Angry Poems
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Angry Poems – 16 Poems about Pain, Rage and Anger

Nothing is more unpleasant than combat between members of the family. There is nothing more bitter than watching people who once loved each other say painful things to one another, whether it is between parents who are married or divorced, or between siblings.

Family conflicts are deeply unsettling. Family members, knowing each other intimately, can inflict profound emotional wounds, revealing vulnerabilities in the most private ways.

1. Title: “Reproach”

With ruddy anger swift and fierce,
He flung words like daggers, wounds unmeasured,
Ignoring the sting on a heart so dear,
Sobs within me rose but stayed treasured.

Could he fathom that a look unkind,
Pierced deeper than the sharpest blade,
More punishing than words combined,
Reserve alone my bosom’s pain displayed.

His glance, a punishment so keen,
More than enough to wound and sting,
Reserved emotions, unseen but keen,
In my heart, a silent suffering.

Oh, could he feel the reserved strife,
A look unkind, a torment’s ring,
In silence, my bosom holds the life,
Of emotions, unseen, lingering.

Reproach - Angry Poems

2. Title: “Stop Me!”

Pause, good people, witness my plight,
My temper’s surge, an unruly flight.
Master Commonsense, fear not the task,
Mistress Prudence, let your counsel unmask.

Conscience, halt me, a plea I convey,
My temper, unbridled, seeks to stray.
Brother Kindness, grasp the reins with care,
Lest my temper wreak havoc, a fall I bear.

Shame, Caution, Love, and Wisdom, heed my plea,
Avert the storm within, set my spirit free.
Cease me, kind folk, in this tempest’s gale,
As my temper flares, beyond control, it sails.

Master Commonsense, your wisdom unfold,
Mistress Prudence, guide with a counsel bold.
Conscience, intervene, don’t let me sway,
My temper’s wild dance, please delay.

Stop Me! - Angry Poems

3. Title: “Words Unsent”

I’ve written them keen, sarcastic, and long,
With wrathful intent, all passionately wrong.
No stroke undeserved, no censure too strong,
Yet, alas! some were sent along.

Challenging, eager, in a fervent fight,
All fueled with merited ire’s light.
Yet, some by chance were kept overnight,
Then mailed, the next day—in the fire!

Blessed are letters on kind errands bent,
But much of my peace and fortune is lent
To the letters unmailed, a fortunate descent,
For they remain unspoken, anger’s reinvent.

Ah, the lessons learned from words unsent,
A dance with restraint, a wise event.
In their silence, a peace is unearthed,
A salve for wounds, a temper that’s nursed.

Words Unsent - Angry Poems

4. Title: “Keep Your Temper”

It never did, and never will,
Make things better, this heated thrill,
Though the road be rough, the hill so steep,
Flying into passion, secrets to keep.

Fume and fret, a futile spree,
Won’t mend a bubble, as we can see.
The direst evil, bravely faced,
Is but a trouble, ultimately erased.

Trials, known or not, we often mold,
Creating mountains from mole-hills, we’re told.
The way we take them, the paths we choose,
Determine the struggles we win or lose.

Keep your temper, calm and cool,
Wits in season, a golden rule.
Rage is weak, a foaming fool,
Devoid of strength and reason’s tool.

Keep Your Temper - Angry Poems

5. Title: “Control Your Anger Before it Controls You”

When toxic emotions cause a commotion,
Feelings hijacked, thoughts in motion.
Rage envelops, a turbulent tide,
Visibility wanes, in anger’s guide.

Shift gears, slow down, clear the fog,
Wipe away the mind’s rage-induced smog.
Deep breaths, count to ten,
Anger clouds, a dangerous den.

Discernment falters, words backfire,
Inner pollution fuels the ire.
Remove from the object, don’t transgress,
Uplift your mood, don’t regress.

Primitive instincts, arrows of fire,
In anger’s grip, a destructive desire.
Deal with the inner pollution,
Cease the deadly ammunition.

