Poems about Sexual Assault

Poems about Sexual Assault – 9 Poems about Been Abused Sexually

Poems about Sexual Assault will surely Capture the experience of a painful mundanity. A rape victim is frequently left with the sensation that a part of them has been torn apart.

Rape sufferers should get help from a professional to aid them to move on with their life. These poems I’ve compiled pass a strong message of sexual assault to readers.

The following poems use the imagery of young people walking past the strong hurts of rape. These poems also outline the feeling of fear a person experiences when she encounters catcalls.

1. Title: “Gaps”

Missing pieces in the picture,
Long aware they exist,
Things I witnessed made me
Reluctant to coexist.

It was novel, unexplored,
A terrain never tread,
Daunting details felt heavy,
Like a weight upon my head.

I understand, if I trust You,
Emerging on the other side,
With newfound freedom in stride,
No need to prove, lose, or hide.

Gaps in the graphics, a choice to make,
Preserving them as they currently take.
Once and for all, that ship can sail,
Leaving behind a lesser tale.

Gaps - Poems about Sexual Assault

2. Title: “Walls”

Today, my walls crumbled to the ground,
That made me wear a heavy frown.
Perhaps tomorrow, a glimmer of grace,
A chance for a smile to light up my face.

As they fell, my hopes felt dashed,
Yet, tomorrow’s promise is softly lashed.
Just for a while, I’ll let joy beguile,
A respite from sorrow, a fleeting smile.

With the wreckage around, emotions churn,
In the aftermath, lessons to discern.
Tomorrow, a new chapter to compile,
Hoping for a longer-lasting smile.

The debris of today, a canvas to mend,
Each broken piece a chance to transcend.
Tomorrow’s smile, a hopeful trial,
An expression of resilience, mile by mile.

Walls - Poems about Sexual Assault

3. Title: “There is a Well of Sadness”

A well of sorrow, concealed within,
Deep roots of pain, where hurt has been.
For years, it’s denied and unseen,
A child within, crying, yet unheard, unseen.

The inner child weeps in solitude,
No one to hear, in silence it broods.
In the absence of a listening ear,
Does anyone notice, does anyone care?

Her cries echo without an embrace,
Alone, she faces the desolate space.
No comfort comes, no solace is sown,
Do they harbor hearts of cold stone?

She constructs walls, a fortress high,
Shielding herself from pain’s cruel pry.
To earn her trust, a lesson to glean,
A journey not easy, trust not easily seen.

There is a Well of Sadness - Poems about Sexual Assault

4. Title: “The Gold That Glitters in Her”

Life is a right
Fair treatment is too
It’s a choice and none should be forced into it
She must give in willingly

Oh! Sexual Violence!
Your effects are enormous
Psychologically, she feels the pains
Socially she feels the pains

Oh! Sexual violence!
Many girls are vulnerable
They are robbers
Stealing the gold that glitters in her

It is her right
It is her choice
whether or not to give it out
She should not be forced

The Gold That Glitters in Her - Poems about Sexual Assault

5. Title: “I Want to Own My Pain”

I wish to claim my pain,
Release it, let it freely rain.
To show the world the little girl,
Long concealed, lost in a whirl.

She’s no culprit, innocence pure,
Treated harshly, a fate obscure.
Once a pretty girl, adorned in light,
Now trampled, treated like a blight.

Within her, talents lie untold,
A radiant light, a story to unfold.
She brings laughter, a gift so rare,
A joy to others, a love to share.

Her green eyes shine with delight,
A smile on her lips, a hopeful sight.
Despite the years etched on her hips,
Ignore the pain, let joy eclipse.

I Want to Own My Pain - Poems about sexual assault

6. Title: “My Virginity”

I reflect on when it occurred,
Recall that dreadful day.
The day when it all unfolded,
The day he took “it” away.

Fighting. Yelling. Crying.
No matter how loudly I pled,
No one arrived to aid me,
No one came to set me free.

To this day, I sense him,
His grip tight on my wrists.
The weight of his body,
As I tried to resist.

He persisted, thrusting away,
While I fought, yelled, and cried.
No matter how loud I screamed,
No one came to set me free.

My Virginity - Poems about Sexual Assault

7. Title: “Sexual Abuse”

The day you claimed it was fine,
For you to act as you did, a dark line.
On that day, my heart shut tight,
I fled, concealed myself out of sight.

You said it was okay,
Assured everything would be alright.
Yet as I grew and understood,
Realized your words were falsehood.

Mother, I implore; Mother, draw near.
If only I could share,
Yet the fear lingers there,
That you might not truly care.

Now I comprehend it’s over,
Acknowledging the deed is done.
All that remains is fear,
For what he might have begun.

Sexual Abuse - Poems about sexual Abuse

8. Title: “Was Never Yours”

A stranger, unknown, never spoken,
Yet you believed you could seize,
What was never meant to be yours,
A trespass that brought unease.

Your gaze, your breath,
Linger on my skin,
Your callous dominance,
Echoes a pain within.

The motive eludes me,
A mystery that won’t show,
Yet, I won’t be a captive,
In the confines of my own soul.

A stranger, unknown, never spoken,
Yet forever, you hold,
Something that was never yours,
A haunting tale untold.

Was Never Yours - Poems about Sexual Assault

9. Title: “Invasion”

That night,
What crossed your mind?

I cannot forgive you,
For that fateful night,
Even if the hurt was unintentional,
Its imprint refuses to fade from sight.

When I speak, I mean every word,
In profound anguish,
I believed in your “love,”
Yet, it seems to be just a mirage.

You claim no intention to scare or harm,
But the truth remains,
You didn’t cease when told,
A boundary crossed, the pain unfolds.

Invasion - Poems about Sexual Assault

Several survivors have fed back to ready listeners that writing or sharing poetry can be very healing. I would like to invite you to express yourself and share your own experience in the comment section of this post.

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