Poems about Losing a Father

Poems about Losing a Father – 10 Poems to Lift Your Spirit When Dad’s Gone

Poems about Losing a Father will always move you to Tears. The pain of losing a father will pinch his son or daughter for a lifetime. You will be able to relate to this fact if you have lost a dad.

Read these heartbreaking quotes and let the tears flow. Death and funerals are one of life’s bitter truths and there is no point in being in denial. Cry your heart out and give your soul a release.

This is the only way you can truly mourn, move on, and accept the reality that he has passed away. He is watching down on you like the angel that he has always been.

1. Title: “Broken Chain”

Little did we know the day
When God would call your name away.
In life, our love for you was dear,
In death, that love remains sincere.

Our hearts shattered as you departed,
Yet, not alone, a piece of us imparted.
On the day God called you home,
A part of us ventured where you roam.

You’ve left behind memories so serene,
Your love, an eternal guiding beam.
Though unseen, you’re by our side,
In every moment, in every stride.

Our family chain now fractured and frail,
Nothing feels quite the same, we ail.
But as God beckons, one by one,
The chain will reunite, forever spun.

Broken Chain - Poems about Losing a Father

2. Title: “Mirror”

Dad, reflections of you in me,
An honor if that’s what they see.
You set a standard, strong and true,
Grateful someone sees that in me too.

I didn’t say it as much as I should,
Proud to be your son, understood.
You gave more than just a name,
Hoping my son feels the same.

Your example, a guiding light,
In every challenge, every fight.
Now that you’re gone, I often say,
Proud to be your son every day.

In moments quiet, memories unfold,
A father’s love, enduring and bold.
Passed down through generations, free,
A legacy of love, from you to me.

Mirror - Poems about Losing a Father

3. Title: “Not Enough Time”

The time we shared, dear Dad,
Fell short for a lifetime we wished we had.
To encapsulate a love so vast,
In those fleeting moments, they couldn’t last.

Questions linger without reply,
Now that you’ve bid your last goodbye.
In the absence of your guiding voice,
Silent photos evoke a bittersweet choice.

Grief, they say, softens with time’s gentle flow,
Yet, I find myself questioning, even so.
Why, my dear dad, taken too soon,
My guiding star, sun, and moon?

Answers elude in the shadows of ‘why,’
A cherished memory, a heartfelt sigh.
In the absence of solutions we might find,
I’ll hold your memory, the years we’re resigned.

Not Enough Time - Poems about Losing a Father

4. Title: “Your Very Own Guardian Angel”

The absence of a father,
A weighty burden to carry,
His silent strength, a presence cherished,
A void felt when he’s not near.

Find solace in the heavens,
Where he watches over you,
Guiding through the passing years,
A guardian angel, forever true.

He’ll stand by you till the end,
A reunion awaits in Heaven’s blend,
There, your broken heart will mend,
Together, eternally, love will transcend.

In every cherished memory’s embrace,
Feel his love, a comforting grace.
Though physically apart, he’s never far,
His spirit lingers, like a guiding star.

Your Very Own Guardian Angel - Poems about Losing a Father

5. Title: “A Daughter Never Forgets Her Dad”

I must confess, I was Daddy’s girl,
He said he loved me, my precious pearl.
As a woman, he led me down the aisle,
Gave me away with a bittersweet smile.

In the joy of giving birth, he stood near,
Welcoming my little one with love so clear.
“Hello, I love you,” his words so true,
A legacy of love that forever grew.

Now he’s gone beyond my grasp,
Yet, in my heart, his love will clasp.
I’ll cherish his memory with pride,
Honoring all he stood beside.

Grateful for the love he bestowed,
In every belief and life’s abode.
His love lives on, a cherished tie,
A bond unbroken, reaching the sky.

A Daughter Never Forgets Her Dad - Poems about Losing a Father

6. Title: “The Bond Between a Father and a Son”

A father and his son,
Tied by an unbreakable bond,
Even though Dad is no longer here,
Their connection persists, strong and fond.

In the son’s memories, words echo,
His father’s wisdom and quick wit.
Every day, those words find their place,
A timeless guidance, a cherished kit.

This is how the father endures,
Within the son’s heart, he securely stores.
Though they parted years ago,
Together, as one, their spirits soar.

Through the son’s laughter and in his tears,
His father’s presence ever near.
In every joy and challenge faced,
The echo of love, time can’t erase.

The Bond Between a Father and a Son - Poems about Losing a Father

7. Title: “My Dad Answered the Call”

When duty beckoned, my dad responded,
No hesitation, no fear abounded.
He didn’t question the price he’d pay,
Just recognized a clear need that day.

A call to defend his nation’s core,
Regardless of what others might implore.
Off to a distant land he ventured,
Stood firm, and there he persevered.

Fighting to safeguard our liberty,
Our right to self-govern and live free,
Against foreign forces trying to sever,
The beliefs we hold, our values to treasure.

In my eyes, my dad is a hero,
I hope you see him that way too.
He sacrificed his life and all he loved,
To secure freedom, a gift for me and you.

My Dad Answered the Call - Poems about Losing a Father

8. Title: “To My Daddy, On Your Birthday”

Today marks the day,
Many years ago,
You entered this world,
A special glow in tow.

Overflowing with love,
Laughter so loud.
Thoughts of you today,
Still making us proud.

Daddy, I sense you watching,
Looking down from above.
Your birthday is here,
Though you’re not with us, my love.

Our thoughts persist,
Prayers unceasingly shared.
Sending birthday wishes,
To my angel, still cared.

To My Daddy, On Your Birthday - Poems about Losing a Father

9. Title: “Going Home”

Today dawns, a long-awaited morn,
Dreamlike, we wish, not reality worn.
Yesterday, your strength did gleam,
Now towards Jesus, you embark on a dream.

Homeward bound, your eyes set,
Hearts fractured, a silent regret.
In the Father’s house, mansions await,
A painful goodbye, sealed by fate.

Hand in hand, we held on tight,
How to let go, in this dimming light?
Whispering love softly in your ear,
As you journey, with Jesus near.

Daddy, toughness no more to bear,
Heading home, in the spiritual air.
We pledge strength for you, sincere,
Until on golden shores, your spirit reappears.

Going Home - Poems About Losing a Father

10. Title: “Requiem”

Under the wide and starry sky,
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
And I laid me down with a will.

This be the verse you grave for me:
Here he lies where he longed to be;
Home is the sailor, home from sea,
And the hunter home from the hill.

Beneath the celestial expanse so high,
In the earth, my final bed, let me lie.
In life, I embraced each moment with zest,
Now, at peace, I take my rest.

For this verse, my solemn plea,
Carve it where I find my eternity.
Homebound, the sailor from the sea,
The hunter home, where hills agree.

Requiem - Poems about Losing a Father

It is irrelevant how much money our Dad made.  What matters is how he nurtured us.  This poem is perfect for the funeral service because it shows that even after our Father has passed away, we will keep him in our hearts and memory forever.

You can decide to share this poem whenever you want to.

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