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The 15 Best Reading Journals for Book Lovers

A reading journal can be a wise investment, regardless of whether you consider yourself a true bibliophile or merely like the occasional beach read. The finest reading diaries are at least 100 pages long, offer space for at least 50 books, and are created just for your journaling requirements.

Reading Journal

Simpler requests allow you to log between one and two books per page, whereas more complicated ones require more page space per book. If you don’t mind working without predetermined prompts and categories, just buy a diary that is blank and set aside one page (or more) for each book you read.

Consider the binding style you prefer, and that’s all. It’s usually simple to obtain and extremely reasonable to buy journals with adhesive or flawless bindings. For people who frequently carry journals with them wherever they go, the additional layer of rigidity provided by wire-o binding is a terrific addition.

Browse through our picks for the top 15 reading diaries below, and after you’ve decided on one, don’t forget to have a nice pen on hand for taking notes.

1. The Best for Most Readers

The Book Lover's Journal" By Rene J. Smith

If you want a quality reading journal that will stand up to wear and tear, The Book Lover’s Journal a wise decision, Its size of 4.5 by 7.5 inches makes it convenient to carry in most bags. It is built with a sturdy hard book cover.

Additionally, the spiral offers a convenient spot to hold your pen and has a hidden wire-O binding that keeps the pages flat as you write. There are two pages set aside in this journal for each book, allowing you to record up to 67 novels.

Each item comes with a star rating chart for aspects like pace, plot development, and readability, as well as an entire lined page for comments and thoughts.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “I’ve tried a few different book notebooks, and this is hands down the finest one I’ve found,” the author said. There are all the pages you would actually utilize, as well as everything you need. On the opposite page, you may enter your comments about the book. It also provides spaces for all the book information and a highly cool and descriptive grading system.

2. A Minimalist Reading Journal That Will Look Great on Your Desk

reading journal

The Kunitsa Co. Reading Journal is a minimalist notebook that serves its purpose well and is sturdy. 52 books’ worth of 167 8.5 by 6 inch pages are sandwiched between the mint hardcover exterior, and the pages are easily writeable thanks to the lay-flat binding.

Each book is given two pages, with the option to incorporate an audiobook. Books Title, author, publication dates, as well as ratings for three categories—how thrilling, how easy the book is to read, and overall rating—are listed on the first page.

The genre, number of pages, and release date of each book you’ve logged can all be noted here. There are then three writing exercises that have room for responses that are at least a paragraph long.

One fan said with enthusiasm: I adore this journal and wonder how I ever went without one as a voracious reader. The ideal way to take notes on quotes, ponder after finishing a book, and store memories for a future time. Would definitely purchase as a gift for a book enthusiast, and I’ve received a ton of positive comments since getting mine! 100 percent endorse!

3. The Best Budget Pick

"Reading Log" By Reader's Journal

This $5 softcover reading journal is ideal for readers on a tight budget. It costs the same as many basic ruled notebooks, but has page patterns made especially for readers who wish to jot down their ideas.

One book can be recorded on each 8.5 by 11-inch page, together with its title, author, publisher, start and completion dates, genre, page count, and a one-sentence synopsis.

There is more room for a review, notes, and quotes, as well as a general star rating chart. The 124-page, perfect-bound journal offers space for 120 books and has a helpful index so you can retrieve previous entries without having to flip through every page.

One fan said with enthusiasm: I adore this log. No more, no less—it has everything you require. The table of contents in the front, in particular, is great since it keeps everything very ordered.

4. A Reading Journal for Fans of Book Riot

"Read Harder (A Reading Log)" By Book Riot

This colorful reading journal is inspired by the annual Read Harder challenge from the popular independent editorial book site Book Riot. With two pages for each entry, it has room to record about 50 books because it is 160 pages long.

On the first page, you should list the fundamentals, a quick review, a section asking you to sum up the book in three words, and a letter grade from A to F. For notes, quotes, and other things to keep in mind, turn to the second lined page.

12 Read Harder reading challenges, motivational sayings, and reading suggestions are inserted between the logs. The glue-bound journal is 5.13 by 8.25 inches in size, and it comes with an elastic closure and ribbon bookmark to make it easy to carry along.

One fan said with enthusiasm: I adore the particulars! […] Pens won’t bleed through the pages because they are thick enough. Once the spine has been slightly manipulated, it can lie flat without breaking. The journal can be closed with the help of an elastic strap and a ribbon bookmark. I adore the three pages of drawings of stacked books with blank spines used to make a TBR list! For me, this truly put the diary over the top.

5. This 12-Pack of Blank Notebooks for Total Customization

XYark Notebook Journals (12-Pack)

If your journaling style doesn’t require prompts or structure, let your imagination run wild with this 12-pack set of 60-page notebooks. Readers can devote any number of pages to jotting down their thoughts after finishing a book.

There are three different page types available on the 5.5 by 8.3-inch Smyth-sewn pages: lined, dot grid, and blank. You can draw, paint, or design kraft paper coverings however you like.

