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Poem on Nature – 15 Poems About Earth’s Beauty and Wonder

Nature Poems are attractive verses that appreciate the beauty of our world and the amazing things you can find in it.

These poems will show you the lovely colors of plants and animals, the special connection between humans and nature, how our planet is amazing, and they will encourage you to think about the closeness of humans and nature.

Below are selections of poems that uncover the world of nature through the wonder of words.

1. Title: “Nature’s Endless Embrace”

In pursuit of the setting sun’s delight,
Chasing joy from morning until night.
Moonlit night, serene and rare,
A quiet gaze, the world we share.

Leaves above, a verdant weave,
Imagining dreams where they interleave.
Raindrops touch, the golden grain,
Glistening wonders, nature’s gentle reign.

Serenading a flower, lost in its sway,
Time escapes in a blissful array.
Hidden treasures, nature’s endless pleasure,
In this lifelong bond, we find our treasure.

With nature as our guide, we walk hand in hand,
Exploring the wonders of this magnificent land.
In every sunrise, in each twilight’s hue,
Nature’s beauty and love forever renew.

Nature's Endless Embrace - Poem on Nature

2. Title: “My Wooded World”

As a child, I’d sit and contemplate,
In the forest’s beauty, my soul found peace.
Branches swayed, winds whispered, a fate,
It seemed the woods called me to release.

As I grew, they became my retreat,
The woods my world, a realm to explore.
Imagination, creativity, so sweet,
In their embrace, I found so much more.

My sanctuary, problems dissipate,
The woods shielded me from life’s strain.
Branches embraced, held love innate,
Animals paused, as if to share my terrain.

In those woods, I thrived and felt free,
They beckon me now, as they did then.
In their embrace, I felt love’s decree,
As your love once surrounded me, back when.

My Wooded World - Poem on Nature

3. Title: “Our Mother Earth

As I tread upon the land so wide,
I see a world of wonders unfold.
Birds in flight, high in the sky they glide,
And amidst the blooms, the buzz of bees, so bold.

The morning sun, rising over hills so grand,
Snow-clad peaks, like silver crowns they gleam.
Waves caress cliffs, sea and land,
Waterfalls cascade, like a river’s dream.

Walking the night beach, a gentle breeze does blow,
Whispering love and peace, in soft, slashing sound.
The moon, a golden orb, casting its radiant glow,
With every step, in awe, the world is found.

I kneel to thank Mother Earth, so dear,
In this wondrous land, a joy to be.
For truth and pleasure, both are here,
Living in this paradise, feeling so free.

Our Mother Earth - Poem on Nature

4. Title: “Nature’s Endless Gifts”

Do we truly grasp and realize
The gifts we’re blessed to hold?
Heaven’s endless, gracious prize,
A beauty story unfolds.

Rainbows spanning the open skies,
Radiant hues they bestow,
Clouds that drift, with no disguise,
In every direction they go.

Night adorned with countless stars,
Twinkling in the velvet night,
The moon, traveling near and far,
Illuminates the dark with its light.

Early dawn, beauty unsurpassed,
A morning’s gift unsurpassed,
The sun sets as the day is cast,
In its glowing warmth, we bask.

Nature's Endless Gifts - Poem on Nature

5. Title: “Nature’s Peace and Joy”

In nature’s embrace, find inner peace,
A positive realm where worries decrease.
Golden mornings, sunrise so bright,
Dark nights, shifting moonlight’s gentle light.

Feel the winds, a soothing sound in your ears,
Relax, release your deepest fears.
Morning brings bird songs, sweet and clear,
Let them greet you, their language hear.

Feel each raindrop, a healing embrace,
Easing pain and strain with its grace.
Shimmering leaves on the tree’s green seas,
Stay calm, release your worries with ease.

Clouds wander free in the endless sky,
Happiness, too, has lows and highs, oh my.
But like nature’s beauty, it’ll never die,
Find joy in each moment, reach for the sky.

Nature's Peace and Joy - Poem on Nature

6. Title: “The Tyger’s Enigma”

In the night’s deep, dark embrace,
Tyger burning, fierce in grace.
What immortal could design,
Thy fearful, fiery, grand outline?

What distant realms, skies so high,
Lit the flames within your eye?
On what wings dared he aspire?
To seize the fire, what hand’s desire?

What strength, what artful craft,
Twisted sinews, fierce and daft?
When your heart began to beat,
What hand and feet brought forth this feat?

The hammer, chain, and fiery forge,
In what furnace did your mind gorge?
What anvil and what deadly grasp,
Shaped the terrors in your clasp?

The Tyger's Enigma - Poem on Nature

7. Title: “The Wonder of Nature”

The world beyond, a wondrous space,
With countless marvels to embrace.
Where sounds and scents in harmony play,
A realm so free, day by day.

From the morning’s gentle, warming ray,
Inviting dreams to come what may.
Autumn breeze with a tender grace,
Whispers dawn’s sweet, endearing chase.

Birds twitter and in trees they sing,
Amid leaves’ fluttering, they take wing.
The earthy scent of autumn air,
Crunching leaves beneath our care.

Gazing upward, a boundless sky,
Blue or gray, rain or sun, oh my.
Feel the sweat on a scorching day,
Cool waters, in which we sway.

The Wonder of Nature - Poem on Nature

8. Title: “The Glorious Rocky Mountains”

The mountains, majestic in their prime,
A rugged beauty, a realm so sublime.
Where snow crowns peaks, pristine and high,
And from their melt, swift creeks run nigh.

Spruce, cottonwood, aspen, and pine,
Beneath mountain tree lines, they entwine.
Bear, mountain lion, and sheep’s traces,
In various mountain nooks, their places.

