Anniversary Poems

Anniversary Poems – 12 Poems Celebrate and Mark that Special Day

You can send an Anniversary Poems today to celebrate or to Mark the Special Day.

Words are one of the most direct and memorable ways to express one’s love and affection, and wedding anniversaries are among the most romantic of occasions.

If you have an upcoming anniversary and are seeking meaningful, rather than material, gift ideas, you might consider a handmade card inscribed with a beautiful poem.

We have picked these love poems that go well with a romantic wedding anniversary celebration.

1. Title: “Happy Anniversary”

When years are passing by like days,
and in my hand your hand is placed,
a knowing smile crosses your face.
A simple touch can still make my heart race.

When I can see my soul in your eyes,
and you see your soul in mine, we realize
that a love so deep can harbor no lies,
Our only tears shed were happy tears we’ve cried.

I love you as much now as I ever did before.
If possible, I may love you even more,
all starting from a feeling we did not ignore,
a feeling of connection we chose to explore.

I don’t know what it is that you saw in me.
In you I saw the happiness that could ever be,
even more so on the day you and I became “we.”
I can still smile and say with love and truth

Happy Anniversary - Anniversary Poems

2. Title: “Every Year”

Each year spent by your side,
Surpasses the one before with pride.
It’s challenging to fathom or explore,
How my love for you could ever soar.

Every year you’ve blessed my days,
Overflowing with joy in countless ways.
I cherish your caring gaze, your tone,
Your gentle touch, like love finely sown.

As this day approaches with grace,
My heart swells with love’s embrace.
Happy Anniversary, my dearest love,
You’re my joy, my bliss, sent from above.

In the tapestry of time, our love weaves,
A journey of laughter, joy, and leaves.
With each passing year, our bond grows,
A story of love that eternally flows.

Every Year - Anniversary Poems

3. Title: “More Time, More Love”

Celebrating years of love, my dear,
Brings forth feelings of joy sincere.
Your presence fills both day and night,
A constant source of pure delight.

Gratitude fills each passing hour,
I thank the heavens, my love, for your power.
You’re a precious gift from above,
A testament to enduring, profound love.

As our journey together continues to unfold,
One thing remains steadfast, a truth to hold:
To the very end, my heart stays true,
Wishing for more time, more love with you.

In the tapestry of time, our story is spun,
A melody of love, never to be undone.
May our anniversary be just a start,
To countless more years, with you in my heart.

More Time, More Love - Anniversary Poems

4. Title: “On a Wedding Anniversary”

The sky is ripped apart
On this tattered celebration of two
Who danced in harmony for three years
Along the lengthy paths of their promises.

Now their love is a casualty
And Love, along with his sufferers, howls in restraint;
From every melody or abyss,
Death attacks their home.

In the untimely downpour,
They reunite after their love had estranged them:
The windows flood into their hearts,
And the doors blaze in their minds.

Beneath the tempest’s symphony,
They grapple with the echoes of loss,
Yet, in the ruins of what was,
New seeds of hope begin to toss.

On a Wedding Anniversary - Anniversary Poems

5. Title: “If I Could Go Back In Time”

If I could journey to days long past,
Before our paths ever crossed,
I’d seek you out without delay,
Our love story to emboss.

Back in time, I’d swiftly tread,
To wed you in the days ahead.
We’d unite in love’s sweet tether,
You, my forever and ever.

Today, our anniversary I adore,
With each passing year, I love you more.
Yet, I yearn for moments extended,
To shower you with love, intended.

In the tapestry of time, our tale unfolds,
A symphony of love, timeless and bold.
May each anniversary be a sweet rhyme,
In the melody of love, for all of time.

If I Could Go Back In Time - Anniversary Poems

6. Title: “Our Love Still Grows”

Our anniversary holds profound weight,
Surpassing the value of any other date.
I revel in my love for you, so true,
Cherishing you in every avenue.

As time marches on, our love takes flight,
A nurturing bond, each day a delight.
Our shared life evolves, richer than before,
With each moment, my love for you soars.

Through the years, our story unfolds,
In the tapestry of time, a love that molds.
Our journey together, a beautiful lore,
Growing stronger, deeper, forevermore.

So here’s to us, on this special day,
A celebration of love, come what may.
With each anniversary, a chapter to explore,
In the book of our love, forevermore.