Readers will feel less constrained by specified spots for putting notes and quotes when reading blank books because they can create their own categories and ranking systems.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “I have purchased these packs twice because I adore this diary. The paper is incredibly smooth, and the covers are incredibly strong. It is simple to add decorations to the covers using stencils, paint, stickers, ink, etc. Will undoubtedly repurchase this item.

6. The Best Small Reading Journal

"What I Read" By Potter Gift

What I Read is a compact reading notebook with a powerful punch. This glue-bound hardback journal, measuring 4.07 by 5.12 inches, is small enough to fit in virtually any bag and has space for 86 volumes.

The title, author, beginning and ending dates, a star rating, and additional notes can all be entered on each page. Additionally, there are interspersed contemplative questions and motivational statements.

Some reviewers complained that there wasn’t enough room for notes, but one countered, “If you want to write a dissertation about every book you read, then get a blank notebook; if you want to summarize your important thoughts, reactions, etc. (like I do), then this journal is for you.”

One fan said with enthusiasm: “I am a voracious reader and take pleasure in keeping track of the books I have read. This tiny journal is convenient for doing so and is small enough to fit in my purse. Friends have enjoyed reading it and getting recommendations about what to read next. This diary is not for you if you need a lot of space to write a lengthy summary and/or evaluation of each book because it is quite small and brief.

7. The Best Reading Journal for Beginners

"Reading Journal Diary for Book Lovers" By Beacoup Lire Press

This reading journal is a wonderful option for readers who are new to reading logs and more casual readers. A total of 100 titles can be entered on the paperback journal’s 110 lined, perfect-bound pages.

The typical fill-ins such as title, author, genre, and start and finish dates are included on each 8 by 10-inch sheet. For a general evaluation and quotes from the book, there are lined sections as well.

The journal also includes a “To Be Read” list and a separate index, in addition to pages dedicated to individual book reports. Despite the fact that it doesn’t have many extra features, it’s an excellent first buy that will let you determine whether it will eventually be worthwhile to spend money on a journal of greater quality.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “Can’t recall the title of that book from last year or a favorite passage? This journal is ideal because it has space for a range of topics you wish to write down and the opportunity to cross-reference afterward. You can add as much or as little as you like.

8. The Best for Fans of Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine Book Journal

If you’re a fan of Moleskine notebooks, then you’ll love the brand’s book journal. 400 pages of the brand’s distinguishing ivory-colored, rounded-corner paper are included in this 5-by-8.25-inch lay-flat hardcover diary.

There is space for about 15 to 20 books for each letter, and alphabetized tabs arrange the books. The title, date read, author, country, edition, publisher, year published, original language, honors, and book type are all noted on each blank page.

Additionally, there are places for notes, notable phrases, opinions and impressions, and a star rating. Two ribbon bookmarks, an elastic band, a double expandable inner pocket, and themed stickers are all included in the journal. All of it is packaged in a high-end box, which makes it perfect for long-term storage and archiving.

One fan said with enthusiasm: Love this book notebook to pieces. I tried a few others and was unimpressed. I use my notebook to keep track of all the writers I adore, so I can see what I’ve read and what the series’ next installment will be. I use a gel pen, and I don’t have the bleeding through that has been mentioned in other reviews. It makes me really pleased. Due to how quickly this one is filling up, I even purchased a second.

9. A Practical and Affordable Reading Journal

"My Reading Journey" By Jennifer Austin

This perfect bound paperback reading journal is a cheap choice for people who devour books. The 7.5 by 9.25-inch notebook won’t take up a lot of desks space, but the 117 pages still provide you room to record up to 100 books.

Each book has a page assigned to it where you can provide information about it, including the title, author, genre, number of pages, format, how you first learned about it, and the dates it was beginning and ended.

A scoring system for narrative, characters, readability, and writing quality is included, as well as 14 lines for providing general reviews or opinions. Added features include a reading wish list, a reading log that serves as a table of contents, a place for favorite quotes, and a page for your top 12 books of all time.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “This reading journal is excellent in every way. It has an appealing style and plenty of space for me to write down everything I need, which is everything I was hoping for. I really appreciate the reading log, which doubles as the table of contents for quick and simple reference, and the reading wish list, which is great for collecting all the books I’ve been given recommendations for and want to read next into one spot. An excellent journal all around at a terrific price.

10. The Best for Book Club Members

"The Book Club Journal: All the Books You've Read, Loved, & Discussed" By Adams Media

This reading journal focuses on book club participants while creating new content. With two pages available for each book, its 256 perfect-bound pages let you record up to 100 novels.

Basic information and reflective questions are included on the first page. There are also star ratings for seven categories, including writing style, relatability, originality, readability, personal impact, plot, and overall rating, with space for up to six more categories of your own.

