Short Love Poems

Short Love Poems – 20 Poems about Emotion and Feeling

Sharing your love with your special someone in a heartfelt poem can make your relationship even better. Your partner will really like it when they read a beautiful poem that you’ve written just for them.

You don’t have to write a long poem to make it special. Even a short poem can be very powerful and full of romance.

Not everyone is great at putting together words and coming up with an amazing poetry piece. So we have put together a collection of some of the most impactful short love poems ever written.

1.  Title: “My True Love

Each day, I’ve battled this emotion’s surge,
It defies explanation, this tender urge.
I won’t hasten, nor hastily pretend,
Yet beyond friendship, our paths now blend.

You, my true love, in my heart, you reside,
I can’t deny the emotions inside.
A fervor, ablaze, deep within me burns,
This affection for you, in my heart, returns.

Growing stronger with each passing day,
In your presence, all worries melt away.
From dawn till dusk, in solitude’s embrace,
Your thoughts envelop me, a warm, safe place.

This love, it’s true, beyond mere fiction,
My heart’s aflame with ardent conviction.
To share my life with you, a lifelong vow,
For, in you, I’ve found my true love now.

My True Love - Short Love Poems

2. Title: “Love’s Paradoxical Path”

Love, thicker than forgetful minds,
Thinner than what recall unwinds.
Less frequent than the ocean’s foam,
Yet more common than failing to roam.

In its madness and moon’s delight,
Incomparable in the day or night.
Less it shall be than the boundless sea,
Which, itself, is deeper than eternity.

Love is less about conquering,
Never-ending, like a heart that’s still singing.
Bigger than the smallest start,
Yet smaller than a forgiving heart.

In its sanity, like the rising sun,
Eternal, and forever, it is the one.
More enduring than the highest sky,
A love that can never say goodbye.

Love's Paradoxical Path - Short Love Poems

3.  Title: “Shelter Of Love”

You’re love’s comforting embrace,
A refuge in life’s cold embrace.
When I’m chilled, seeking warmth’s trace,
I yearn for your love’s sheltering grace.

This season’s frost, the world feels bare,
Yet in your love, I find solace rare.
No blanket’s need, with you to care,
You’re the shelter of love beyond compare.

In passion’s ardor, we both belong,
You make me brave, you keep me strong.
My hope, my dream, in love, we throng,
I’ll patiently wait for where I belong.

Through each moment, come what may,
In your shelter of love, I’ll stay,
With you, I find my endless day,
In your embrace, forever and a day.

Shelter of Love - Short Love Poems

4.  Title: “My Heart’s Beloved”

In your eyes, I’m the one you’ve found,
You lift me up, never let me down.
Life’s mysteries, you patiently unfold,
Guiding me with a heart of gold.

Each day with you, a cherished delight,
You’ve shown me love in its purest light.
This poem’s a tribute, words long overdue,
To say, my dearest, my love is for you.

For all that you are, and all you’ve become,
You’re my shelter in the darkest storm.
With every beat of my heart, it’s spun,
In your arms, my love has found its home.

My love for you, it’s second to none,
Endless and true, you’re the only one,
In your embrace, my heart’s safely sewn,
With you, my love has truly grown.

My Heart's Beloved - Short Love Poems

5.  Title: “A Love what Will Prevail”

You and I were meant to be,
I’d give anything to have you with me.
For so long, you were out of sight,
But now that you’re here, it feels so right.

I’ll never leave your side, you’ll find,
Our connection’s strong, it’s one of a kind.
No matter the trials that we may face,
Together, in love, we’ll find our place.

Let’s make this time different, it’s true,
Pledge to keep our love forever true.
No force in the world, no matter how great,
Shall dim the love we celebrate.

Through every challenge, we will thrive,
In the warmth of our love, we’ll survive.
No matter what life may throw our way,
Side by side, we’ll find our brighter day.

