Infant Loss Poetry
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Infant Loss Poetry – 15 Poems about Consolation to Berieved Mother

A loved one’s death is often a cause for mourning. However, there is a sorrow that goes beyond natural grief when a baby dies. We’re programmed to expect the young to outlive the aged.

There is a feeling when a person who has lived a full life passes away that all is as it should be. When a kid who doesn’t even have the opportunity to experience life passes away, his death appears pointless. Why did he even come into the world if he was expected to die too soon?

Here are some favorite Infant Loss Poetry that we hope will help you.

1. Title: “A Million Words”

A million words won’t summon you back,
I’ve tried, to no avail, the lack.
Nor will a million tears suffice,
I’ve cried, yet you remain in the afterlife.

In the silence, where memories reside,
Your absence, a vast and echoing tide.
Words falter, and tears fall in vain,
In heartache’s grasp, we endure the pain.

A million whispers in the wind,
Yearning for a reunion, we’ve sinned.
Yet, in the void where shadows hide,
You persist, our love’s eternal guide.

A million hopes, a million fears,
In the realm of loss, we shed countless tears.
But in our hearts, your essence stays,
A timeless connection that never decays.

A Million Words - Infant Loss Poetry

2. Title: “A Snowdrop’s Reflection”

In a world that may not take heed,
If a Snowdrop’s bloom goes unnoticed indeed.
No pause to ponder petals’ early flight,
Yet every life leaves an imprint, light.

Each life that forms or comes to be,
Touches the world, eternally.
The little one we yearned for, briefly here,
Love planted then, a light so clear.

Though empty arms now tell the tale,
In our hearts, love will never fail.
With every heartbeat, a message true,
In our hearts, forever, we love you.

And though swift was the passing,
A love’s echo, everlasting.
Embraced in our memories, tender and true,
In our hearts, forever, we hold onto you.

A Snowdrop's Reflection - Infant Loss Poetry

3. Title: “Sweet Baby Girl”

Sweet baby girl in heaven above,
Sent to us with boundless love.
Not knowing the pain it would cause,
I navigate it just because.

Moments in my arms so few,
Lasting ’til the end, it’s true.
‘Til the day when I finally see,
You were mine, eternally.

All my love, I send your way,
Hoping to brighten your heavenly day.
Oh, sweet angel, look down on me,
Take this pain and set me free.

I yearn to see you in the future,
Hold and kiss you, love so pure.
To show you, in a moment’s bliss,
How deeply, truly, you are missed.

Sweet Baby Girl - Infant Loss Poetry

4. Title: “A Million Times Remembered”

A million times we’ve called for you,
A million tears we’ve shed anew.
If love alone could resurrect,
You’d still be here, our hearts connect.

If all the world were ours to share,
We’d give it all and even more.
To see you climbing up the stairs,
And entering through the cherished door.

To hear your voice, behold your smile,
To sit and talk with you awhile.
To share moments of the same old way,
Would be our fondest, brightest day.

A heart of gold, now stilled its beat,
Two eyes closed in peaceful retreat.
God broke our hearts to make us see,
He takes the best for eternity.

A Million Times Remembered - Infant Loss Poetry

5. Title: “Heavy Heart”

In my basket of burdens, grief takes its place,
Heavy to carry on this road I must face.
Life’s pathway, at times, feels too steep,
Strength waning for this climb so deep.

Filled with sorrow, I miss my love,
At first, impossible to carry from above.
Draining my strength, this pain to the core,
How do I manage this burden evermore?

With patience, I bear this loss I feel,
A shoulder to lean on, a hope to heal.
God sent my family, friends, and unknown spirits,
So I won’t carry this basket alone, merits.

Someday, burdens lifted, pain no more,
As I cross through that door.
Understanding the reason for my heavy load,
God’s grace shown as I travel this road.

Heavy Heart - Infant Loss Poetry

6. Title: “Mother’s Grief”

An event no mother should ever attend,
A day she should never see, hearts rend.
When a child is born, no mother dreams,
Of burying her baby, where sorrow streams.

Tears filled with grief and pain cascade,
Crying, praying, hoping grief will fade.
Living without her child’s warm embrace,
Worrying about memory’s slow erase.

No more the child’s voice she’ll hear,
Life paused, replaced by silent fear.
Dear mother, your pain is clear,
Even masked behind a smiling veneer.

Through the years, your tears persist,
Aching heart, the pain exists.
Though words may falter, our support is true,
To comfort you in moments blue.

Mother's Grief - Infant Loss Poetry

7. Title: “Eternal Love for Our Little One”

O precious, tiny, sweet little one,
You’re forever in my heart, my dear son.
Perfect, pure, innocent, you’ll always be,
As destined by fate’s decree.

Dreams of your life, a vision so clear,
We waited, longed for you, my dear.
To join our family, to laugh, to play,
But fate stole those moments away.

Though we never held you close,
Our love for you forever grows.
Sorrow and joy in each tear,
A love that transcends, crystal clear.

You’re our child, eternally near,
Gone from sight but always here.
In every breeze and every tear,
Our love for you will persevere.

Eternal Love for Our Little One - Infant Loss Poetry

8. Title: “The Strength You Gave Me”

In strength, they say I stand so tall,
Yet unseen tears in silence fall.
A smile conceals the hurt within,
A shield against the pain I’ve been.

I wear this front, a hidden plea,
To keep the world from knowing me.
A facade to mask the depths I hide,
The sorrow that dwells deep inside.

