Christmas – 16 Poems about Festive Season and Holiday Season

When the holidays set in, a good way to spread the Christmas spirit is through poems and carols. Christmas poems have a way of making Christmas more fun for your kids, family, and friends.

The Christmas spirit is not all about the exchange of gifts and food. It is mostly about spending quality time with the people you love and sharing in the joy of the season. Christmas poems can be said while in the company of your loved ones to spark off the glee of the Christmas season.

Looking out for the best Christmas poems to share during the season? we have just the most amazing list of poems for you.

1. Title: “Christmas Eve Enchantment”

On Christmas Eve, a child tiptoes with care,
Downstairs she creeps, her favorite bear,
Red-carpeted steps beneath soft-soled shoes,
Christmas anticipation, no time to lose.

The tree, adorned in lights so bright,
Gleaming baubles in the soft night,
Reflecting on the TV’s silent screen,
A festive glow, enchanting and serene.

Snow blankets cars in the quiet street,
Each roof embroidered with a feline feat.
An owl on high with planetary eyes,
The child gazes up, a sky full of surprise.

Two planes race, east and west,
A Christmas cracker pulled in jest.
The child looks up, her heart in tune,
As the moon shines down, a golden boon.

Christmas Eve Enchantment - Christmas

2. Title: “Christmas Time”

At Christmas, lights shine so bright,
Hugs are warmer, hearts alight.
In the air, Christmas spirit so rare,
Caring souls, love to share.

Merry hearts draw near,
Families and friends, all dear.
Cold streets bustling with cheer,
Winter chill, but joy sincere.

Smiles on every face,
Warm embraces, a tight embrace.
Sadness fades, replaced by grace,
Peace, joy, and hope embrace.

God’s love descends, all around,
Christmas celebration, joy unbound.
Through the year, our Savior’s cheer,
Jesus, our Emmanuel, ever near.

Christmas Time - Christmas

3. Title: “A Christmas Tree”

A Christmas tree, a cherished sight,
Dark green memories, wrapped tight.
Childhood dreams in front of me,
Unveiling past’s sweet mystery.

A Christmas tree, a glimpse in time,
A child’s growth, a journey’s climb.
Not rushing forward, but haltingly,
A symbol of my history.

A Christmas tree, a family’s grace,
Gone too soon, a fleeting embrace.
Yet deep within, it lives in me,
A timeless Christmas memory.

A Christmas tree, once stood so tall,
Twelfth night comes, memories call.
Longingly felt, the magic’s key,
No corner holds that Christmas tree.

A Christmas Tree - Christmas

4. Title: “Music on Christmas Morning”

In strains of music, divine and clear,
On Christmas morn, joy draws near.
Darkness yields to the heavenly sound,
A call to wake, worship profound.

A Saviour-king, to Earth is given,
Bringing peace that echoes from heaven.
The sinless God, for sinful men,
Descends to redeem, breaking sin’s pen.

The captive bonds now shattered and gone,
Our Redeemer, our victory won.
His blood, the price for freedom paid,
Satan defeated, his power laid.

Holy Peace from heaven descends,
Truth from Earth in joy ascends.
Guided by our Redeemer’s hand,
Home to God, we’ll reach the promised land.

Music on Christmas Morning - Christmas

5. Title: “Christmas Long Ago

Frosty days, nights serene,
Fir trees glow with lights agleam.
Sleigh bells echo in the snow,
Christmas magic from long ago.

Tykes on sleds, gleeful cries,
Icy windows, filigree skies.
Sugarplums, candles’ soft glow,
Remnants of Christmas, long ago.

Footsteps hushed on the stair,
Carols sweet, filling the air.
Stockings hung in a festive row,
Echoes of Christmas, long ago.

Starry nights, tranquil and blue,
Friends calling, a joyful cue.
Life slows for dreams to grow,
In memories of Christmas, long ago.

