Poems about God

Poems about God – 15 Poems that Will Renew Your Faith in God

To embrace faith in God is to embrace the illogical, to foster a positive mindset that holds a belief in a caring deity beyond human comprehension.

Belief in the universe or in oneself, especially after repeated setbacks, is a courageous act that embodies faith. It means rising to confront one’s fears and trusting that, in the face of any challenge or obstacle, God’s assistance is ever-present.

Faith is the choice to persist in believing, even when we’ve stumbled a thousand times, that the next attempt can lead to success. It’s a testament to the enduring human spirit.

1. Title: “Renewing the Mind”

Renewing the mind, a daily quest,
To nurture faith, we give our best,
For within its depths, we find the key,
To grow in grace, and truly be free.

With each sunrise, a chance to renew,
To cleanse our hearts, both old and new,
A transformation, a divine design,
Guiding our steps, as we intertwine.

So daily we strive, without delay,
To walk the path, to trust and obey,
For in the mind’s renewal, we truly find,
A way to leave the old world behind.

With each new dawn, our spirits are set free,
To grow in faith, and in His grace decree.
Mind renewing, a daily, blessed chore,
In God’s embrace, we’ll wander nevermore.

Renewing the Mind - Poems About God

2. Title: “When Faith Awakens”

At times, my faith appears
In the depths of hibernation,
As if it embarked on a journey,
Seeking winter’s fascination.

Though I sense it’s alive and well,
Its growth remains unseen,
Like the stream of living water,
Stilled in a tranquil sheen.

Occasionally, my faith seems
Entangled in an icy shroud,
A frozen, numbing sensation,
Dousing its fervent crowd.

Though I’m aware of its presence,
Its fullness eludes my grasp,
As if the well of life’s essence,
Lost its radiant clasp.

When Faith Awakens - Poems About God

3. Title: “A Call for Spiritual Revival”

Awaken us from sin’s deep sleep,
Revive our souls, make whole,
Bring forth a mighty transformation,
Reignite the fervent souls.

With hearts of stone, we’ve wandered far,
Yet Jesus waits to free,
Forgive, redeem, and mend our lives,
A new dawn let us see.

Open our eyes, remove the veil,
Let Jesus’ light break through,
Heal our minds, renew our faith,
In Him, we find what’s true.

The time is now, we must arise,
Revival, our soul’s survival,
Before the day of Jesus’ return,
We seek a spiritual awakening.

A Call for Spiritual Revival - Poems About God

4. Title: “Convenient God”

Is God a part-time friend when troubles arise?
Crafting life alone, ignoring His skies.
He waits, knowing needs, without a plea,
Offering guidance, will you set Him free?

He knows your heart, your goals, your quest,
Yet waits for your call, He knows what’s best.
But when you reach your goals, does pride reside?
Or do you still seek Him by your side?

Youthful vigor, dreams ablaze,
Success and health in life’s maze.
But one day contentment hides,
Worldly allure leaves hearts in tides.

Seeking solace, a better way,
Church suggests a brighter day.
There, God waits patiently,
Knowing your need, He sets hearts free.

Convenient God - Poems About God

5. Title: “Our First Love”

To our First Love, we must return,
In everlasting grace, let hearts burn.
Seeking God’s face with earnest plea,
Restored and healed, in His mercy we’ll be.

Repent from sins, in His light confess,
With all our soul, seek His righteousness.
Turn to the Word for path and direction,
Return to our Love, His love’s perfection.

Lift hearts and minds, surrender each part,
To God, our First Love, give all we are.
In His embrace, we shall find our goal,
Whole once more, with Him, our souls extol.

With open hearts, we’ll seek His embrace,
Our First Love’s warmth, His boundless grace.
For in His love, we’ll forever abide,
In His embrace, our hearts will reside.

Our First Love - Poems About God

6. Title: “A New Heart”

Lord, I thank You deeply,
For this heart You’ve graced to me.
Gone is the cold and stony part,
Replaced with this new, loving heart.

You’ve carved out the old, You’ve shown,
In me, Your Son’s image brightly shone.
My disbelief transformed by Your divine art,
Now a heart of flesh, not of worldly heart.

You’ve molded in me a brand new soul,
Shaping me daily in Your perfect role.
May I, in Your likeness, faithfully be,
Thank You for this heart that’s free.

You’ve melted my old heart of stone,
Bestowed this new one to make Your love known.
With this heart, I’ll play my part,
Spreading Your love to every heart.

A New Heart - Poems About God

7. Title: “Is there a God?

If stars above were His design,
The Author of life’s grand design,
With wisdom vast and watchful eyes,
Does God perceive our lows and highs?

Yet, He allows our free will’s play,
Though choices sometimes lead astray,
Accused of blame for all we do,
God’s grace and love remain true.

So, know that God awaits our call,
His love for us, unbound by all,
With open arms, He’s there to guide,
In Him, our trust shall safely bide.

In doubt or faith, we find our way,
In God’s embrace, our fears allay.
As we seek Him, we will find,
His presence, loving and so kind.

Is There a God? - - Poems About God

8. Title: “Wisdom in Adversity”

Adversity is life’s great school,
Its lessons are profound and cool.
In babbling brooks, in skies so blue,
There’s wisdom there for me and you.

Disasters, too, have purpose clear,
They help us conquer every fear.
Stepping-stones across life’s streams,
Guiding us towards our dreams.

