Poems for Winter

Poems For Winter – 15 Poems to appreciate the Chilly season and Nature

Winter is another beautiful season when it seems the world goes to sleep. The weather is cold, the ground hard, and the trees seem dead.

During that period, there is little or nothing to do or to be done; it is advisable to work hard during this period, and the weather seems to suggest that we must buckle down and do the things that we have been avoiding.

This is not a bad thing, as it can be very satisfying to work hard and be creative. Creativity is part of our makeup. Without a purpose in our lives, depression would quickly set in.

1. Title: “Winter Morning

Shyly coated in greys, blacks, browns –
to hide us from the cold’s cruel frown –
this morning’s surprise, unexpected sun,
like a summer’s evening, teasing, undone.

On the northbound platform, an old man stands,
crowned in sunlight, warmth in his hands.
Heading southbound, a woman draws near,
the light a tear across her, crystal clear.

Closer, closer to that dearest completeness,
her darkness touched by the sun’s sweet caress.
Winter’s shy palette transformed by light,
shadows dancing in the warmth so bright.

A moment of grace, unexpected and divine,
as winter and sunlight perfectly align.
In this season of cold and shadow’s play,
sunlight emerges, turning winter to a day.

Winter Morning - Poems For Winter

2. Title: “The Snow is Deep on the Ground

The snow lies deep upon the ground,
Where the light descends with a hushed sound.
Softly it falls on my belovèd’s hair,
A winter’s scene, tranquil and fair.

In this season of cold and white,
Nature’s blanket, pure and bright.
A silent beauty in the stillness found,
As snowflakes dance, gently all around.

Each crystal flake, a work of art,
Weaving tales in the winter’s heart.
My belovèd’s hair adorned so sweet,
In the snow’s embrace, a love complete.

So deep the snow, a world transformed,
With light and love forever warmed.
In winter’s grace, a scene composed,
Where nature and love are intertwined, enclosed.

The Snow is Deep on the Ground - Poems For Winter

3. Title: “Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind”

Blow, blow, thou winter wind,
Less kind than man’s ingratitude;
Thy breath may be rude, unseen,
Yet thy tooth lacks human attitude.

Sing heigh-ho to the green holly,
Where friendships feign and love is folly.
Heigh-ho, the holly, life’s jolly,
Where masks of warmth wear thin and hollow.

Freeze, freeze, thou bitter sky,
Sharper than benefits forgot;
Though waters warp and sting is sharp,
A friend remembered not is the bitterest lot.

Sing heigh-ho to the green holly,
Where friendships feign and love is folly.
Heigh-ho, the holly, life’s jolly,
Where masks of warmth wear thin and hollow.

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind - Poems For Winter

4. Title: “A Winter Night”

My window-pane is starred with frost,
The world tonight is bitter, lost.
The moon is cruel, the wind a blade,
A two-edged sword in the dark cascade.

God, pity all the homeless souls,
Pacing, restless, with endless goals.
Pity the poor on snow-lit streets,
Where hardship’s rhythm quietly beats.

My room is like a slice of June,
Warm and enclosed in curtain’s tune.
Yet, like a homeless child in the cold,
My heart cries, a story untold.

The beggars walk in endless plight,
On lamp-lit paths, in winter’s night.
God, pity those who bear the freeze,
As snow-covered streets whisper unease.

A Winter Night - Poems For Winter

5. Title: “Winter Trees”

All dressing details intricately done,
A liquid moon through branches spun.
Prepared for winter, buds secured tight,
Wise trees stand dormant in the cold night.

In attiring and disattiring, a subtle feat,
Moon’s liquid dance, a tranquil retreat.
Against winter’s grasp, buds steadfast,
Wise trees in slumber, coldness surpassed.

Details intricately woven, a wintery score,
Liquid moonlight bathes the branch floor.
Buds armored ‘gainst the sure winter’s grasp,
Wise trees stand silent in their wintry clasp.