Christmas Long Ago - Christmas

6. Title: “When Santa Claus Comes

A joyful time is drawing near,
The best part of the year,
On fingers and thumbs, I count the days,
Till Santa arrives in his magical sleigh.

As snowflakes gently start to fall,
And the wind whispers its wintry call,
I won’t mind the cold, though my fingers may numb,
For Santa is coming, bringing joy to come.

The first snow paints the branches brown,
In the cold, I won’t feel a frown,
Anticipation grows, my excitement hums,
As Santa draws near, spreading festive sums.

The weeks pass by, and soon it will be,
A Christmas filled with joy and glee,
I’ll welcome Santa with beats like drums,
In the magical time when Christmas comes.

When Santa Claus Comes - Christmas

7. Title: “Merry Melodies of Mom’s Christmas”

In the kitchen, cookies gently bake,
Their aroma fills the air, a festive wake.
Mom, with merry flair, decorates with love,
Gifts wrapped below the tree, sent from above.

Gaily adorned, each corner of our space,
A haven of warmth and holiday grace.
Gathering ’round the Christmas tree tonight,
Old-fashioned joy, our hearts ignite.

Mom’s voice, an angel, sings a carol sweet,
Filling the air with a festive treat.
Christmas crafted by her loving hand,
A reason for joy, across the land.

Lights twinkle, a magical sight,
Bringing warmth and a pure delight.
In this festive embrace, hearts find their part,
A Christmas symphony, orchestrated by Mom’s art.

Merry Melodies of Mom's Christmas - Christmas

8. Title: “O Christmas Tree”

O Christmas tree, majestic and tall,
Once a joy, now a daunting call.
Dragging you from storage, a yearly feat,
Assembling your parts, a task I meet.

Each branch I tediously unfold,
Artificial symmetry, a tale untold.
Lights in a tangle, a yearly wrestle,
Coiled carefully, they still unfurl and nestle.

Ornaments hang, memories untold,
A tale of days when they were young, I hold.
Decorating, now a solo endeavor,
Once a family joy that lasted forever.

On Christmas Day, you shine so bright,
A twinkling display, a festive delight.
Yet, as the year wanes and it’s almost February,
Packing you up, a task I must carry.

O Christmas Tree - Christmas

9. Title: “Love Came Down at Christmas”

Love descended at Christmas,
Pure and lovely, Divinely vast.
Born amid the festive cheer,
Star and angels signaled clear.

Worship the Godhead, Love Divine,
Jesus, our Savior, in humble shine.
Let our hearts adore and align,
With the sacred love that does entwine.

Love, the token we shall bear,
Yours and mine, a gift to share.
To God and all, let love declare,
A plea, a sign, a joy to wear.

Christmas whispers of love so fine,
A timeless gift, a bond divine.
In this season, may love define,
The essence of the grand design.

Love Came Down at Christmas - Christmas

10. Title: “Christmas Eve with St. Nicholas”

On Christmas Eve, silence filled the house,
Not a creature stirred, not even a mouse.
Stockings hung with care by the chimney so near,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would appear.

Children nestled in beds snug and tight,
Dreaming of sugarplums, pure delight.
Mama in her ‘kerchief, I in my cap,
Settled our brains for a long winter’s nap.

Out on the lawn, arose a clatter,
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.
To the window, I flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

The moon on the snow, a lustrous display,
Gave the lustre of midday to the objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature sleigh, and eight tiny reindeer.

Christmas Eve with St. Nicholas - Christmas

11. Title: “Toyful Christmas Tree Delight”

This Christmas tree, a festive sight,
Loaded with toys, a pure delight.
Blocks and arks, in hues so true,
Popguns painted red and blue.

No pine-cones solemn in their array,
But horns of silver and sacks of candy sway.
Tinsel hearts, cherubs pink, and jacks that leap,
A vibrant spectacle, a joy to keep.

For every child, a hopeful dream,
The doll atop, a cherished theme.
Yet all the gifts, a shared delight,
In the glow of candles, we unite.

