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The 9 Best Cookbook Stands that Make Reading Recipes Easy

Are you tired of having to crane your neck to glance down at flat-layout recipes on the counter? Then this article is for you. Not only can using a dedicated cookbook stand improve your viewing angle, but some even shield the pages from accidents like spills and splatters.

Cookbooks provide us with knowledge of techniques, introduce us to novel ingredients, inspire us to broaden our palates, parody traditional methods, and promise us novel methods that will eventually become traditional.

Using a cookbook stand improves the cooking experience because it frees up both of your hands, allowing you to focus more on the recipe and less on holding the cookbook.

However, the best one for you will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your kitchen, your preferences for material and style, where you plan to put it, and how thick the book or tablet you need to hold.

Take a look at the best cookbook stands listed below for your requirements.

1. Best Farmhouse Style: Home Basics Cast Iron Moroccan Lattice Cookbook Stand Holder

cookbook holder

Any countertop will receive a vivid flash of color from this cast iron cookbook holder. The lattice pattern would be at home in a more modern setting, where it would add a little contrast, but it still looks well in a vintage kitchen.

The holder is solid regardless of how heavy your cookbooks are because of its high weight and non-slip feet that prevent it from rolling around on your countertop.

It won’t fold for storage as it is made of a single, solid piece of metal, but it would look nice on a shelf or laid on the counter.

It encourages good posture by holding reading material up and laying it at an angle to reduce neck and back pain.

It is made of sturdy cast iron with a tough enamel finish that resists stains and prevents scratching.

The book pages are kept open and wide and are stain-free thanks to two metal stoppers that hold the pages firmly in place.

Other outstanding features include a choice of two colors and coordinating accessories.

General Dimensions: 10.5 x 5.5 x 9 inches

Splatter Shield: No

Basic Component: Cast Iron

2. Best All-Wood Stand: Williams Sonoma Walnut Cookbook Holder

cookbook holder

This straightforward wooden stand may blend in nicely with the design of many kitchens because it is made of American walnut that has been responsibly harvested and clear-varnished.

It can accommodate most cookbooks at 12.75 inches wide, and the front lip helps prevent page flipping.

Standard cookbooks can be handled with ease, although they cannot be adjusted for excessively thick books. When the stand isn’t in use, the back brace can be folded up for minimal storage.

With this lovely cookbook holder, you can stay focused while cooking because it precisely props up the recipes for clear visibility.

It is made of American walnut and has a sleek design that adds a stylish flair to the kitchen counter without taking up much room.

Other outstanding features are that it is easy to store; it is appealing; durable, and has sustainably sourced materials.

General Dimensions: 12.75 x 8 x 7.5 inches

Splatter Shield: No

Basic Component: Walnut Wood

3. Best for Electronic Devices: Stump Stand

cookbook holder

A stand that can handle electronics is useful for meal planning and preparation because there are so many recipes available electronically.

Nearly any electronic item, from a mobile phone to a tablet, may be held securely by the Stump Stand because of its sturdy silicone construction and internal metal weight.

Because the silicone base is sticky and has grooves that allow for different viewing angles, it keeps your smartphone steady on the counter.

The Stump takes up little desk space with a 3.75-inch surface diameter. Given that it is available in five different hues, it complements any aesthetic.

It is simple to move and store because of its slim profile, which fits any size kitchen counter. The cherry on top of this flexible option is the cutout for your device’s home button.

With this robust, solid support, there are no moving parts to break, no adjustments or fumbling needed, and no sliding or scratching.

Other outstanding features are a textured base, a limited footprint, multiple angles of observation, and a highly versatile design for all electronic gadgets.

General Dimensions: 1.38 x 1.38 x 0.63 inches

Splatter Shield: No

Basic Component: Silicone/rubber

4. Best Overall: Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Cookbook Stand

cookbook holder

This cookbook stand is perfect for you if you’ve ever had to convert measures for recipes and had to put off the cooking in order to do so.

On the splatter shield of the Williams Sonoma Stainless Steel Cookbook Stand, there is a measurement conversion chart with weight, liquid, and dry conversions as well as metric equivalents inscribed.

