I’m Sorry Poems Collection that will Definitely Touch a Heart

I’m Sorry Poems Collection that will Definitely Touch a Heart.

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Sorry Poems Collection that will Definitely Touch a Heart

These selections of I’m sorry poems are so touching and you have to read them.

1. Apology(I’m Sorry)

I’m sorry for what I am
I’m sorry for not being good enough
I try as hard as I can to change
There are some things that I wish would go away
There are parts of me that I wish would just die
I’m sorry for being resentful
I’m sorry for being full of Hate
I try to leave my past behind me, but every time I turn away, it’s staring me in the face
I know I can be better
That I can be more
I can see a new me at the end of the tunnel, but my demons hold me in place
I’m sorry for pushing you away
I’m sorry for driving you insane
I may not have much to really live for, but what I have is surely more than enough
I’m sorry for all the wrong I do
Can you forgive me? I love you.

By Randall L Clifton

2. R.I.P Larry

You know what hurt me the most, Larry’s last words dying on the phone, “make it better with your dad, you know you love him son” those words stuck in my head the scars have begun, don’t think I’m writing for fun, cuz I tried, you turned your back like it was a lie, Larry’s last wish I’d defied, he didn’t know the real you, was that a factor, through his eyes, you were a caring chapter, the very next page and I was the laughter, the very next day was a disaster, Larry had passed, I didn’t do what he had asked, when I told him I would, deep in my mind I was hoping I could, deep in my thoughts he words are still put, deep in my heart I hate you for good
Farther, mother, Brother, sis, someone pulls me from the abyss,
Larry im sorry soul, I tried for you but now I fold,
Farther, mother, Brother, sis, someone pulls me from the abyss,
Larry im sorry bro, I tried for you and I can’t let go.

By Kaleb Webb-Wheeler

3. Late Night Thoughts

I remember a time when I wasn’t happy.
I would torture myself for it because I believed that it was my fault.
I would look down at myself like I deserved to bleed.
Like I deserved this pain.


I’m still not happy.
And it’s still my fault.
And I still torture myself for it.
But instead of making my pain appear on my arms,
it only appears in my head.
Have you ever thought about that?
Have you ever thought about how you have no clue what that kid across the table goes to sleep thinking about?
I’m not sure about you,
but I don’t have a single friend,
of which I’ve known long enough to tell what I lie awake thinking about.
It is shameful that I am having these emotional breakdowns almost every night,
but my own mother doesn’t even notice.
It is shameful that instead of asking me what is wrong,
the person who should love me unconditionally,
lectures me because I didn’t apologize for something I should have.


…all I can say,
is that…I am tired of living this lie.
I am tired of living with a mask on my face.
It is shameful that the human race can’t think with empathy instead of thinking about what they’re going to say next.
Now, look at what I just said.
I didn’t say whites,
I didn’t say blacks,
Puerto Rican,
I didn’t say any of those terms.
I said,
“Human Race”.
I leave that with you to think about.

By The Unsung Song

4. Please Forgive Me

My Dear Love, please accept my humble greetings. By now, you’re probably out of my reach. With this letter/poem, I pray to have what we once had. Sweetheart, I’m sorry.
Dear love, I’m sorry.
What I did, was unpardonable.
You were, so kind, so sweet, so nice.
You never did, anything wrong, with the letter “P” in the dictionary,
You were the word “Perfect”.
Please forgive me, for I’m the reason why you’re in the condition in which you’re in.
Please forgive me, for I hurt you so.
Don’t deny me, the regret I’m feeling for hurting you.
Please forgive me, I can’t move on with life without you.
Oh Love, please have mercy upon me and forgive me.
You never made me cry, nor hurt.
For you, hurting others wasn’t your nature.
I hurt you so and made you cry.
How dare I, hurt someone like you?
You made me who I am today, and what did I do to thank you?
Hurt you.
Honey, please forgive me.
For we both know, that I’m not perfect.
In fact, I’m so horrible.
With the letter “w”, I’m the word “Worse”.
Please forgive me, for I didn’t mean to hurt you.
Day and night, I cry a river.
Sitting in a corner, holding your shirt.
I ask myself, why did I do what I did?
Knowing that I’ll never find that answer.
I’m sorry, please forgive me. ‘Cause baby, you’re my world.
What breaks my heart, is how you looked into my eyes.
With tears in your eyes, you said, “How could you? “
Oh, sweetheart, I’m so sorry.
Please forgive me, for I didn’t mean to hurt you.
I Love You.
If I could, I’d rewind time.
To fix the pain, to prevent it from happening.
If I could, I’d wish upon a star,
To help me, ask for forgiveness.
But now, I’m left with nothing.
But hope that somehow or the other, GOD answers my prayers and delivers I plead to you.
Yes I know, I made a terrible mistake,
And for that, I’ll never forgive myself.
Darling, I’m sorry.
Please forgive me,
I need you in my life.

