Amazing Nieces Poem
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Amazing Nieces Poem you will Find Interesting to Read

Amazing Nieces Poem you will Find Interesting to Read.

Amazing Nieces Poem – In a way that her parents can’t, aunts and uncles have a chance to relate to their granddaughter.

Since she is not in their possession, they do not feel the burdensome obligation of understanding that they are responsible for her education.

This leads to another kind of relationship in which, by appreciating her unique talents and abilities that make her so special, they can relate to their niece. They should spend time spoiling her and treating her as the princess that she is.

1. My Niece, My Friend

When a woman has a daughter,
she becomes a mom.
But, when she becomes an aunt,
there’s a friendship type of bond.

I don’t have to tell you what to do,
or how to comb your hair.
I just get to joke and laugh
whenever you are there.

If life treats you unfairly,
or you’re at your wit’s end,
I will be the voice of reason for
my niece, my friend.

By Michele Meleen

2. I Will

I did not choose to be your aunt,
you were a gift for me from God.
I will guide you
like a grandmother.
I will love you
like a mom.
I will laugh with you
like a sister.
I will care for you
if ever they were all gone.

By Michele Meleen

3. Aunts Can

Who can pick you up when you are down
and turn your lips to a smile from a frown?
Who can give you sage advice
and give you cause to think twice?
It’s all part of the family plan,
because aunts can.

Who plays tricks and jokes on you
and laughs when you pull them too?
Who takes you out to have a ball
and shops with you at the mall?
It’s all part of the family plan,
because aunts can.

Grandmas are nice, and grandpas too,
But, no one gives a niece
what aunts do!

By Michele Meleen

4. One Proud Aunt

No matter what or who you become
I’ll always be one proud aunt
because you are my niece
and we don’t use the word “can’t.”

By Michele Meleen

5. The Next Best Thing

There is no greater gift,
for an uncle like me,
who has no daughters
to love dearly,
than the next best thing,
that unique missing piece,
who fills my heart with joy,
it can only be my niece.

By Michele MeleenAmazing Nieces Poem

6. Nieces Are Nice

Nice, kind, good and fair
Idealistic, optimistic visionary
Effervescent, bubbly, joyful
Charming, sweet, and delightful
Everything my niece can be.

By Michele Meleen

7. The Girl Who Stole My Heart

Who knew there could be
a girl not my own, a niece
who stole my whole hear.

By Michele Meleen

8. What a Niece Means to Me

When you’re an uncle,
no one ask questions like
“What does a niece
mean to you?”

But I’ve thought about it
long and hard anyway
and to me, a niece means
one more drop of family glue.

You help hold our family together
filling the generation gap.
You give me one more person to love
in more ways than I ever knew.

By Michele Meleen

9.To My Special Niece

“Special” is a word
reserved for the best,
and my dear
you have won my award
for Niece of the Year!

By Michele Meleen

10. For My Niece’s Birthday

For my niece
on your birthday,
I want to say to you
that the greatest gift
I ever got
was your parents introducing you.

As you blow out your candles
and eat your cake,
I hope you’ll remember
life is full of gifts we make.

By Michele Meleen

11. Proud of My Niece

I’m proud of my niece
for so many reasons
I couldn’t possibly list them all
But here are a few big and small:

She’s a great person
with a great smile
who chooses me over Mom and Dad
once in a while.

She’s determined and strong
with a witty sense of humor
who keeps me on my toes
never knowing what’s in store.

I’m proud of my niece
for so many reasons
but the biggest one I see
is how much she loves me.

By Michele Meleen

12. For My Niece in Heaven

For my niece in heaven
I hope you find it true
that all the angels in the clouds
are now your aunts and uncles too.

By Michele MeleenAmazing Nieces Poem

13. To My Little Angel

From a tiny bundle till today
I see you grow each day.
From endless cries to endless laughs
I see you glow each day.
From the innocent questions to the incredible mischievous
I see you learn each day.
From the little walks we have to the small talks we do.
From the kisses you plant to the crushing hugs you give.
I save the memories each day.
For one day I will have to be happy with only those memories near me
And you away from me.
For life will sure play the same game as it does every other day.
But remember my dear, I will be there ever and forever for you as like today.

by Nisha Sam

14. Where Did Daddy Go?

each day I watch her grow and grow,
without the man she’ll one day know,

she only sees him every once in a while,
and it breaks my heart just to see her smile,

because I know that beyond that cute little face,
her little heart is breaking from that empty space,

he denied her from birth and said she wasn’t his,
until they took his DNA and confirmed that she is,

she’s only three and don’t know right from wrong,
so we stick by her side to help her stay strong,

each time he walks out of her life were always there,
to show our little Eme that we will always care,

by Bittany Bailey

15. My Niece, My Love

My niece, My love,
The one I adore,
A aunt at eleven,
I love her so much more,
Someone to play with,
Someone to cheer up,
I watch over her through good times and rough,
She makes me happy,
She makes me smile,
She makes me want to stay with her for a while.
I know I cant stay I must go home,
Its so hard, to let her go,
Even though its for a short time,
I count the days till’ I see her again,
My niece, My love
The one I adore!

by ZaishaAmazing Nieces Poem

Amazing Nieces Poem – With their nieces, the bonds formed between aunts and uncles are unique and special. With a special poem for a niece in a card or on a decorative wall hanging, let the wonderful girl in your life know how much she means to you.

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