Best Short Funny Poems

Best Short Funny Poems – 15 Poems about Excitement and Humour

Best Short Funny Poems are like bursts of laughter and joy condensed into a few lines. These fanciful verses are perfect for adding a touch of humor to your day.

Whether you’re in need of a quick chuckle or just enjoy the lighter side of life, these short, funny poems are bound to bring a smile to your face.

With clever wordplay, witty humor, and a dash of absurdity, these poems capture the essence of comedy in a compact and delightful form.

So, get ready to giggle as we explore the world of the best short, funny poems!

1. Title: “Cupcake’s Journey”

In the oven’s warmth, I began my plight,
A deprived, miserable cake, out of sight.
Feeling the temperature start to soar,
I joined the others, knowing there was more.

When they swung the door ajar, I came to life,
Frosting adorned me with a gleaming knife.
Candy jewels, like stars in the night,
Made the others pale, a charming sight.

Lifted with care, my wrapper was removed,
Under the open sky, I felt my spirit soothed.
As her mouth gaped, her teeth shining wide,
It marked the day this cupcake couldn’t hide.

But I was ready, a treat in every way,
To bring joy and sweetness, come what may.
My journey as a cupcake had just begun,
In the world of taste, I’d make everyone run.

Cupcake's Journey - Best Short Funny Poems

2. Title: “Whimsy in the Ning Nang Nong”

On the Ning Nang Nong’s joyous plot,
Cows go bong, a merry lot,
Monkeys play, with mischief in their view,
In this realm where laughter’s cue.

In the Nong Nang Ning, the trees sway,
Ping and dance through night and day,
Tea pots chat and jibber, joo,
In this land so vivid and true.

On the Nong Ning Nang, mischief in the air,
Mice go clang, without a care,
Their merriment, it goes on and on,
A place where whimsy is never gone.

So in Ning Nang Nong, where all belong,
Amidst the laughter, the clang, and the song,
It’s a world where joy is always strong,
The Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong!

Whimsy in the Ning Nang Nong - Best Short Funny Poems

3. Title: “Lost and Found”

I’ve hunted near, I’ve hunted far,
Even checked inside my trusty car.
My glasses vanished, oh, the need,
To find them now, so I can read.

I mumble curses, raise my voice,
Did I leave them in my bag of choice?
Are they concealed ‘neath the sofa’s thread,
Or beneath the bed where dreams are spread?

In the corners, I rummage deep,
Where memories and dust often sleep,
But in the end, I simply declare,
They’ve been atop my nose all to spare.

So the lesson learned, a chuckle instead,
Sometimes what’s lost is atop your head.
In life’s surprising twists, it’s often spread,
Simple truths can bring smiles, it’s said.

Lost and Found - Best Short Funny Poems

4. Title: “Sunday by the Shore”

I didn’t go to church today,
But trust the Lord to know my way.
The swirling surf in blue and white,
Children played on sands so bright.

He knows my days are all too brief,
This fleeting summer, sweet relief,
When life is done, we’ll find our tether,
And have eternity to spend together.

In nature’s grace, my spirit soars,
As seashores sing and waves explore.
A sacred bond in sun and weather,
With God’s love, we’re bound forever.

No pews or hymns, just seashells’ call,
A different kind of chapel, after all.
The open sky, the ocean’s vastness,
Revealed His presence in the loveliest address.

Sunday by the Shore - Best Short Funny Poems

5. Title: “Dreams of a Child”

In this tale, Milne paints a scene so bright,
A child’s whimsical dreams taking flight,
He contemplates what a king might demand,
And what in life’s simple pleasures would stand.

He roams through diverse lands and realms,
In search of joys and fanciful helms,
With wild elephants he’d befriend and parade,
Or without his hat, in the sun’s gentle shade.

His hair, unburdened by brushes and care,
In this child’s world, a vision so fair,
He seeks lovely things, his heart a guide,
In the realms of wonder, he’ll forever reside.

