Poems about Sexual Assault Capturing all the Painful Mundanity

Poems about Sexual Assault Capturing all the Painful Mundanity.

Sexual Assault: A rape victim is frequently left with the sensation that a part of them has been torn apart. Rape sufferers should get help from a professional to aid them to move on with their life. These poems I’ve compiled pass a strong message of sexual assault to readers.

Poems about Sexual Assault capture all the painful mundanity

The following poems use the imagery of young people walking past the strong hurts of rape. These poems also outline the feeling of fear a people experience when she encounters catcalls.

  • The Key to Life
  • Tears of a Virgin
  • The Silent Cry
  • The Gold That Glitters In Her
  • The Pinch and the Ouch
  • Silenced by Shame
  • Years Have Past
  • Life in a Poem
  • You Helped Me.
  • “Dear Little Girl”
  • Dancing in the Darkness…

1. The Key to Life

The light of our life
A gift of academic life

It leads us to the path of prosperity
And gives our tomorrow a sounding security

the process of teaching and learning
Which will help us in our future earning

The progressive discovery of our true selves
And exploration of the potentials of oneself

a better safeguard of liberty than a standing army
A life boat that sees us through our stormy days

A fundamental foundation
For any country state or nation

A thick line between right and wrong
A ladder that takes us to the height where we belong

Is our right
For in it our future is bright

By Glory Chioma Nwoji

2. Tears of a Virgin

He said he loved me
He said he cared
He promised he wouldn’t hurt me
I told him to stop
I said I wanted to go home
He held his hand over my mouth

I kicked him
He hit me
He knocked me out cold
Now floating far away
Where no one would hurt me

By Lucy Chinwendu Ekeulu

3. The Silent Cry

Tears are always running down my face
I hang my head low thinking “what a disgrace?”
The tears are coming from all the damage you caused
What do you want now, a round of applause?

I’ve watched you rape and molest me
Now the only thing left to do is cry
You stole my virginity without my consent
Please tell me why!

I remember it like it was yesterday
Will I ever forget about this and heal?
Sometimes I just think then ask myself
“Why didn’t I die?”

You never cared if I lived or died
All you cared about was being satisfied
I feel dirty, I feel low, I feel used
I’m a victim of sexual abuse
But not for long
I am strong and a survivor.

By Omotayo Adeyemi

4. The Gold That Glitters In Her

Life is a right
Fair treatment is too
It’s a choice and none should be forced into it
She must give in willingly

Oh! Sexual Violence!
Your effects are enormous
Psychologically, she feels the pains
Socially she feels the pains

Oh! Sexual violence!
Many girls are vulnerable
to the wrath of perpetrators
They have no feelings
They are robbers
Stealing the gold that glitters in her

It is her right
It is her choice
It is for her to decide
whether or not to give it out
She should not be forced

By John Oyadougha

5. The Pinch and the Ouch

The Pinch

I am a little too alone.
I feel breath on my neck, maybe grateful for the force of his hand around my arm, Because I am lost but he knows where to go.
We’re tucked away, it’s quiet in the pink, pink in my eyes, it’s all pink, black.
Hand still around my arm, tighter this time. Now I’m spinning.
Can someone help me stop spinning?
His body forces mine against rocks, blanching the delicate skin on my back.
I watch the crimson trickle slowly down my thigh and onto his hand.
His raging breath dances out and is caught in my hair.
It smells like cigarettes.
I’m shaking from the chill
He doesn’t like that. Twist harder. Hit. Hit.
My tongue is met with rusty sweat as his hand covers my face.
He can’t look at my face.
His fingers press deeply into my chest, squeeze.
Smells like cigarettes, his teeth meet my neck.
Nimble fingers paint my skin pink, red, purple.
As my eyes submit and drop closed I tear away from his grip in the pink and black.
But my limbs are sand, at once heavy and delicate,
As though a breeze might send me crumbling. I’m trying not to crumble.
And as my eyelids flutter his body is still tangled in mine
My body sparkles with pink, red, purple, more vibrant with each parched breath.
Am I crying out?
Tastes like cigarettes.
I’ve never had a cigarette.
My chest bubbles with panic so turbulent it courses through my body like
A wave, he crashes into me, neck damp as his trials have spent him.

