Winter Poems for Kids

Winter Poems for Kids – 16 Snow Poems for Children to Celebrate Christmas

Fresh snowfall, sledding, making snowmen, and drinking hot chocolate are all traditional winter activities. Why not celebrate the season with these winter poems for kids?

Kids are captivated by the white snow when they see the first snowfall. Winter winds and the chilly weather are all enjoyable experiences.

What better way to enjoy the winter than by watching small children play outside?

Throughout the chilly Winter months, your lesson plans will be improved by this collection of winter poems for kids.

1. Title: “Winter”

Street cars don a frosty crown,
Covered in snow, like cakes renowned.
Horses’ hoofs crunch the icy street,
Eyelashes frosted, a wintry feat.

All around, the people play,
Faces kissed by snow, in a merry array.
Frosted cakes on tracks they roam,
Winter’s charm, a delightful home.

In cold flakes, the street cars gleam,
Hoofs and lashes in a snowy dream.
Laughter echoes through the air,
Snowy moments, everywhere.

Children dance in winter’s trance,
Snowflakes twirl, a joyful dance.
Street cars whisper tales untold,
In a city dressed in snowy gold.

Winter - Winter Poems for Kids

2. Title: “Winter’s Kiss in a Snowy Adventure”

In snowfall’s dance, step outside,
Look up, and let your joy collide.
Feel icy kisses in the air,
Snowflakes flutter everywhere.

The world transforms in a wintry hue,
A blanket of white, a magical view.
Nature’s art in each snowflake’s grace,
A wintertime dream, an embrace.

Run and play in the snowy sea,
Cold and crisp, wild and free.
Nature’s theater, a sparkling show,
As winter’s wonders continue to grow.

So venture out when it’s cold and bright,
Chase the snowflakes, pure and white.
A snowy adventure, oh so grand,
In winter’s kingdom, hand in hand.

Winter's Kiss in a Snowy Adventure - Winter Poems for Kids

3. Title: “Snowflake Ballet”

I’m a snowflake in the air,
Whirling, twirling, without a care.
Dancing freely, light as a feather,
A frosty friend in wintry weather.

Here and there, I gracefully roam,
In the chilly sky, I find my home.
A winter sprite, small and fair,
Spreading magic through the frosty air.

I’m a snowflake, unique and bright,
Glistening in the soft moonlight.
Joining a snowy, sparkling affair,
A frosty ballet in the crisp night air.

So remember me when winter’s near,
In every snowfall, I’ll appear.
A tiny dancer, light and rare,
I’m a snowflake, floating in the air.

Snowflake Ballet - Winter Poems for Kids

4. Title: “Ten Little Snowmen”

One little, two little,
Snowmen round and small.
Three little, four little,
Building by the wall.

Five little, six little,
Snowflakes start to play.
Seven little, eight little,
On this frosty day.

Nine little, ten little,
In the moonlight’s glow.
Snowmen friends, to and fro,
Dancing in the snow.

With scarves and hats, a frosty crew,
Eleven, twelve, join in too.
Snowball fights and laughter’s glee,
A snowy world for all to see.

Ten Little Snowmen - Winter Poems for Kids

5. Title: “Behold My Breath

In and out, quick or slow,
My breath whispers, a dance to show.
Though unseen, I feel it flow,
A secret tale, in winter’s glow.

When winter calls, my breath takes flight,
A lively waltz in the frosty night.
In the cold air, a magical sight,
A dance of breath, pure and light.

In and out, a rhythmic affair,
A frosty waltz in the chilly air.
In winter’s grasp, beyond compare,
My breath creates a show so rare.

Fast or slow, with winter’s flair,
I exhale clouds in the crisp night air.
A silent ballet, beyond compare,
My breath, a wintertime affair.

Behold My Breath - Winter Poems for Kids

6. Title: “Great Big Snowman”

I’m a big snowman, stout and round,
With a tummy on snowy ground.
Raisin eyes and carrot nose,
In winter’s embrace, my joy grows.

From head to toe, a frosty sight,
A hat sits atop, oh so right.
In the icy world, I stand,
A snowman, crafted by playful hand.

Children giggle, mittens snug,
Rolling snowballs, full of hug.
Dressed up in whimsical flair,
A snowy friend beyond compare.

In the cold, where snowflakes play,
I bring joy on a winter’s day.
Tall and proud, in the snow,
I’m a big snowman, don’t you know?

Great Big Snowman - Winter Poems for Kids

7. Title: “Huddle for Warmth”

Wrap me up in snug, warm socks,
A fluffy sweatshirt, cozy blocks.
Bring a blanket, soft and wide,
Hot cocoa by the fireside.

Tucked in close for a cuddle so sweet,
Winter warmth, a delightful treat.
Snowy nights and stars above,
In our family huddle, filled with love.

Sip cocoa, feeling snug and warm,
Winter’s embrace, its gentle charm.
Together we share the frosty air,
A family huddle, beyond compare.

In the chilly season’s gentle nudge,
Our winter haven, a cozy lodge.
Socks, sweatshirt, and cocoa cup,
In our huddle, hearts warm up.

Huddle for Warmth - Winter Poems for Kids

8. Title: “Thaw”

Soft snow underfoot, a snowy treat,
“Galumph, galumph!” in my galoshes’ beat.
Squishing and squashing, a playful sound,
In the winter wonderland, joy is found.

The snow is soft, a fluffy bed,
Galoshes dance, my steps are led.
“Galumph, galumph!” echoes near,
In the snowy world, without a fear.

Underneath the wintry sky so wide,
Soft snow welcomes, inviting strides.
Galoshes groove in a snowy trance,
A playful winter, a joyful dance.