Dressed and undressed in winter’s lore,
Liquid moon whispers, branches adore.
Buds shielded, a dance with winter’s cold,
Wise trees in hush, their stories unfold.

Winter Trees - Poems For Winter

6. Title: “The Dipper

Winter’s breath, near freezing air,
Through firs, a silent forest, I did fare.
A solitary bird graced the scene,
Emerging from the waterfall’s serene.

On a dampened rock, it took its stand,
As water swept, a dance so grand.
From its throat, a supple, undammed song,
A melody that echoed, sweet and strong.

This gift, not mine to claim,
I can’t beckon the bird, nor its name.
It knows the river’s depth, yet on land,
Sings a tale only nature can understand.

In the quietude of the winter’s day,
The bird’s song lingered, then flew away.
A fleeting glimpse of nature’s own,
In the frozen hush, its melody was sown.

The Dipper - Poems For Winter

7. Title: “Winter”

How long will the bed we made endure,
Your stubbled cheeks grazing my skin’s allure?
From evening to dawn, a cloud of remains,
Shaving foam islands spiral down the drains.

Blood drops stipple the water’s gentle pink,
As I kiss your neck in the bathroom’s brink.
Faces framed inside the mirror’s embrace,
A portal carved by the blade’s smooth grace.

Months on the calendar drop like frozen flies,
Flu season peaks, marked by magic-marked ties.
Nights apart etched with solemn xxx’s,
A train of separation, distance in the mix.

Death, a string of long-distance calls,
Reaching through to the machine’s dull thralls.
Flowers forgotten, hands reaching past,
To silence alarms in intervals vast.

Winter - Poems For Winter

8. Title: “Lines for Winter”

As cold and gray descend through the air,
Promise yourself, with resolve to bear,
To keep walking, hearing the familiar tune,
No matter where the winter’s chill does swoon.

Whether inside the dome of dark so deep,
Or beneath the moon’s gaze, in snowdrifts to seep,
Tonight, in the encroaching cold’s hold,
Remind yourself of what you know, though untold.

Your bones play a tune as you persist,
Through the freezing cold, insist and resist.
Lie beneath the small fire of winter stars,
Embrace the finality, where everything is ours.

If you cannot go on or turn back’s your fate,
In the flowing cold, as you contemplate,
Tell yourself, in that last moment’s shove,
That what you are, you love.

Lines for Winter - Poems For Winter

9. Title: “Those Winter Sundays”

Sundays, my father rose in early light,
In the blue-black cold, clothed for the fight.
Cracked hands ached from the weekday grind,
Igniting fires, warmth for us to find.

No gratitude uttered, no thanks bestowed,
Cold splintered, breaking, we stayed enclosed.
His call echoed when the rooms were warm,
Rising slowly, fearing the house’s silent storm.

Speaking indifferently to him, I’d go,
He banished the cold, polished shoes in tow.
What did I know of his quiet endeavor,
Driven by love in the blue-black cold forever.

Banked fires blazed, a testament strong,
Yet no words of thanks accompanied the throng.
In the chronic angers of that house, we tread,
Where warmth flickered, and silence spread.

Those Winter Sundays - Poems For Winter

10. Title: “Winter-Time”

Late lies the wintry sun a-bed,
A sleepy-head, fiery and red.
Blinks briefly, then it sets again,
A blood-red orange, leaving a wintry stain.

In the morning’s dark, I rise,
Shivering, I bathe and dress in guise.
By the fire, close and jolly,
I warm my bones, melancholy.

Wrapped by my nurse, I venture out,
In a comforter and cap, there’s no doubt.
The cold wind stings my face, it blows,
Its frosty pepper upon my nose.

Black steps on silver sod I tread,
Frosty breath, thick and widespread.
Trees, houses, hills, and lakes,
Frosted, like a wedding cake, winter makes.

Winter-Time - Poems For Winter

11. Title: “Waking in Winter”

I taste the tin of the sky, a real tin thing,
Winter dawn, a metallic hue it brings.
Trees stiffen like burnt nerves in their place,
All night, dreams of destruction, a haunting race.

