Poems about Addiction That will make you have Second Thoughts

Poems about Addiction That will make you have Second Thoughts.

Poems about Addiction – Addiction can turn a healthy individual into a mess. There are many things that anyone can be addicted to. The common link is that it can ruin your life in more ways than you can imagine.

Whether it is drugs, gambling, or some other kind of substance abuse, your life can immediately spin out of control if you aren’t careful. There are some people born with an addictive personality.

They may try any substance or drug at one time and it will ruin their lives forever. Others experiment with different sorts of lifestyle choices and nothing still sticks to them. There is nothing fair about addiction.

Below are some poems about addiction.

Poems about Addiction

1. Escape

The lighter’s a trigger
I load my gun
And swallow the bullets
Straight to my lungs

With every drag
And hit I take
My thoughtless mind
Will come awake

No more mommies leaving
Or daddies crying
Just coughing and heaving
And careless flying

I guess it’s living
I guess I’m dying
And if I’m not
I’m surely trying
– Poem by Emily F

2. Addiction

Hiding under the covers.
Pretending I don’t see,
Acting like I’m strong,
Won’t let you influence me.

Hiding under the covers.
She’s hypnotized by your lies!
It’s obvious you’ve hurt us,
again, time after time.

Hiding under the covers.
Hearing your words slur, watching you fall.
Are the pills for the back pain?
Do you even hurt at all?

Hiding under the covers.
We’re not the ones to blame.
You make us feel so guilty,
But no more, We proclaim!

Hiding under the covers,
and now I show my face.
No longer can you hurt us,
your healing, somewhere safe.
– Poem by Holly

3. Hey Mom, Dad Guess What

Hey mom, dad guess what………

See that weed?
It’s laced with coke!
Mommy do you see me?
Do you see me, hear me choke?
Do you see because of you my life is full of smoke?

How about you dad?
Don’t you see?
I’m not the little boy you once had!
Do you really think I care?
I’m killing myself!
I’m dying!
But I don’t give a f***.
As long as I stay flying.
I long as I’m no longer sad.
As long as I’m no longer crying.

And as sad as it may sound
I think it’s destiny to die with a razor and some coke next to me.
Yup that’s me.
Me and my f***ed up reality.
– Poem by Ruben Salazar

4. Crystal Meth

Everything is wrong
nothing is right
If I had a wish
I would re-live that night

out at a party
with a group of good friends
who was to know
this was the end

they had me convinced
that I would be fine
I shouldn’t have done it
It’s my fault, all mine

Now it’s all over
family mourn my death
my life is at an end
All cause of meth.
– Poem by Nicole Shrubshall

5. These Pills That Kill

You’ve done as I’ve done,
You’ve stolen what I have stolen,
But now you’ve stolen from me,
As I fall and take the heat,
I’m as mad as you think,
Plus more,

I’m not sure what to do with you,
I’m not sure what to say to you,
I can’t stop thinking about it,
About you,
I have nothing to say to you,
I have nothing to fucking say to you,
But I’ll listen to your lies,
Your excuses, and your denial,
I don’t know what to do with you,
I’ll think about it,

Your obliviously upset,
But who can blame you,
You lost respect,
You lost friends,
And now you’ve lost a best friend,
Consequences are tough,

I thought I’d feel better now,
But I really don’t,
I feel worse,
I think about what you really need,
Which is obviously help,
These pills that kill pain,
They haven’t helped.

We’re in deep danger
Provoking hatred with a stranger
Leading on others to anger
I tell you we’re in danger

His heart is craving love
As he looks at all mighty above
He feels this urge of emptiness
And feels as he should run

Doesn’t know what he’s running from
But oh how he’s in danger
A boy only in grade school
Feels God will never save you

Or him
Or her
Oh how we’re in danger

LIke a soldier with no gun
He feels defensensless
Just as he knew
…..We’re all in danger
– Poem by Anonymous

Poems about Addiction

6. A Problem

A Problem is what I called it
On the streets is where it started

I never planned for it to go this far
I thought one hit would get me as a high as a star

But it left me wanting more
My lungs and chest is what became sore

I began to need it everyday
I was so scared I began to pray

Everyday I asked for Gods Forgiveness
I knew he was the only one to pull me away from this mess

I got so paranoid I thought he was putting me through a test
I was failing, I can’t let the weed leaving my spirit resting

This can’t be something I can’t get over
It’s time for me to remove the bird off my shoulder

I told myself it was time to stop
Ever since then I’ve climbed my way to the top

Now I’m everything I knew I could be
I’m more then just me…. I’m FREE!!
– Poem by Kriselda

7. Trying To Find A Balance

My life is like a puzzle when I’m not looking at it high.
Makes me stronger like a muscle when I see through clear eyes.
It seems never ending, like the formula for pi.
Would it really be the worst thing if I disappeared and died?

But why, I ask God, is my path so unclear?
I put on this face for family, when I’m really all fear.
Hustling through the shadows of my slow stepped peers,
Only thing that keeps me going is the fact I made it here.

A mere pond in this screwed up game of life.
Just getting out of bed to get ready is a fight.
Blinded by the darkness, asking God for some light.
Give up and take the loss, I just might.

Or write out each and every little step
Of what I just did or what I’ll do next.
Just now am I feeling that I might pass the test,
Prove to myself that I’m as normal as the rest.
– Poem by Jordan Hall

8. Recovering

I’m all alone and feel I’m smothering.
It’s because of the addiction I’ve been covering.
Why does the chaos never cease?
All I need is just a little peace!
I feel so beaten down and weak-
Yet all day long it’s drugs I seek.

Today I’ll try a brand new scene.
It’s to my Heavenly Father I’ll lean.
I prayed so hard with all my heart.
I heard Him say, “You’ll have a fresh start.”
For now I’m held in His hand.
Life is a lot easier to understand.
I’m not alone and no longer smothering.
I’m just an addict truly recovering.
– Poem by Selena Odom

9. Crashing Down

Floating by on a cloud
The world of drugs and liquor
All around

Moving, jumping out
Falling down
Screaming loud

The monster behind,
The curtian
The shadows of it all

The drugs go deep
The pain seeps in

My head spins
My heart breaks
The world stops

Crashing down
Worlds away
Sleep sets in

Drugs go deep
Pain goes deeper

My heart stops
As I come
Crashing down
– Poem by Courtney Miles

Addiction is very hard to deal with, it ruins and has ruined the lives of many people, friends, and yes families, and many things can be the cause of addiction.

It is advisable to support and help those that are addicted to one thing or another, we are to help and support them so they can recover from addiction. We hope these poems come in handy for that. Thank You for Reading!.

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