Book Club Names

50+ Puntastic And Fun Book Club Names

It’s wonderful to join a book club since it allows you to finally discuss the book you read with others. However, because there are so many factors to take into account, it might be difficult to come up with the best book club names.

Book Club Names

The finest book club meeting allows you to debate the book you re reading with others who genuinely care! You no longer have to bother your relatives and friends by going into great detail about the plot.

Additionally, there are more book groups than ever before. They’re really popular right now, whether they take the form of frequent in-person meetings or online video chats. Choosing a good book club name idea requires skill.

Prior to considering your group members, think about your unique selling points. Do you all share a significant trait, such as a job, a place of residence, or a preference for a particular genre? If so, go ahead and do so.

There are more than 50 book club titles listed below that you are welcome to use for anything from feminist book clubs to your local library book club to books you read with inebriated friends.

Boozy Book Club Names

1. Books ‘n’ Booze

2. My Wine Club Has a Book Problem

3. Read Between the Wines

4. The Spirited Book Club

Clever Book Club Names

1. Between the Covers

2. The Book Was Better

3. On the Same Page

4. Read It and Weep

5. Shelf Indulgence

6. Textual Relations

Mom-Inspired Book Club Names

1. Take a Break Book Club

2. Peace ‘n’ Quiet

3. No Whining Allowed

4. Yes, Your Mother’s Book Club

Genre-Based Book Club Names

1. Close Encounters of the Book Kind

2. The Explorers of Lands Both Near and Fantastical

3. Flights of Fantasy

4. The Forever Young Book Club

5. The Grim Readers

6. The Happily Ever After (H.E.A.) Book Club

7. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Books and Booze

8. I’m With the Banned Book Club

9. The Meet-Cutes

10. The Nail Biters

11. We Know Whodunnit

Funny Book Club Names

1. Between the Lines

2. The Book Babes

3. The Book Worms

4. The Bibliophiles

5. Classics Beauties

6. The Cliffhangers

7. The Ending Guessers

8. Fiction Addiction

9. Flashlight Readers

10. For the Love of Books

11. Get Lit

12. Hidden Gems

13. Literal Trash

14. The Liter-hotties

15. The Literary Ladies

16. Lost in a Tangent

17. Rather Be Reading

18. Readers Rendezvous

19. The Page Turners

20. Up All Night

21. The Unapologetic English Majors

22. The Underliners

23. Well Read, Badly Behaved

Literary Book Club Names

1. The Algonquin Round Table Reboot

2. The Byronic Heroines

3. The Donna Tartt-lets

4. Hermione’s Army

5. Literary Fires Everywhere

6. To the Bookstore

7. The Matilda Wormwood Appreciation Society

8. The No. 1 Ladies’ Book Club

9. Pandora’s Book

10. Pulp Fiction

11. The Readers in the Rye

Lyrics-Inspired Book Club Names

1. The Born to Read Book Club

2. Don’t Stop Readin’

3. Nerdy and We Know It

4. Reading Queens

5. We Like Big Books and We Cannot Lie

6. We Can’t Stop (Reading)

Feminist Book Club Names

1. The Empowerment Book Club

2. The Literary Coven

3. Making [Insert Hero Here] Proud Book Club

4. Rage Readers

5. The Well Read Women

Kids Book Club Names

1. Chicka Chicka Book Book Club

2. If You Give a Kid a Book Club

3. Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

4. Horton Hears a Book Club

5. Where the Wild Books Are

Tips for Starting a Book Club

1. Invite the Right People

Book Club Names

Before you start inviting everyone, you know and their mother to your book club, stop and think for a second. The members of your book club are everything. Consider who enjoys reading and who you’d be pleased to spend more time with as you make a list of your current friends, family members, coworkers, etc.

Initially, you might want to keep it low-key and small, but if you want to grow your membership, you could share a post on social media informing people about your perfect book club.

And keep in mind that the best book clubs are those that are varied. After all, learning about different viewpoints on the book you’re reading is always more intriguing. Make sure to invite people of a variety of ages, genders, sexual orientations, and races if this is something that is significant to you.

2. Decide on the Style of Your Meetings

Book Club Names

It’s a good idea to talk about some group rules before your first formal book club members meeting to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Think about whether you want the gathering to take a more formal approach with the primary goal of discussing the book in question or if you want it to be more of a social gathering with wine, snacks, and social chit-chat in addition to the book discussion.

Your chosen style will depend on your group. If your group is close knit already, it will undoubtedly be a laid-back, informal event. But keep this in mind if you’re inviting folks who are true bookworms and would prefer to take the book discussion portion of the evening very seriously.

3. Decide the Books You’ll Read

Decide the Books You’ll Read

This activity is a little easier to do if your book club has a certain genre focus, like sci-fi or horror. It’s really simple to focus your search and choose from a more manageable selection of books.

However, if you’re adopting a more broad approach, there are some reliable sources you may consult to ensure that you always get excellent literature.

You might want to consider how you will select your books each time as well. Will you be checking off items on a list? Or will you all choose the book one at a time?

4. Decide When You’ll Meet

Decide When You’ll Meet

It can be tempting to want to meet up frequently at first when it comes to meeting frequency. You’re eager to read quickly, catch up with your friends, and discuss everything. But in practice, no one likes being pushed to read a book rapidly, and life frequently interferes with reading time.

Meetings ought to be spaced out by at least one month as a general rule. However, if you’re reading an especially epic novel, you might prefer to wait longer between meetings.

5. Decide How Often You’ll Meet

Decide How Often You’ll Meet

There are a few crucial factors to take into account when choosing a place. If it’s only you and your close friends, you could want to host the gathering in your home or apartment or even establish a rotating system where each person hosts once.

A neutral public setting, such as a library community center café or bar, can be more appropriate if you have a larger group and everyone is still getting to know one another.

Additionally, keep in mind that you may always host your book club online. You can hold video chat versions of your sessions and even have in-between-meeting discussions about the book on a secure social media platform.

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