He pulls away from me, his hands tighter around my thighs
My pillars of sand give way and send me to the ground ?
I wrench my eyes up towards the pink light and find his instead,
Weak blue moons that glow without feeling.
He reaches down and shoves my face into the concrete,
He doesn’t want to see it, varnished with hot tears.
Outside the pink and black it is still too loud.
Pink and red, and purple and blue perfect hands on my legs, arms, face.
My sand-filled limbs carry me to the street and into a cab.
The driver’s eyes search my own and then drop, ashamed.
He says nothing.

The Ouch

It wasn’t my fault.
But it didn’t happen to the good girls,
It happened to me,
Because I’m the kind of girl that happens to.

By Annalise Biesterfeld

6. Silenced by Shame

I was sexually abused,
For years I felt dirty, empty and used.
There were times I felt I wouldn’t make it out alive. I learned an important skill.
It was how to survive.
I was shown a side to life,
No child should be forced to see.
The fear and the shame silenced my voice. Until the day I realised I had done nothing wrong. My abusers were to blame.
It was they who had committed these awful crimes.
I had to shout out loud time after time.
Tried to make them all listen whilst taking the blame. It was hard, and the cost felt high.
Abandoned by family and feeling alone. This was my time to feel important.
To take care of me like no one else had done. To remember me, that innocent child.
I deserve to take back my life, it is mine. The guilt and the shame,
they were never mine.
I am no longer their victim! I made it out alive!
I am here!
I am strong!
And I bloody survived!

By Michelle Duffy

7. Years Have Past

Years have past
Pages of my life written
My face has changed
My family grown
That little girl inside my head
Has shown her face
Come out from the dark
Taken of that mysterious mask
Shared her story
Bared her soul
That little girl doesn’t have to hide anymore
The shame and guilt has lifted
‘I haven’t done anything wrong’
No more secrets and lies
That little girl doesn’t appear frightened so much anymore
That little girl has told me it’s ok
She can be apart of my memories
Not trapped anymore
She has taken my hand and said I can let go
I can see a future free of him
And those that let him be…
Regoinse my differences and celebrate them
I was aloud to share my story
Never was I judged
I trusted
I was shown that I’m ok
Shown I can live without his shame and contempt

I feel free because I have been shown
That I’m ok I’m not weird
You have helped free me from my internal prison
Let me see I’m worthwhile
It’s never to late…
From the bottom of my heart
And from that little girl
You have given me the hope I so desperately needed
Taken me on a journey deep and buried
A journey I was so ready for
Years of silence and pain
You have set me free
Thank you…

By Hollie Hart

8. Life in a Poem

Cosmos, hold on, upon an endless, superlative, universal, idiosyncratic, anthemic, eternal, gothic, feeling, boundless, quantum, supernova, listening station, ergo, wonderland, irreverent and quite misleading me to somewhere I can never revisit.

The dimension held me there once.
In a Red Dwarf.
Down the rabbit hole.
At the end of a comet’s tail, and atop of a witch’s broom.

Within a wily old oak, an owl to whit, to wooed, and burdened I laid, bloodied and forlorn: beneath its boughs long ago.

Clouds, buffer, sky, effervescent, blue, rays, blinding, clandestine, paradise, paradigmatic, dreamscape, Freud, Jung, analysis, love, hate, deplore, annoy, critique, escape, enliven me to a sacred, scared place of peace and sanctuary – I am hungry for such!

The ground protected me there once.
Upon a four leafed clover strewn expanse.
In the third dimension.
Amidst the wild, field mushrooms, and fairies there.
Down the hill, around the bend, a straight-jacket awaited me with open arms!

Man, quiet, strong, alpha, protective, defiant, brutal, solemn, solace, secretive, salubrious, sex, martyrdom, monied, weak, God like, humble, flawed, naked, contrived, structured closed, Neanderthal, paradoxical, antiquated, political, angst, I have loved them all, and lost.

Their embrace loved me there once.
In a bed.
On a car bonnet.
Behind the bins.
Next to my pimp.
With a packet of baccy and a Mars bar for keeps.