Our Love Still Grows - Anniversary Poems

7. Title: “Happy Anniversary”

Years may come and years may go,
But your love remains a steady flow.
It spreads and overflows with grace,
Embracing us all in its warm embrace.

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad,
In this chain of love, forever clad.
Forty-one years ago, the journey began,
A legacy of love to pass from clan to clan.

Through the ebb and flow of life’s tide,
Your love endures, a constant guide.
In every moment, it continues to grow,
A testament for generations to know.

So here’s to you, a love so true,
A celebration of the bond you two imbue.
May the years ahead bring joy and glee,
Happy Anniversary, and love for eternity.

Happy Anniversary - Anniversary

8. Title: “Happy Feelings Anniversary”

Loved you a lifetime, my sweet wife,
Joy in my soul, like treats from life.
Being with you, pure delight,
Happy anniversary, my love, my light.

Through the years, our love has grown,
A bond deep-seated, all our own.
Partners in love, side by side,
In every moment, with you, I confide.

Your love, a sunbeam in my heart,
Each day with you, a work of art.
Happy anniversary, my special one,
In the symphony of love, forever begun.

So here’s to us, in love’s embrace,
A journey together, full of grace.
Cheers to the years, and to many more,
Happy anniversary, forevermore.

Happy Feelings Anniversary - Anniversary Poems

9. Title: “Deeply, Madly”

On our anniversary, memories unfold,
Of joy and happiness, stories told.
Sweet laughter, tears, love so true,
Abundantly given, cherished by you.

Close to you is where I want to stay,
In your embrace, find peace each day.
I can face life with all its swings,
As long as I wake to your face, it brings.

You’re everything I’ve ever desired,
Looking at you, my heart’s inspired.
In our marriage, life’s greatest thrill,
Deeply, madly, I love you still.

Through the years, our love has grown,
A journey shared, each step our own.
In the tapestry of time, woven with skill,
Our love story continues, forever and still.

Deeply, Madly - Anniversary Poems

10. Title: “Anniversary Glow”

Sweetheart of mine, forever true,
My beloved dove, my love for you.
You’re an angel, sent from above,
A beacon of light, eternal love.

Our anniversary, a radiant show,
With a special glow that continues to grow.
Because you’re mine, my heart aglow,
I love you more than words can show.

Through the years, our love’s ballet,
A dance of joy in every way.
You’re my anchor, my constant flow,
In your love, my heart does glow.

So here’s to us, to love that’s pure,
An enduring bond, forever secure.
On this anniversary, our love to sow,
For eternity, together we’ll go.

Anniversary Glow - Anniversary Poems

11. Title: “Anniversary Love Sonnet”

You’ve always been my steadfast guide,
Through joy, sorrow, laughter, and tears beside.
My anchor, my rock, keeping me grounded,
You’re there for me, in every moment sounded.

Your sweet devotion, unwavering and true,
No words or deeds could ever undo.
I marvel at the wonder that is you,
Grateful for someone so extraordinary and true.

I love you with a love untamed,
Always wanting by your side to be named.
To touch you, kiss you, and much more,
Passion for you, a flame I can’t ignore.

In the canvas of life, you paint with grace,
A love story that time cannot erase.
With every beat, my heart’s song is you,
Forever together, our love ever true.

Anniversary Love Sonnet - Anniversary Poems

12. Title: “Everything Dear to Me”

When I see you, my love so true,
My world fills with joy, just us two.
Through the years we’ve cherished, my dove,
You’re my treasure, endless love.

The sun shines brighter when you’re near,
The air feels fresher, crystal clear.
Everything dear, it’s true,
Seems perfect, all because of you.

As years pass, anniversary time,
My love for you continues to climb.
Joy being by your side,
Holding hands, like a radiant tide.

On this day, my love, please see,
My heart’s sincere decree.
Know it’s true, love so true,
For you, I’ve felt this from debut.

Everything Dear to Me - Anniversary Poems

Anniversaries are special occasions for reminiscing about the poignant moments you’ve shared with your partner. A homemade note with a few handwritten words of love conveys thoughtfulness and romance unmatched by any material gift.

On your next anniversary, use words to express your heartfelt emotions in a love note your partner will treasure for years to come.

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