Dedicated Poems about Children
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Dedicated Poems about Children – 15 Poems about Commitment and Devotion

Be it you are an ecstatic new mother or father, a patient respondent to a child’s twenty questions, a hair-pulling parent of a teenager, or an empty nester, on this page, you’ll find poems about the wonder, worry, and weirdness of parenting.

Children Intuitively know when they are wanted and when they are not. The way they are raised from the cradle will affect the people they become.

There is a famous saying that children spell love T I M E. There may be many compelling reasons why you cannot be with your children, but none of them can replace time. It is gone forever. Check out these poems about children.

1. Title: “Let Kids be Kids”

Let kids be kids, let them roam free,
In princess gowns or pirates at sea.
Cloud-gazing and dancing in the rain,
Dreaming big, no need to restrain.

Wishes on stars and wind in their hair,
Time with them, a treasure to share.
Building castles, finding shells in the sand,
Childhood’s magic, held in their hand.

Teaching kindness, shielding from strife,
Life’s lessons learned in the rhythm of life.
Accepting losses with a cheerful grin,
In every defeat, a chance to begin.

Barefoot walks, grass tickling their toes,
Childhood’s joy in the small moments it bestows.
Cushion forts, breakfast in bed’s sweet delight,
A tapestry of memories, woven so tight.

Let Kids be Kids - Dedicated Poems about Children

2. Title: “Come Touch His Cheek”

This child of mine, whom you observe,
Come nearer, let your heart unswervingly serve.
Take a step closer, and you shall find,
The essence of my child’s unique mind.

Limitless dreams in my child’s sight,
Though challenges may come, dark or bright.
Hoping each day brings open doors,
Praying kindness is what life restores.

Don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate,
Draw near, touch gently, appreciate.
Feel the tenderness in each soft cheek,
Become one of those people, don’t be meek.

Look closely and you will see,
Skills, talents, and ability.
Come a little closer, touch with care,
This sweet child, like us, has dreams to bear.

Come Touch His Cheek - Dedicated Poems about Children

3. Title: “Seeds of Wisdom”

A wise gardener, when it’s time to sow,
Selects the finest seeds to grow.
Just like words, they find their place,
Nourished by thoughts, they shape with grace.

Unlike seeds, words don’t stay in the ground,
They thrive in fertile minds, profound.
In the young, especially, they take root,
Affecting beliefs, taking pursuit.

Children mimic what they hear,
Innocent, without a fear.
Be cautious of the words you sow,
They shape the attitudes that grow.

Spread love and wisdom, choose with care,
Plant seeds of kindness in the air.
For words, like seeds, will surely show,
What kind of harvest we’ll bestow.

Seeds of Wisdom - Dedicated Poems about Children

4. Title: “A Parent’s Prayer”

Thank you, God, for children of mine,
Teaching lessons, a bond divine.
In funny ways, they find delight,
May their innocence stay bright.

Growing up, may wisdom unfold,
May our ties never lose hold.
Near a phone, may they call home,
Never feeling lost or alone.

Guide them, Lord, through each prayer,
Knowing we’re always there.
In innocence and love so true,
Bless them, God, in all they do.

Grant them courage, strength, and grace,
In life’s journey, a steady pace.
May their hearts be kind and true,
Thank you, God, for all they do.

A Parent's Prayer - Dedicated Poems about Children

5. Title: “My Babbling Heart”

Giggles, squeals, and ticklish heels,
Tantrums, sighs, and watery eyes reveal.
A big gummy grin and a wet, sloppy kiss,
Frustration grumbles, clenched little fists.

Highs and lows, with a red runny nose,
Rosy cheeks and babbling speak compose.
You’re my life, my joy, and my heart’s beat,
Watching you grow is a journey so sweet.

Pride and hope in the things you’ll see,
As a man you’ll become, and the mother I’ll be.
Dreams of your future, distant and grand,
Memories of the present tightly held in hand.

My baby you’ll be when you’re all grown,
In your achievements and adventures well known.
As time unfolds, a cherished part of you,
My baby you’ll be, your whole life through.

My Babbling Heart - Dedicated Poems about Children

6. Title: “Blessed by Two”

From the moment life’s tale began,
You were my all, my greatest plan.
To hold, to comfort, to endlessly adore,
In your love, I found all I sought and more.

You are my life, my guiding star,
The reason behind every wish upon a far.
Witnessing your happiness is my sole plea,
A testament to the joy you bring to me.

Through every ache, every pain,
Love blossomed, an undying gain.
I couldn’t foresee life’s grand design,
Yet, with you both, it’s nothing but divine.

Since the day I held you close,
My love for you endlessly chose.
No children as radiant and true,
My pride swells in both of you.

Blessed by Two - Dedicated Poems about Children

7. Title: “My Dear Child”

If I could erase each trace of your fears,
Wipe away every teardrop, dry all your tears.
Make life a canvas free of pain’s smudge,
Grant you the strength, your courage, your judge.

Life, a deck of cards, hands you a deal,
Chin held high, with every step you feel.
Never let anyone force you to shrink,
Stand tall, stand strong, let your spirit link.

Always by your side, though unseen,
In your heart, my love remains keen.
Listen to whispers in the wind’s soft call,
Stand tall, stand strong, you won’t fall.

My child, you’re a part of my essence,
I feel your sadness, your joy, your presence.
As time flows, and you venture through,
Remember my love, and strength will guide you.

My Dear Child - Dedicated Poems about Children

8. Title: “On Children”

Your children, not truly yours,
Born from life’s own longing, its intricate course.
Through you they pass, yet not from you,
With you in presence, but to life, they’re true.

