Alphabet Poems
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Alphabet Poems – 15 ABC Poems for Kindergarteners to Learn

An ABC poem is a poem in which the alphabet starts each line, beginning with A and going through Z in sequence.

Each line focuses on building upon the poem’s central subject, creating a particular story, mood, feeling, or image in the mind of the reader.

ABC (or Alphabet) poems come in different kinds. Some use all 26 letters, while others only use the alphabetical order of 5-6 of the letters. The 26 letters of Abecedarian Poetry will still be included.

1. Alphabet Of Love

Again I’m sitting with pen in my hand and paper in front of me,
Breaking all the doors, trying to set my feelings free.
Carefully I’m choosing the words to write.
Don’t want to keep anything inside.
Everything inside me I want to say.
For so long I’ve been trying day after day.
Guessed it’s easy, but it’s not in any way.

How hard I tried to tell you
In every way, but I couldn’t do so.
Just simple words I have to write,
Kinda magical words that’ll make everything right.
Love you deeply from the bottom of my heart.
My life means nothing when we’re apart.
No one but you can make me feel that complete.

Ooh, my love we are meant to be; that’s our fate.
Please stay with me for always and forever.
Quit anything, but leave me never.
Right inside my heart you will always be.
So happy I feel when you are with me.
To you I hope to be always near.
Unique is the way along you I feel.

Very happy, flying without wings.
What a joy to my heart your touch brings.
X-tremly perfect I feel near you.
Yes, my love, that’s what I want you to know.
Zillions of words I have in my heart to say,
and all of them are true.

by Noha Nader

2. If Only

If Only…
A prayer was held in our nation,
Beauty was seen in more ways than one,
Children who are lost could find their salvation,
Death was slain and torture was done.

If Only…
Earth was awakened after years of endurance,
Forgotten feelings were rekindled anew,
God was man’s only path and assurance,
Hope was the foundation of the world we knew.

If Only…
I knew more stories than those that were told,
Joy was a plague, and peace a disease,
Knowledge was worth more than silver and gold,
Love was sacred and endless as the seas.

If Only…
Miracles were seen more than daylight,
Never was replaced with forever,
Our eyes could see through the dark of the night,
Passion lived in us more than ever.

If Only…
Questions were answered, and answers were questioned,
Roses were pure and without thorns,
Sadness received only love and affection,
The empty knew why it was they were born.

If Only…
Us as a nation would join hands in song,
Victory was a gift to the humble,
When tears were shed, the earth felt strong,
Exalted men would fall and crumble.

by Petra Sheane

3. Support Imagination

A ball dress, some slippers, and I am in heaven.
Believe me, pretending and dress up is fun!
Can you use your own imagination?
Do give it a try, my little one.
Every child should try make believe,
For that’s what little brains often do best.
Grown-ups may tell you to study your words,
(Hey, have some fun. Take a quick rest!)

I used to pretend whenever I could –
Jumping like grasshoppers into the wood,
Kicking my feet up in some brand-new dance,
Leaping like fairies into the grass.

Mom used to call me a “Scatter Brain,”
Never was I to dance in the rain.
Over and over she warned me, “One day,
People will think your brain’s gone astray!”
Questioning her theory, I only saw smiles
Returning to me as I danced many styles.

by Sharon J Spivak

4. If I Were A Hero

Above huge hills if ever I could rise,
Beyond the gravity as Iron Man flies.
Climbing and hanging if towers I could touch,
Dashing as the Spider-Man, if fingers were such.
Ever I would be happy and ever I would dance,
Falling and rising in heroic romance.

Grasping high hills if ever I could rise,
Huge, tough and rigid, if Hulk were my size.
If ever my sharpened nails were ever so tough,
Judging and fighting as Mr X-Man: rough,
Kiddy would be happy and kiddy would dance,
Loving and singing in heroic romance.

Mighty huge hills if I could win all heights,
Noting all evilness as Mr. Batman fights.
Owning all powers if this world I could guide,
Powers like a Power Man if Thor were my side.
Quickly I would be happy and quickly I would dance,
Running and flying in heroic romance.

Super like a Superman if super were my punch.
Tough, hard and titanic if evils I could crunch.
Unique like the Avengers if I could have some powers,
Valiant as a mighty king if I could bring just flowers.
Winning like a gallant Prince if I could live in pride,
X-treme in my extreme parts if God were my side.
Yes, I would be happy and surely take all chance,
Zeal for my pleasures would bloom in heroic dance.

by Shayan Das

5. Sunrise

A new day is beginning.
Burnt orange hues
Color the distant skies.
Dew drops, a glistening symphony
Echo their sad goodbyes.
Flora bow reverently
Giving glory to the light,
Holding onto faith
In the darkness of the night.

Joyful birds a choir
Keeping heaven in their heart.
Light shatters darkness
Marking this momentous start.
New life springs forth,
Opening a well of hope.
Possibilities abound,
Quilting a beautiful kaleidoscope,
Remembering the past,
Staying true to what will come.

