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Poems For 6th Graders – 15 Poems for Young Pupils in kindergarten

Middle school is one of the most difficult moments that kids experience in their lives, but poetry can also be an outstanding outlet.

These poems are specially crafted to serve as a guide for 6th graders, helping them build self-acceptance and teaching them essential life lessons.

Through these poems, 6th graders will learn about metaphors and descriptive language, and this will help them to express themselves more constructively.

1. Title: “The Days of the Month”

September, April, June, and November,
Hold thirty days, each to remember.
February, solitary and lean,
With twenty-eight, its days convene.

The others, with a longer stay,
Thirty-one in their array.
Yet, in leap-year’s special prime,
February’s days climb to twenty-nine.

A rhythmic dance, a calendar’s game,
Each month with its unique claim.
From September to November’s glow,
Thirty days in their ebb and flow.

In this cyclical, celestial dance,
A timeless rhythm, a month’s expanse.
From winter’s chill to summer’s bloom,
The calendar tells tales of time’s costume.

The Days of the Month - Poems For 6th Graders

2. Title: “At Breakfast Time”

Pa’s breakfast dance, a peculiar show,
Morning meal, we seldom see him go.
Ma serves his plate, settles in his space,
Paper shields his face, hiding every trace.

Coffee steams, toast in a crunch,
Yet, the paper holds the morning hunch.
Ma insists on evening tea’s delight,
Grateful kids, she says, should feel each night.

If meals were a once-a-day affair,
In the morning, with Pa’s stoic stare,
His face concealed in that reading space,
Paper in hand, obscuring every trace.

One morning, a rare sight unfurls,
Pa’s face revealed, a solemn swirl.
No laughs, no smiles, a gloomy mile,
Blaming the paper for the breakfast trial.

At Breakfast Time - Poems For 6th Graders

3. Title: “The Purple Cow”

In meadows green where cows graze free,
No purple hue have I ever seen,
I hold no hope it’s meant to be,
Yet seeing’s better than being serene.

A bovine shade of royal grace,
A color rare, a whimsy dream,
Though in my eyes, an empty space,
I’d rather view than wear the scheme.

So here I stand, no purple guise,
Yet words I share with a merry vow,
To glimpse such hues, my joy belies,
For seeing’s grander than being, somehow.

In dreams, perhaps, a cow may roam,
With lavender hide, a fanciful show,
Yet in reality’s green and gold, my home,
I’ll savor the sight, a vibrant glow.

The Purple Cow - Poems For 6th Graders

4. Title: “A Bird Came Down the Walk”

A bird descended down the lane,
Unaware that I observed the scene.
A worm, in halves, was its raw feast,
Consumed with hunger, a nature’s feast.

Sipping dew from a grassy bed,
Sideways to the wall, a beetle sped.
With eyes like beads in swift alarm,
The bird, a creature of gentle charm.

Cautiously, I offered a crumb,
Feathers unraveled, a gesture of calm.
Rowing home on soft wings’ gleam,
Silent as ocean waves, a silvered dream.

Like butterflies on noonday’s brink,
Plashing, leaping with a seamless link.
Nature’s ballet, a rhythmic hymn,
In the tranquil waters where creatures swim.

A Bird Came Down the Walk - Poems For 6th Graders

5. Title: “Serenity at Sunset’s Tree”

Come to the sunset tree,
As the day fades away.
Axes and reapers at rest,
Twilight takes its sway.

Evening star ascends high,
Dew graces flowers below.
Rest descends softly,
As the evening’s shadows grow.

Sweet is this hour of rest,
Woods sigh with tranquility.
The west gleams with twilight,
On the turf, we recline with glee.

After toil and heated day,
Kind voices welcome, we find.
In the whispering boughs,
Sweet rest in the evening’s bind.

Serenity at Sunset's Tree - Poems For 6th Graders

6. Title: “A Shoe-shaped Haven”

In a shoe-shaped dwelling, an old woman’s place,
Children abound, a lively embrace.
No bread, just broth, in their evening repast,
She kisses them goodnight, a love that will last.

So many little ones, a bustling delight,
In the shoe-shaped abode, laughter takes flight.
Simple suppers and a gentle goodnight,
Beneath the shoe’s roof, bathed in soft light.

A mother’s touch in this vibrant place,
Children embraced, dreams to chase.
In the snug shoe, a haven so sweet,
A tale of warmth where love and laughter meet.

Through the shoe’s doorway, dreams take flight,
An old woman’s haven, cozy and bright.
In this unique dwelling, joy takes its stand,
A story of love in a shoe-shaped land.

A Shoe-shaped Haven - Poems For 6th Graders

7. Title: “My Cat is Fat”

I’ve got a cat named Vesters,
Eats all day, furry investors.
Lies around, no interest in play,
Not even with a toy, just laze away.

Exercise attempts, met with disdain,
No interest, just a look of disdain.
On a diet now, but he yells all day,
Even thinner, still won’t join the play.

Vesters, the cat with a leisurely sway,
A diet’s protest, a vocal display.
Thinner but stubborn, in his own way,
No games for Vesters, come what may.

In his world of quiet, a tranquil space,
Peaceful moments, his chosen embrace.
Thinner now, his stubborn ways hold sway,
Vesters, the cat, in his own laid-back way.

My Cat is Fat - Poems For 6th Graders

8. Title: “The Blind Men and the Elephant”

Six men from Indostan, eager to know,
Blind to sight, yet wisdom to sow.
To the Elephant, they ventured near,
Each with a purpose, each with a fear.

The First, against a broad, sturdy side,
Exclaimed, “Like a wall!” with a voice so wide.
The Second, feeling a tusk so keen,
Declared, “A spear, sharp and serene!”