Softness beneath, with each step it smooshes,
“Galumph, galumph!” my galoshes wooshes.
In the snowy scene, where excitement encroaches,
Galoshes and snow create magical approaches.

Thaw - Winter Poems for Kids

9. Title: “Snowflakes, Snowflakes”

Snowflakes, snowflakes all around,
Dancing, twirling, to the ground.
In the air and everywhere,
Snowflakes falling without a care.

Snowflakes, snowflakes, a wintery sight,
Gently landing, soft and light.
Dance around, touch the ground,
Winter’s magic all around.

Snowflakes, snowflakes, in the air,
Covering the world with flair.
Dance around, touch the ground,
A snowy wonderland is found.

Snowflakes, snowflakes, a joyful sound,
In winter’s dance, they are bound.
Everywhere and all around,
Snowflakes create a snowy mound.

Snowflakes, Snowflakes - Winter Poems for Kids

10. Title: “Dust of Snow”

A crow above, in wintery air,
Shakes down the snow, without a care.
From the hemlock’s boughs, a snowy mood,
Touches my heart, a change pursued.

Dust of snow, a magical gift,
Falling gently, spirits lift.
In nature’s dance, a scene so fine,
A moment saved from rueful line.

The crow’s bold move, a wintry play,
Transforms a bleak and rued dismay.
A heart is lightened, lifted high,
Saved by nature’s lullaby.

In winter’s hush, a simple grace,
Crow and snow in a dance embrace.
A tale of joy, in nature’s sway,
A moment cherished, saved that day.

Dust of Snow - Winter Poems for Kids

11. Title: “Winter Tales in Picture Books”

Summer fades, and winter nears,
Frosty mornings, cheeks with cheers.
Through the window, scenes unfold,
In the picture story-books, stories told.

Water turns to stone, a wintry feat,
Nurse and I walk on, our joy replete.
Flowing brooks, in pages caught,
In the picture story-books, tales sought.

Sheep and shepherds, trees and looks,
All things pretty, in story-books.
Seas and cities, near and far,
Flying fairies, like a star.

Chimney-corner days, oh so sweet,
Safe in nooks, where stories meet.
Happy times, in warm nursery looks,
Lost in the magic of story-books.

Winter Tales in Picture Books - Winter Poems for Kids

12. Title: “Winter is Good”

Winter comes with a chilly breeze,
Snowflakes falling, teasing trees.
Wrap up warm, it’s time to play,
In the snowy world, we’ll make our way.

Snowmen tall with hats so grand,
Mittens on each snowy hand.
Snowball fights and giggles too,
Winter magic, oh so true.

Sledding down the snowy hill,
Feeling the frosty winter thrill.
Hot cocoa warms us in delight,
As we cherish winter’s night.

Underneath the moon’s soft glow,
Tracks of animals in the snow.
Winter’s here, a joyful song,
With laughter and cheer all season long.

Winter is Good - Winter Poems for Kids

13. Title: “Winter Wonderland Delight”

Snowy world, oh so white,
Glistening in the soft moonlight.
Snowflakes falling, a magical sight,
Winter wonders, pure delight.

Snowmen rise with hats and grins,
Carrot noses, cheeky whims.
Snowball fights and laughter spins,
In this season, joy begins.

Sledding down the icy hill,
Chasing dreams with a winter thrill.
Hot cocoa warms, a cozy fill,
Winter’s magic, never still.

Underneath the stars so bright,
Footprints left in snow’s soft light.
Winter whispers through the night,
A wonderland, pure and right.

Winter Wonderland Delight - Winter Poems for Kids

14. Title: “Winter’s Playful Wonderland”

Snowflakes gently start to fall,
Covering the world in a snowy sprawl.
Hats and scarves, we bundle tight,
Ready for a winter’s delight.

Snowmen rise with coal for eyes,
Carrot noses reaching for the skies.
Snowball fights and laughter near,
Winter magic is finally here.

Sledding down the snowy hills,
Feeling the chilly, frosty thrills.
Hot cocoa warms our hands,
As winter’s wonder fills the lands.

In the evening’s gentle hush,
Hear the snow’s soft, quiet shush.
Underneath the moon so bright,
We embrace the winter night.

Winter's Playful Wonderland - Winter Poems for Kids

15. Title: “Snow Song”

Over hill and meadow, hear
The shepherd piping, crystal clear.
Driving flocks from North afar,
Guiding them beneath the star.

Blow, Wind, with melodies sweet,
Leading sheep with nimble feet.
Grove and lane in snowy thrill,
Shine with wool, a winter skill.

Hurry, gather, snowflakes bright,
Responding to the music’s light.
Blow, Wind, in joyous play,
Guiding them along their way.

Flocks huddle, town to town,
Answering the shepherd’s sound.
Blow, Wind, on pipes of glee,
Snowy sheep, and shepherd, free.

Snow Song - Winter Poems for Kids

16. Title: “Winter’s Cozy Adventures”

Sun in bed, all cozy and red,
Frosty dreams fill its sleepy head.
Blinks for an hour or two, then,
A fiery orange, sets again.

Before stars leave the skies,
In the dark, I open my eyes.
Shivering, with a quick dress,
By a warm candle, I confess.

By the jolly fire, I sit near,
Warming bones, no winter fear.
On a reindeer-sled, I explore,
Colder countries, near the door.

To go out, my nurse does wrap,
Comforter and cap, a cozy nap.
Cold wind burns my face and blows,
Frosty pepper up my nose.

Winter's Cozy Adventures - Winter Poems for Kids

We hope these winter poems for kids have brought joy and inspiration. Please consider sharing this collection with your family, friends, and colleagues to spread the winter magic.

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