Trees sing praise with wind-kissed branches
Uplifted towards the sun.
Victory is for the taking.
Wishes will come true.
Xanadu in blossoms.
Yellow beams shine through.
Zealous souls rejoice in him.

by Zorian Alexis

6. Best Birthday Ever!

“Amazing!” was all I could say
Because I finally got my puppy today.
Chocolate brown with soulful eyes,
Definitely the perfect birthday surprise.
Every year I had asked for one.
Finally my mom hit a home run.
Getting me this perfect gift
Has given me such a joyful lift.

I will forever cherish my little boy
Just like I did my favorite stuffed toy.
Keeping him oh so near to me,
Loving him oh so tenderly,
Making him a promise that I will never break:
Nothing will harm him while I’m awake.
Our bond has already begun to grow,
Pure love that all pet owners know.

Quietly he is sleeping in my arms,
Rendering me helpless to all of his charms.
Staring at my little bundle of joy,
Thinking of the perfect name for my boy.
Undecided, I’ve come up with a few
Various possibilities what should I do.

Winchester or perhaps Chester for short.
Xander or maybe a bold name like Cort.
You deserve the perfect name.
Zorian means happy, and I hope you are the same.

by Zorian Alexis

7. Chaotic Places

After everything is said and done
Bad dreams and nightmares
Chased away by the coming dawn
Demons stashed into nightstand drawers
Everything the same routine
Fight to fall asleep
Get only maybe an our or two
Half way making it through both night and day
Instead of being away and alert the next day

Just barely keep my eyes open
Keeping up with daily demands
Leaves me even more exhausted
Making sleep the next night even more impossible
Nightmares creeping back into me
Overly vivid dreams making me crazy
Pray that they go away soon
Quit messing with my head

Resting my eyes has turned to hell
Sleepless, sleepless nights
Tortured by what seems to be a plague
Unable to rid myself of them
Visiting chaotic places
While laying in my bed
Xanadu for me would be a peaceful sleep
Years without one is
Zero in 730 days.

by Britney

8. Poem About A Friend.

Accepts you as you are
Believes in you
Calls you just to say Hi
Doesn’t give up on you.
Envisions the whole of you
even the unfinished parts.

Forgives your mistakes
Gives unconditionally
Helps you
Invites you over
Just be with you
Keeps you close at Heart.

Loves you for who you are
Makes a difference in your life
Never Judges
Offers Support
Picks you up
Quiets your fears
Raises your spirits.

Says nice things about you
Tells you the truth
when you need to hear it
Understands You
Values You.
Walks beside you
Explains things you don’t understand
Yells when you won’t listen and
Zaps you back to reality.

by Marilyn H. White

9. Life In Fairy Land

As a small child I fancied to sail
By ocean to a land of fairy tales,
Camp in a field with Little Red Riding Hood.
Dazzling stars would fire at the Big Bad Wolf.

Eat up fruits on bubblegum trees,
Free the Ugly Duckling from bullies;
Get all Three Little Pigs together,
Help them to live in the brick house forever.

I can’t climb up Beanstalk for money,
Jack kindly says life in fairy land is free;
“Keep knocking on doors like Princess and the Pea.
Luckily, accommodation is guaranteed.”

Milky Way dances as light fades.
Night drapes around Sleeping Beauty’s place.
Over the sky I see the moon parades;
Pied Piper’s music softly plays.

Quietly I have found Cinderella,
Royal palace is a place for pleasure;
Seeing Fairy Godmother and Prince,
Turning pumpkin into candy floss on string.

Unstoppable I would enjoy the sweets,
Vanilla ice cream and many more treats
While swimming with Little Mermaid in a chocolate pond.
Xylophone would be playing our favourite song.

You are right, my teeth will rot.
Zero chance for me to be slim and hot.

Alphabet Poems

by Malike Seymenoglu

10. Did You Know?

A cardinal flew past me today
Because he wanted my attention.
Cardinals mean someone in heaven is thinking of you.
Did you know that? And did you also know that
Emeralds are green.
Fish are scaly, slimy, and can be mean.
Grass is green in summer and brown in late fall.

Hay isn’t just for horses even though it’s inside their stall.
Ice cream is delicious, and I love it so.
Jelly beans are very popular at Easter and then they seem to go.
Kittens are so adorable and playful, it’s true.
Lambs say baa and their mom is called a ewe.
Monkeys swing from trees with their arms.

Night owls hoot and can live on a farm.
Opossums hang upside down.
Penguins are black and white, and they don’t wear a crown.
Questions find answers.
Restaurants are great places to eat.
S’mores are a tasty treat.

by Jodi L. Landes

11. Balancing Act

An acrobatic
bird with a blue
crown crossed over and
down the daunting
gripping the grate with

by Judi Van Gorder

12. Remembrance

Sleepless, fitful nights,
Thoughts of you adhere.
Untouchable, love abounds.
Visions haunt me;
Memories sustain me.

by margyl

ABC poem, a subgenre of Alphabet Poem, is used by kids as a fun word game! In this game, they get to think of words in alphabetical order and then make a poem using those words as the very first word in each line. This is the easiest way for kids to learn and understand. Also it is a fun way to get them engaged and create an image in their mind.

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