

11. Title: “Journey Through Shadows

My life, a puzzle, viewed with altered sight,
Gaining strength when my vision’s clear and bright.
Endless, like the formula for pi,
If I vanished, would it be the worst?

I question God, my path unclear,
A facade for family, concealing my fear.
Through shadows, hustling with slow-paced peers,
Only the fact I made it here keeps me from tears.

In this screwed-up game of life, a mere pawn,
Getting out of bed feels like a heavy dawn.
Blinded by darkness, yearning for light,
Consider giving up in this endless fight.

Writing out each step, a form of relief,
Documenting deeds, seeking belief.
Now, a glimpse of passing the test,
Proving to myself I’m as normal as the rest.

Journey Through Shadows - Poems about Addiction

12. Title: “Lost Solitude”

In shadows, I choose to escape,
Chasing me, addiction takes shape.
A slow runner, legs short, out of shape,
My body rejects, and I’m left to reshape.

Mountains rise with towering might,
Yet the sun vanishes from the light.
Cracking trees, still growing strong,
Holding the years, where I belong.

Leaves fall, foliage blankets the ground,
No one to rake, silence all around.
Amid hills I climb to be here each day,
Lost, where’s the water, where am I, I say.

No one knows, yet they look in my eyes,
Unaware of the hills, the daily tries.
In this solitude, where I bear the cost,
I’m lost, hoping for rescue, no matter the cost.

Lost Solitude - Poems about Addiction

13. Title: “Rising from the Abyss”

Alone and smothered by despair,
Addiction’s grip, relentless snare.
Chaos persists, a ceaseless lease,
Craving solace, yearning for peace.

Battered and weakened, seeking release,
A new scene, a prayer for inner peace.
Heavenly whispers promise a fresh start,
Guided by grace, no longer torn apart.

Held within divine, understanding embrace,
Life finds clarity, a healing space.
No more solitude, no more smothering,
An addict recovers under grace’s covering.

Whispers of courage, like a gentle breeze,
Mending the fractures, putting the soul at ease.
In this symphony of healing, a melody sings,
A journey unfolding on hope’s resilient wings.

Rising from the Abyss - Poems about Addiction

14. Title: “Torn Love”

In your eyes, the pain is clear,
Yet the addiction, I can’t hold near,
Torn between love, so pure and true,
And a vice with no cure in view.

I long to be the one you recall,
Not this shadow, about to fall,
In this profound, internal fight,
Love’s voice, the only guiding light.

Praying for strength, to rise above,
Worthy of your unwavering love,
In this battle of heart and mind,
Seeking a future where love’s unconfined.

In the echoes of our shared history,
I’ll rewrite the script, set love free.
Through struggles faced, side by side,
A resilient bond, no longer denied.

Torn Love - Poems about Addiction

15. Title: “Addicted Symphony”

Addicted to lust, a craving fire,
Life’s allure, an ever-present desire.
Dreams, a drug that keeps me high,
Music’s embrace, a sweet lullaby.

Arts weave a spell, an enchanting thread,
Ladies’ allure, a path I tread.
Goals, an obsession, driving me on,
Money’s allure, a siren’s song.

Alcohol’s embrace, a tempting dance,
In these addictions, I find my trance.
For what is life without these pleasures,
A journey through various addictions, it treasures.

In the tangled web of obsessions I weave,
A tapestry of cravings, I perceive.
Yet in this symphony of addictive delight,
I search for balance, a harmonious flight.

Addicted Symphony - Poems about Addiction

Addiction is very hard to deal with; it ruins and has ruined the lives of many people, friends, and yes, families. Many things can be the cause of addiction.

It is advisable to support and help those who are addicted to one thing or another. We are here to help and support them so they can recover from addiction. We hope these poems come in handy for that. Thank you for reading!

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