Famous Poems for Grandpa – 16 Poems about Grandfather and Granddad

If you are seeking a touching way to honor your grandpa at a funeral or memorial service, then you definitely have to consider writing, or simply reading a poem that expresses your love and gratitude for all he did for you.

One of the best things you can do is spend precious time with him. Pay attention to his stories, let him teach you a new skill, or simply eat ice cream sundaes together while you share a quiet moment with these amazing poems:

1. Title: “Grandfather”

Since I was a little child,
Through every moment mild,
You stood as my hero, strong and true,
No one else as tall as you.

Time you took to teach with care,
Life’s lessons you’d generously share.
Loved you as a child so small,
Now, as an adult, I stand tall.

Generations pass, but your legacy,
I carry with love and pedigree.
Lessons learned, stories unfold,
In the hearts of young and old.

From child to child, your tale I weave,
A loving grandfather, you I believe.
In every word, in each decree,
Your wisdom lives on, eternally.

Grandfather - Famous Poems for Grandpa

2. Title: “Dear Grandparent

We know your love lasts through the year,
But sometimes, you’re not near.
To witness what we do and say,
In the games we play each day.

So here’s a book, a picture tale,
Sit and see how we prevail.
Changes come, the seasons cheer,
Captured moments, crystal clear.

This book, though, can’t fully convey,
The love we feel, come what may.
Know this truth in what we say,
Love for you grows every day.

In pages turned and memories spun,
Grandpa, you’re our only one.
Across the miles, our hearts display,
We miss you more with each passing day.

Dear Grandparent - Famous Poems for Grandpa

3. Title: “Together Yet Apart”

It’s grown harder since you went away,
People say it’ll be okay,
Deep inside, I know it’s fair,
Yet, the distance feels like a despair.

Seems like yesterday, we were together,
Opened my eyes to gone, now and forever,
Aches slicing through my heart,
We’re apart, never to restart.

Waiting for the future, hoping to see,
Gates open when I cease to be,
Poppy’s heart, a treasure untold,
A love that never grows old.

Family reunions will never be the same,
Without you, strength I aim,
Your chair’s empty and cold,
Come home, I need you to hold.

Together Yet Apart - Famous Poems for Grandpa

4. Title: “Grandfathers”

Grandfathers, a breed all their own,
Love and hugs generously shown.
Spoiling us with care and mirth,
Then, with a smile, send us home’s hearth.

In their presence, joy takes its place,
Guiding us with wisdom and grace.
Stories shared, memories sown,
Grandfathers, a breed all their own.

Special moments, laughter and cheer,
A bond cherished, year after year.
Their love, a beacon, steady and bright,
Grandfathers make our world just right.

So, in their arms, a haven we find,
Grandfathers, treasures of a kind.
A unique love, forever grown,
In our hearts, their warmth is known.

Grandfathers - Famous Poems for Grandpa

5. Title: “Grandfather, the First Friend to His Grandson”

In the realm of family, a bond so grand,
Generations intertwine, hand in hand.
Grandfather’s love, a guiding light,
A grandson’s presence, pure delight.

From the start, a special connection forms,
Friendship blossoms, beyond the norms.
Grandchild’s laughter, grandparent’s pride,
Together they journey, side by side.

Wisdom of age, a treasure untold,
Passed to the young, as stories unfold.
Grandfather’s tales of days gone by,
A grandson’s curiosity, reaching the sky.

Through life’s twists, they navigate,
Guidance persists, never abate.
Innocence to wisdom, the cycle repeats,
Grandson by grandfather, friendship completes.

Grandfather, the First Friend to His Grandson - Famous Poems for Grandpa

6. Title: “A True Hero”

What makes a man a hero true,
A question pondered, thoughts accrue.
Not in the macho or bravado,
But in kindness, where virtues grow.

No need for medals, or grand display,
In simple acts, he finds his way.
Shoulder strong, to ease the tears,
A lantern bright, dispelling fears.

His smile, a source of encouragement,
A frown, a lesson, gently sent.
Guidance freely, his ears would lend,
A hero in every message to send.

No need for glory, medals, or due,
Our hero, Grandpa, is simply you.
In every memory, your light shines through,
A guiding force, forever true.

A True Hero - Famous Poems for Grandpa

7. Title: “My Granddaddy, My Best Friend”

The one who’s my friend, always by my side,
My guide through life’s ever-changing tide.
Too much love, too much care,
Words fall short, they’re too rare.

Always my hero, my source of pride,
Love you’ve given, nothing to hide.
Heart brimming with love, soul so light,
You sang me to sleep, whispered ‘nighty night.

Every day, my prayers ascend,
Thankful for you, a truest friend.
You wrote me a song, dreams came true,
Grandpa, my joy, all because of you.

In the fabric of my life, you’re a thread,
Through joys and tears, in what is said.
A love so deep, forever true,
Grandpa, my anchor, I cherish you.

My Granddaddy, My Best Friend - Famous Poems for Grandpa

8. Title: “Granddad”

The smile on your face, a cherished part,
A lasting memory in our heart.
Life or death can’t keep us apart,
You’re always with us, never to depart.

Your advice, a beacon in our night,
In times of upset, you made it right.
Now, you’ve earned a carefree flight,
Relax, have fun, in joy take delight.

Our confidant, our family’s head,
A lifelong bond, not easily shed.
Though you’re not here, it’s not goodbye,
Your love and happiness forever nigh.

Even in absence, your spirit will guide,
In our hearts, you’ll always reside.
Thank you for being the best, you see,
Grandpa, you’ll live in our memory.