By Ocean Girl

5. Still, I Remember…

It was a Monday afternoon…
4th period, first-semester 10th grade. Drafting class.
You hated the class. And I… didn’t.
But we had fun anyway. I had a headphone splitter and while we worked we watched YouTube videos together. You introduced me to Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, All Time Low, Bring Me The Horizon, Black Veil Brides, And Jon Cozart.
And I showed you FadeIntoCase, Dodie Clark, and whatever YouTube had to offer that interested me.
Our friendship was good. We never had to worry about boyfriends or girlfriends, we were just kids. But I guess looking back, I can say that we were definitely better people than most.
I feel bad about that one day you were rewatching the Deadpool trailer over and over. You asked me what Deadpool video we should watch next.
And I told you I thought you should calm down.
You pulled the headphone splitter out of your computer and chucked it my way. A sudden disconnect. I immediately apologized and when I realized you didn’t want to hear it, I stopped trying to get your attention.
I know that’s a stupid memory, but I still feel bad about it for some reason.
But I also remember that Monday afternoon that would test our friendship. We were in class and you were… not there, mentally I mean.
You were crying and I felt like something needed to be done. So I went and asked the teacher to let you go… and he did. As soon as I told you, you left.
And I felt bad. I knew I did the right thing, but I felt bad because I was going out of my way to make life better for someone I truly care about. It was overwhelming but I did it anyway.
I took your bag and waited for you outside the classroom. But you didn’t show up. I found another friend and began crying in her arms, telling her how I couldn’t do it anymore. Eventually, you did find me, you took your bag and left.
I felt bad because I felt like my efforts went unappreciated time and time again. But they weren’t.
I went home to write the song “At what cost?”, which I performed the next day. You asked me why you hadn’t heard the song before. I told you I wrote it after what happened. And I promised to send you every song I’d write from then on. And I did.

I still do.

I wrote you letters and cigarettes, I meant everything I wrote. And now where are we?
During the musical, I made an effort to wish you good luck before your big song, every single show. Every show…
You baked me cupcakes for my birthday.
The last time we FaceTimed was a Monday night. We listened to Disney music while you worked on art. You offered to FaceTime… I felt lucky that you would want to hang out with someone like me.
I would hug you every day before leaving school at the end of the day…
In the last cigarette you gave me for my birthday you wrote “I couldn’t ask for a better person to go to France with.”

And I believed you.

So while we were in France. I can only remember watching a part of an episode of Riverdale with you and thinking to myself, “she still cares… we’re okay”.
We played games of 31 and that felt normal. But then we played cards in a different crowd and suddenly I didn’t feel safe around them. I felt judged, by them, by you.
I don’t even know if the locks mattered to you. You gave the letters back as if they didn’t matter… I don’t know how to fix this.

I remember walking slower to get the attention of a guy. And you saw me walking by myself and tried starting a conversation with me. I told you I was in the middle of another conversation. So you left me to try and talk to him.
You even said, “It’s been a while since we’ve talked.” AND YOU WERE RIGHT!!
I should’ve stayed back and talked to you.

I wish I did.

I still care about you. So much so that I’m willing to leave you if it’ll make you happy. I’m sorry.
How much I remember makes me cry because I will never be able to take back everything I did wrong. And now it’s too late.
When I asked you if you thought we’d still be friends after high school, you said you didn’t know.
And I believed you. But I still hold out the smallest bit of hope. Every day, that you’ll tell me it’s gonna be okay, and that our friendship didn’t just…

Pass by…
That I was somebody to you.
On your birthday, at the stroke of midnight, I texted you saying happy birthday the same way I did the year before. And you just said, “Thank you”.

So I guess…
Thank you for being there. Thank you for existing. Thank you for being my friend. And if, in the future, I do make things right and we become close again, then maybe I can drop this guilt and shame for what I did.

Because I need to know…
If I’m worth your friends all over again.
I’m sorry I ******* up. And if I could do it all over again, I would. And I would make all the right choices, making our lives better.
And if this really is the end. I just hope that you listen to my songs once in a while and remember me as someone who wrote a couple of good songs for you.
Because “Rush” is still my best piece of work. And it’s yours.

