Poems about Drugs

Poems about Drugs – 10 Poems that Show to Effect of Abusing Medicine

Poems about drugs should be taken seriously. A lot of teens have a sense that they are immortal and that nothing that they do will have a long-lasting effect.

Regrettably, much to their humiliation, many find themselves struggling with compulsion their entire lives.

Let’s check out these poems ourselves.

1. Title: “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”

Allow me to introduce myself to you,
Known as “Crack,” but as Jum, it’s true.
If I miss you the first, second, or third,
I’ll catch you that fourth time, take my word.

Hey, boy, feel my explosive blast,
Hey, girl, beware, I might be your last.
They say I only last a minute or two,
And you know what? That might be true.

Hey, boy, hey girl, time to wake up,
Not worth your every hard-earned buck.
Tried to be a friend, but in the end,
See what havoc I wreak, my pretend.

If you’re unsure which path to choose,
When you encounter me, just refuse.
Hey, boy, hey girl, don’t come my way,
I’m not a toy, and I don’t play.

Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Poems about Drugs

2. Title: “Goodbye”

A queasy feeling in my stomach,
A pounding in my head,
Only thoughts in my mind,
Wishing I was dead.

Forehead covered in cold sweats,
Body shakes beyond control,
Endless aching in my bones,
As you consumed my very soul.

Minutes turned to hours,
Hours turned to days,
Every moment I lived,
A smoke-filled haze.

Taking back what’s left of my life,
Not one more second will you dominate,
Strength lives in me, unanticipated,
Casting your spell on someone else.

Goodbye - Poems about Drugs

3. Title: “I Need Your Support”

This is my descent,
my teeth piercing
through tart apples,
and I’m not evading.

But I don’t need you
to dictate I halt embracing
poisonous fruit. I need you
to affirm my resilience,

to extend your arms tenderly
until I discern on my own
that I no longer covet
the bite.

In the echo of your support,
I find strength to rewrite
the narrative, emerging
from the shadows into light.

I Need Your Support - Poems about Drugs

4. Title: “Stolen”

Breaking free from the drug’s hold,
Vowing daily, a story retold.
Despite the classes, knowledge strong,
I find myself drawn, where I don’t belong.

Declare, “No more pills for me,”
Yet another finds its way to see.
Friends don’t grasp my ongoing strife,
Alone, I search for a different life.

Lost a lot, the pills bring bliss,
In their absence, can anything hit?
A quest for joy without the crutch,
A journey to find a different touch.

Within the struggle, hope persists,
A chance for healing, it insists.
Reclaiming life, one step at a time,
Seeking solace in a rhythm sublime.

Stolen - Poems about Drugs

5. Title: “Crystals”

Everything’s amiss,
Nothing’s in sight.
If wishes could mend,
I’d redo that night.

Out at a party,
Amidst good friends’ blend,
Little did I know,
It marked the end.

Convinced I’d be fine,
They led me in a line.
I shouldn’t have succumbed,
Fault’s mine, all mine.

Now it’s concluded,
Family grieves my last breath.
Life’s ceased to be,
All due to meth.

Crystals - Poems about Drugs

6. Title: “Drug Addiction”

Addiction to substances,
We treat as mere fiction.
Evicting nonfiction,
Ignoring elders’ prediction.

Attempting restriction,
Out of our jurisdiction.
Youngsters face crucifixion,
Bound by their own conviction.

Forget the prediction,
Loosen the restriction.
Let them embrace the antifiction,
Drowning in the adhesive fiction.

In the haze of false depiction,
Lost in the addictive affliction.
Yet, within this tangled fray,
Hope may spark a brighter day.

Drug Addiction - Poems about Drugs

7. Title: “Your Corruption”

Your chosen corruption!
Alcoholic persuasion!
Your wild delusion!
Infernal intrusion!

It surpasses destructive might,
More menacing than any fright.
It wanders nations,
Corrupting, causing desolation.

Curses and crises it weaves,
From personal to broad leaves.
From national to international,
Its influence is irrational.

Thrown upon the rocks,
Throats tightly in the locks.
Left to succumb to the fogs,
Engulfed in its infernos’ logs.

Your Corruption - Poems about Drugs

8. Title: “Crystal Meth”

everything is wrong
nothing is right
If I had a wish
I would re-live that night

out at a party
with a group of good friends
who was to know
this was the end

they had me convinced
that I would be fine
I shouldn’t have done it
It’s my fault, all mine

Now it’s all over
family mourn my death
my life is at an end
All cause of meth.

Crystal Meth - Poems about Drugs

9. Title: “Lost in Smoke”

Mind ascending in wisps of smoke,
Drifting away, pain it evokes.
Shedding worries, discarding pain,
Lost in the smoke, freedom to gain.

Dreading morrow’s unknown face,
Yet, for now, this serenity we embrace.
Weightless, atop a silent cloud,
Noise dissipates, a hush allowed.

Oblivious to the ticking of time,
In a world sublime, we climb.
Yet reality beckons, its grip enthralls,
Clasping tight with unyielding claws.

Once more, I ignite the flame,
Losing myself, a familiar game.
Crafting a prison, with each puff,
Entrapped in the cycle, in the rough.

Lost in Smoke - Poems about Drugs

10. Title: “Trying To Find a Balance”

Life’s puzzle unfolds when I’m not high,
Strength builds like a muscle with clear eyes.
Seemingly endless, like the formula for pi,
Would it be the worst if I died?

I ask God, why’s my path unclear?
A face for family, yet consumed by fear.
Hustling through shadows, slow peers,
What keeps me going is that I made it here.

A pond in life’s screwed-up game,
Getting out of bed, a daily fight’s claim.
Blinded by darkness, seeking God’s light,
Give up and take the loss, maybe I might.

Write out each step, past and next,
Now feeling I might pass the test.
Prove to myself, like the rest,
I’m normal, facing life’s quest.

Trying To Find a Balance - Poems about Drugs

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