So, with laughter and dreams, he’s imbued,
A world where every wish can be pursued,
In the mind of a child, where fantasies brew,
A tapestry of enchantment, forever anew.

Dreams of a Child - Best Short Funny Poems

6. Title: “Tipsy Reverie”

With wine in hand, a bit too much,
The statistician leaned back as such.
In the Frigidaire, his head he’d lay,
Feet in the warm air, a tipsy display.

Amongst the bottles, he pondered with glee,
Numbers and averages, all to decree.
On average, he was feeling just fine,
In this tipsy world of numbers and wine.

With each glass, his mind did twirl,
In a tipsy state, he gave it a whirl.
Laughing at data, finding delight,
A tipsy statistician into the night.

The world of numbers and wine combined,
In a tipsy reverie, he felt so kind.
With a tipsy heart, and thoughts to share,
The statistician reveled without a care.

Tipsy Reverie - Best Short Funny Poems

7. Title: “Ode to a Troublesome Car”

Tinkle, tinkle, little car,
What a puzzle you truly are.
Leaking oil without delay,
Stubbornly, in your own way.

Scaling hills at a sluggish pace,
I yearn for a change in the race.
Tinkle, tinkle, dear automobile,
Your quirks, I know too well.

Though you’ve served, you’ve gone too far,
You’ve been quite a lemon, by par.
Tinkle, tinkle, in this rhyme,
I bid farewell, it’s the end of our time.

In need of a ride more true,
One that will carry me through.
Tinkle, tinkle, little car, goodbye,
It’s time for us to part and fly.

Ode to a Troublesome Car - Best Short Funny Poems

8. Title: “Dog’s Poolside Misadventure”

My dog is really quite a hip hound,
Until in water, he’s found,
He looks a bit absurd,
In the pool, he’s not assured,
Like a sinking ship, he goes down.

His style and grace on display,
Until he leaps in without delay,
The water’s his great nemesis,
In it, he’s all clumsiness,
A swimming dog, he’s no McKay.

But on dry land, he’s back in the groove,
Chasing sticks and busting a move,
His coolness returns with a flip,
No more like a sinking ship,
My dog, indeed, does approve.

So, in water, he may be a goof,
But on solid ground, his aloof,
My hip dog, in all his mishap,
Is a loyal, loving, furry chap,
In my heart, he’ll forever stay aloof.

Dog's Poolside Misadventure - Best Short Funny Poems

9. Title: “Through the Small Door”

A stout man sees a tiny door,
Realizes he can’t fit through anymore,
Tears stream down, his heart feels sore,
It’s a truth he can’t ignore.

His broad shoulders, his ample girth,
Are too much for that door’s dearth,
Tears flow freely, his dreams scattered,
A realization that’s long been tattered.

He takes a breath, contemplates the door,
Knowing he must strive and explore,
No more tears, his spirit starts to roar,
A chance for change, he’ll seek to implore.

The journey’s begun, his determination high,
No more trapped in that cycle’s cry,
No more tears, as the pounds he’ll defy,
Through the small door, he’ll find the sky.

Through the Small Door - Best Short Funny Poems

10. Title: “Smart Phone – Dumb User”

My new phone is “smart,” I confess, I’m not,
It’s astonishing what this device has got.
TV, Weather, and Internet’s embrace,
There’s no limit to its boundless grace.

Checking blood pressure and temperature rise,
Without probing apertures, it’s quite the surprise.
It tells the time in Paris, Greece, or Rome,
Tracks geese migrating to a distant home.

A map reveals Chinese food’s secret lair,
Oops, my finger slipped, I’m not quite aware.
A camera, oh joy! Capturing life’s shots,
Of those who’d rather not pose lots.

Press a button, take a “selfie” with glee,
If it had a nose, would it capture a “smellfie”?
Email to pester with, videos to record,
Maps to guide, it’s a tech lover’s reward.