Behold this scene, a gift for you,
A Christmas tree, adorned anew.
With toys and lights, we make our vow,
To share the joy, here and now.

Toyful Christmas Tree Delight - Christmas

12. Title: “A Christmas Family Tapestry”

Auntie Flo spins her tale each year,
Of a newlywed Christmas, oh so dear.
But as she speaks, attention strays,
No one’s really listening, in holiday daze.

Uncle Fred snores on the sofa sound,
Mother yawns, having cooked all around.
Dad pieces Lego with a furrowed frown,
Eddy scowls; it’s his gift to own.

Chaos reigns with lights that dance,
Grandpa disturbed by every chance.
Grandma knits, the cat content,
In this festive scene, different events.

Susan, eyes fixed on the screen,
Sings ‘The Sound of Music’ with joyous sheen.
Auntie praises the turkey feast,
While Grandpa claims he’s had the least.

A Christmas Family Tapestry - Christmas

13. Title: “Merry Christmas, Mom”

For the gifts under the tree, so grand,
And times you picked up after me, so unplanned.
Tucked in tight, we talked through the night,
Your love a constant, a comforting light.

Days of feeling down, you turned my frown,
Cookies baked, stockings stuffed, never a letdown.
Through scraped knees and pillows fluffed,
You healed the cuts, made the rough smooth.

From training wheels to favorite meals,
Through elementary days, your guidance appeals.
Enduring preteen years with laughs and tears,
Your love surpassed the passing years.

For the love during times so tough,
Creating memories, tender and enough.
Merry Christmas, dear Mom, so true,
To the memories we’ve had and those yet due.

Merry Christmas, Mom - Christmas

14. Title: “There’s More to Christmas”

Christmas holds much more, you see,
Beyond candle-light and revelry.
It’s the spirit of friendship dear,
Brightening every day, every year.

In thoughtfulness and kindness shown,
Hope blooms anew, a seed is sown.
For peace and understanding to mend,
Goodwill to all, a message to send.

Beyond the cheer, there lies a theme,
A deeper meaning in the festive dream.
A season that calls for hearts to soar,
Embracing love, forevermore.

So, let’s celebrate with joy and glee,
The essence of Christmas, pure and free.
In friendship, kindness, and goodwill,
May the spirit endure, and hearts fulfill.

There's More to Christmas - Christmas

15. Title: “Divine Melodies of Christmas Joy”

A song resounded at Christmas,
In the stillness of the midnight bliss.
Announcing a Savior’s wondrous birth,
Bringing peace to all, filling the Earth.

Praises to God on high we raise,
In awe of the love that grace conveys.
The angels’ hymn, a celestial sound,
Echoed through realms, all around.

In harmonious joy, the hosts above,
Joined the chorus of divine love.
Still, we sing of the newborn King,
His glory and love forever spring.

A Christmas song, timeless and true,
Connects our hearts to the heavenly view.
With each verse, the echoes linger,
A melody of hope, a love that’s bigger.

Divine Melodies of Christmas Joy - Christmas

16. Title: “Christmas Across the Winter World”

Across the winter world this eve,
Chimes resound, a Christmas weave.
Singing songs we both hold dear,
Under shared stars, drawing near.

Trimming my tree with memories bright,
One shining star, a guiding light.
Wreaths of faith for all to see,
Glimpsing beyond now, full of glee.

As we navigate this time apart,
A candle in my heart, a constant art.
Sharing the season, though miles away,
United in spirit, this Christmas day.

In the silence that separates our space,
Feel the warmth of love’s embrace.
The melodies we both hold dear,
Echo softly, drawing near.

Christmas Across the Winter World - Christmas

Christmas is indeed a time to make merry; sing songs and get high on laughter. But there’s one activity that blends most with the event- poetry reading. Everyone is seated at the fireplace, ears all twitched granting attention, while eyes remain cresent as smile in appreciation of the merry season.

Share these Christmas Poems with your family and friends and watch the spirit of Christmas come to life.

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