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The Best Bridgerton Fan Fiction

Fanfiction can be a solution if you need assistance increasing your excitement for the upcoming season. It could also be entertaining to do so.

Bridgerton is an American historical-romance television series based on the novels of Julia Quinn. It is Shondaland’s first scripted show for Netflix, created by Chris Van Dusen.

It is set in the competitive world of Regency era London’s ton during the social season, when marriageable youth of nobility and gentry are launched into society, and revolves around the eponymous Bridgerton family.

The popular Julia Quinn novel series saw a boost in sales thanks to Netflix’s Bridgerton series, which significantly diverges from the source material, particularly starting with Season 2.

We are aware that you have been patiently waiting for the Netflix historical drama’s upcoming season. It was unexpected to learn that season 3’s plot will diverge from the books and center on Colin and Penelope’s romance.

Some people would even say that the entire series is fan fiction. Whatever it is, it is stoking the fires, and the personalities are what keep us interested.

Here are some recent fanfictions based on the characters of the Bridgerton family for you to read as we all wait for Bridgerton’s upcoming season.

bridgerton fanfiction

Characters of the Bridgerton Family

Here are some recent fanfics to enjoy while we wait for the next Bridgerton season.

These are all finished fics based on the Bridgerton siblings, but the multi-chapter ones do not adhere to the recently released official plot synopsis for season 3.

Let’s get started!


Because of his love-hate relationship with the stunning Kate Sheffield, Anthony Bridgerton is the most well-known Bridgerton in fan fiction (or Kate Sharma, thanks to the Netflix series).

Being the oldest of the siblings and feeling a strong sense of duty to look out for them makes him one of the most complex characters.

The Viscount Who Loved Me, the second novel in the series, features a prominent focus on Anthony’s first love affair.

Check out wall e nelson’s A Thousand Cuts if you want to read more about the tormented rakish rogue. 37 chapters make up this lengthy, largely canonical series on AO3, which takes a dark, angst-filled journey into Anthony’s life.

Much of this is pre-Kate and involves Anthony and other family members, who both have significant emotional baggage.

You may spend weeks reading the best Bridgerton fan fiction, which features Anthony frequently.

I adore HarmonizingSunsets’ You Came Just Like a Flower in My Darkest Hour for a quick romantic stopover.

Anthony has been paired with just about everyone, including Kate, Siena, Simon, and even Penelope. He actually travels a lot.


Although Benedict’s love life has yet to be depicted on television, he plays the ultimate hopeless romantic in An Offer from a Gentleman.

It’s a retelling of Cinderella that begins during the masquerade ball. Because Benedict is a huge, squishy, hopeless romantic, it has also inspired some of the most romantic fan fiction on the internet.

Given that Benedict is a fantastic supporting character, you can find a ton of Benedict nuggets in the best Bridgerton fan fiction.

 However, Benedict is virtually flawless when he is surrounded by his loved ones and creating art, as in Hallow night’s short story Family Pictures, which features Benedict and family portraits for the Bridgerton siblings.


I’m not sure if food or travel appear more frequently in Colin fan fiction. Both, along with a generous dosage of Penelope’s humor, are my weaknesses.

 Along with Colin being a moron. He is, in fact. How NOT to Romance Penelope Featherington by goddessqueen puts it on full display.

Check out Dress by TheSushiMonster for a couple more chapters of smut and multiple relationships with Colin.

Colin and Penelope can share in some writer assistance and sex scene research in this contemporary scenario.


The first season of Bridgerton features Daphne and Simon in The Duke and I, as in the books. The “fake dating” cliché alone makes it simple to get swept up in their relationship.

However, if you want to see Daphne sparkle like a diamond, consider her bond with Eloise.

A brief composition by ktho98 titled Belonging and Understanding, which is set around the time Daphne unexpectedly becomes engaged to Simon, brilliantly portrays this idea.


Eloise has become a fan favorite thanks to her fast insults and witty comebacks. Nearly every moment in some of the best Bridgerton fan literature is seized by her.

Her life isn’t given much attention, though. The first season of Bridgerton features Daphne and Simon in The Duke and I, as in the books.

