Poems about Drugs That Will Chill You to the Bone

Poems about Drugs That Will Chill You to the Bone.

Drugs: A lot of teens have a sense that they are immortal and that nothing that they do will have a long-lasting effect. Regrettably, much to their humiliation, many find themselves struggling with compulsion their entire lives.

Poems about Drugs That Will Chill You to the Bone

The following poems about drugs are from famous poets which I strongly believe you will enjoy reading.

1. Meth

Time is consuming.
I struggle removing
temptation and sorrow
for a better tomorrow.
Life is confusing.
I’m tired of losing
in hopes that I’ll find
some peace in my mind.
Distorted perception,
thoughts of deception,
memories that are haunting
of the drug I’m still wanting.
Complex situations,
illogical insinuations.
Consumed by fear
from the voices I hear,
telling me to quit fighting.
I get tired of re-lighting
the flame of my soul,
relocating a goal,
for the strength to carry out,
and remove my self-doubt,
to beat my addiction,
and inner confliction.
Let go of my shame,
break free from this pain.
Chainless and free,
for the chance to see
life without depression,
feelings without suppression.
If it’s over too easily,
that’ll just tease me.
Plotting an attack

on getting you back
for all of this time
you controlled my mind.
Following through,
I’ll say, then I’ll do
to leave you behind
and never rewind
to suicidal denial,
’cause now I can smile
in knowing I’m free,
’cause I’ve finally found me

By Brandon Levangie

2. Crystal

Crystal was once my friend.
She was always there for me
Whenever I was in need.
She helped me through my ups and downs,
And whenever I wore a frown,
I thought we would always be friends
Until one day I realized I was stuck with her forever.
She tore me apart.
She took everything I had.
She put me on the street with nothing but a garbage bag.
She turned me family away from me.
When I was with her, I felt free.
She made me think she was all I had.
I didn’t realize my life was getting so bad.
She promised me I was good in her hands.
She took away all my hope,
And now she is what I need to cope.
She made me feel so loved.
Then one day I couldn’t find her.
I then realized she was a liar.
She promised me things, and I believed her.
All she really did was promise to ruin my life.
She took my family, and now I’m alone.
I guess now I am on my own.
She left me with nothing but an empty glass pipe.
Now I live in poverty with no one in sight.
I think to myself will I ever get my family back?
Will I ever live a good life again?
Crystal is no longer my friend.
She is my worst enemy.

Now that you have heard what she has done to me,
Run away form this devil.
Don’t let her bring you down.
One hit and you’re done,
So my advice to you is run.

By Amy Brunson

3. All We Can Do Is Wait

You were never really there,
And when you came around, all people did was stare,
You chose drugs over us,
At least you loved yourself, that’s a plus.

I try to forget the past, I try to distance myself from your influence,
You going to jail when I needed you most is some coincidence,
It kills me to think you sit there doing nothing,
If I said I forgive you I’d be bluffing.

Nothing feels right, it’s not the same,
When things go wrong it’s you I try to blame,
I wish you were here, I wish I could see you,
Almost everything people say about you is true.

Yet it hurts, the way his words sting,
No one has a clue the pain they bring,
I don’t even have my sisters with me,
I understand though this is how it has to be.

Every day I think of ways I could have stopped this from happening,
But it all melts down to the fact that I couldn’t have done anything,
Except helped you out, not been so bad,
Thinking it was me that drove you to drugs makes me sad.

Mom, all I can do is say I’m sorry, and I miss you,
We’ll be together one day, and waiting is all we can do.

By Sabrina Felix

4. My Parents

I’m lucky that I have the parents that I do,
you would be lucky if you had them too.
They don’t have a lot of money because they spend too much on me,
they can now barely afford the Toronto parking fee.

I have nice swagg, a full hockey bag, a full backpack,
but now style and money is something my parent’s lack.

As I grow up it gets a lot worse, I wish I could beat this teenager curse.
Instead of style and hockey stuff, the things I spend their money on are a little more rough.
My parents are in need because what I spend their money on is alcohol and weed.

I start to skip too much school, They tell me I should stop trying to look so cool.
But that’s not why I don’t go, school is the opposite of my friend its a foe.
It’s not what I’m good at, all I do there is get in fights and call the teachers dumb and fat.

My parents no longer will give me there cash, so the walls in my room I bash.
The weed I told them I got rid of it, they found some the next day and through a huge fit.
No more money for me not even a little bit, I tell them this is bullshit.

