Poems About Life

Poems About Life – 18 Poems that Will Inspire and Motivate You

Understanding life is difficult for everyone. We are all trying our best to navigate our existence in ways that are less stressful and give us the opportunity to be better and contribute to humanity. Poems about life act like a guide – a source of wisdom and direction.

As we manage our societal and individual struggles, we gain a better understanding of how best to live. The writers of these poems about life have invested a wealth of time and attention to the subject of living and have, through times, put together these poems.

1. Title: “Life is Love, and Love is Life”

Life is a journey, unfolding its tale,
A winding path, beyond the veil.
Love, a constant, unyielding force,
Guiding us on this cosmic course.

Through the twists of fate, we find our way,
Love’s steadfast presence, day by day.
With every heartbeat, it takes its flight,
Growing stronger, a radiant light.

Love is life, an inseparable blend,
A story of hearts that never end.
Feelings etched in the soul’s sweet range,
A melody that will never change.

In this dance of love and life,
Embrace the moments, free from strife.
Cherish the joy, like stars above,
For in love and life, we find endless love.

Life is Love, and Love is Life - Poems About Life

2. Title: “Live Life Moment by Moment”

In the tapestry of now, life weaves,
Moments fleeting, each heartbeat conceives.
Yesterday gone, tomorrow not born,
In the ‘now,’ life is endlessly adorned.

Capture each moment, make it bright,
Life’s essence found in the present light.
Learn the secret, in each breath, live,
For in the ‘now,’ true joy we give.

Don’t let life pass in a passive flow,
Wake up, learn, and start to grow.
Moments still in hand, life not yet sand,
Live consciously, grasp it, take a stand.

Death is certain, bodies must decay,
No use in asking ‘why,’ or looking away.
To live with joy, the secret we must find,
Consciousness of ‘I,’ in every moment bind.

Live Life Moment by Moment - Poems About Life

3. Title: “Life is a Gift”

Life, a gift sent for us to embrace,
A fleeting present, a temporal space.
In the company of those we cherish dear,
Life’s true beauty becomes crystal clear.

In the tapestry of moments we weave,
Love shines brightest, we fiercely believe.
Through storms and skies of azure hue,
Life’s intricate dance unfolds anew.

Trusting hearts, even when trust is thin,
Life’s journey, a canvas where stories begin.
Amidst the chaos, a ray of the sun,
A reminder that life is a precious one.

Displayed on the tray of time, it’s true,
Life’s enigma, a puzzle we endeavor to construe.
So, seize the gift, let understanding grow,
For life is a present, an unwrapped tableau.

Life is a Gift - Poems About Life

4. Title: “Unshaken by Life’s Fear”

Shadows play upon the wall,
Echoes through the empty hall.
Life’s challenges, both big and small,
Hold no sway, I won’t appall.

Dogs bark with a thunderous sound,
Ghosts in ethereal forms abound.
Yet, through life’s maze, I am unbound,
Facing it all, with courage crowned.

In the tapestry of night and day,
Amid uncertainties that come my way,
I stand resilient, come what may,
Life’s refrain, I boldly replay.

Through shadows and echoes, I navigate,
Each challenge met, I contemplate.
In the rhythm of life, I resonate,
Fearlessness my guide, my fate.

Unshaken by Life's Fear - Poems About Life

5. Title: “Life Goes On”

Under the sun’s bright glow, life strides along,
In the gentle rain’s fall, the same resilient song.
Through joyous laughter or teardrops’ trace,
Life persists in its rhythmic, unwavering pace.

In happiness’ embrace or sorrow’s shroud,
Regardless if good or bad, in life, we’re endowed.
Through laughter’s echo or the sobbing dawn,
Life endures, an eternal phenomenon.

In the living moments or the dying’s grace,
Life’s journey unfolds in every embrace.
In the dance of time, where each moment’s spun,
Life persists — a testament to the ongoing sun.