Control Your Anger Before it Controls You - Angry Poems

6. Title: “Anger Does Not Pay”

Anger, a danger draped in red,
A familiar stranger, silently bred.
No surprise when prices were paid,
Thrice or more, wisdom delayed.

The judge remarked, a cage in sight,
For damages caused by anger’s might.
Unreasonable, invincible, a tempest’s squall,
Yet within, hope for a reversible call.

Awareness dawning, lessons learned,
In anger’s crucible, wisdom earned.
Through fiery trials, growth in strife,
Reversible turns in the dance of life.

In the ember’s glow, a tempered flame,
A chance to change, not stay the same.
Through introspection, a path unfolds,
Reversible turns as life’s story molds.

Anger Does Not Pay - Angry Poems

7. Title: “A Poison Tree”

I was angry with my friend;
I spoke my wrath, and that was the end.
I was angry with my foe:
I hid my rage, and it continued to grow.

Watered with fears, both night and morn,
Nurtured with tears, in shadows borne.
Sunned with smiles, veiled in guile,
It thrived, fueled by my inner turmoil.

Day and night, it grew unseen,
Bearing a bright and bitter sheen.
My foe, beholding the shining sign,
Knew the apple’s origin was mine.

Into my garden, under the night’s pole,
My foe stealthily stole.
In the morning light, glad to see,
My foe lay beneath the vengeful tree.

A Poison Tree - Angry Poems

8. Title: “Plenty of Anger”

Inside me dwells a storm of rage,
It must cease, I must engage.
Why does anger consume my core?
It’s linked to frustrations, I can’t ignore.

Control becomes my urgent quest,
For my anger leads me to unrest.
Trouble brews where anger’s found,
A relentless force that knows no bound.

Anger, a displeasure strong and deep,
A grief within that disrupts my sleep.
How can I tame this raging tide?
Recognizing triggers, I must confide.

What stirs this tempest, can I define?
In the depths of my soul, can I align
With the calm that eludes my grasp?
Understanding my anger, my daunting task.

Plenty of Anger - Angry Poems

9. Title: “Hymn Before Action”

The earth churns with anger’s flame,
Seas echo the roar of wrath’s claim.
Nations, harnessed for the fight,
March against our path in the night.

Lord God of Battles, hear our plea,
Before we draw the blade with glee.
Grant us strength, Jehovah of the Thunders,
As we face the tumult that sunders.

Proud hearts, rebellious brows,
Seek mercy in the shadow’s house.
Deaf ears and souls uncaring,
Lord, grant us strength in our despairing.

Beside us, those at altars unknown,
Faith lacking in lights that are our own.
Let their faith atone, we pray,
As we navigate this darkening fray.

Hymn Before Action - Angry Poems

10. Title: “Guard Thy Lips”

When harsh words swiftly arise,
Vexation clouds the angered eyes.
Anger settles, wears a frown,
Guard your lips, don’t let it drown.

In unguarded moments, beware,
Words can wound, beyond repair.
Scars upon a loving heart,
Inevitable, once words depart.

Dash aside the poisoned cup,
When wrathful thoughts well up.
For words, once uttered and broken,
Leave hearts shattered, words unspoken.

In the aftermath of spoken ire,
Hearts shattered, words retire.
Preserve thy peace, let love inspire,
In silence, mend what anger may require.

Guard Thy Lips - Angry Poems

11. Title: “The Deeds of Anger”

Once I’d lose my temper, let it flare,
Tear around, a storm in the heavy air.
Actions fueled by anger, regret amassed,
Haunted by deeds, a shadow cast.

Now I’ve learned from regret’s stern voice,
Treading gentler paths, making a choice.
Building mornings into yesterdays bright,
Avoiding anger’s dark, destructive light.

No more let temper spoil moments true,
No more splashes of anger to undo.
Memories, I want them pleasant, free from regret,
A record without anger, a past to not forget.

In the canvas of life, a wiser stroke,
With kindness and patience, anger revoked.
Let the past be a lesson, a guide to better ways,
In gentler footsteps, I spend my days.

