Encouragement Poems for Friends and Loved Ones to Read

Encouragement Poems for Friends and Loved Ones to Read.

Encouragement Poems: This article is a collection of encouraging poems to inspire and give you strength as well as hope. May these verses be ones that you find encouragement in after reading. In life, we can all use a bit of encouragement from time to time, happy reading.

Encouragement Poems for Friends and Loved Ones to Read

Read the following encouragement poems to encourage your friends and loved ones. You can as well share/send these poems on dreams to your friends through Text/SMS, Email, Facebook, Whatsapp, IM, etc.

1. The People Will Endure

The people will carry on
Through hurricane, high water, and hell,
Through drought and flood, come what may,
We’ll do our jobs till the judgement day:
Not a tornado’s fury, nor an ocean swell
Will prevent us from doing our duty,
No matter the obstacles put in our way…
The people will endure
Trials and tribulations, use and abuse,
Lies and deceit, cheating and theft,
Robbed by the Right, screwed by the Left,
Knowing that politicians play fast and loose
With our money, our trust, the truth,
Feeling betrayed, baffled, and bereft…
The people will persevere
Despite the prophecies of doom and despair,
Committed to providing a better tomorrow
For our children, we overcome sorrow:
Sustained by a faith in a God who cares,
Helped along by neighbors who share,
With goods and comfort for others to borrow…
The people will prevail
Where our “leaders” have failed,
When the big shots have run out of rope
We will live on in peace and in hope!

By Joseph L. Campanello

2. Keep Moving

I scanned wise words in a book to-day;
this was the message, they seemed to say:
Keep moving ahead!
You can’t stand still unless you really are very ill;

for if you stop, like an unwound clock,
you’re bound to suffer a fearful shock,
for something will happen to give you a shake,
and say to your conscience, “Move on, awake.”
Keep moving ahead, or your soul will die,
and beauty evade your heart and eye.
No matter at all that your pace be slow
so long as you upward, upward go,
into a finer atmosphere, where ideals live and visions clear,
and Goodness and Truth have taken firm stand,
and folks to folks stretch a loving hand.
For this be the measure of our success,
the measure of all life’s happiness:
just how well we have moved ahead;
or just how early our soul was dead!

By Wilhelmina Stitch

3. Success

Not what we have, but what we use;
Not what we see, but what we choose –
These are the things that mar or bless
The sum of human happiness.
The things near by, not things afar,
Not what we seem, but what we are –
These are the things that make or break,
That give the heart its joy or ache.
Not what seems fair, but what is true;
Not what we dream, but good we do –
These are the things that shine like gems,
Like stars in fortune’s diadems.
Not as we take, but as we give,
Not as we pray, but as we live –
These are the things that make for peace,
Both now and after Time shall cease.

By Clarence Thomas Urmy

4. The Other Fellow

Whose luck is better far than ours?
The other fellow’s.
Whose road seems always lined with flowers?
The other fellow’s.
Who is the man who seems to get
Most joy in life, with least regret,
Who always seems to win his bet?
The other fellow.
Who fills the place we think we’d like?
The other fellow.
Whom does good fortune always strike?
The other fellow.
Whom do we envy, day by day?
Who has more time than we to play?
Who is it, when we mourn, seems gay?
The other fellow.
Who seems to miss the thorns we find?
The other fellow.
Who seems to leave us all behind?
The other fellow.
Who never seems to feel the woe,
The anguish and the pain we know?
Who gets the best seats at the show?
The other fellow.
And yet, my friend, who envies you?
The other fellow.
Who thinks he gathers only rue?
The other fellow.
Who sighs because he thinks that he
Would infinitely happier he,
If he could be like you or me?
The other fellow.

By Edgar A. Guest

5. Omission

It is not the things you have done today,
That will haunt you through the year;
It’s the little things you didn’t do,
That will banish joy and cheer.
You did not say “thanks” for the kind deeds alone,
By a friend who lives next door;
You did not say one kind tender word,

To the man, with trials sore.
And the letter you planned to write today,
It was never penned by you;
A cheerful note would have meant so much,
To those far from home – and blue.
The aged lady, that lives down the way,
Whose loved ones, now, are few;
Would have been so pleased with a small bouquet,
From your garden, wet with dew.
These are the things that will haunt you by day,
And keep you awake by night;
It’s the little things that you didn’t do,
That will dim your normal sight.

By Eldred Herbert

6. Stick To It

O prim little postage-stamp, “holding your own”
In a manner so winning and gentle.
That you’re “stuck on” your task–(is that slang?)–you will own,
And yet, you’re not two-cent-imental.
I have noted with pride that through thick and through thin
You cling to a thing till you do it,
And, whatever your aim, you are certain to win
Because you seem bound to stick to it.
Sometimes when I feel just like shirking a task
Or quitting the work I’m pursuing,
I recall your stick-to-it-ive-ness and I ask,
“Would a postage-stamp do as I’m doing?”
Then I turn to whatever my hands are about
And with fortified purpose renew it,
And the end soon encompass, for which I set out,
If, only, like you, I stick to it.
The sages declare that true genius, so called,
Is simply the will to “keep at it.”
A “won’t-give-up” purpose is never forestalled,
No matter what foes may combat it.
And most of mankind’s vaunted progress is made,
O stamp! if the world only knew it,
By noting the wisdom which you have displayed
In sticking adhesively to it.