In the quiet moments and the chaos’s swell,
Life’s melody plays, an ever-changing spell.
Through the twists of fate, in each trial we face,
Life’s resilience shines, an unwavering grace.

Life Goes On - Poems About Life

6. Title: “If”

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream—and not make dreams your master;
If you can think—and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools.

If - Poems About Life

7. Title: “Canvas of Life’s Palette”

Life’s journey, fleeting toward its end,
A puzzle’s pieces we can’t comprehend.
Hues of emotion paint our past,
Destiny’s grasp, not meant to last.

Youth’s canvas, pristine and white,
Fate’s brush caresses, out of sight.
Love beats true in vibrant red,
Shadows black, soul’s thread is shred.

Joy and happiness, shades of green,
Blue depths of sadness, somber scene.
Yellow screams of pain endure,
Guilt and shame, shades of gray impure.

Earthy brown desires we lust,
Lost with age, like chrome’s gradual rust.
As time plods on, shapes change fast,
Twilight replacing dawn cast.

Canvas of Life's Palette - Poems About Life

8. Title: “Life is Tough”

Life, tough enough, I’d say,
Shrouded in shadows, come what may.
Yet, amidst the struggle and battles fought,
A flicker of positivity, a powerful thought.

Negative whispers, like a relentless tide,
A little positivity, let it be your guide.
In life’s storm, with winds that gust,
A spark of hope, in you, trust.

Life’s challenges, an unwavering sea,
Yet, positivity can set you free.
A little light in the darkest plots,
Empowering the soul with vibrant watts.

In the dance of shadows, life may seem rough,
Yet, positivity’s embrace, strong enough.
Amidst the clamor, where negativity taunts,
Find solace in the positive fonts.

Life is Tough - Poems About Life

9. Title: “Seizing the Now”

In every life, a supreme time appears,
A moment ripe with destiny nears.
Balanced ‘twixt Late and Too Soon,
A rift where dreams opportune.

Happy the one who knows to wait,
On life’s broad deck, stands straight.
Seizing the moment, fate’s grand call,
From Opportunity’s hand, a chance to enthrall.

The art of waiting, patient and wise,
On the deck of life, keen eyes.
Surveying the vast seas of time,
Ready to ride destiny’s rhythmic rhyme.

In the ticking moments, the grand show,
Opportunity extends its hand to bestow.
When Destiny’s clock strikes its command,
Seize the Now, dance with Fate, understand.

Seizing the Now - Poems About Life

10. Title: “A Memory Album”

Memories, life’s unique tokens,
Borrowed from time’s fleeting motions.
Ghosts and shadows of days long gone,
Etched within, a mind’s steadfast dawn.

In the album of our minds, they’re kept,
Where past and present subtly intersect.
A dance of moments, frozen in rhyme,
In memory’s embrace, transcending time.

Some we’d rather cast away,
Others, treasures we choose to stay.
In life’s intricate, ever-evolving measure,
Memories become timeless treasure.

Yes, memories, both old and new,
A gallery of moments, a vivid view.
But the dearest ones, forever true,
Are the memories painted with you.

A Memory Album - Poems About Life

11. Title: “Be Grateful”

In life’s journey, let gratitude guide,
For the treasures we own, side by side.
Amidst those lost and all alone,
Our blessings shine, a light to be shown.

Given much, sometimes forgot,
Possessions held, an unwritten plot.
Thankful hearts, in joy be immersed,
Lucky ones, with blessings dispersed.

But, most importantly, let kindness flow,
Share with others, let compassion grow.
For what’s just stuff to us, you see,
Is a treasure, a lifeline, for someone to be free.

In the dance of life, let generosity play,
Gratitude binds us, in a harmonious array.
Count each blessing, let joy unfurl,
In the tapestry of life, an interconnected swirl.