It is impossible to emphasize this model’s contemporary elegance.

Most cookbooks and magazines can be placed on the base without them toppling over because it is made of brushed stainless steel and has a smooth curve.

This useful cookbook holder seamlessly blends form and function, preserving your favorite cookbooks in top condition for years of cooking to come.

It is made of sturdy materials, has a simple design, and includes a handy measuring reference chart.

Behind the scratch-resistant, tempered glass barrier are pages from cookbooks and recipes, and the stable base will keep everything in place as you cook.

Other outstanding features are a beautiful design, and it refuses to tip.

General Dimensions: 14 x 5 x 9.5 inches

Splatter Shield: Yes

Basic Component: Stainless Steel

5. Best Personalized Cookbook Holder: Sweet NC Collective Wood Cookbook Stand

cookbook holder

This personalized poplar stand is a gorgeous addition to any kitchen, whether it is empty or in use. It is a wonderful wedding, Mother’s Day, or just because present.

It may contain cookbooks, tablets, or even recipe cards and comes in three finishes (Weathered Gray, English Oak, or Walnut).

 Last name and date customization are included with the base model, but upgrades are also offered for even more customization.

Every stand is individually made in North Carolina. The brace may be removed and folded flat for storage.

Other outstanding features include: storing flats when folded and being handmade.

General Dimensions: 11 x 11 inches

Splatter Shield: No

Basic Component: Poplar

6. Best Bamboo: Wishacc Adjustable Bamboo Book Stand

cookbook holder

This cookbook holder would go nicely with your style if you have a bamboo cutting board or a few light-colored kitchenware pieces.

Depending on where you set the stand, the device you’re using, and the size of the book you’re reading, you can adjust the back to one of five different reading angles.

A pair of clips affixed to the front edge of the holder can hold the pages in place. It can be folded flat for simpler storage when not in use.

It is sturdy and composed of high-quality bamboo. Very thick books can be used because of the spring construction.

Other outstanding features include: it flattens to allow for simple storage; non-slip ground, and it can be adjusted.

General Dimensions: 11 x 0.39 x 8.5 inches

Splatter Shield: No

Basic Component: Bamboo

7. Best for Small Spaces: Yamazaki Home Cookbook and Tablet Stand

cookbook holder

You are aware of the frustration that comes with attempting to read your recipe while avoiding getting marinara on the page and holding a dripping mixing bowl precariously in one arm while looking down at your tablet.

This cookbook stand makes it easier. Small areas are ideal for this Japanese minimalist design.

With an ash wood top piece that provides a lovely design element, it is composed of white powder-coated steel for strength.

Books of any thickness or even objects as thin as a tablet can be easily accommodated by the essential base, which glides freely.

The sliding base enables books to be held at various viewing angles for optimal reading whether you’re making your favorite cake or following a step-by-step paella recipe.

Other outstanding features are that they can be stored easily and are adjustable.

General Dimensions: 7.87 x 8 inches

Splatter Shield: No

Basic Component: Steel


8. Best for Large Cookbooks: Clear Solutions Deluxe Large Cookbook Holder

cookbook holder

With this exquisitely made, large-sized cookbook holder recipe, you won’t have to struggle with bulky cookbooks in your kitchen and can give them a place to rest.

This broad stand, which is ideal for large, heavy cookbooks, holds your volumes nicely open while the acrylic screen guards the pages from mistakes made in the kitchen while you’re searing steaks or weighing awkward materials.

When it’s time to flip the page, the shield is simply folded down using the black metal hinge, which also enables the stand to fold flat for convenient storage.

To make reading more comfortable for you, you can also change the reading angle. The front shield and back brace are composed of strong acrylic, and the base is constructed from cherry wood.

Other outstanding features are that it folds flat and has a good splatter shield.

General Dimensions: 15.75 x 6 x 1.5 inches

Splatter Shield: Yes

Basic Component: Cherry wood

9. Best Under-Cabinet: The Yankee Builder Shop Under-Cabinet Cookbook Holder

cookbook holder

You may be sure that this cookbook holder won’t take up even a bit of the counter space if your kitchen has a small amount of it.

