Gut Health Books: Top Ten (2022)

Would you be interested in reading books on gut health? In the medical field, there is growing interest in the enormous complexity of the gut and its significance to our general health.

books on gut health

Whether you’re eager to learn more about how this remarkable gut ecosystem affects your health.

The bacteria and viruses that inhabit animal digestive systems are known as gut microbes. In recent years, the popularity of diets focused on gut cleaning has skyrocketed.

While certain microbes are dangerous to human health, many others are quite advantageous and even required for a healthy body.

Here are our best suggestions for books on gut health, which span from practical cuisine to more academic ones.

1. Be Good to Your Gut: The Ultimate Guide to Gut Health

Eve Kalinik, a nutritional therapist, outlines the steps to better digestion in her book Be Good to Your Gut.

She also discusses the wide-ranging benefits of gut health, including a stronger immune system, hormone balance, increased stress resistance, and less inflammation.

Making your stomach as healthy and satisfied as it can be started with what you put in it.

Author: Eve Kalinik

Published by: Piatkus (September 2017)

Total Length: 288 pages

2. The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat

We are all becoming more and more perplexed by the elementary issue of what to eat.

Despite the warnings of authorities, governments, and dieticians about the risks of excess fat, sugar, protein, and inactivity, our diets – and the world’s obesity issue – are becoming worse.

Why is it possible for one individual to have a specific meal and put on weight while another consumes the same meal and loses weight? Genes contribute to some of the solutions, but we have been ignoring a crucial element of nutrition that is inherent in every one of us.

Author: Tim Spector

Published by: W&N (May 2016)

Total Length: 336 pages

3. Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Hippocrates stated that all sickness originates in the stomach more than two thousand years ago.

This theory still remains true today and is supported by substantial scientific studies.

The author of Healthy Gut, Healthy You, Dr Michael Ruscio, a doctor and researcher, demonstrates how contemporary lifestyle modifications and the widespread use of antibiotics have rendered our guts and the vital bacteria they contain more susceptible than ever.

The good news is that practically every illness may be cured, including hypothyroidism, autoimmunity, depression, lethargy, and weight gain.

Author: Michael Ruscio

Published: February 15, 2018

Total Length: 334 pages

4. The Digestive Health Solution: Your Personalized Five-step Plan for Inside-out Digestive Wellness

You may improve your digestive health for life with the help of this interactive book.

Your entire body is so much healthier when your internal organs are functioning properly.

Ben Brown, a skilled naturopath and communicator, will lead you through an exploration of the mind-body connection, food intolerances, and the secrets to a healthy digestive system.

Perhaps, before teaching you how to address your health problems and quality-of-life requirements with a five-step plan that is specifically tailored to you.

You’ll learn about studies on well-known herbal remedies, separating reality from fiction, and finding evidence-based, secure remedies that will aid digestion and quickly reduce or even get rid of symptoms.

Author: Benjamin Brown

Published by: Exisle (April 2017)

Total Length: 272 pages

5. The Good Gut

The Good Gut is a ground-breaking book that presents a novel health strategy that emphasizes how to feed your microbiota, along with menu suggestions and recipes.

The Sonnenburgs demonstrate how we can strengthen the community that lives in our gut, keep our microbiota off the endangered species list, and enhance our own health.

Authors: Justin Sonnenburg, Erica Sonnenberg

Published by: Penguin Books (May 2016)

Total Length: 320 pages

6. The Happy Skin Solution: How to Beat Acne From the Inside Out

Registered nutritional therapist Fiona Lawson writes in The Happy Skin Solution that a multifaceted strategy is key to having clear skin.

Instead of looking for the next “wonder” supplement or product, embark on a trip through your hormones, liver, gut, skin microbiota, and mind.

You’ll learn what acne truly causes and what you can do to treat it inside.

Author: Fiona Lawson

Published by: Amazon (September 2019)

Total Length: 90 pages

7. 10% Human: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness

Only 10% of you are truly human. There are nine imposter cells travelling with every one of the cells that make up the body you are.

Not only are you made of flesh and blood, muscle and bone, the brain and skin, but you are also made of germs and fungus.

In terms of microorganisms, you will accumulate the weight of five African elephants over your lifespan. You are a colony, not a single person.

We used to think that our microorganisms didn’t really important, but science is starting to tell a different story—one in which germs control our bodies and without which it would be impossible to live a healthy life.

Author: Alanna Collen

Published by: William Collins (May 2016)

Total Length: 336 pages

8. The Clever Guts Diet: How to Revolutionise Your Body From the Inside Out

Dr Mosley takes us on a revelatory journey through the gut, demonstrating how junk food and excessive antibiotic use have destroyed many beneficial gut bacteria, causing an epidemic of allergies, food intolerances, and obesity in the modern world.

By promoting a more diverse microbiome and elevating the good bacteria that keep you healthy, Dr Mosley offers scientifically supported methods to manage cravings, improve mood, and lose weight. He does this by drawing on the most recent cutting-edge research.

Author: Dr Michael Mosley

Published by: Short Books Ltd (May 2017)

Total Length: 288 pages

9. The Gut Makeover

Working with a lot of professionals, nutritionist Jeannette Hyde is aware of the need of making healthy eating simple.

She has developed a straightforward, practical four-week approach for boosting gut health in this book using items you can buy at your neighbourhood grocery store.

This book has constantly had strong sales since it was published, and for good reason.

Author: Jeanette Hyde

Published by: Quercus (December 2016)

Total Length: 256 pages

10. Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

The gut has been the body’s least valued and most neglected organ for far too long, yet it turns out that it does more than simply do the dirty work—it is the foundation of who we are.

An international blockbuster called Gut provides the digestive system with its proper attention.

Author: Guilia Enders

Published by: Scribe UK (May 2015)

Total Length: 272

We hope that our list of recommended books on gut health will enlighten you a little bit more and assist you in choosing the best book. Visit our page for more interesting books.

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