Meadows bloom with wildflowers’ grace,
Elk and deer wander, in vast embrace.
Jagged ridges in rock’s formation,
Create colors in splendid variation.

Views so picturesque and grand,
A mountain realm, a wondrous land.
It’s well worth a visit, take my hand,
In this mountain paradise, let’s stand.

The Glorious Rocky Mountains - Poem on Nature

9. Title: “Whispers of Falling Snow”

From the depths of boundless Air so high,
Clouds unfold, a silent lullaby.
Over woodlands, brown and sere,
Above forsaken fields, void of cheer.

In our thoughts, a form does take,
Divine expressions, as we wake.
The troubled heart, in white’s confession,
Reveals its grief in silent expression.

This is the poem of the tranquil air,
In silent syllables, its tale to bear.
A secret of despair, within it sealed,
Now to wood and field, its truth revealed.

Snow descends with soft and gentle grace,
Nature’s quiet, white and pure embrace.
A world transformed, in hushed descent,
Whispering secrets to the earth’s extent.

Whispers of Falling Snow - Poem on Nature

10. Title: “Nature’s Tranquil Gift”

Of this simple beauty, we must take heed,
For in rain’s touch, there’s solace in our need.
A reminder that in nature’s gentle embrace,
We find tranquility and boundless grace.

The falling rain, a dance on hill and plain,
In each drop, a story, a transient reign.
It quenches Earth’s thirst with nurturing care,
A gift from the heavens, beyond compare.

As raindrops whisper on the rooftop’s expanse,
They lull us into a peaceful, dreamful trance.
Amid the darkness, a comforting light,
Guides us through the night, ’til morning’s sight.

A symphony of droplets, a gift from above,
Nature’s cleansing touch, a testament to love.
In the quiet moments as the rain gently showers,
We find in its simplicity, life’s tranquil hours.

Nature's Tranquil Gift - Poem on Nature

11. Title: “Yellow in Nature’s Hand”

Nature rarer uses yellow
Than another hue;
Saves she all of that for sunsets,
Prodigal of blue.

Spending scarlet like a woman,
Yellow she affords
Only scantly and selectly,
Like a lover’s words.

Then, perhaps, you’ll find some beauty
In the color yellow’s grace,
In the sunsets’ golden glory
And a lover’s soft embrace.

So let yellow be the treasure,
A hue both rare and sweet,
In nature’s grand, unfolding canvas,
A lover’s words, a sunlit treat.

Yellow in Nature's Hand - Poem on Nature

12. Title: “Nature’s Simple Symphony”

Nature, before our eyes, unveiled and free,
The Hill, the Afternoon, pure simplicity,
Squirrel, Eclipse, the Bumble bee,
Nay, Nature is like a glimpse of Heaven’s decree.

Nature, in whispers and songs to hear,
The Bobolink’s trill, the Sea so clear,
Thunder’s might, and the Cricket’s plea,
Nay, Nature is a harmonious symphony.

Nature, what we know, words fall short,
Our wisdom humble, her beauty our fort,
Impotent we stand in her grand array,
Yet her simplicity guides us on our way.

Nature, a celestial mystery, profound,
In the Hill, Afternoon, and natural sounds,
Squirrel, Eclipse, and the Bumble bee,
In her simplicity, we find harmony.

Nature's Simple Symphony - Poem on Nature

13. Title: “Ode to Nature’s Grace”

Nature’s beauty, so much fun,
A gift from God for everyone.
Love it or hate it, it’s a part of life,
Nature, our world, amid joy and strife.

We cherish nature, water, and feed,
In its embrace, our spirits are freed.
Nature nurtures us, it’s a two-way street,
A divine gift, making life complete.

We can’t survive without its grace,
In nature’s arms, we find our place.
With flowers and weeds, it does teem,
Nature’s a part of us, like a vivid dream.

So let’s embrace the beauty and the green,
In the realm of nature, we’re always seen.
From flowers to weeds, it’s all of our worth,
Nature, the heartbeat of our Earth.

Ode to Nature's Grace - Poem on Nature

14. Title: “Nature’s Morning Embrace”

When the beautiful morning comes to play,
The rising sun kisses her with a gentle ray.
Nature’s garden opens its heart, so wide,
Flowers embrace her, in nature’s loving stride.

The trees dance to the wind’s joyful tune,
Birds sing in harmony, under the sun and moon.
Nature’s gentleness fills every measure,
Earth gets wet, in the embrace of weather’s treasure.

As nature humbles itself, vastness aside,
God shows her place, on this earthly ride.
Let’s thank God for this wondrous creation’s cheer,
Our eyes behold Nature, so precious and dear.

In the realm of dawn, where beauty unfurls,
The world dances to the music of the squirrels.
In this tapestry of life, nature takes the lead,
A gift from God, a treasure indeed.

Nature's Morning Embrace - Poem on Nature

15. Title: “A Symphony of Nature’s Beauty”

Sounds of singing birds at early morn,
A beauty in life, by nature born.
Waves caress the sand, a loving hand,
Embracing lovers, on the placid strand.

Flowers’ scent paints smiles on every face,
In nature’s love, we find a peaceful place.
Warmth and richness from heavenly rays,
Extract the best, in nature’s gentle blaze.

Night descends, the moon so softly tender,
Nature’s love and beauty, in surrender.
I lay my head, beneath the starry sky,
To nature’s lullaby, in quietude, I lie.

As the world dreams, in the moonlight’s grace,
Nature’s embrace, in this tranquil space.
Whispers of the night, a sweet goodbye,
To nature’s beauty, under the vast sky.

Poem on Nature

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