Short Poems for Kids
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Short Poems for Kids – 20 Poems for Little Ones to Fasten Growth

Poems can make kids laugh, but they can assist in cognitive growth more than that.

Short children’s poems will assist your child to understand patterns that help the brain learn to process and retain knowledge. Poems can also assist with speech production. Plus, when it’s age-appropriate, children enjoy poetry.

1. Title: “Two Little Dicky Birds”

Two little birds so small,
Perched upon a wall.
One named Peter, one named Paul,
Fly away, Peter, heed the call.

Soar through the sky, Paul,
Come back, Peter, stand tall.
Two little dicky birds, a charming thrall,
A tale of flight, a chirping sprawl.

Two Little Dicky Birds - Short Poems for Kids

2. Title: “Hoppity Tales”

Christopher Robin goes,
Hoppity, hoppity,
Hoppity, hoppity, hop.
Whenever I ask him.

Kindly to halt it, he
Insists he can’t possibly stop.
If he ceased hopping,
He wouldn’t get anywhere.

Hoppity Tales - Short Poems for Kids

3. Title: “Growing Up at Six”

When I was one, life had just begun,
At two, I was nearly new under the sun.
Three brought a self hardly me,
Four, not much more could it be.

Five found me just alive,
But now at six, as clever as clever, I strive.
So, I’ll be six, now and forever,
A journey of growth, an endeavor.

Growing Up at Six - Short Poems for Kids

4. Title: “Calendar Rhythms”

September boasts thirty days,
April, June, and November blaze.
February stands alone with twenty-eight,
All the others, thirty-one they state.

Yet, leap-year plays a special rhyme,
In February’s dance, days to climb.
A fleeting moment, an extra shine,
February’s days become twenty-nine.

Calendar Rhythms - Short Poems for Kids

5. Title: “Jack Sprat”

Jack Sprat loved no fat,
His wife, no lean.
Together they dined,
A harmonious cuisine.

One enjoyed the meaty fare,
The other, greens so fair.
The platter, after their feast,
Gleamed with a joint release.

Jack Sprat - Short Poems for Kids

6. Title: “Ladybird Ladybird”

Ladybird, ladybird, fly to your nest,
The field mouse has gone to her rest.
Daisies are closing their sleepy red eyes,
As birds and bees under the night skies.

Ladybird, ladybird, with speckled wings,
Glowworm’s light in the evening clings.
Hasten away, before the damp starts,
To Oberon’s star, with magical hearts.

adybird Ladybird - Short Poems for Kids

7. Title: “Old Mother Hubbard”

Old Mother Hubbard,
In the cupboard,
Found it bare, no treat to spare.
No bone to find.

Off to the market,
In daylight and dark it,
Brought joy back,
To her little pet’s shack.

Old Mother Hubbard - Short Poems for Kids

8. Title: “There Was A Young Lady Whose Eyes”

Her eyes, so distinct in hue,
Surprised every viewer.
When wide open in view,
Startled, they withdrew.

The gaze she possessed,
A sight not easily addressed.
As they fled the unusual guest,
In shock, they confessed.

There Was A Young Lady Whose Eyes - Short Poems for Kids

9. Title: “Dance of Raindrops”

Raindrops fall with gentle sound,
On fields and trees, a dance profound.
Umbrellas open, colorful and near,
Ships at sea, the raindrops cheer.

Children giggle, a joyful play,
Jump in puddles, splash away.
Nature’s rhythm, a soothing song,
Raindrops join, a dance lifelong.

Dance of Raindrops - Short Poems for Kids

10. Title: “Christmas is Coming”

Christmas is near, the geese are getting fat,
Drop a penny in the old man’s hat.
No penny? A ha’penny will do just fine,
And if you’re penniless, God bless you in kind.

The festive spirit, joy in the air,
Kindness and giving, let’s all share.
In the season of warmth and delight,
Spread love and goodwill, day and night.

Christmas is Coming - Short Poems for Kids

11. Title: “Monday’s Child

Monday’s child with a face so fair,
Tuesday’s child, grace beyond compare.
Wednesday’s child, with woes to bear,
Thursday’s child, journeys far and near.