. . . deliberately seek encouragement (motivation) on a daily basis. . . Zig Ziglar
From a motivational point of view,
if we deliberately seek encouragement (motivation)
on a daily basis, it will become a habit and enable us
to get ahead and stay ahead in life.
Zig Ziglar, Over the Top
Words of Encouragement

By Nixon Waterman

7. You Tell On Yourself

You tell what you are by the friends you seek,
By the very manner in which you speak,
By the way you employ your leisure time,
By the use you make of dollar and dime.
You tell what you are by the things you wear,
By the spirit in which you burdens bear,
By the kind of things at which you laugh,
By records you play on the phonograph.
You tell what you are by the way you walk,
By the things of which you delight to talk,
By the manner in which you bear defeat,
By so simple a thing as how you eat.
By the books you choose from the well-filled shelf;
In these ways, and more, you tell on yourself.

By Unknown

8. How to Cope

I’ve got a “full moon” migraine, they come as no surprise;
They’re bound to be repeated once a month.
I think I have them conquered, I think I’m in control;
And once again it’s there before my eyes.
It drives me to the darkness, a place of solitude;
It draws away my every ounce of strength.
I’m forced to total silence, for sounds are amplified;
I live in this environment for many days at length.
So far there’s no solution, it’s “live” with what you’ve got;
Just carry on for it is bound to cease.
I struggle to be patient, to wait it out, endure,
Yet silently I’m longing for release.

But then I look at others who carry greater pain,
Who suffer a disease that has no cure.
I realize my blessings, I’m grateful to be me,
I empathize with what they must endure.
Forgive me for complaining or being in despair,
For feeling like these things will never end.
Let me find reassurance that change is bound to come,
And in a day or so I’m on the mend.
There will be reoccurrence; it’s been like this for years,
But I’ve survived these bouts that come and go.
I’ learned how to survive them and keep the upper hand,
And through it all I’ve watched my patience grow.
I do not let it rule me, nor give into the pain,
I postpone all such things that irritate.
I wait, I know I have to, or I will feel distress,
The work is always there and it will wait.

By Greta Zwaan

9. Don’t Quit

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road your trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit
Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and its turns,
As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When they might have won, had they stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the struggler has given up
When he might have captured the victors cup;
And he learned too late when the night came down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt
And you never can tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems so far;
So stick to the fight when your hardest hit,
It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit!

By Rev Wade Watts

10. I Promise Myself

To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.
To make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best
and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of
others as I am about my own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the
greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile
to every living creature I meet.
To give so much time to improving myself that I
have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear,
and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.
To think well of myself and to proclaim this fact to the world,
not in loud words, but in great deeds.
To live in the faith that the whole world is on my side,
so long as I am true to the best that is in me.

By Christian D. Larson

11. Charge the Hill

At the base of the mountain I raise my eyes
To the climb that looms ahead.
And though I tremble at the road before
It is the path that I must tread.

My heart beats wildly and my legs feel weak
but my comfort comes in knowing

There’s a power greater than all of me
So my faith just keeps on growing.

Though the world may try to tell me
Faith is simple and quite naive,
I’ve felt His presence in the blackest of times
And I shall continue to believe.

There may be days to come where I feel alone
During the pain and hardest trials.
But there’s an unseen world holding me up
And protecting me all the while.

I know prayers and love will come to Him
From those who share my suffering.
Whose hearts and souls are tied with mine
In this journey laid out for me.

So I take the first step and begin the climb
and I know love will gently lead.
Each hand firmly held by family and friends
We charge the hill to victory.

By Kristen Feighery

12. My Creed

To live as gently as I can;
To be, no matter where, a man;
To take what comes of good or ill
And cling to faith and honor still;
To do my best, and let that stand
The record of my brain and hand;
And then, should failure come to me,
Still work and hope for victory.

To have no secret place wherein
I stoop unseen to shame or sin;
To be the same when I’m alone
As when my every deed is known
To live undaunted, unafraid
Of any step that I have made;

To be without pretense or sham
Exactly what men think I am.

To leave some simple mark behind
To keep my having lived in mind,
If enmity to aught I show,
To be an honest, generous foe,
To play my little part, nor whine
That greater honors are not mine.

This, I believe, is all I need
For my philosophy and creed.

By Edgar A. Guest

13. Colored Rainbows

Dare to dream of coloured rainbows
and fine “castles in the air” –
and a Sun that shines so brightly
making cloudy days seem rare!

When you aim to find a purpose
then your life becomes worthwhile.
You will dazzle those about you –
when you show your own true style!

Our dreams are not for keeping –
simply borrowed for a while;
to console us in adversity
and teach us how to smile!

Dream again of colored rainbows
and of bluebirds flying high.
You will overcome the obstacles
once you decide to try!

By Roslyn Mansell

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