Poems About Fear

Poems About Fear – 12 Poems to Read When You Are Scared

Reading poems about fear can give you some sort of understanding and also give you some courage.

Fear is one of the most dreadful human emotions. It is a force that drives one to commit some of the most awkward and socially unaccepted acts.

Fear is driven by a sense of insecurity and a lack of confidence in one’s abilities.

Poems about fear reflect the continuous battle with fear throughout our human journey. These poems highlight how fear can ruin our sense of order, and self-discipline, and lead us to the most condescending actions.

1. Title: “Consumed”

In the shadows of early morn,
Resides the fear within me, born.
It grips my heart with a vice,
Constricting, cold as ice.

Dread of love, dread of disdain,
Dread of losing faith’s terrain.
Dread of what the future folds,
Dread of a heart that turns so cold.

In the silent night, monsters gaze,
Witness my restless, tortured daze.
They name themselves insanity,
Summon me into their dark decree.

Terrified of losing self-control,
Terrified the world will unfold.
Terrified of fear’s corrosive spree,
Devouring strength, leaving only frailty.

Consumed - Poems About Fear

2. Title: “O Fear”

You led me to escape
from those who cherished me, agape.
You forced me into the abyss,
blinded me to truths I dismiss.

I believed I fell short, not enough,
You crafted a reality so rough.
Oh, fear, a mirage in the gruff,
Your game, I see, is tough.

Opportunities lost, lessons earned,
Now, with clarified priorities discerned.
Breaking through, my spirit yearned,
Life grants chances, I’ve discerned.

Dismantle the fear-made wall,
Escape the perpetual darkened thrall.
Discover what you’re capable of, overall,
Unveil your potential, stand tall.

O Fear - Poems About Fear

3. Title: “Nothing to Fear”

You, a child lost in time,
Never allowed to fully climb.
Confined within this vessel’s wall,
Your emotions in turmoil, they sprawl.

In the shuffle of life’s cruel game,
Longing for a father’s love, a flame.
Always striving to be the best,
Yet, your efforts failed to manifest.

Worries and fears your constant kin,
A hidden world, none saw within.
Your smiles were a facade,
Living a life that was a fraud.

You, a child burdened by strife,
I sense your presence, the remnants of life.
Now, I’ll care for you, hold you near,
No more need for worry or fear.

Nothing to Fear - Poems About Fear

4. Title: “Traffic Light”

Within my mind, a traffic light gleams,
Eternal green, absent of red streams.
Thoughts, dreams, and fears in haste,
Whizzing by, a relentless race.

Closing my eyes to find reprieve,
Yet inside, the chaos does not leave.
Inhale deeply to ease the flow,
Yet a frown upon my face does grow.

Heart racing, breath slowing its pace,
Inhale life, exhale the endless chase.
Numbness blankets my weary frame,
Yet tears persist, refusing to tame.

The fear lingers of an impending shift,
A day when the light may turn adrift,
From perpetual green to warning red,
Anxiety blooms, filling me with dread.

Traffic Light - Poems About Fear

5. Title: “Thoughts of a Convict”

One day, the gates will swing open,
And once again, liberation will be mine.
This fact prompts me to ponder,
“What fate awaits in my design?”

Does a destiny lie ahead,
Resembling the past I’ve lived?
Will acceptance be bestowed upon me,
Or shall I traverse a solitary bid?

Do avenues of employment beckon,
For a man of my caliber and guise?
Or will I revisit a darker path,
Dealing dope to secure my ties?

What lies beyond that exit gate,
As I step into the great unknown?
Is there still a window for redemption,
Or have I missed the chance, overthrown?

Thoughts of a Convict - Poems About Fear

6. Title: “Fear of Home”

In constant dread, you sprint away,
In perpetual unease, you tread each day.
Cowering in shadows, you seek sanctuary,
In every action, your vulnerability is plain to see.

Life unfolds as a relentless nightmare,
Unyielding and perpetual, it refuses to spare.
Escape eludes, ensnared in the dreadful theme,
Where reality mirrors, is your darkest dream.

With each passing day, mistakes replay,
Hidden scars, a testament to the dismay.
Concealing bruises, the lies stack high,
A facade upheld, an intricate web of the sly.

Pillows dampened by the weight of sorrow,
Cheeks bear witness to a relentless morrow.
Drowning in tears, an ocean you wade,
A perpetual downpour in which you’re swayed.