A Love that Will Prevail - Short Love Poems

6.  Title: “Eternal Embrace of Time”

If time could yield to our embrace’s tether,
and hasten its plodding pace when we’re apart,
I could spend an eternity in your arms,
to savor love everlasting in my heart.

In your embrace, the hours turn to gold,
Every moment shared, a story to be told.
When we’re apart, the minutes slowly pass,
But reunited, our love’s eternal, steadfast.

Yet time, it marches on, never to delay,
In its ceaseless stride, it carries us away.
But in our love’s embrace, we’ll find our place,
A timeless bond, our hearts forever grace.

So, let’s make the most of the moments we hold,
In the warmth of your love, we’ll find solace untold.
Though time may move swiftly, it’s you I adore,
Our love’s everlasting, forever, and more.

Eternal Embrace of Time - Short Love Poems

7. Title: “Love’s Unspoken Melody”

If I had the words to express my love for you,
My joy would soar to the heavens, heartfelt and true,
Yet words, at times, stumble, failing to construe,
So in these verses, my emotions I imbue.

Your touch, your smile, your essence, so whole,
Enchant and captivate, they touch my very soul.
If one ambition could reside in my life’s role,
It’s to be with you forever, that’s my heartfelt goal.

In your presence, I find peace and sweet release,
A love that’s boundless, a sense of endless ease,
So I share these words, my love’s unceasing lease,
With you by my side, life’s troubles, they’ll decrease.

With each passing moment, our love does grow,
In your arms, I’ve found a place to call home.
Through words and actions, my love I’ll show,
In your heart, I’ve built a lasting, cherished dome.

Love's Unspoken Melody - Short Love Poems

8. Title: “The Love that Blurs Boundaries”

I loved you first, but then your love took flight,
Singing a loftier, more majestic song’s height.
It drowned the cooing of my gentle dove,
Which of us owed the other most in love?

My love was long, a patient, steady song,
Yours a moment, but it grew so strong.
I loved and dreamt of what you might be,
You loved me for what I was, you see.

Weight and measure can’t contain our love,
For love transcends what’s “mine” or “thine”.
In free love, “I” and “thou” cease to be,
Both are one, and one is both, don’t you see?

Love’s richness knows no bounds or divide,
It sees no “yours” or “mine” on love’s tide.
In the strength and length, our love does thrive,
Both of us, in love, are truly alive.

The Love that Blurs Boundaries - Short Love Poems

9.  Title: “The Minute I Heard My First Love Story”

The minute I heard my first love story told,
I began my search for you, both young and old,
But little did I know, my love, how bold,
Lovers don’t find, in distance or in tale, their gold.

For love resides within, a timeless guide,
In the silent echoes, by your side,
In the corners of our hearts, love does confide,
Lovers, since forever, have been each other’s pride.

The love we share, it’s a constant stream,
A lifelong journey, a sweet, endless dream,
In each other, we’re eternally bound, it seems,
Lovers don’t finally meet; it’s not what it may seem.

In love’s tender story, by destiny spun,
Two hearts as one, and love’s forever won,
In every line of verse, and every rising sun,
Lovers have always been, and always are, as one.

The Minute I Heard My First Love Story - Short Love Poems

10. Title: “Our Love”

L stands for the “laughter” we shared, you and I,
O, the “optimism” that never seemed to die.
V signifies the “value” of friendship so true,
E, for “eternity,” our love continues to renew.

Lively moments filled with joy, through night and day,
Optimism’s glow, in your presence, held sway.
The value of friendship, it knew no bounds,
In our hearts, a love that forever surrounds.

Eternal as the stars that grace the night sky,
Our bond, an endless journey, soaring high.
In the warmth of your love, there’s no pretense,
For us, it’s an “eternity” of love and recompense.

With each sunrise, our love’s a beautiful view,
This “romance” of ours is forever and true.
In life’s grand tapestry, our love’s the clue,
Boundless as the sky, in shades of every hue.

Our Love - Short Love Poems

11. Title: “All Because of You”

Because of you, my world is complete,
In your love, my soul finds a warm retreat.
With your presence, my eyes gleam with cheer,
The fear of parting, you’ve helped me to clear.