Give them love, but let thoughts be free,
House their bodies, but souls have their own decree.
Dwelling in the house of tomorrow’s domain,
A place you can’t visit, even in a dream’s reign.

Strive not to shape them in your own guise,
For life moves forward, with no backward ties.
Bows you are, and children are arrows untold,
Sent forth by the archer, their destiny unfolds.

As the archer bends you with gentle might,
Gladness in your bending, a stable sight.
For the arrow’s flight, swift and far,
Cherished as much as the bow that is stable, by far.

On Children - Dedicated Poems about Children

9. Title: “Lessons of Living”

I see you pondering your children,
Wondering of the life they’ll unfold.
In seeking answers, perhaps, you’ll find
A glimpse into the future they hold.

Have you instilled the virtue of truth,
Guided them to walk the path of kindness?
Imparted the wisdom to be color-blind,
Embracing diversity, diminishing blindness?

Did you show the marvels of life’s miracles,
Make them attuned to nature’s embrace?
Shared the beauty that surrounds us,
Creating awareness in life’s vast space?

Have you emphasized the value of respect,
Encouraged gratitude, tamed pride?
Ensuring they navigate good fortune
With humility by their side?

Lessons of Living - Dedicated Poems about Children

10. Title: “The Seeds of Change”

In the soil of young hearts, change begins,
Wisdom sown, with love it gently spins.
Legacy’s seeds in them we plant,
Creators of destiny, in life they enchant.

Gardeners of the future, tender and bright,
Cultivating progress, their guiding light.
Time’s fields bloom with their hopeful prime,
A chorus of growth in the rhythm of time.

They blossom with the dawn of each new day,
Nurtured by lessons along the way.
In their hands, the future takes its shape,
A promising landscape, a destiny to drape.

In the tapestry of time, their stories unfold,
Vibrant hues of courage and dreams untold.
With each step, they shape their own fate,
Guided by love, a journey truly great.

The Seeds of Change - Dedicated Poems about Children

11. Title: “Open Arms”

The day you were born,
You touched my soul.
The missing link found,
My life now whole.

Beautiful blue eyes,
Stare at me in awe.
You, my precious one,
My heart’s forever draw.

Years turn to months,
Months into years.
You face challenges,
Conquering your fears.

Now grown, taking steps,
Years held in my heart.
If lost along the way,
In spirit, we’re never apart.

Open Arms - Dedicated Poems about Children

12. Title: “Where Children Grow”

When joyful faces come alive,
Laughter, songs, a joyous vibe.
Calls to play, a beckoning plea,
Join us in our jubilee.

Slides, swings, monkey bars in view,
Look closely, see each child true.
Races start with a lively cheer,
This is where the children steer.

Observing daily, you’ll perceive,
Learning hidden in the weave.
Echoing what they hear and see,
You’re their guide eternally.

Sparkling eyes with thoughts untold,
Imagination takes hold.
When unwatched, they subtly sow,
In those moments, children grow.

Where Children Grow - Dedicated Poems about Children

13. Title: “The Heart of Fathers and Mothers”

In a mother’s heart, the key to success,
A ribbon tying your future’s dress.
Her love, a meal to satisfy,
A crayon painting your life’s sky.

A song within, with rhythmic grace,
A bracelet adorning dreams to chase.
In a book, her heart unfolds,
An ocean of waves as life molds.

A father’s heart, a pillow to rest,
A pill curing ailments with the best.
A tissue wiping away each tear,
Muscles lifting, calming fear.

Clothes covering, a protective embrace,
Money bringing sustenance and grace.
A pencil writing plans so clear,
Love, the essence, forever near.

The Heart of Fathers and Mothers - Dedicated Poems about Children

14. Title: “Innocence Unveiled”

Beneath the sun’s warm, golden glow,
Children dance where dreams bestow.
In innocence, a world they weave,
With laughter, hopes, and dreams to believe.

Tiny hands reach for the sky,
Grasping stars as they pass by.
Eyes aglow with wonder’s fire,
Igniting hearts with pure desire.

Garden of youth, a vibrant bloom,
Petals unfolding in life’s grand room.
Tales untold, in whispers sweet,
Their laughter, a melody, love’s heartbeat.

Oh, children, with hearts so free,
You are the whispers of eternity.
In your eyes, the world’s rebirth,
A cherished presence on this Earth.

Innocence Unveiled - Dedicated Poems about Children

15. Title: “Twilight Tales and Dreamy Trails”

In twilight’s hush, when dreams take flight,
Their sleepy prayers bid me ignite
The tales of gypsies, bold and free,
And eagles soaring majestically.

Through starlit woods, the fairies dance,
Their delicate steps a moonlit trance.
A bear emerges, climbs a tree,
To steal honey from the buzzing bee.

Immersed in roles, I play them all,
Frogs that croak, or birds that call.
Yet last night brought a twist unknown,
A request for an angle worm’s squirming tone.

As eyelids flutter, dreams take flight,
I tiptoe out into the night.
A shock of hair, a bear’s disguise,
A storyteller’s duty never lies.

Twilight Tales and Dreamy Trails - Dedicated Poems about Children

These special poems about kids comes with the joy, love, and also the challenges of parenting. But above all, as a parent, do not fail to remember the good and hard times, the love and joy it gives to parenthood.

Don’t forget that these poems can speak a language to the heart, even if reading isn’t your thing. As a parent, it celebrates the ability and strength of raising and being raised as well.

So we encourage you to celebrate both the lovely and good memories that these poems bring to life.

Feel free to share this poems with your friends and loved ones to share with their kids.

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