The “fake dating” cliché alone makes it simple to get swept up in their relationship. However, if you want to see Daphne sparkle like a diamond, consider her bond with Eloise.

A brief composition by ktho98 titled Belonging and Understanding, which is set around the time Daphne unexpectedly becomes engaged to Simon, brilliantly portrays this idea.

Eloise is equally great as Benedict in her role as a supporting figure for several of her brothers. There is rising interest in exploring her relationship with Theo from the printing shop as a result of the Netflix series.

 In the first edition of To Sir Phillip With Love, canonical Eloise favors Phillip Crane more. It served as a tremendous source of inspiration for the contemporary retelling Pearly-Dewdrops by INTPSlytherin reylove97, which is outdoors and full of loads of chaotic goodness.


Bridgerton’s three younger siblings don’t get a lot of fan fiction, which is a shame considering they have some of the more interesting plots.

 The steamiest passages in the entire Bridgerton trilogy can be found in Francesca’s novel When He Was Wicked. She is also the group’s quietest and most reflective member.

With Tosca1390’s My Bones on Your Bones, you can have both. Even though it is a brief post-book scenario, it is excellent.


Gregory is the last of the Bridgertons to be married, as ignorant as his brothers. Greg-centric fan fiction typically floats between passionate adults and adorable preteens due to the difficult path to the altar.

You’ll adore the perspective provided by He is Only Thirteen by adelindschade on Greg and Kate’s sibling-like bond.

Of course, On the Way to the Wedding But Make it Text by folklaureate, which is wonderfully hilarious, also has a touch of contemporary drama and a text-chat format that I enjoy.


The youngest and most daring of the Bridgerton siblings, Hyacinth, is the last person we meet.

She appears far more frequently as a young child or teen in the stories of other people than in her own.

It’s really bad because I think she’s smart and the prospect of some exciting “treasure digging” is alluring.

Folklaureate and National Treasure have won again. Despite being incomplete, it is nevertheless extremely enjoyable in the only way Hyacinth can be.

Bridgerton Family Fanfiction

The best Bridgerton fan fiction naturally features the entire family. You can’t have one without at least another three joining in for entertainment value; they are like a full set.

So many fans have humorously and adoringly depicted the situation. The Bridgerton & Sons series, a contemporary retelling set in the Bridgerton & Sons family law firm, is the most well-known on AO3.

Although the Kathony is heavily featured, there is enough participation from everyone else to ensure its success.

There is a ton of other writing by the author, Moomin 94, that you can check out if you have a natural connection to the Bridgerton books.

Bridgerton Fan Fiction With Same-Sex Relationships

Bridgerton focuses a lot on M/F relationships because of their historical context. Fan fiction excels in this area by offering the characters additional alternatives and options.

With the introduction of Henry Granville, Benedict’s sexual exploration in the Netflix series has given rise to numerous M/M fan fiction and polyamorous plots.

Check out koszyczek’s A Bachelor’s Pleasures. Along with Simon and Anthony, another well-liked pairing is Eloise and Penelope.

 Penelope, or Pen as Eloise had taken to calling her, quickly became her best friend. They shared a love of literature and women’s rights.

They would stay up late at night debating various topics. They would go on adventures together and laugh. It was something Eloise hadn’t been privy to most of her childhood.

Her combative personality often clashed with that of the other girls in her circle. Penelope was sweet and kind but she also had a sharp wit that fit with Eloise rather nicely.

There are other variations on the canon relationships, many of which match Penelope with a different partner.

Both Siena and Marina can experience happy outcomes. Even Cressida Cowper receives a look-in. The appeal of fan fiction is that everything is conceivable.

Bridgerton fan fiction is more like an ever-expanding swirling ocean that will drag you down to the bottom and never let you see yourself again.

More stories are added every day, and it will only get worse/better when the next season is released. So embrace it and have fun with your guilty pleasure.

If you’re open to reading more fanfiction books, you can check out our Harry Potter list here. Our list of books like The Selection will keep you glued!

Which character would you pair up with in your fantasy? Let us know in the comment box below!

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