An assembly-line of cut throats in my mind,
You and I inching off, the gray Chevrolet we find.
Drinking the green poison of stilled lawns,
Clapboard gravestones, silent on rubber dawns.

Balconies echoed, the sun lit up the view,
Skulls, unbuckled bones facing the hue.
Space! Space! Bed linen giving out entirely,
Cot legs melted in attitudes, night’s eerie.

Nurses patch their souls, each one disappears,
Deathly guests unsatisfied with cheers.
Rooms, smiles, rubber plants, and the sea,
Hushing peeled senses, like Old Mother Morphia.

Waking in Winter - Poems For Winter

12. Title: “Snow”

My scarf knotted over my mouth,
Lumbering into a snowstorm’s south.
Up the long hill, destination unclear,
In those days, we ventured without fear.

Dragging the sled through the snow’s fierce fall,
Brother in tow, our secret names, a call.
Snow biting into my face, a sharp sting,
A big storm, days of snow it would bring.

At the top, he slid down with cheer,
Steering with mittened hands, crystal clear.
Alone on the hill, immersed in the snow,
A memory deep, in silence it would grow.

Now, staring at paper or human beings,
The drifting accumulation, the unseen strings.
Months pass without words, a cold space,
A place so cold, any movement’s embrace.

Snow - Poems For Winter

13. Title: “Winter Memories”

Within life’s circuit, moments unfold,
Azure hues untarnished, fair and bold.
Like violets and anemones in spring’s stew,
By meandering rivulets, nature’s true.

I remember winter nights, high and still,
Moonlight casting icy spears at will.
Shimmering noon of winters past,
Unrecorded beams on upland vast.

Amid the verdure of my mind, I’ve heard,
The bee’s hum, blue flag in meadows stirred.
Busy rills that once played in glee,
Now stand still, a silent memory.

Fields bound and hoar, under snow’s attire,
God’s cheap economy, a winter’s fire.
To my winter’s task, I go again,
Rich in moments, nature’s refrain.

Winter Memories - Poems For Winter

14. Title: “A Winter Bluejay”

Crisply, the bright snow whispers,
Beneath our feet, crunching twisters.
Along the parkway, shadows dance,
Fantastic shapes, vivid blue in a trance.

Across the lake, skaters weave,
Flying to and fro, their joy conceived.
Sharp turns create an invisible net,
A winter scene, none could forget.

In ecstasy, the earth absorbs silver light,
Skaters, in wine of speed, take flight.
Laughter echoes, love’s wine we sip,
Moments of joy, in winter’s grip.

As lifted eyes exclaim, “Oh, look!”
A bluejay on a snow-flecked nook.
Fearless and gay as our love,
Nature’s touch, a gift from above.

A Winter Bluejay - Poems For Winter

15. Title: “Winter Haunting Long Cold”

Cold chill winter days, bone-chilling through,
Task-working moments, soul-satisfying view.
Grey sky, sleet, shivers, a testing feat,
Cloudburst heavy showers, trying and discreet.

Waiting for breaks in rain, desiring pause,
Winter wet chill, a season of sneezing cause.
Runny nose, sore throat, winter’s breath in plight.
Nights by fires, mellow orange-yellow light..

In immobile chill, winter’s grip so strong,
Yet in tasks, a satisfaction echoes along.
Grey skies and shivers, a testament to test,
Cloudburst showers, trying, a winter’s quest.

Breaks in the rain sought, a yearning to break,
Sneezing season, where winter’s trials take.
Runny nose, sore throat, a winter’s embrace,
Nights by warm fires, a mellow, comforting grace.

Winter Haunting Long Cold - Poems For Winter

Winter has always remained one of the most beautiful season and will always remain the best-known season for warmth by nature.

We hope you enjoyed the beautiful selection of these poems, and we pray that this winter season remains the beautiful season you’ve always known it to be.

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