I lay in my bed that night and wonder why all I want to do is get high or fight.
I turn on my light so that its shining bright, and my mind takes flight.
Tears come to my eyes as I realize that I’m losing the people who will always love me most,
I feel like I’m being haunted and it’s by an evil ghost.

The next day I go to every class, and run home fast to get all of my stuff, and stop acting so tough.
My parents had it rough, and I thought being cool made me buff, so I traded all my things,
including my clothes that gave me style, the phone that had the drug dealers numbers I used to dial,
and my full knapsack to get all of the money back, 3000 dollars I got, I could of bought myself a robot,
but instead I paid the bills, it felt like I had just got to the top of one of the biggest hills,
the smile on my mom and dads face made me feel like I was no longer a disgrace.

By Shayne Smith

5. Pills and Violence

Popping pills in the morning,
Popping pills at night.
Cutting deep into my skin,
holding my blade tight.

Dressed up to look my best,
When I actually looked my worst.
I thought all this alcohol
would refresh my troublesome thirst.

I wanted kids when I was older,
I wanted good news to tell.

But Who Tells their children,
that they wanted to go to hell?

I had a lot of problems.
sexually abused and bashed.
Both my arms, wrists, and legs,
Had been both bruised and gashed.

I thought of myself,
As a strong Girl.
I wasn’t strong at all..
This is what made my toes curl.

I had decided to stop,
And get my life on track.
Because I realized the life I wasted
I was never getting back.

So I stopped the hurting,
For once it was pretty easy.
I stopped looking like an easy target,
and I stopped dressing sleazy.

I’m a better person now.
And I’m turning 16.
I can’t believe how young I was,
and how I was so keen.

All the drugs and the alcohol,
the cutting and pain.
Have all disappeared,
now I’m one step ahead in this game.

By Kimmi Lewis

6. My Escape

I take my second big hit
The dark room becomes lit
It’s starting to make me feel good
Just like it should
I’m confused and I don’t care to worry
My memories are becoming blurry
By the time the joint comes back around
I can’t get off the ground
Starting to loosen up, I’m starting to forget

My heart is beating so fast, I’m starting to sweat
Can’t remember what pill I took
Didn’t bother to look
As long as it takes everything away
And eases the pain for today
It’s my turn again, I cough and choke
But I still take another toke
I’m so happy it’s unreal
I can’t explain how great I feel
So many ridiculous words are spoken
My heart no longer feels broken
Laughing so hard I begin to cry
I can hardly hold my head up high
He is no longer swaying from a tree
Now nothing can bother me
My pulse is really starting to race
But at least I can’t see his face
I can try to quit
Or cut down a little bit
But this is all I can do to make him go away
Because he haunts my mind every second of the day

By Kayla Saunders

7. Life’s Natural High

I’ve been wasted
I’ve been smashed
I’ve been fried
I’ve gone and bashed
I’ve been to parties
And I’ve been high
I’ve soared like a kite
As high as the sky
But nothing can compare
To life’s natural high
It feels so good
I’ve waved the drugs good-bye
It fills you up
It makes you whole
It always repairs you
And heals your damaged soul
It makes you feel
Like you’re floating high above
It makes you want to go away
And fly around like a dove

Nothing on Earth
Can even come close
It makes you lose
All your worries and woes
It makes you want to give hatred
One gigantic shove
Do you know what it is
It’s something called love

By Jerome Jones

8. Crystal Meth

everything is wrong
nothing is right
If I had a wish
I would re-live that night

out at a party
with a group of good friends
who was to know
this was the end

they had me convinced
that I would be fine
I shouldn’t have done it
It’s my fault, all mine

Now it’s all over
family mourn my death
my life is at an end
All cause of meth.

By Nicole Shrubshall

9. A Drug Filled World

Paxil to make you happy
Weed to make you high
Nyquil to make you sleep
Energy shots to make you active

I’m told to feel a certain way
Suddenly heartbreak doesn’t feel sad
And tears don’t feel salty anymore
Love doesn’t feel good at all
And pain is something I can’t feel
A drug filled world is where I live.

Prozac to make you glad
Mary Jane to make you rad
Atarax to make you tired
Dayquil to make you work

I’m fumbling in ecstasy
Living life sounds make believe
My reflection looks old and weary
An old soul has more zing than me
I can’t get pleasure even from me
A drug filled world I where I live

Zoloft to make you smile
Mushrooms to make you fly
Tylenol to make you weak
Aleve to make you strong

I’m losing my mind
There is no strength even in my fingertips
My legs search for a firm grip
My heart seems to have stopped
And my mind can’t control me anymore
A drug filled world is where I live.