It folds down to hold cookbooks, tablets, or recipe cards and fastens to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets (with provided hardware).

These holders are available in a basic size, but because they are handmade, they may also be built to order in any size to fit any cabinet.

Besides cookbook holders, the same manufacturer also produces comparable designs of spice racks and knife holders, allowing you to make use of unwanted space.

Another outstanding feature is that they have easy storage.

General Dimensions: 16.5 x 12 x 2.5 inches

Splatter Shield: No

Basic Component: Oakwood

Things to Consider When Selecting a Cookbook Stand

There’s a need to consider a variety of things before choosing which cookbook holder to purchase. Based on these primary concerns, we contrasted various positions and reduced our alternatives to:

1. Design

There are several factors to consider in the design department, the most important of which is whether it has a splatter shield.

A splatter shield is essential if you have a carefully curated collection of books that you want to protect from spills and stains.

Page clips are another choice to hold everything in place if you have books or loose recipes that need to be secured but aren’t entirely spill-proof.

Considerable thought should be given to a viewing area that is changeable in terms of features. Most cookbook collections include books of various sizes, and adjustable stands enable versatility.

They frequently fold flat for storage, and if you use a tablet or other device to access recipes, it’s wonderful to have something adaptable that can meet all of your cookbook stand requirements.

2. Type of Material

It comes down to aesthetics and usability in this case. An interesting compromise is provided by the acrylic cookbook holders.

They last longer than wood and are more trustworthy and durable.

Furthermore, they are lighter than metal stands. They can be scratched easily, and they frequently feel lighter than conventional cookbook stands.

Another durable and beautiful material option is frequently wood. But it might also be susceptible to stains or warping because of temperature changes, which might be an issue for some kitchens.

Cookbook stands made of metal and plastic are easy to clean. Plastic is typically lightweight yet may not be as strong as other materials.

Metal provides stability, yet it is heavy and therefore difficult to store. Cookbook stands made of wood are beautiful, but they need to be maintained with care.

3. Size

You should have a fair sense of your size requirements after doing a fast inventory of your cookbook collection.

Various sizes and orientations of cookbooks can fit in the movable spaces provided by some book stands.

 Make careful to compare the sizes of your largest and smallest books to the specifications of the stand you are thinking about.

The amount of room you have on your kitchen counter is another aspect. A collapsible model that stores easily or one of the under-counter space savers may be suitable for smaller spaces.

If you have a lot of room, you can consider investing in a statement piece that complements the design of your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

With tongs, you can easily flip large pieces of meat or mix salad. They can also be used to plate your noodles with style by being twirled.

Tongs can also scoop out an avocado, flip roasted vegetables, and remove baked potatoes from the oven.

If you want to carefully scrape batters out of bowls, nothing beats a rubber spatula.

A smart gadget can sometimes be all you need, whether you want to spend more time in the kitchen or you just want to feel like you have some extra help.

Finding the best options is the difficult part. The Knife Sharpener is a wise investment since a true home cook understands the value of using sharp blades when preparing meals

From a chef’s knife to a pocket knife, it can sharpen everything.

Most tools and appliances have a good lifespan; when they wear out, it will be clear. They could pose a problem if they are not replaced.

Knives must, however, be sharp and have unworn handles. Your health could be in danger from dull, worn-out knives.

Purchase sturdy ones that you can maintain sharpened, or buy new ones as required.

The best companion for a cook is a good knife. One of the few purchases you’ll be happy you made is this one.

Carbon-plated stainless steel will maintain its sharpness over time, but to get the ideal fit for you, visit a specialty shop.

Wood is a durable, scratch-resistant material. This means that a wooden spoon can stir the bottom of a pot when you wish to get rid of anything that has been caked to the bottom, besides being suitable to use on Teflon.

A wooden spoon has some malleability similar to a metal spoon, allowing it to cover a broader range.

Still, it also has the stiffness necessary to perform the type of scraping that a rubber spatula could not handle.

You should choose a cookbook holder that reflects your cooking style because cooking is a personal activity.

This cookbook stand guide is intended to help you evaluate your options, and we hope you will use it wisely.

Let us know your preferred Cookbook Stand in the comment box below!

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