The Deeds of Anger - Angry Poems

12. Title: “Echoes of Revenge”

My foe grows old; revenge draws near,
The taste of hate upon my tongue.
Swift be the one who’d seek to avenge,
But the viand fades, a weary song.

Aged is the enemy, revenge is mine,
Yet the feast is but a ghostly treat.
Anger, once fed, now lies in death,
Starvation, not indulgence, makes it fleet.

The palate sours with the passage of time,
A fading meat, revenge is sweet.
Quick be those who’d seek retribution,
For anger thrives when hunger meets.

As years advance, bitterness wanes,
The once-fiery grudge now frail.
In aging, my foe finds no defense,
For time, relentless, weaves its tale.

Echoes of Revenge - Angry Poems

13. Title: “Quivering Words”

Unaware, so awkward, me,
Stumbling in my speech, you see,
Touched a nerve, a quiver near,
No man should approach, I fear.

A burst, a flash, a deadly blow,
A friendship numbed forever to grow.
What other end should one expect,
Playing with words, unchecked, like lightning?

In fumbling moments, truth unfolds,
A realization, a tale untold.
A quivering nerve, a friendship’s fray,
What price to pay when lightnings play?

Awkward I, in silent rue,
Fumbling words that misconstrue.
A lesson learned, a friendship’s cost,
In lightnings played, a friendship lost.

Quivering Words - Angry Poems

14. Title: “Night’s Torment”

Through the night’s long hours of fright,
You hold my eyes from sweet respite.
My cup, each day, bears tears unseen,
Mixed with sorrow, bitter and keen.

Bread kneaded with ashes, a nightly feat,
Each morrow brings a bitter-sweet greet.
My eyes and ears, the heralds of sorrow,
Witness the shadows of a dark morrow.

Thy scourge of steel, a relentless beat,
Upon my spirit, with anguish replete.
A sickened heart, in dismal smart,
Endures a torment, unapart.

Long this suffering, I endure,
Yet in time, I hope for a cure.
My gentle God, with mercy please,
Burn the rod, bring sweet release.

Night's Torment - Angry Poems

15. Title: “Anger and Me”

Fear takes the form of anger’s face,
A waiting game in this inner space.
Deep within, anger takes its hold,
Driving me mad, a story often told.

It’s a switch that turns me on,
Yet equally, a switch that’s gone.
My foe and friend in this inner strife,
A paradoxical dance, the rhythm of life.

Anger, my relentless foe,
Yet sometimes a friend, this I know.
In its grip, a threat to my soul,
Yet perhaps a guide to make me whole.

A potential savior, a dubious guide,
Anger’s role in love implied.
A tumultuous force that may define,
The path to true love’s elusive sign.

Anger and Me - Angry Poems

16. Title: “Let It Pass”

Be not quick to take offense;
Anger’s foe to common sense.
Let not wrongs your thoughts amass,
Sing a cheery song—let it pass!

Strife corrodes the noble mind,
Let go, like the unregarded wind.
Noble hearts forgiveness amass,
‘Tis they who live well—let it pass!

Echo not an angry word,
Think of times when you erred.
Joys may fade, as will the morrow,
Let go of anger, release the sorrow.

Be not bound by fleeting pain,
Like dew-drops on the window pane.
Sorrows, too, have their own grace,
Let them go, in time and space.

Anger and Me - Angry Poems

Through this journey, we’ve experienced the pains, frustration and anger within our closest relationships or friendships. These verses has shown us the raw challenges we often face, so let’s learn from the unpleasant emotions and make adjustments to conflicts that we often have among friends and families too.

We pray that as we acknowledge these feelings, we may also realize the reason for growth, understanding, and, above all, the healing power of our deepest emotions.

Thank you for being with us through this journey. We pray that these poems will serve as an inspiration and also reconnect us as families, bringing back the love we once had in our hearts for one another and breathe away every form of hatred and anger.

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