Fear of Home - Poems About Fear

7. Title: “Overcome Your Fears”

Dread, an uncomfortable emotion,
Inducing panic, setting us in motion.
In the mind’s recesses, fears take shape,
Distorting reality, veiling us in a mindscape.

Progress halted, success restrained,
In the grip of fear, both are constrained.
No purpose in life, this unwelcome guest,
Stirring up turmoil, putting us to the test.

Yet, fear’s grasp can be defeated,
Share with a trusted one, feelings unseated.
Look up to those you trust and admire,
A crucial step to quell fear’s burning fire.

Release the hold fear has on your mind,
Transform thoughts, a solution you’ll find.
Watch as fear dissolves, disappears,
Empowered, liberated from its gripping fears.

Overcome Your Fears - Poems About Fear

8. Title: “Fear Thou Not”

“Fear thou not, for I am with thee”;
Child of God, be this thy stay;
God, the mighty God, is with thee,
Yielding comfort by the way.

“Fear thou not” when want draws nigh thee;
Poorer he has fared than thou:
Can the stores of heaven supply thee?
Plead his promise, precious now.

“Fear thou not” when sickness falleth;
Healing balm will then be given;
Or it may be Jesus calleth,
Calleth his beloved to heaven.

“Fear thou not” when hopes have faded
And thick sorrow clouds the mind;
Though the light a while is shaded,
Know thy sun is still behind.

Fear Thou Not - Poems About Fear

9. Title: “A Fear”

A fear, seemingly small, can grow,
Over time, causing trouble to sow.
Paralyzed we become, if left unmet,
Recognition and action are the antidote.

It instills a sense of being afraid,
Invading life like an unwelcome raid.
Robbing us of joy and happiness,
Dismissing fear is unwise, we must confess.

Anxiety, a companion to fear’s reign,
Hindering our purpose, causing strain.
Yet, the distress that seems so real,
Often resides only within our mind’s ordeal.

Do not succumb, let fear dictate,
Forge ahead, your goals await.
Transcend the grip, don’t let it near,
Beyond fear lies a realm of cheer.

A Fear - Poems About Fear

10. Title: “Breaking the Chains of Fear”

A shadow trails behind me,
A whispering voice near, seeking to bind me,
Declaring I’m insufficient,
That my fears will never be efficient.

Yet, I reject these deceptive tales,
Above doubts and cries, my spirit sails.
Strong and brave, I refuse to cave,
Not a slave to fear’s relentless wave.

A step, then another, I’ll tread,
Facing fears, ensuring they’re misled.
In my capability, confidence unfurls,
Each step transforms me, a strong whirl.

So, forward I move with grace,
A smile on my face,
Unafraid of the fall,
For I know, in standing, I stand tall.

Breaking the Chains of Fear - Poems About Fear

11. Title: “Defying the Fear”

Fear sneaks in, a nocturnal intruder,
Stealing courage, fostering a shudder.
Yet, we must resist its seizing hold,
Within our hearts, a potent power unfolds.

Stand tall, confront the looming fear,
With rare courage, dispel every leer.
Defiance breeds strength, makes us bolder,
Transforming fears into tales untold.

Break free from fear’s constricting grip,
Refuse its hold, resist the whip.
We’re brave, we’re strong,
Empowered to carry on.

Stand tall with grace, let courage shine,
Illuminate the space, let the strength align.
Defy the fear, assert our place,
Show the world our unyielding embrace.

Defying the Fear - Poems About Fear

12. Title: “Twas the Night Before Easter”

He’s aware when you’re in slumber,
He senses when you’re awake,
Judging if you’ve been bad or good,
Zombie Jesus, the undead, must be staked!

Consume your crackers and wine,
Believe salvation they’ll engrave,
But his purpose isn’t salvation,
It’s your brains that he’ll crave!

Down the chimney, he descends,
Lurking beneath your bed,
You think you can escape,
But soon, you’ll join the undead.

Don’t dare to whisper,
Don’t shed a tear,
Even a shot to his eyes,
Won’t halt Zombie Jesus, tonight.

Twas the Night Before Easter - Poems About Fear

Poems about fear are concerned with developing a solid emotional structure and a balanced relationship with the self to help battle or live with our fears when they show up. Thank You.

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