Smart Phone - Dumb User - Best Short Funny Poems

11. Title: “Yes! No!”

A broken signal, what could I do?
I called a friend, asked for aid anew.
“Stand by the car,” I said, with a plea,
Let’s fix this problem and set it free.

I signaled left, a hopeful plea,
If it works, would my friend tell me?
I clicked the blinker, my heart aglow,
The response I heard was, “Yes! No! Yes! No!”

With hands on hips, we both did strive,
To troubleshoot and keep hope alive.
We faced the car, with sparks in our eyes,
“Yes! No!” echoed, a quirky surprise.

In the end, we conquered the plight,
With teamwork strong, we set things right.
My friend and I, a dynamic duo,
“Yes! No!” turned into a victorious show.

Yes! No! - Best Short Funny Poems

12. Title: “The Curious Choices of Life”

Why do most folks prefer to find
The front seat on a bus they bind,
In church, it’s the back they’d choose,
And, curiously, the road they’d use?

The front seat grants a forward view,
While prayers, in back, they softly pursue.
The road’s middle, an odd desire,
Balancing life, they never tire.

Front row promises the finest scenes,
Back pews, a peaceful space it seems,
Middle of the road, a life’s quest,
Balancing choices, they find it best.

The bus, the church, the road’s divide,
In human quirks, we find our guide.
Each choice we make, a piece of us,
In front, in back, or with no fuss.

The Curious Choices of Life - Best Short Funny Poems

13. Title: “Friendship’s Promise”

When you feel cold, shivers start to creep,
I’ll be your warmth, in your slumber’s keep,
If sadness strikes and tears you weep,
I’ll bring a smile, your joy I’ll steep.

In moments of hunger, an egg cup we’ll share,
A simple pleasure, a meal to repair,
But when it’s about money, my pockets are bare,
I’m sorry, my friend, it’s a burden I can’t bear.

In times of need, don’t hesitate to ask,
For in friendship’s bond, we share a common task,
To support each other, is our sacred pact,
In life’s uncertain journey, we’ll stay intact.

So, remember, in cold or when sadness strikes,
I’ll be there to warm you, through day or nights,
And when hunger beckons, we’ll share our delights,
But when it’s about money, I’ll honor our rights.

Friendship's Promise - Best Short Funny Poems

14. Title: “Nature’s Riddles”

Have you ever seen a sheet on a river’s floor,
Or a single hair from a hammer’s core?
Do mountain feet find toes to show,
And do garden hoses in pairs bestow?

Can a needle wink or blink its eye,
Why doesn’t a building’s wing ever try?
Can you tickle the ribs of a parasol’s grace,
Open a tree’s trunk and explore its space?

Do rake teeth ever bite with might,
Do clock hands argue left or right?
In a garden’s depth, does darkness embark,
And what’s the sound of a birch’s bark?

These questions may seem quite stark,
In the world of riddles, they leave a mark.
Mysteries of life, in the light and the dark,
A curious journey, from start to embark.

Nature's Riddles - Best Short Funny Poems

15. Title: “Nose in it’s Place”

Be glad your nose is on your face,
In its right and proper place,
For if it were somewhere else, you see,
You might not like the nose that’s free.

Imagine if your precious nose,
Between your toes had to repose,
Or perched upon your lofty head,
Constantly tickled by hair’s thread.

Within your ear, what chaos, oh dear,
With each sneeze, your thoughts unclear,
So, be glad your nose remains the ace,
Right there on your familiar face,
It’s where it belongs, in that special space.

Not pasted in some awkward spot,
A nose misplaced, we’d all forgot,
So appreciate the nose you’ve got,
On your face, it means a lot.

Nose in it's Place - Best Short Funny Poems

With humor and clever wordplay, these poems tickle our funny bones and add joy to our lives. So, keep these delightful poems close and let them bring a smile to your face whenever you need a good laugh.

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Laughter truly is the best medicine!

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