Which Bridgerton Character are You? Take the Quiz!

Which Bridgerton character are you? A London-based historical drama on Netflix is called Bridgerton. The narrative takes place in 1813, during the height of high society.

which bridgerton character are you

Bridgerton, an adaptation of Julia Quinn’s best-selling book series, debuted on Christmas Day in late 2020.

Since Julia Quinn released The Duke & I, the first novel in the acclaimed Bridgerton series, readers have been asking themselves questions.

you may all exhale with ease because this article has the solution to your problem.

The tale actually took place in 1813, during the pinnacle of high society.

Although not precisely historical, the opulent world envisioned here has glittering ballrooms, grand palaces, and all the drama and power struggles that transpire there.

It is hard for the protagonists to ever feel totally at ease because of the complex norms of London’s high society.

Since its premiere, the show’s overall premise has gained enormous popularity.

But first, a little word before we start this task. I’ve tried my best to incorporate everyone’s favorite Bridgerton characters.

But sadly, this program has so many fantastic characters, and quite several favorites definitely didn’t make the cut this time. 

Anthony Bridgerton– The leader of the Bridgerton family and ninth Viscount Bridgerton.

He guards his family fiercely and takes this obligation seriously.

In his private life, Anthony has prioritized pleasure in love, but when he gets married, he takes it seriously.

Simon Basset– The Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, is a strange guy who, mostly, keeps his feelings and ideas to himself.

He sometimes comes out as distant because of this. He has strong opinions some people could describe him as being obstinate.

Simon Basset

Queen Charlotte– Queen Charlotte, who sets the fashion standards for London society awarded the Diamond of the First Water each season.

She enjoys a good bit of rumors and secretly looks forward to any news from Lady Whistledown.

Kate Sharma– The Sharma sisters’ oldest is Kate. She is smart, independent, and unafraid to point up when people like Anthony Bridgerton are acting foolishly or inappropriately.

She adores her family and frequently prioritizes the needs of her sister over her own.

Daphne Basset– The eldest daughter of the eight Bridgerton children, Daphne is the fourth child overall.

which bridgerton character are you


Daphne, who was dubbed the diamond of her season, appears to be flawless.

She is gorgeous, kind, and wise. She is, however, not hesitant to put in a lot of effort to achieve her goals.

Eloise Bridgerton– Penelope Featherington’s best friend, Eloise, is the sixth of the eight Bridgerton siblings.

She has an independent spirit and is intelligent.

She does not accept the notion that all a woman can hope to achieve is marriage and polite behavior.

Colin Bridgerton– The third-oldest Bridgerton sibling is Colin.

He has a pleasant disposition, is friendly, and is funny. His sexual relationships have occasionally resulted in controversy.

When will he understand that the person he has been seeking has been standing in front of him the entire time?

Penelope Featherington– Penelope Featherington is kind, wise, and perceptive.

Although Penelope seems as calm and reserved, she can observe most of what occurs in the Ton from the sides of the ballrooms.

While you wait for seasons 3 and 4 of Bridgerton to premiere on Netflix, you might itch for even more Bridgerton material.

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