You’re my pillar, a rock so steadfast,
Through all seasons and times, our love will last.
Pure and boundless, it stretches through space and time,
Growing stronger each day, your love intertwined.

At the altar, with joy, I’ll say “I do” so true,
For now, I have it all, and it’s all because of you.
Our hearts united, a love that’s forever,
In your arms, I’ll falter, I’ll waver never.

With you, I’ve found what’s precious and rare,
A love so enduring, a bond we both share.
The journey ahead, with you by my side,
In your love, I’ll forever confide.

All Because of You - Short Love Poems

12. Title: “You Would Be Mine

If roses were crimson and violets a vivid hue,
I’d spirit us away to a world for just us two.
Where true colors shine, our feelings unveiled,
A love just for us, in each other, deeply held.

In our fortress of dreams, we’d laugh and play,
You’d be mine, and I yours, day after day.
Then I’d awaken, and reality draws near,
Just thoughts, dreams, and hopes, not you, my dear.

Now tears alone remain, as the truth appears,
In my heart’s quiet chamber, I’ll hold our yesteryears,
A love that was born in the depth of my dreams,
Though now it’s just echoes, or so it seems.

The roses may blush, and violets paint skies blue,
But the love we shared, forever I’ll keep true.
In realm of my thoughts, in my heart’s secret sphere,
You’ll dwell forever, though you’re not here.

You Would Be Mine - Short Love Poems

13.  Title: “Eternal Love’s Reflection”

If I believed this breath was my final embrace,
I’d pledge my love, beyond life’s bounds and space.
If I thought your face, the last I’d ever see,
Countless pictures I’d capture, a cherished treasury.

If your voice was the last to grace my ear,
I’d listen, hold on, letting no sorrow appear.
If your touch was the final sensation I’d know,
In your embrace, the truth of love would glow.

Should my heart’s final beat draw near in retreat,
I’d thank the heavens, our fateful chance to meet.
For if this were the end, my love, you should know,
In our time together, my heart’s learned to glow.

But let’s cherish this love, let life’s heartbeat be sweet,
In the moments we share, in the love we’ll repeat.
For today is a gift, in each other, we’re complete,
In our love’s warm embrace, forever we’ll greet.

Eternal Love's Reflection - Short Love Poems

14. Title: “Embrace of Love”

Thoughts of you surround me like a warm embrace,
You’re the rhythm of my heart, in every place.
The love you give defines me, sets me apart,
In your radiant love, my life is no longer dark.

Your hand, so sweet, it guides my way,
I’d be lost without you, should you ever stray.
You have me wholly, in your love I confide,
Cherishing you, night and day, side by side.

Without your breath, life loses its tune,
I need your lips on mine, like the sun and the moon.
There’s nothing I wouldn’t give, not one dime,
In your love, I find abundance, the richest prime.

In your arms, I’m eternally home,
Happy and proud, no need to ever roam.
Never alone, in each other, we confide,
With all my heart, I love you, no secrets to hide.

Embrace of Love - Short Love Poems

15. Title: “Before I Met You”

Before I met you, love was a distant art,
An empty canvas, a desolate, aching heart.
But everything changed when you crossed my view,
I realized you were the one, my love grew.

Always on my mind, a constant refrain,
Your humor and sweetness, they ease my pain.
You make me laugh, my joy renewed,
Replacing anger and sadness, my spirits pursued.

With every word from you, my strength wanes,
In your presence, my heart joyfully gains.
In the verses I craft, my love for you flows,
In the beauty of your essence, my passion shows.

It’s so clear now, my feelings are true,
Hopelessly in love, my heart belongs to you.
In your love’s embrace, my dreams take flight,
You are the sun that banishes my darkest night.

Before I Met You - Short Love Poems

16. Title: “I Love You”

I love you with my heart, pure and sincere,
I love you with my soul, holding you dear.
Though you may doubt, have faith, and trust,
My love’s steadfast and in it, I must.

