Poems for your Aunty That will Touch her Heart and Make a Good Read

Poems for your Aunty That will Touch her Heart and Make a Good Read.

Poems for your Aunty – Every member of the family has a unique role to play in the family unit. In every family these roles are different. A role that an aunt may play is that of helping parents getting along with their children.

Much like grandparents, an aunt is not subjectively involved in what happens in the family. She is often able to see things in a more objective way.

She can also build relationships with her nieces and nephews and give them a place for them to get away from the nuclear family for a while.

An aunt that is committed to her nieces and nephews can play an invaluable part in their lives.

Poems for your Aunty

1. Aunt Jane

When Aunt Jane died we hunted round,
And money everywhere we found.
How much I do not care to say,
But no death duties will we pay,
And Aunt Jane will be well content
We bilked the bloody Government.

While others spent she loved to save,
But couldn’t take it to her grave.
While others save we love to spend;
She hated us but in the end
Because she left no Testament
To us all her possessions went.

That is to say they did not find
A lawyer’s Will of any kind.
Yet there was one in her own hand,
A Home for Ailing Cats she planned.
Well, you can understand my ire:
Promptly I put it in the fire.

In misery she chose to die,
Yet we will make her money fly.
And as we mourn for poor Aunt Jane
The thought alleviates our pain:
Perhaps her savings in the end
Gave her more joy than we who spend.
– Poem by Robert William Service

2. Aunt Chloe’s Politics

Of course, I don’t know very much
About these politics,
But I think that some who run ’em,
Do mighty ugly tricks.

I’ve seen ’em honey-fugle round,
And talk so awful sweet,
That you’d think them full of kindness
As an egg is full of meat.

Now I don’t believe in looking
Honest people in the face,
And saying when you’re doing wrong,
That ‘I haven’t sold my race.’

When we want to school our children,
If the money isn’t there,
Whether black or white have took it,
The loss we all must share.

And this buying up each other
Is something worse than mean,
Though I thinks a heap of voting,
I go for voting clean.
– Poem by Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

3. Death Of An Aunt

She attracted fire
Like a piece of dry twig
Otherwise, it’s a routine act of cooking
In the ordinariness of a day
Lurked the fatal fire
Waiting for long years
To be ignited to caress her body
By and by embrace her in its fiery passion
Striking her right at the origin of life
As a child I was always surprised
How she could be my aunt—
Gruff voice like the opening of
A corrugated iron gate
Contracted muscles
Skin dry enough to attract fire(!)
Whenever we visited her
She always cooked at the same stove
In a kitchen that later turned into her last resting place
Wonder if her legs could ever open to welcome his seed
Childless, she left behind a husband
Who nursed her death on his paralytic hand
Into his own death
– Poem by indira babbellapati

4. Birthday Wishes For My Aunt

Often, we neglect
To tell those dearest,
How much they are appreciated.
But this is the best time
To Share my thoughts.

You are beautiful and special.
Talented and unique.
Deserving of life’s finest.

And for an aunt
Who has filled my life
With smiles and sunbeams—
Because you are so deserving—
I hope that your birthday
Is more than you could dream.

With lots of love
And countless hugs.
– Poem by Walterrean Salley

5. My Greatest Aunt

I’m so blessed
To have an aunt like you
Who is kind and always there
Whenever I feel depressed
And long for a real friend.
Knowing you’re here for me,
Thank you for the endless love.

But the truth is, I feel sad
‘Cause you’re far away to me now.
You know how much I miss you,
Care for you, and love you.
Although I’m sad,
I never feel bad.
Just as long as you’re safe now,
I’ll be happy for you.

I’m certain,
God will guide you all the while
And through the years to come
For you are, a wonderful person.
Even your newest friends in town
Will stand tall, as they’re proud.
They’ve found a true treasure
in their lives, that’s a friend!

Although you miss your children
Please, worry no more
‘Cause you raise them well
To become better people.
For this, I can say that
I’m your greatest fan
And you’re my greatest aunt.
– Poem by Alon Calinao Dy

Poems for your Aunty

6. My Auntie

When I was hopeless, you were there.
You picked me up; you showed me care.
Without the love you had for me
God only knows where I would be.

To me, you were a second mom,
a person I drew wisdom from.
In my corner every fight,
you always cared that things were right.

I won’t forget the things you’ve done.
I felt like your adopted son.
Ready now and feeling new,
I couldn’t leave not thanking you.
– Poem by George Naylor

Auntie I Can Always Count On You
Auntie I Can Always Count On You!
Auntie your are the best,
Your nothing like the rest,
You always brightening my day,
I hope you are here to stay,
You will always care,
Whenever I need you,
You are always there,
God has sent me someone like you,
And I love him for that too,
– Poem by Jonece

7. Ruby

Graceful fingers and wispy hair,
A prayer so soft you almost couldn’t hear.

But when she wanted, a voice loud and strong,
That would sing the most beautiful songs.

They gave her a month; she took five years,
And shocked all her peers.

But she wasn’t shocked, not one little bit,
And her prayer always was,

Till that minute, that time, that very last day,
God’s will be done, his way.
– Poem by Abbey Silent

These poems are written with deep emotions for aunties, Because of the Love the shower on us, these poems are written as a way of showing our feelings towards them.

We do hope you had a good read!.

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