Truth, midlife, crisis, open, closed, eyes, awake, free, liberated, womb, genitalia, sore, used, abused, accepted, asleep, awoken, quiet, smiling, death, rebirth, awakening, illumination, laughter, ego-less, kind, gentle, solitary; at peace I stand beside the shore and welcome myself into myself.

Escape to myself, and other ways out.
Being is being, in the here and now.
Set myself free, untie the shackles.
Living my life as my soul doth desire.

By Nix Moretta

9. You Helped Me.

You helped me to be stronger,
You helped me to be wiser,
You helped me to want to better myself,
You helped me to want to get my life back,

All because I managed to find my last bit of courage,
My last bit of strength,
My last bit of energy,
My last bit of life,

To leave you,
To leave all of the control you had on me,
To leave all of the manipulation,
To leave all of the constant abuse.

And now I am free to live my best life.

So thank you for helping me become better, stronger and wiser than you.
You made me feel like nothing but I’m not,
you are nothing without me,

And you know that, don’t you?

By Liam Potter

10. “Dear Little Girl”

If I could somehow
Talk to the little girl me
And tell her what I know now
I wonder what that would be.
Would I tell her all that will occur
Or encourage her to go another way?
Would I tell her that I believe her
And what not to say?
Would I warn her of each tragedy
That will befall?
But then I wouldn’t be the me I’ve come to be
Yet still so much will happen to this little girl so small.

Dear little girl
I know it’s so hard
Living in this nightmare world
Where you become so scarred
And your heart gets so broken
From all that you endure.

Dear little girl, you are not forsaken
I know you want to feel safe and secure.
Dear little girl, you are not alone
I know that it feels that way
As you carry all your sadness on your own.
Dear little girl, there will come a brighter day,
Even though it’s been so very long
And you don’t even remember what that is like.
Dear little girl, just stay strong
Through every strike,
I know how very hard that is
When it never seems to end.
Dear little girl, I promise you this,
God will send you a wonderful friend
More than one actually
Who will help you through
And become like family,
They will surround you.
Dear little girl, it’s not your fault
You were never meant to carry this all on your own
I know it’s your default
To carry it all alone.
Dear little girl, you are not who you’ve been told
By evil ones who just wish to cause you more pain.
Dear little girl, you are worth more than gold
To the One Who has given you a new name.

Dear little girl, you are chosen
By the One Who has redeemed you
Even with your broken and scarred heart so frozen.
Dear little girl, everything that I tell you is true
I know how hard it is for you to trust
You hold so very much heartache and pain inside
Because of this life into which you were thrust
Leaving you wanting to just run and hide.
Dear little girl, who could blame you?
You’ve been taught right is wrong and wrong is right
With all that you’ve been through
You can’t see any light through the endless night.
Dear little girl, it’s going to be okay
You are going to make it
And things will be better one day
Even though all this pain, you won’t be able to completely shake it
God is going to use everything
For His glory
As through it all, you, He does bring
Will be your testimony.

Dear little girl, you are wanted,
You are His beloved child
Even though your past is haunted
And not all has been reconciled.
Dear little girl, you are His forever,
Not forgotten,
But held and treasured
His adored begotten.
Dear little girl, I know how hard it is
To understand and believe
That loving fathers do exist,
Who will protect you and never leave.
But my dear little girl, you are loved,
Far greater than you could ever imagine
By a Loving Father above
I know how hard that is to fathom
But His love is a love that is true
The kind that I know you dream about
Because dear little girl, I am you;
So trust me and have no doubt
That we are going to make it through.
Things will be better one day
I promise you
And we will be okay.

By: Jennifer Lynn Davis

11. Dancing in the Darkness…

Slowly moving, creeping silently toward the light
leaving the shadows of shame behind.
Remembering no more the pain of you
-invading my space,
defiling my innocence,
crushing my spirit.
The flashbacks still haunt me…
I am sickened by the smell of your sweat
as the child inside me dies.
Stronger now, I lift up my head
rising above the fear,
knowing I am worthy of like and love.
Like a caged bird set free, I fly.
soaring toward the light, the hope, the promise
of survivorship and a new day.

By Keisha Hallie Woods

Several survivors have fed back to ready listeners that writing or sharing poetry can be very healing. I would like to invite you to express yourself and share your own experience in the comment section of this post.

You are also free to share this post with your friends and family on social media handles.

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