My love runs deep, a river running through,
It’s unwavering, loyal, forever for you.
A love that won’t wither or start to decay,
Tell me now, darling, do you feel the same way?

In this love we’ve nurtured, let’s find our cue,
Together we’ll face whatever life may construe.
With hearts intertwined, in love, we’ll continue,
Tell me now, my love, is our affection true?

So let the truth unfurl, don’t keep it at bay,
In your heart, do you love me, is there a bright ray?
My love is steadfast, for you, it’s here to stay,
So tell me now, darling, don’t turn away.

I Love You - Short Love Poems

17. Title: “Moonlit Love”

When the moon graces your face with its gentle grace,
I sense the sun’s warmth, in your love’s embrace.
Your beauty calls me, your arms an inviting place,
In your soft hand’s touch, love finds its base.

For the first time, I understand love’s rhyme,
In your presence, a feeling so sublime.
Your heart, a touchstone, for those who seek,
With you by my side, happiness I shall reap.

In your eyes, a dreamlike reel,
Sometimes, it’s hard to believe this is real.
But in your love, I’ve found the real deal,
A love so profound, it’s impossible to conceal.

Your presence, a beacon, a love so ideal,
In your arms, my heart learns to heal.
With every glance, my emotions I reveal,
In the moon’s gentle light, our love’s appeal.

Moonlit Love - Short Love Poems

18. Title: “Let Me Love You in the Morning of Your Womanhood”

If you open your heart to me, my dear,
I’ll shape wonders from the clay, so clear,
The mold your parents carefully did make,
Together, we’ll create a life in our wake.

In the morning of your womanhood, I’ll be there,
To guide you, to nurture, to love, to care.
A better lady, together, you will become,
As we write the story of a love that’s wholesome.

Let your heart beat close to mine’s gentle call,
In your arms, we’ll find love’s sweet thrall.
The warmth of your breath, in my ear’s grace,
We’ll embrace life anew, in our love’s embrace.

In the morning of your womanhood, let’s embark,
As you become the lady of my night, a shining spark,
For all occasions and times, hand in hand,
We’ll traverse life’s journey, a love so grand.

Let Me Love You in the Morning of Your Woman - Short Love Poems

19.  Title: “The Way You Love Me”

I adore the way you call me beautiful and true,
How your laughter ignites a world just for us two.
You gently sweep my hair from my eyes,
Kiss my face with a love that truly belies.

In the park, your hands embrace my waist,
We watch sunsets, feel the ocean’s embrace.
You serenade me, random songs from your heart,
Your smile speaks of love, an unending art.

Your cologne’s scent lingers on my attire,
A reminder of moments that set our hearts on fire.
My favorite flowers, an “I LOVE YOU” card too,
Tokens of affection, all because of you.

You share your thoughts, your opinions unfold,
Not afraid to be open, your honesty, so bold.
You’re unafraid to show tears, to reveal,
The depth of your emotions, so genuinely real.

The Way You Love Me - Short Love Poems

20. Title: “Your Touch Means So Much”

Your touch means the world, my dearest love,
As we embrace with passion from above.
Blessed by God, our eternal bond is true,
In the realm of love, forever we’ll renew.

With passionate embrace, emotions ignite,
Our connection’s pure, a guiding light.
In this journey, as our souls entwine,
Love’s nexus of rebirth, our love shall shine.

Our love’s a beacon, God’s grace from the sky,
In our souls’ union, we soar so high.
As we touch and hold, our love’s proof,
A love that’s eternal, constant, and aloof.

With God’s blessing above, we’re forever bound,
In our love’s embrace, happiness is found.
In each other’s arms, we’ll always soothe,
This love we share, forever we’ll behoove.

Your Touch Means so Much - Short Love Poems

Making a habit of writing sincere poems can improve your chances with your crush or make your relationship with your partner better. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and respected.

To show your love, send short love poems regularly. Being a consistent and caring partner means more than a thousand poems. Keep showing your love through your actions and words.

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