By Delta Swingline

6. I’m Sorry, I Love You

I’m sorry for the times I’ve let you down, I’m sorry for the times I made you frown. No matter how bad the ups and downs you were always there to be my clown.
I wish I could take back the things I did, but you made me really think that no matter how bad things were you wouldn’t let our love sink. From the moment I saw you that’s when I knew I was put on this earth to love no one but you.
As I lay in your arms where I am safe and warm I listen to the rainy raging storm. The sound of your heartbeat makes me see that we are truly meant to be.
You are the one I adore and you are the one that makes me secure. I know at times we would fight but we always got through it and cuddled all night. The way that you whispered and made me see that you had given your love to no one but me.

By Kate Basford

7. Bile Words, Closet Heart

I’m choking on my words and they swallow like bile,
like acid burns all the way down into my abdomen.

I have to say goodbye,
push you away because I am no good, I am broken and bruised,
an overripe fruit who is only worth the compost she can become.
I don’t want to, the words haven’t left my throat and I already miss what we had,
I feel the gap in my chest like an open wound,
like empty airless space has entered the void of me.
Not even its stars can warm what is left of me.

I am sorry.
I don’t know how else to say this.
I am so sorry that you ever felt the burden of loving a wreck like me.
For a time I believed I could have been more than this,
that maybe I had Phenix’s bones and I could make worth in the ashes of this. All I got was burning.
In the hardest way, I learned that I am human and nothing more can come from this.

In part I blame you.
You made me – make me – feel as though there is more to this than the story I am reading.
The problem here is that I have always been bad at context clues and the words are beginning to fade with age anyway.
It is immoral to blame you for my humanity but it hurts more if I acknowledge that you are better than anything I will ever deserve.
If it hurts less I want you to hate me. Hate everything I allow myself to become when I take on the monster in my mind.
Know that none of that means I will learn to not love you.
I just can’t be strong enough in that love to be present when it all falls apart around me.
You should keep the happy memories, never learn the skeletons that haunt the empty walls of this closet heart.
I wish I could be worthy of your love, but I know now that I will never be good for you.

By MegAnne McNally

8. Please Forgive me

Please forgive me for not being the perfect man;
but yet accept the fact that I am doing everything I can.
Forgive me for not always following through with things I promise you.
Please forgive the fact that I am a human being and I do make mistakes but know that I am always willing to make them up and do whatever it takes.
Forgive me for all the times I crush and broke your heart; but know I truly appreciate you not walking away and leaving us to be apart.
Please forgive me for letting my anger overpower the love I have for you; but believe me when I say none of the hurtful words I said can ever be true.
Forgive me for putting doubt about us into your heart and mind; we are in love and I should always find a way to make it shine.
Please forgive me for the harassment and childish things you have endured because of me; but I am thankful for you sticking right beside me.
Forgive me for allowing stress in my life to triumph over how I feel about you, but know that what I feel is so powerful for you.
Please forgive me my love for things I wish I could take back so dearly; know that I will always love you; I hope you can believe me.

By Curtis Baskerville

9. Forgive Me

I’ve never been so broken
that it hurts intensely when I breathe
I sit and cry an ocean
not knowing what to think.
I feel as though I’ve let you down
and your love for me will fade
and I can’t help but feel horrible
for mistakes that I have made.
Just know how truly bad I feel
for making you feel so vile
I wish I could take it all away
but it takes a little while
Saying the words I’m sorry
just don’t seem like enough
but we’ll get past this together
like we do when times are tough.
I feel like you deserve better
I hate what I put you through
but if you give me the chance
I promise I’ll make it up to you.

By Taleah

10. Things I Feel But Usually Can’t Explain

Please forgive me.
We both know, I’m the one that breaks.
While we both have demons,
Mine run deep.
I know you’re trying to find yourself.
I’m sorry, that I’m not helping you.
But I see a garden growing in your mind.
Someday you’ll wake up and realize that a boy like you is strong.
You are meant for many things.
But when the water of happiness pours over me.
I’m promised it will set me free.
But the water drowns me.
Emotion after emotions washes over me.
I’m told at age 8, “things will get better”
I’m told the same at 16.
Finally, on my 18th, I’ll tell myself maybe I’m not meant for this life.
I don’t wish to be drowning in my emotions.
I don’t wish for the life that has broken me 10x over.
I wish to be like you.
I wish to find myself, too.
But chains from my past hold me down.
They hold me down and wrap around me. I’m surrounded by the sea.
I’m flooded and drowned with a sea of emotions.
Is this what I’ve become?
A shell? A shell of who I used to be.
I’m watered down.
A watered-down shell.

By Mikayla

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