Sorrow’s hand can oft conceal,
A blessing deep, a hidden zeal.
The clouds above are not just strife,
But angels’ wings, guiding life.

If God is true, and right is might,
Though blame and shame may take their flight.
Stand firm, embrace the glowing light,
In every day and every night.

Wisdom in Adversity - Poems About God

9. Title: “Divine Providence

God is around and with us all the time,
Making the soul a most glorious clime;
Watching o’er the heart with a mighty power,
And keeping it from danger, hour by hour.

A general Providence, in the sky;
A special Providence, and strangely nigh!
We love to think He rules by laws so old
The years they’ve lasted, none can now unfold.

And yet we feel so mighty is his love,
Each name is written in the ” Book” above.
God wound up the world from the start, we know,
But each day his life makes it onward go.

I see Him ruling on the throne of light!
I know each hour He makes my life more bright.
I do not lose my God in the dim space,
Every instant I feel his blessed grace.

Divine Providence - - Poems About God

10. Title: “Ever-Present Comfort

When chaos reigns and storms draw near,
I turn to You, dispel my fear.
In Your embrace, sweet peace I see,
For in my troubles, Lord, You’re with me.

You rescue me from deepest woe,
Your comfort like a river’s flow.
You mend my wounds, my soul’s terrain,
With Your refreshing, healing rain.

In times of joy and spirits high,
You raise me up to touch the sky.
In Your presence, I am free,
For in all moments, You’re there for me.

In gratitude, I lift my voice,
In Your love, I’ll always rejoice.
With You beside me, I am strong,
In Your embrace, I truly belong.

Ever-Present Comfort - Poems About God

11. Title: “Unwavering Faith

God’s love sets me free,
My victory song it becomes to be.
Sufficient grace, His gift to me,
In His strength, I stand strong, you see.

Imperfect I am, that’s clear,
On my own, I’d live in fear.
Mistakes I’ve made, shed a tear,
But His love embraces, draws me near.

Through life’s struggles, I press on,
No cause for alarm, His grace upon.
Thoughts of peace, in Him I’m drawn,
His work in me, the dawn of a new dawn.

In God’s hands, I’m truly blessed,
Flawed, but loved, in His arms I rest.
His perfect plan, by faith, I invest,
Trusting, obeying, in Him, I’m truly blest.

Unwavering Faith - Poems About God

12. Title: “Revive My Soul, O Lord”

Revive my soul, O Lord,
Ignite Your will within,
Renew the love I’ve known,
Let my heart truly begin.

Revive my soul, O Lord,
Fast-track my weary hope,
Grant me strength in trials,
Help me bravely climb the slope.

Revive my soul, O Lord,
Stir up my fervent quest,
Set my spirit ablaze,
With love for You, I’m blessed.

Revive my soul, O Lord,
Breathe life into my core,
So in Your righteous ways,
I’ll sense and seek them more.

Revive My Soul, O Lord - Poems About God

13. Title: “Renewed Each Day”

I could’ve lost heart,
from life’s troubles, drift apart.
Faith and hope could’ve slipped away,
But daily renewal kept them at bay.

Under the pressure, I might have caved,
Amidst my tears, hope might’ve waved.
Crushed under the load, I’d have sighed,
Left the road less traveled, cast aside.

But I kept my focus, each day’s start,
For in You, Lord, I found my heart.
Renewed with each dawn’s gentle hue,
My strength regained, my spirit anew.

With every sunrise, my faith’s restored,
In Your grace, I stand assured.
Renewed each day, I’ll press on through,
For with You, Lord, my hope’s ever true.

Renewed Each Day - Poems About God

14. Title: “Divine Threads”

In the tapestry of life, a divine thread is spun,
God’s hand weaves the story of everyone.
With love and grace, our lives entwine,
Guiding us through this grand design.

In the chaos world, we often lose our way,
But God’s compass guides us, night and day.
A source of strength, our eternal light,
God’s presence comforts through day and night.

We are children of the divine, each unique,
In God’s image, we are formed, so to speak.
With open hearts, our souls aligned,
God’s love and humanity forever intertwined.

In the journey of life, through joy and strife,
God’s love connects us, the source of life.
With unwavering faith, we stand hand in hand,
In the embrace of the divine, we’ll understand.

Divine Threads - Poems About God

15. Title: “Eternal Embrace”

Within the sphere of love, Grace does gleam,
A love beyond measure, a heavenly dream.
With open hearts, our souls take their flight,
In the limitless love of eternal light.

God’s love, a beacon in our darkest night,
Guiding us with mercy and pure insight.
In every heartbeat, in each breath we take,
God’s love surrounds us, never to forsake.

Unconditional, this love does flow,
A river of compassion, where hearts aglow.
In God’s embrace, we find our peace,
A love that never wanes, it will never cease.

Love binds us all, a sacred, endless stream,
In God’s embrace, we find the sweetest dream.
His love, a force that unites, so pure,
In God’s love, we find our strength to endure.

Eternal Embrace - Poems About God

In summary, these poems about faith in God teach us that faith isn’t just about being logical. It’s about having a positive mindset and believing in a higher power.

Faith is about staying strong, even when things get tough, and knowing that God is always with us on our journey. It’s about never giving up, no matter how many times we’ve failed, and believing we can succeed in our next try.

These poems aim to remind you of God’s incredible love, and I hope they’ve done just that. Thanks for reading!

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