By Ankit Sharma

10. True Story

I say to remain strong,
Yet I appear to be weak
I say always try to win,

But I welcome defeat
I say pray,
But never drop to my knees
I say talk to someone,
It stays bottled inside me
I chose to get high,
And then came a child
I never slowed down,
I still remain wild
I stay less than a mile,
From my own three year old
My eyes are watering,

And my heart is cold
I miss my daughter,
She’ll soon be old
Now with no money or job,
I’m on the corner again
Only one man sticks by me,
And he is more than a friend
I struggle with this addiction,
Hoping one day it will end
I haven’t touched base in 2 years,
And I’m still fighting my friend
In this game of drugs,
You’re bound to loose
I’ve made decisions,
That were not cool
I hope someone takes heat,
To this poem
If you’ve got the habit,
Kick it that shows ’em
My own child doesn’t even know me,
And I had her when I was 16
Now I’m 19 with nothing in sight,
But waking up crying all times of night

The pain is deep I’ve hurt every day,
Now I hurt even more
As my arm is numb and I fall to the floor
I’ve beat one addiction,
Now I’m on another
With no sense at all,
Not even enough to be a mother
This needle penetrates,
What am I doing?
Nothing with my life,
I need to stop this abusement.

By Lauren Fowler

11.These Pills That Kill

You’ve done as I’ve done,
You’ve stolen what I have stolen,
But now you’ve stolen from me,
As I fall and take the heat,
I’m as mad as you think,
Plus more,

I’m not sure what to do with you,
I’m not sure what to say to you,
I can’t stop thinking about it,
About you,
I have nothing to say to you,
I have nothing to fucking say to you,
But I’ll listen to your lies,
Your excuses, and your denial,
I don’t know what to do with you,
I’ll think about it,

Your obliviously upset,
But who can blame you,
You lost respect,
You lost friends,
And now you’ve lost a best friend,
Consequences are tough,

I thought I’d feel better now,
But I really don’t,
I feel worse,
I think about what you really need,
Which is obviously help,
These pills that kill pain,
They haven’t helped.

By Dan Lowry

12. Road to Recovery

In just a few years she has seen and experienced far too much,
Such a young young girl but to her anger she clutched,
Scared and vulnerable she got on the wrong wrong path,
6 years later it’s a long long path.
16 years old and she’s bursting with rage,
Emotions spinning and twisting all over this page.
From abuse to alcohol to drugs and prostitution,
She’s feeling lower than low and trapped in confusion.
She’s never really cared about what could happen,
But its time she got herself together and get her life into action.
She’s trying desperately hard to sort herself out,
She wants things to go right but she has her doubts.
She’s not going to give up until she reaches the end of the road to recovery,
That place where the grass is greener and the sun shines brightly.
Now this is the time where she’s packing up living the victim in disaster,
And giving in gets further and further away quicker and even faster.

Round about now she’s not scared to show emotion,
All that she wants is an end to this commotion.
The tears are streaming down her face,
And the battle is on its time to race.

By Hannah Gillen

13. Crashing Down

Floating by on a cloud
The world of drugs and liquor
All around

Moving, jumping out
Falling down
Screaming loud

The monster behind,
The curtian
The shadows of it all

The drugs go deep
The pain seeps in

My head spins
My heart breaks
The world stops

Crashing down
Worlds away
Sleep sets in

Drugs go deep
Pain goes deeper

My heart stops
As I come
Crashing down

By Courtney Miles

14. Trying To Find a Balance

My life is like a puzzle when I’m not looking at it high.
Makes me stronger like a muscle when I see through clear eyes.

It seems never ending, like the formula for pi.
Would it really be the worst thing if I disappeared and died?

But why, I ask God, is my path so unclear?
I put on this face for family, when I’m really all fear.
Hustling through the shadows of my slow stepped peers,
Only thing that keeps me going is the fact I made it here.

A mere pond in this screwed up game of life.
Just getting out of bed to get ready is a fight.
Blinded by the darkness, asking God for some light.
Give up and take the loss, I just might.

Or write out each and every little step
Of what I just did or what I’ll do next.
Just now am I feeling that I might pass the test,
Prove to myself that I’m as normal as the rest.

By Jordan Hall

15. Drugs and the Cheats

I put my head
In these hands
of despair as I see
The drugs and the cheats

What kind of man
Wants to see that
on the streets

They take over the town
Selling their brown
Whats it going to take
For someone to bring them down

Maybe it’s time
They took their own brown
Then lets see
If they can stand their ground

One way or another
They are leaving this town

By Dave Alan Walker

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