Not ashamed of the love I bear,
For you, my child, I’ll always care.
Despite the brokenness, a love so true,
Your name brings pride in all I do.

Tears don’t mark my weakness here,
But love’s enduring presence clear.
A father’s heart forever swirled,
In memories of his little girl.

The Strength You Gave Me - Infant Loss Poetry

9. Title: “Broken Chain of Love”

Little did we know that morning bright,
God would call your name, veiling light.
In life, love bound us oh, so dearly,
In death, that love remains sincerely.

Hearts shattered as you bid adieu,
Not alone, a piece of us went too.
Beautiful memories, your love our guide,
Though unseen, forever by our side.

The family chain now broken and changed,
Life feels different, rearranged.
Yet, as God calls us, one by one,
The chain will link again when life is done.

Through the pain, we hold on tight,
To memories cherished, in the night.
As God guides us through the strain,
The broken chain will bind again.

Broken Chain of Love - Infant Loss Poetry

10. Title: “Goodbye to My Baby Cousin”

Time to say goodbye, reasons unclear,
Today lays to rest our little dear.
Our miracle, our dream, so true,
Comfort here for me and you.

Though goodbye echoes in the air,
He’s not truly gone, still there.
In our hearts, his spirit flies,
A twinkle in the vast skies.

If he could speak, I’m sure he’d say,
“Mommy, Daddy, don’t weep today.
I’m not gone, but soaring high,
A new twinkle in the sky.

One day, we’ll meet, no need to cry,
Till then, heads up high.
I’m the moonlight, the sunlight too,
Be strong, for we’ll reunite, me and you.

Goodbye to My Baby Cousin - Infant Loss Poetry

11. Title: “Love Beyond Loss”

From the start, my love for you was true,
Plans to hold and rock you, too.
Tiny and helpless in my womb’s embrace,
But something went wrong, leaving an empty space.

My heart shattered, tears fell like rain,
A young soul touched by heartache and pain.
I wonder, whose features did you take?
My smile or your dad’s eyes, for love’s sake?

Dreams for you reached the skies,
Long ago, yet the ache never lies.
Big and tall or tiny and small,
In heaven’s embrace, I’ll see you after all.

Longing for a glimpse of what might have been,
Your memory etched, forever seen.
Thanks to Jesus, a comforting grace,
In heaven’s reunion, I’ll see your face.

Love Beyond Loss - Infant Loss Poetry

12. Title: “God Saw You”

God saw your weariness, growing day by day,
No cure in sight, so he called you away.
His arms wrapped gently, a whispered decree,
“Come to me, find solace, and be free.”

Rest was granted, for you deserved no more,
In God’s garden, where beauty does adore.
He chooses the best, in his loving quest,
To a peaceful realm, where you now rest.

As I beheld you in tranquil sleep,
Freed from pain, in silence so deep.
I couldn’t wish you back, in this refrain,
To endure suffering and anguish again.

In God’s embrace, a haven so divine,
Your spirit’s light will forever shine.
Though we part, in this earthly chain,
Your memory, a gentle, eternal refrain.

God Saw You - Infant Loss Poetry

13. Title: “A Child’s Message Beyond”

Mommy, please don’t be sad,
I miss you too; it makes me feel bad.
Here, it’s beautiful beyond compare,
But worry for you, I cannot bear.

With angels, I peacefully sleep,
Only love around, the embrace is deep.
Lonely or scared, I’m never near,
God is close, calming every fear.

Walking daily with Jesus, so kind,
His love, eternally entwined.
Hold my hand as golden streets we tread,
No tears, no hurts, just joy ahead.

Don’t be mad at God, Mom, please,
His love for me will never cease.
Though unseen, my spirit remains true,
Always with you, forever close to you.

A Child's Message Beyond - Infant Loss Poetry

14. Title: “A Mother’s Love”

I am your mother, though you I can’t enfold,
With time, they say, the pain may unfold.
People might forget I’m a mother, it’s true,
In a secret club, just me and you.

Yet, my love for you won’t fade or wane,
You’re in my thoughts, a constant refrain.
My Precious Little One, what do you do?
Bound by an Infinite bond, strong and true.

Death can’t tear us, we’re forever entwined,
In my heart, your memory is enshrined.
Though our worlds are kept apart,
You live on, always in my heart.

No physical hold, no tender embrace,
Yet, your spirit, my love, time can’t erase.
Through the pain, a promise to impart,
To keep you alive in my heart.

A Mother's Love - Infant Loss Poetry

15. Title: “A Mother’s Longing”

Softened waves of blue, a glimpse so dear,
My child, my heart, your smile appears.
Oceans of memories on every shore,
Longing for moments, forevermore.

Calling winds carry questions to the sky,
Faith, courage, strength, as time goes by.
Dolphins brave the deep, a symbol of might,
Facing the journey, a slow, solemn flight.

Sometimes, a scream echoes in the air,
Not in my plan, this burden to bear.
Your laughter resonates, a playful refrain,
Yet, my child, the void is a constant pain.

Why did you suffer, a mystery profound,
A mother’s heart in sorrow is bound.
Yet, in memories, your spirit does stay,
My child, I miss you every day.

A Mother's Longing - Infant Loss Poetry

For any couple, losing a baby is a horrible experience. It can be hard to cope with the emotional trauma, and it makes you feel like you are spiraling out of control.

Make sure you have family and friends all around you to support you through this tough and challenging time, and try to read some of our poetry about Infant loss, which could comfort you a little bit. This will help you understand that you are not alone in a situation like this.

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