I'm Sorry Poems Collection

I’m Sorry Poems Collection – 10 Heart-Touching Poems for Apologising

I’m Sorry Poems Collection is what people will call magic poems, they touch the heart and they are magical.

Sending I’m sorry poem to someone whom you have hurt with full remorse can reconcile two hearts together.

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These selections of I’m Sorry poems are so touching and you have to read them.

1. Title: “Inner Vault”

A weight of guilt within my core,
From words and actions, it did pour.
I know what I did was clearly wrong,
Tried to evade it, pretend to be strong.

The truth followed me like a shadow,
Painful, like a toothache’s glow.
A second longer, I could not deny,
Not apologizing was a blatant lie.

Deep inside, sincere apologies reside,
Clearly guilty, my hands are tied.
It’s evident, the fault is mine,
Opened my inner vault, no more to confine.

In the echoes of remorse, a chance to grow,
Learn from mistakes, let empathy flow.
Actions will speak, words will mend,
A journey toward healing, a path to amend.

Inner Vault - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

2. Title: “An Apology”

I apologize for every word I’ve said,
The image of you crying plays in my head.
I regret not being able to bring you joy,
Inside, a feeling of deep self-annoy.

I’m sorry for wasting your precious time,
Yearning to make your life sublime.
I apologize for my failures, my plight,
For apologising and never getting it right.

It pains me, my love, my world, my dear,
To have spoken words causing you a tear.
Breaking promises, causing you to cry,
Most of all, I’m sorry for the lie.

In the aftermath, I vow to learn,
To mend the wounds, the trust to earn.
Actions to speak, louder than my voice,
A commitment to change, a sincere choice.

An Apology - I'm Sorry Poems Collections

3. Title: “Sorry for the Trouble”

I can’t comprehend
What could have possessed me,
What thoughts guided my actions
When I lied to you so shamelessly.

I can’t grasp
What was going through my mind,
How I failed to realize
I was not being true to my kind.

Complicating life for you,
Adding burdens hard to endure.
I apologize for causing you
Uncalled-for pain, I’m truly unsure.

In the aftermath, I seek a path to mend,
To rebuild trust and make amends.
A pledge to honesty, sincere and pure,
A change commitment, an enduring cure.

Sorry for the Trouble - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

4. Title: “Sincere Apologies”

I don’t view my actions
As a mere blunder,
But rather as a lesson,
A chance to grow fonder.

I don’t consider my misstep
As a grave mistake,
Instead, I focus on the experience,
The lessons it can make.

If you observe my eagerness
To glean from my faults,
You’ll understand that my apology
Is an earnest effort, not a false vault.

In each stumble, I seek to find,
Wisdom to shape a wiser mind.
A commitment to growth, sincere and true,
My sincere apologies, a pledge to renew.

Sincere Apologies - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

5. Title: “Sorry for Hurting You”

I caused you pain,
Yet, it wasn’t intentional gain.
I spoke untruths to you,
But it was accidental, not undue.

I let you down,
Yet, it wasn’t with purpose or a frown.
I misled, it’s true,
But not with vengeful intent, I assure you.

Baby, please,
Forgive my inadvertent carelessness.
You’re my life’s joy,
My happiness without alloy.

In the echoes of my remorseful plea,
A commitment to change, a sincere decree.
With each step forward, I aim to express,
The depth of my love, and to make amends.

Sorry for Hurting You - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

6. Title: “Genuine Sorry”

I wish I possessed
The charm of a kitty,
Melt your heart swiftly,
With a cuteness that’s pretty.

I wish I had
The sweetness of honey,
Irresistible, impossible to deny,
A tempting allure, so sunny.

Yet, I am none of these,
You’ll have to make do,
With my genuine sorry.

In the canvas of our story,
A chapter of remorse, a momentary worry.
Hoping my sincerity you’ll see,
Forgiveness blooms, setting us free.

Genuine Sorry - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

7. Title: “Forgiveness”

I acknowledge my mistake,
Yet, my feelings for you remain unchanged.
You know my emotions are real,
Every word I spoke, the truth unstrained.

Over the past year’s course,
Your name etched deeply in my heart’s core.
Deeper than I ever envisaged,
I’m uncertain where to explore.

You inhabit my dreams,
Yet, it seems you can’t comprehend.
I’m like a bird in flight,
Seeking a safe place to descend.

Please forgive me
For the wrongs that I’ve committed.
Mistakes are human, I confess,
I wish they were all omitted.

Forgiveness - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

8. Title: “Stupidity”

Each morning, I rise,
Yearning for a fresh sunrise.
Praying to reverse,
The mistakes, my heart averse.

Daily, the echoes replay,
Memories haunting in a disarray.
Never anticipated this abyss,
Now, in regret, I reminisce.

In essence, I apologize,
For my foolishness, no disguise.
If forgiveness dwells within your heart,
Gratitude flows, a sincere start.

Yet, if forgiveness remains out of view,
It’s okay, no blame on you.
If fault there be, it’s mine to own,
Me and my misjudgments, clearly shown.

Stupidity - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

9. Title: “Forgive Me, Darling”

My actions stemmed from
Unawareness on my part.
I acknowledge that my behavior
Has been truly annoying from the start.

I wish for you to be
A tad more accepting.
I hope for you to be
A bit more understanding.

I ask for you to be
A touch more forgiving.
I sincerely apologize,
My darling, for the misgiving.

In the journey to repair what’s frayed,
With sincere effort, a resolution is laid.
Hoping for patience and love’s reprisal,
To heal the wounds and reconcile.

Forgive Me, Darling - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

10. Title: “Shallow Sorry”

If my words were nails, you the board,
With every apology, a wound is stored.
I never meant to cause you pain,
Yet, deep down, the scars remain.

You’re my best friend, my soul’s in strife,
Hurt and anger caused this bitter life.
We’ve faced so much, hand in hand,
How I wish to mend, to understand.

Darling, don’t lose hope, don’t forget,
Believe in me, there’s more to beget.
I’ll show you love in a different light,
Give me time, and things will be right.

In the tapestry of our shared history,
Let’s weave a thread of love’s recovery.
I’m committed to change, to set us free,
With patience, we’ll rebuild, wait and see.

Shallow Sorry - I'm Sorry Poems Collection

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