With a section titled “My Biggest Takeaway,” a second lined page is designated for book club remarks. Along with a reading list of suggested books and tips for making the most of your book club meetings, the journal also includes 50 sample discussion questions for your other readers.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “Have you ever forgotten the name of a book you really liked? Because I have this list of all my likes and dislikes, it does happen, but never again for me. Detailed and well-made. Pen ink won’t bleed through the paper because of its thickness. We all like filling these out as we talk about the novels we have read each month, which is why a number of the members of my book club ordered them at the beginning of the year.

11. An Eco-Friendly Journal With Spiral Binding

reading journal

This reading journal both has a high standard and is green. It is wire bound for comfort while writing and features a sturdy hard cover for long-term use.

You may log up to 100 books (two pages each) using the 200-page layout, and the abundant note-taking space provided by the notebook’s 7.5 by 9-inch dimension makes it ideal. Ideas stated, favorite characters, and thoughts following the conclusion of the book are among the prompts on the first page.

Notes, remarks, and dates that the book was loaned out and returned by others should be included on the second lined page. The pages of this journal were created using recycled paper and soy-based ink for printing.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “I use this to jot down my ideas following the completion of a book. I adore that it is spiral-bound so I can easily look at it when I am writing reviews and I don’t have to hold it open to write. The second page, which offers more room for me to make general notes about my reading, is my favorite part. It would be ideal to combine that with some of the questions on the first page.

12. The Best Faux-Leather Reading Journal

reading journal

This elegant lined notebook is a great option for the free-form journaler and has the additional advantage of being constructed of faux leather that is suitable for vegans. It includes 160 pages of sturdy paper that doesn’t bleed and can withstand erasure, measuring 5.75 by 8.25 inches.

In addition to being offered in seven various colors and with a cork cover option, the robust, hardcover is bound with vegan leather. There is a lay-flat binding, an elastic closure, and a ribbon bookmark as design elements.

Readers who wish to securely store finished journals for later reference will find it beneficial that the notebook is provided in a presentation box.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “This notepad is lovely. I needed something that was both of great quality and pleasant to use because I am an avid reader and use diaries, notebooks, and other writing materials on a daily basis. For me, this meets all the criteria. […] The pen and ink hardly peek through the other side of the sheet, which is a sign that the paper is of very good quality. Another useful innovation is a page holder that is affixed in the shape of a material band. I just recently purchased three more to use as writing notebooks. I advise.

13. The Best for Readers Who Like a More Structured Journal

reading journal

My Reading Line is an excellent option for readers who like a more organized journaling experience. The glue-bound hardback diary, measuring 5.5 by 7.1 inches, is small, strong, and has 192 pages—about 100 books’ worth of reading may fit within.

Each book is just given one page, yet it includes all the necessary information. A dotted grid is provided for noting how the book was found, memorable quotes, thoughts, and impressions, in addition to the usual information like author, publisher, and genre.

There are sidebar ratings for enjoyment, craft, and overall star quality. A “To Be Read” list, a reading habit tracker, and a ton of reading improvement advice are just a few of the many extra features included in this journal.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “I’ve seen many book journals, but this is the most adaptable. It does more than merely give you places to record the dates of your reads and reviews. It offers advice on how to structure your writing and how to increase reading, which is wonderful. Who doesn’t want to read more books so they could skip the bad ones?

14. The Best Reading Journal for Those Who Read a *Lot*

reading journal

The Reading Log Notebook logs 105 books you read, which is five more than the majority of the other alternatives on this list. This perfectly bound reading journal, which has 110 pages and is 6 by 9 inches, is a handy reference for all the books you ve recently finished reading.

The pages are bound in a soft cover with a matte finish and printed on premium paper stock. Each review is one page long and covers all the essentials, such as format, page count, start and end dates, star rating, and where you purchased the book.

In addition to a blank area for notes, there are lined sections for writing a written evaluation and highlighting significant quotes. When you’re searching through more than 100 titles, an index comes in helpful because it makes it easier to search for a specific book.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “It looks wonderful and is just what I was hoping for. contains index pages and has space for 105 books. a nice, high-quality journal.

15. A Compact Reading Journal for Your Nightstand

reading journal

With 110 pages and room to log 100 books, this 8-by-10-inch perfect-bound paperback reading journal fits all pertinent information, including the title, author, page count, start and end dates, book format, source, and genre, on a single page.

There is a sizable lined column for writing the review, and at the bottom of the page is a blank box for memorable remarks.

The book’s plot, characters, and readability are all rated using stars in a sidebar, and there is also a tiny part with three prompt questions and an emoji rating system for your general opinion of the book. You may leave it on your nightstand and use it to jot down notes as they come to mind, making it perfect for individuals who read in bed.

One fan said with enthusiasm: “This book log is fantastic! This reading journal is perfect for me because I bookstagram and read at least 70 books a year. I’m so glad I bought two of these! There is sufficient space for your review, as well as for the start/finish dates, the genre, the title, the publisher, the author, any quotes you enjoyed from the book, and more.

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