Poems about Waiting

Poems about Waiting – 10 Poems to Inspire You to Not Give Up

Poems About waiting are meant to inspire You. Waiting is inevitable in our lives, we are going to have to wait for some time in our lives, For most people, have to wait for maybe an opportunity, and others wait on other people (i.e. In terms of Love).

But Generally, it’s all counted as waiting. These poems are picked to describe waiting as words.

1. Title: “Beneath the Snow”

Beneath the snow’s embrace,
Gently drifting, my dear.
The violet, patient, waits,
To bloom and reappear.

In the cold, though hearts may ache,
Feelings torn and worn,
From the depths of grief they wake,
A love, anew, is born.

Through winter’s chill and bitter storm,
Nature’s cycle, ever true.
Beneath the ice, a life takes form,
Renewed, vibrant, and blue.

So, in sorrow, find the seed,
Of love that’s yet to grow.
Beneath the snow, a tale agreed,
A promise of life to show.

Beneath the Snow - Poems about Waiting

2. Title: “Hunger”

I had been hungry all the years;
My noon had come, to dine;
I, trembling, drew the table near,
And touched the curious wine.

‘T was this on tables I had seen,
When turning, hungry, lone,
I looked in windows, for the wealth
I could not hope to own.

I did not know the ample bread,
‘T was so unlike the crumb
The birds and I had often shared
In Nature’s dining-room.

Nor was I hungry; so I found
That hunger was a way
Of persons outside windows,
The entering takes away.

Hunger - Poems about Waiting

3. Title: “I Many Times Thought Peace Had Come”

Many times I thought peace had come,
Yet it lingered far away;
Like wrecked men spotting land afar,
In the sea’s vast sway.

Struggling less, a futile proof,
As hopelessly as I,
Countless shores of mere illusion,
Before the harbor lies.

I tell myself peace is near,
Yet it remains elusive;
A distant dream, a fleeting hope,
In life’s vast and elusive sea.

So I press on, the journey long,
Towards the unseen shore;
Hoping, yearning, seeking peace,
Until the struggle is no more.

I Many Times Thought Peace Had Come - Poems about Waiting

4. Title: “Waiting”

Calmly I wait by the sea,
No fight ‘gainst time or fate for me.
I stand amid eternity’s embrace,
My own will find me, in any space.

Pause the rush, embrace delays,
Eager pace in life’s maze.
Day or night, sought friends unite,
No wind can change my destined flight.

Alone I stand, solitude I own,
Joy in the coming years has grown.
My heart reaps what it’s sown,
Fruits from tears now fully known.

Waters find their own flow,
Good flows with a universal glow.
Stars grace the nightly sky,
Mine will find me, no saying goodbye.

Waiting - Poems about Waiting

5. Title: “Open Windows”

Beyond the window, green trees sway,
Their boughs like a dancer’s arms play.
They call, “Come out in the sun!”
Yet, I’m bound, unable to run.

Alone with Weakness and Pain,
June departs, leaving a stain.
Unable to keep her, she flies,
In silver-green, her departure lies.

Men and women pass in the street
Glad of the shining sapphire weather,
But we know more of it than they,
Pain and I together.

They are the runners in the sun,
Breathless and blinded by the race,
But we are watchers in the shade
Who speak with Wonder face to face.

Open Windows - Poems about Waiting

6. Title: “Still Waiting”

You loved me briefly, not so deep,
A fleeting flame that didn’t keep.
Yet, in that time, my soul found peace,
My heart, a melody that won’t cease.

For a moment, your love shone bright,
In your eyes, a transient light.
But your lips, elusive, I couldn’t hold,
By temptation or surprise, untold.

The sweet memory of your lips,
Stirs a pain with tender slips.
Like recalling the rain’s fragrance,
A moment’s joy, now in remembrance.

In this world, I feel a hint of sorrow,
Unexpectedly, a dream haunts tomorrow.
The kiss I never had lingers on,
A wistful memory that’s never gone.

Still Waiting - Poems about Waiting

7. Title: “The Wait”

Love knows no end,
No clear start, yet must’ve been,
Can’t recall, it’s always there,
Endlessly continuing, beyond compare.

Life unfolds, familiar as the forest,
Hearts stir at each new sight and sound,
Teasing, pleasing, I see,
Corners lift at your mouth, profound.

Now go, find me in that place,
Known to you from time’s embrace,
Waiting, silent as a stone,
Body and soul, to you, I’m known.

No beginning, no tomorrows, no sorrows,
Leave them at the gate, for bright tomorrows.
Oh, my love, I catch my breath,
The wait, I bear, despite the depth.

The Wait - Poems about Waiting

8. Title: “When You Go”

As you go, a hush falls,
Over all my heart,
And in a trance of my own dreams,
I move apart.

When you go, the street grows,
Like a vacant place—
What if a million faces pass,
If not your face?

When you go, my life stops,
Like ships becalmed at sea,
And waits heavens breath that blows,
You back to me.

In your absence, echoes linger,
Whispers of your presence,
Yearning for the day you return,
Filling the void with your essence.

When You Go - Poems about Waiting

9. Title: “To My Darling”

If I could stop my heart’s beat,
Draw a final breath, life’s retreat.
Beneath an oak’s shade, I’d trade,
Life’s burden for an eternal grade.

The pain of losing you runs deep,
Sorrow, my soul’s constant keep.
How can a man find joy or mirth,
When his better half’s no longer on earth?

Life lost meaning when you left,
No purpose found, joy bereft.
You were my reason, love and rhyme,
In your absence, cherished time.

I can’t command my heart to still,
Waiting for a sign, a divine will.
Praying to God, in mercy find,
A chance to reunite, one more time.

To My Darling - Poems about Waiting

10. Title: “I Wonder if in Heaven”

On earth, as it’s said in heaven,
So the Bible tells me true,
I ponder if in heaven,
Autumn winds will gently strew.

Will there be a garden fair,
Where morning glories brightly show?
I ponder if in heaven,
Summer springs will gently flow.

Beyond the pearly gates’ embrace,
Will seasons come and go?
I ponder if in heaven,
A snowflake will gracefully bestow.

Will my love await me there,
Shall I find my crimson rose?
Marveling at her beauty rare,
A smile like Da Vinci’s prose.

I Wonder if in Heaven - Poems about Waiting

When we stop imagining that someone or something will save us, then we can settle into the life of making things. We can open the doors that will open, ourselves, and this is ultimately more satisfying.

And anyway, there are other dreams to carry through the world. Other stances. We might wait patiently. We might be thinking, we might be still, we might be daydreaming.

We can wait with flowers, that are so beautiful they make us cry.

While we wait, we can fill up on wonder, on beauty, on now. We can wait without hoping something fantastic will happen to us, because in our waiting, we know how fantastic it is to merely be exactly ourselves. That grace. That grace.

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