Friday’s child, love and care they share,
Saturday’s child works with strength and flair.
Born on the Sabbath, gay and bright,
Bonny and blithe, a joyous light.

Monday's Child - Short Poems for Kids

12. Title: “When Santa Comes To Our House”

When Santa visits our abode (point to the roof),
I wish to sneak a glance (peek through fingers),
Yet he won’t arrive, I know (shake head no),
Until deep sleep, I’ll rest my head.

Isn’t it quite peculiar,
Santa’s shyness, oh so sly,
No matter how we attempt,
He slips away, we can’t deny.

When Santa Comes To Our House - Short Poems for Kids

13. Title: “Ode to the Joyous Cow”

The cow, all red and white, so dear,
Gives cream with might, a treat so clear.
She roams in the open air, carefree,
Feasting on meadow flowers with glee.

Wandering low in pleasant light,
Among the meadow grass, a joyous sight.
Blown by winds and showered by rain,
The friendly cow graces the meadow terrain.

Ode to the Joyous Cow - Short Poems for Kids

14. Title: “Toy Kingdom Dreams”

When I’m grown, so proud and tall,
I’ll stand strong and never fall.
Other kids, take heed, take care,
My toys are mine, I’ll make that clear.

In my world of pride and glee,
Guarding toys, just wait and see.
No meddling hands, no noise,
In my kingdom of grown-up toys.

Toy Kingdom Dreams - Short Poems for Kids

15. Title: “Easter is Here”

Easter time is finally near,
Bunnies, chickies, let’s all cheer.
The Easter Bunny hops with glee,
Eggs for every girl and boy, you see.

Bunnies and chickies bring delight,
In the spring, they’re quite a sight.
Easter joy is here to stay,
Let’s celebrate in a cheerful way.

Easter is Here - Short Poems for Kids

16. Title: “Doctor Foster”

Doctor Foster, journey keen,
To Glo’ster town, where raindrops preen.
Stepped in a puddle, oh, the woe,
To Glo’ster’s charm, he’d cease to go.

Rainy day and soggy plight,
Glo’ster tales in soft twilight.
Puddle’s tale, a cautionary lore,
Doctor Foster, forevermore.

Doctor Foster - Short Poems for Kids

17. Title: “Down They Go”

Down they go, hail and snow,
Covering the ground below.
Freezes and sneezes, noses will blow,
Winter’s dance, a chilly show.

Frosty flakes in the air,
Whirling, twirling everywhere.
Cold winds sing a winter’s song,
Nature’s chorus, pure and strong.

Down They Go - Short Poems for Kids

18. Title: “Goldy Locks’ Sweet Retreat”

Goldy Locks, Goldy Locks,
Will you be mine?
No dishes to wash,
No swine to feed in line.

Sit on a cushion, oh so neat,
Sew a fine seam, take a sweet seat.
Feast on strawberries, sugar and cream,
In a world of whimsy, like a dream.

Goldy Locks' Sweet Retreat - Short Poems for Kids

19. Title: “Jack and Jill’s Ups and Downs”

Jack and Jill climbed the hill,
Water pail, their quest to fulfill.
Jack tumbled down, broke his crown,
Jill followed with a tumble down.

Jack got up, trotted home fast,
Capered away from mishaps cast.
To bed he went, his head to mend,
Vinegar and brown paper, a healing blend.

Jack and Jill's Ups and Downs - Short Poems for Kids

20. Title: “Thunderous Delight”

I enjoy a thunderstorm’s display,
A dunder storm, in a wild array.
Black and slow, it comes with might,
Stumbling down the hill, a thrilling sight.

I delight in a thunderstorm’s sound,
A plunder storm, echoes abound.
A wonder storm, roaring loud and shrill,
Shaking window sills, a nature’s thrill!

Thunderous Delight - Thunderous Delight - Short Poems for Kids

For children, poetry has so many advantages. Not only is it a perfect tool for data rendering, but kids also find poems very fun. Recitation and memorization of poetry is are enjoyable activities that your child should participate in.

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