The Third, with the trunk in his hands,
Boldly spoke, “A snake in these lands.”
The Fourth, touching a knee so high,
“A tree,” he said, with a confident sigh.

The Fifth, by the creature’s ear,
Announced, “A fan!” for all to hear.
The Sixth, grasping the swinging tail,
“A rope!” he cried, with a knowing hail.

The Blind Men and the Elephant - Poems For 6th Graders

9. Title: “I’m a Little Teapot”

I’m a little teapot, stout and small,
See my handle, standing tall.
Spout extended, arm held out,
Let me show you what I’m about.

When I’m steamed up, hear me sing,
“Tip me over, pour me, swing!”
Clever teapot, watch me shift,
Changing handle, spout to lift.

Switching arms, a playful dance,
Lean and pour, take a chance.
Little teapot, full of cheer,
Pouring joy from ear to ear.

In kitchens and on shelves, I stand,
A vessel of joy, a pot so grand.
With each tip and every pour,
I share happiness, forevermore.

I'm a Little Teapot - Poems For 6th Graders

10. Title: “Ode to Caster Oil Dismay”

Lickin’s and errands, now and then,
Part of being a boy, I reckon.
Though some things in boyhood annoy,
Nothing compares to castor oil joy.

Parents don’t grasp how they spoil,
Inflicting discomfort and toil.
A little pain, a minor ache,
Castor oil is all they make.

Bedtime comes before chapters are read,
Scolded for things I didn’t do, it’s said.
But the worst, without a doubt,
Is the dreaded castor oil route.

Poets may sing of boyhood’s glee,
But I’ll trade places, as you’ll see.
Let them taste my bitter toil,
While I escape the castor oil.

Ode to Caster Oil Dismay - Poems For 6th Graders

11. Title: “The Two Kinds of People”

Two kinds of people on earth today,
No more, the poet has this to say.
Not sinner and saint, as it’s understood,
The good half bad, the bad half good.

Not rich and poor, not humble and proud,
Conscience and health determine the crowd.
Not happy and sad, in life’s brief span,
Laughter and tears come to every man.

The lifter and the leaner, the poet defines,
Earth’s masses divided in these two lines.
Oddly enough, as you’ll swiftly glean,
One lifter for twenty who tend to lean.

So, where do you fall in this human scene?
Easing the load or letting others glean?
Reflect on your role, in labor and care,
A lifter who shares or a leaner unaware.

The Two Kinds of People - Poems For 6th Graders

12. Title: “The Children’s Hour”

Between dusk and daylight’s grace,
As night begins its quiet embrace,
Comes the Children’s Hour, pure and sweet,
A pause when joy and laughter meet.

Little feet patter in the chamber above,
A door opens with whispers of love.
Down the broad hall, in lamplight’s glow,
Alice, Allegra, and Edith go.

A whisper, then silence in their scheme,
Eyes merry, plotting mischief unseen.
A rush from stair and hall, they deploy,
Through doors unguarded, a raid of joy.

In my turret, they climb and surround,
Laughter and kisses, love profound.
My fortress they conquer, arms entwine,
In the round-tower of my heart, their shrine.

The Children's Hour - Poems For 6th Graders

13. Title: “The Country Mouse’s Feast”

In a snug little cot, a plump mouse dwelled,
Content with her meals, where joy often swelled.
Plain fare adorned her table with ease,
Cheese for breakfast, bacon, and grey peas.

A friend from the city came for a stay,
Claiming a short visit, making it a day.
So the mouse set a table, aiming to please,
With bacon and peas, a rustic feast to appease.

The city mouse frowned, “This won’t do,
In the city, we dine on a different view.
No bacon or peas, just delicacies, you see,
Come with me and experience the city’s glee.”

The invitation the country mouse took,
Leaving fields and trees for a city outlook.
Under a parlor door, they found a feast with ease,
Exquisite treats, surpassing bacon and peas.

The Country Mouse's Feast - Poems For 6th Graders

14. Title: “A Little Brother Follows Me”

A careful boy is my decree,
With a little brother following me.
Fearful to go astray I stand,
Lest he tread the same path, unplanned.

His watchful eyes don’t miss a beat,
Mirroring actions from head to feet.
He claims he’ll be just like me,
That little brother, shadowing, you see.

In his eyes, goodness I must portray,
He believes my words, come what may.
Hide the flaws, let the good ones be,
For that little brother shadowing me.

As I journey through seasons’ spree,
In summer sun or winter’s decree,
I realize in every step I decree,
I build for my brother shadowing me.

A Little Brother Follows Me - Poems For 6th Graders

15. Title: “Learning the Ropes”

Learning to say thank you,
Learning to say please.
Using Kleenex, not my sweater,
For a sneeze with ease.

Not dribbling, not slurping,
Manners I’ll uphold.
Suppressing burps, though it hurts,
Growing up, I’m told.

Chewing softly, corn on the cob,
A lesson to embrace.
Discovering that being neat,
Is a simpler, better space.

Now I’m learning life’s little ways,
Growing up through countless days.
Politeness, grace, and habits form,
A journey of discovery, in life’s warm norm.

Learning the Ropes - Poems For 6th Graders

After carefully reading through these verses together, let these special poem be a reminder to us. Let’s use them as a guide; they will help us handle some situations on our own, discovering the nicest parts about ourselves that we never knew.

I hope this poems just made you discover who you truly are, what you are capable of doing within your power, how to be strong when facing challenges in middle school, and always to be excited.

I wish they continue to make you feel better about yourself right now and to keep your heads up for more adventures!

Please be sure to come back to DailyTimePoems whenever you are in search of poems for 6th graders.

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