Fathers Day Poems

Fathers Day Poems – 10 Poems from Kids to Fathers to Express Love

Fathers Day Poems are poems that kids can use to their love for their fathers. Few things are sweeter than receiving a heartfelt poem from a child. Help your son or daughter create a gift that will bring a smile to Dad’s face on Father’s Day.

Whether you’re looking for a Father’s Day poem for preschoolers to use in a card or ideas for Father’s Day kid poems to write, these poems can inspire you.

Let’s take a look at these poems right away.

1. Title: “Honored to Have You Has My Father

Patient, kind, honest, and so strong,
You’ve stood by me my whole life long.
All that a child could ever need,
Enduring every stunt with gentle heed.

Calling you Dad is more than a label,
The best, in a way that’s truly admirable.
To claim you as mine is a genuine honor,
For there’s no fatherhood finer or warmer.

In moments of joy or when tears may fall,
You’ve been my support through it all.
With love that’s boundless, steadfast, and true,
Dad, I’m grateful for all that you do.

Through ups and downs, you’re a guiding star,
A beacon of wisdom, no matter how far.
In this journey of life, through every chapter,
You remain my hero, my everlasting factor.

Honored to Have You Has My Father - Fathers Day Poems

2. Title: “To a Terrific Dad

To a dad who is terrific,
To a dad who’s real neat,
To a dad who makes the best of things,
Even when they’re not so sweet!

To a dad who’s growing older,
To a dad who’s going gray,
To a dad who just gets smarter,
It would seem from day to day!

To a dad who has potential,
To a dad who is the best,
To a dad who’s been successful,
And who drowns out all the rest!

To a dad I call father,
To a dad who’s held it through,
To a dad I’ll love forever,
Because Dad, you know it’s YOU!

To a Terrific Dad - Fathers Day Poems

3. Title: “When You’re Old With Dentures

Dad you’ve always cared for me,
When I bumped my head or scratched my knee,
You’ve been amazing, you’ve been the best,
So I’ve got something to suggest.

One day I’ll take care of you,
When you’re old with dentures too.
And if you need a cane to walk,
Then I’ll walk slow so we can talk.

You can relax and rest your head,
I’ll bring you breakfast in your bed.
And if your hip has pains and aches,
I’ll bring you tea and bake you cakes.

I won’t care how old you ,
To me you’ll always be a star,
I’ll love you more Dad, anyway,
So have a Happy Father’s Day!

When You’re Old With Dentures - Fathers Day Poems

4. Title: “Life Lessons”

You thought I missed your cues,
Or assumed I hadn’t heard the news,
Life lessons you shared with me,
But every word, Dad, I guarantee.

Maybe you believed I’d overlook it all,
That we’d drift and slowly fall,
Yet, Dad, I absorbed every part,
It’s engraved forever on my heart.

Without you, Dad, I wouldn’t be,
The person standing here, strong and free.
You laid a foundation, steadfast and true,
That no one can ever undo.

I’ve embraced your values as I grew,
Grateful for the wisdom that I drew.
So here’s to you, dear father,
From your forever grateful daughter.

Life Lessons - Fathers Day Poems

5. Title: “I’m Happy You’re My Dad”

In your presence, safety surrounds me,
Activities you share, setting my spirit free.
You enhance my life, making it better,
The finest father, none can be greater.

Grateful to call you my Dad,
I want to express, and I’m so glad,
I love you, Dad, on this special day,
Wishing you a Happy Father’s Day!

Your guidance and care, a constant embrace,
Moments shared, leaving a lasting trace.
You make every day a joyful display,
Happy Father’s Day, in every way.

Through everything, you’ve been my guide,
In your love and wisdom, I take pride.
Thanks for being there in every way,
Happy Father’s Day, today and always.

I'm Happy You're My Dad - Fathers Day Poems

6. Title: “Terrific Father”

You’re a dad, excelling in every role,
Fatherly duties, under your control.
Deserving of a celebration so grand,
For being the terrific father you stand.

In your care, we find strength,
Your guidance goes to great length.
A wonderful job, you continue to do,
Happy Father’s Day, we salute you.

With every challenge, you rise above,
Your love and support, an endless trove.
Our respect for you, we proudly convey,
Happy Father’s Day, in every way!

Through laughter and tears, you lead,
In every moment, your actions speak.
Admiration for the dad you are,
Happy Father’s Day, you’re our shining star.

Terrific Father - Fathers Day Poems

7. Title: “The Perfect Father”

I love you as my father, that’s true,
Yet, you mean more, it’s clear to view.
A guide and companion in life’s explore,
With you, rapport and connection galore.

You lend an ear to my thoughts and voice,
Words of wisdom, your precious choice.
In times of trouble, your plan is grand,
The perfect father, I’m your biggest fan!

Through every challenge, you stand tall,
Your love and support never small.
A role model, steady and strong,
In your presence, I truly belong.

Your lessons shape me, day by day,
Guiding me along life’s winding way.
With gratitude, I openly declare,
You’re the perfect father, beyond compare.

The Perfect Father - Fathers Day Poems

8. Title: “Hero Dad”

You are my hero, Dad,
You’re my secure foundation.
When I think of you, I’m filled with love
And fond appreciation.

You make me feel protected;
I’m sheltered by your care.
You’re always my true friend; and Dad,
When I need you, you’re always there.

You have a place of honor
Deep within my heart.
You’ve been my superhero, Dad,
Right from the very start.

In life’s dance, as new chapters start,
Your lessons echo, a timeless art.
With thanks and love, my heart imparts,
You’re the melody in all life’s charts.

Hero Dad - Fathers Day Poems

9. Title: “Star Dad”

I love you, Dad, with a heart that’s true,
Your love accompanies me in all I pursue.
In times of trouble, your support persists,
The ways you’ve aided me, numerous to list.

Your wisdom and guidance light my path,
Grateful for you, as each day I amass.
I don’t express it as often as I should,
In my cosmos, you’re brightest, the good.

You’re my anchor, my guiding light,
In your love, everything feels just right.
So here’s to you, Dad, with love from afar,
You’re my constant, my shining star.

In your laughter, joy and comfort reside,
A melody of warmth, a soothing guide.
Through the years, your love has grown,
A foundation on which my own is sown.

Star Dad - Fathers Day poems

10. Title: “My Superhero”

Dad, I’m fond of Batman’s cape,
Superman’s might, his heroic shape.
But truth be told, I don’t need them, it’s true,
As long as I have a superhero like you.

Iron Man’s suits, heroes on the screen,
Captivate my imagination, make me dream.
Yet, none compare to you, Dad, that’s clear,
You’re not fantasy; you’re ever so near.

You’re my real action hero, strong and true,
The role model I look up to, that’s you.
You are the ultimate superhero, can’t you see?
Dad, you’re the superhero that inspires me.

With every challenge, you wear your cape,
Facing life’s battles with a love that’s great.
You’re not just a character in a fantasy,
Dad, you’re my real-life superhero, eternally.

My Superhero - Fathers Day Poems

Father’s Day is not as respected and popularly observed as Mother’s Day. There is a simple reason for this. Although almost everyone has difficult issues with their mothers, there is no doubt as to their mother’s love.

The same is not true for fathers. Because men have a more difficult time expressing their feelings to their children, many children go through life with the mistaken notion that their fathers don’t love them.

This is a tragedy because fathers generally love their children dearly and often work long hours so that they can raise their children in comfort.

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