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10 Best Tree like Bookshelves

Around the world, bookshelves are a common feature of interior design. They offer room for storing tiny works of art, DVDs, and books. Given their inventive patterns, they may also be considered decorative components. These bookcases are reminiscent of actual trees.

These shelves are wonderful for putting your belongings on the wall, which is an unused area, and taking them off the floor, which is perfect for tiny spaces!

This chic storage solution, which offers an intriguing method to keep and exhibit your collections, is just as elegant as it is functional. We adore how these bookcases, each with its own unique aesthetic twist, were inspired by organic forms.

Think about the simplicity that this piece of nature could bring into your home.

1. Y-shaped Yule Bookshelf from Behance
tree bookshelf

With a tall “Y” extending from floor to ceiling and utilizing empty storage space when walls are not an option, the Yule bookshelf from Behance takes its name and gives it a distinctive shape.

This clever storage option is excellent for open-concept homes and tiny areas because it concentrates your collections vertically and overhead.

The Yule bookshelf can be utilized as a divider in open spaces besides adding storage space to an open layout.

Click here for more information Behance.

2. Booktree by Industrial Designer Kostas Syrtariotis
tree bookshelf

Kostas Syrtariotis, an industrial designer, created the slender and tall Booktree to bring order to your daily mess. These mirror-image tree bookcases can be installed alone or in a neat little row to add organization, natural and serene touch to any room.

The Booktree is built of solid wood and is available in four finishes: ebony, natural ash, white lacquered, and tineo.

You can learn more by visiting Kostas Syrtariotis.

3. Twenty First Winter Tree
tree bookshelf

In any modern living area, the Twenty First Winter Tree is a wonderful complement. These matching bookshelves, with their contemporary style that looks fantastic in a black-and-white pairing, offer an artistic method to display your book collection or collection of oddities while remaining utilitarian.

For more details, visit Twenty First Design.

4. Tree Bookcase by Designer Artist Shawn Soh
tree bookshelf

This stylish, cartoon tree book shelf bookcase by design artist Shawn Soh is made of green-coated aluminum and has a whimsical, illustration-like edge.

We appreciate the concept of putting stuffed animals and toys on display in a kid’s room. Even with its branches barren, this cheerful bookcase remains a delightful, colorful element.
Check Rosenberry Rooms for details.
via Captivatist

5. Tree Branch Bookshelf by French Designer Olivier Dolle
tree bookshelf

Small spaces are perfect for the tree branch book shelf by French designer Olivier Dolle. The limited floor space can now be used for furniture and traffic by moving your books up against the wall.

The corners of your living room bedroom will be accommodated by this branch. Books line up like birds perched overhead, extending out from the edge and horizontally along the wall. Blackwood, natural oak, and American walnut are all options.

Click here for more details.

6. Squared Storage Tree
tree bookshelf

Although the designer’s use of squared-off boughs and branches to make the shelf components pays homage to the more conventional idea of a bookcase, it adds a contemporary twist to the widely branching wood bookshelf that we adore.

Children can congregate in front of this tree for story time since the area at its base has been left clear.

Check out Plutomeisje for more information.

7. The Wisdom Tree by Jordi Mila
tree bookshelf

This interpretation of the tree speaks to both its curved contour and its glossy, vivid hue. It is odd and unnatural. The warped branches of Jordi Mila’s Wisdom Tree offer both big and little places to stow your belongings as they twist and swirl in every manner.

Besides serving a functional purpose, this shelf is a fantastic discussion starter.
You can reach out to Jordi Mila to place an order.

8. Collect Green Bookcase by Ole Jen
tree bookshelf

Ole Jensen’s geometrical interpretation of the evergreen tree is perfect for bookworms of all types. As its branches take on square and triangular shapes and are painted in a vivid spring green shade, they are ready to hold your prized collectibles.

Given its whimsical appearance and compartmentalized construction, which are ideal for arranging your arts and crafts items, toys, and other odds and ends, this tree shelf would be a terrific addition to a hobby room.

You can place your order on Normann.

9. Blue branch bookcase by Roberto Corazza
tree bookshelf

The Tree Bookcase by Roberto Corazza is out of this world. The bright blue hue is a perfect complement to its electrified branches artificially protruding every which way, much like a stick figure drawing.

The trick to a cool-looking display of your storage rack is to balance your objects and the empty spaces within this striking shelving unit.

Check out more information on Yanko Design

10. Sophisticated tree bookshelf
tree bookshelf

The muted, natural finish of this tree bookshelf mimics its earthy influence while sporting a sleek, stylish form. This keeps all your necessary reading materials on display and conveniently close at hand. It is at home in a dark den or library, home office, or living area.

Click here for more details Pinterest.

Here are other cool treelike bookshelves you might love:

11. Malus Communis by Defact Studio
tree bookshelf

The numerous knowledge and cultural media of our day, including books, CDs, and DVDs, serve as a symbol of this temptation in Malus Communis.

The shelf has evolved into a useful object and even a necessary tool in today’s world for storing one’s information and culture.

Click on Defact Studio for more details.

12. Lunuganga by Wokmedia
tree bookshelf

The Lunuganga branch shelf was created by Wokmedia as a “reaction to the flooded, jungley environment” they encountered in Sri Lanka as well as the culture shock they underwent.

They turned the image of the “partially submerged trees” into shelves in order to bring a recall of the sense of the flooded environment home.

The resulting Lunuganga shelves blend the calmness of European furniture with the characteristics of the overgrown lake that encircled them during the flood.

Tree bookshelves are quite a work of art and serve several purposes. Let us know if you enjoyed this article by leaving a comment in the book below!

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