Granddad - Famous Poems for Grandpa

9. Title: “Grandparents”

Grandparents, special with wisdom and pride,
Always offering love, forever by our side.
Their kindness guides, makes us feel strong,
Arms open wide, no matter what goes wrong.

In every way, they try to lend a hand,
Loving each grandchild, woman, or man.
Listening, understanding, their support so grand,
Respect and love, a bond that will withstand.

Devotion and more, they freely share,
Perfect examples, teaching with care.
Grandparents, shining brightly, it’s easy to see,
Guiding us toward the person we should be.

In their arms, a haven, a comforting embrace,
A love that transcends, time and space.
Lessons in laughter, and wisdom to impart,
Grandparents, the treasures, close to the heart.

Grandparents - Famous Poems for Grandpa

10. Title: “Just Like Him”

He taught me fire’s warming glow,
Instilled hope and dreams to grow.
Built a chair, shared life’s affair,
Taught me fairness wasn’t always there.

Basketball games, treated like fame,
Ice cream delights, every dream’s claim.
Daily talks, never short on say,
Shaped the person I am today.

Without him, a mystery, who’d I be?
Certain, not the same as me.
Taught to mirror traits within,
His legacy, my eternal kin.

His wisdom, a beacon, steady and bright,
Guiding me through both day and night.
In every lesson, a legacy spun,
A grandson shaped by a grandfather’s sun.

Just Like Him - Famous Poems for Grandpa

11. Title: “If I Could Choose”

If from all grandpas I could select,
No hesitation, you I’d still elect.
Your eyes, mischief-touched and bright,
A laugh that sparks a joyful light.

Your hands, always ready to hold,
A heart, vast and warm, never cold.
Time with you, stories you weave,
In your embrace, I never want to leave.

Among all grandpas, a choice so true,
No doubt, I’d still choose you.
Your presence, a treasure so rare,
With you, Grandpa, none else could compare.

Through the years, your wisdom shared,
Guiding me with love, always cared.
The moments we’ve had, beyond compare,
In your love, I find solace and repair.

If I Could Choose - Famous Poems for Grandpa

12. Title: “My Pop”

I recall him as if yesterday,
On his bed, with a rollie in hand, he’d stay.
Watching cars pass by through his window pane,
My favorite Pop, hard to say goodbye again.

A quiet man of seventy-one years,
War and heartbreak etched in his tears.
He witnessed his son’s trials and strife,
A heavy burden throughout his life.

I wish you were here, Pop, by my side,
With your great-grandkids, a source of pride.
To sit on your knee, annoy just like me,
In your calm embrace, how happy we’d be.

Miss your gentle ways, Pop, so dear,
To kiss and hug, to hold you near.
Though you’re gone, memories won’t die,
You’re forever in my heart, watching from the sky.

My Pop - Famous Poems for Grandpa

13. Title: “Grandpa and Me”

When Grandpa reads, a world unfolds,
Sunlight warmth, sea breeze that holds.
Tales of whaling and safaris bold,
Cowboys on trails, their stories told.

Rails built west with labor’s zest,
Baseball narratives, the very best.
Skateboards and Nintendo, not his quest,
Yet, love abounds, an enduring crest.

In the pages turned, our bond takes flight,
Grandpa’s voice, a soothing light.
Despite the differences, day or night,
Love connects us, pure and bright.

Through stories shared, memories made,
In Grandpa’s arms, warmth cascade.
A love that flourishes, doesn’t fade,
In his presence, joy displayed.

Grandpa and Me - Famous Poems for Grandpa

14. Title: “The Way We Will Remember You”

The way we’ll recall you,
Walking the beach, toes in the sand,
Into the Cornish sea you’d wade,
Wetsuit, body board, a wave-riding grand.

The way we’ll remember,
Spring walks, hands held tight,
Higher on swings, willow trees in sight,
Laughter echoing, pooh sticks taking flight.

The way we’ll reminisce,
Creative tales at bedtime’s brink,
Elephants, crocs, bears in ice cream’s link,
Your voice painted tales, minds aflutter.

The way we’ll hold dear,
Life’s spirit, sparkling eyes,
Navy jumper, corduroy jeans, a stylish guise,
Tinted glasses, ties, and hats, a vibrant prize.

The Way We Will Remember You - Famous Poems for Grandpa

15. Title: “Ode to the Gramps”

He was someone’s son,
And someone’s father too.
Perhaps a brother in kin,
But a granddad through and through.

The ‘Grand’ fittingly placed,
For the love he could give, embraced.
Life’s wisdom in his care,
Guiding us with love so rare.

Warmth and kindness, his legacy,
Earning love and respect, eternally.
Never seeking praise or fee,
Yet receiving what was meant to be.

In humble ways, he led the way,
A role model in every display.
Reflecting now, I clearly see,
The person I aspire to be.

Ode to the Gramps - Famous Poems for Grandpa

16. Title: “Losing My Grandpa”

Losing Grandpa hit us hard,
A toll on us, our hearts scarred.
He stood by us through thick and thin,
Until cancer returned, the battle within.

Surgery after surgery, a tough fight,
Until that day, a door opened, not light.
A phone call, a moment of dread,
Bad news echoed, Grandpa now gone, it said.

Tears streamed, memories flashed by,
Fun times, shared laughs, oh, how time does fly.
Hard to bear, the weight of grief,
Yet, in our hearts, Grandpa finds relief.

Forever in our hearts, his place,
Love for Grandpa, a lasting embrace.
R.I.P, Grandpa, the memories live,
In the love we hold, forever to give.

Losing My Grandpa - Famous Poems for Grandpa

Once you are satisfied reading, you can share it with others or keep it as your personal memorial to your grandfather.

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