Be Grateful - Poems About Life

12. Title: “Treasured Memories”

Memories, life’s special tokens,
Borrowed from time’s fleeting motions.
Ghosts and shadows of days long past,
Etched within, a mind’s steadfast cast.

Our minds, a cherished album, hold
A meeting place for stories untold.
In the dance of past and present’s rhyme,
Memories linger, frozen in time.

Some we’d rather leave behind,
Others, treasures we lovingly bind.
In the tapestry of life, a measure,
Memories become timeless treasure.

Yes, memories are precious and few,
A gallery of moments, old and new.
Yet, the ones I hold dearest and true,
Are the memories made with you.

Treasured Memories - Poems About Life

13. Title: “In Search of Serenity”

Everyone searches for life’s missing piece,
The key to unlock time’s elusive lease.
Restlessly scanning every crack and crevice,
Dreamless nights, an empty, restless presence.

Laughter falls on ears that can’t truly hear,
No joy is enough, no happiness clear.
Searching for something to heal the heart,
Yet, no medicine strong, no key to impart.

Illusions cloud perception, distort the view,
Chasing what’s not found, discontent in lieu.
Yearning for a dream that cannot be,
A mirage of wants, a masterpiece we see.

Cease the search, declare no need for more,
Find in the present what you’ve been looking for.
The good you have is here, not beyond,
Realize it now, before it’s forever gone.

In Search of Serenity - Poems About Life

14. Title: “Embrace Life’s Gift”

Life persists through the rough,
Embrace its essence, endure the tough.
A gift bestowed from realms above,
Cherish with love, let hatred not shove.

Precious and valuable, this life we hold,
Don’t cast it away, let stories unfold.
Challenges scar, yet seek the divine,
Speak to God when paths don’t align.

Too precious to discard or toss,
Thankful for each day, no matter the cost.
It matters not if you’re girl or boy,
Every life has worth, every soul can find joy.

Live every day as if it would be your last,
Be kind, happy, and have a blast.
Appreciate the moments, the future, and the past,
Choose life over despair, make it a love broadcast.

Embrace Life's Gift - Poems About Life

15. Title: “Each Moment is Precious”

Live in the present, take it all in,
Pay attention closely, let life begin.
Don’t let your thoughts stray, just be,
Cherish this moment, let it set you free.

Tomorrow can wait, today is the quest,
Too many great moments pass in haste.
In the company you keep, be fully aware,
Give them your focus, show them you care.

Laugh until it hurts, let tears drop,
Savor each moment, let your heart hop.
Don’t miss the details, the lessons unfold,
Stay sharp, be aware, let life’s story be told.

In just 60 seconds, a new path may emerge,
Friendship may blossom, or love may surge.
You become who you are in the moments you live,
The growth is in giving, not just what you receive.

Each Moment is Precious - Poems About Life

16. Title: “Mindset Triumph”

If you think you’re beaten, then you are,
A defeated mindset sets the bar.
If you dare not dream, it won’t come true,
Your belief shapes what you can and will do.

To win but believe you can’t achieve,
Guarantees failure, a truth to perceive.
If losing is your constant thought,
In the world, success can’t be sought.

Outclassed you are if you think it so,
Rise high in thought, let confidence grow.
Sure of yourself, before the prize,
Believe in your capabilities, let doubts demise.

Life’s battles favor not the swift,
Nor the strong, as myths often myth.
Sooner or later, the winner’s plan,
Rests in the belief that “I can.”

Mindset Triumph - Poems About Life

17. Title: “Opportunity”

In doubt and dismay, you’re smitten,
Thinking there’s no chance, don’t be bitten.
The best books are yet to be written,
The best race is yet to be run.

The highest peak is waiting to be climbed,
The mightiest rivers yet to be spanned.
Cheer up, the world is young, understand,
The best is yet to be sung and planned.

The world craves your creations, your might,
For power, beauty, laughter, and love’s light.
No chance? There’s nothing but chance,
To unfold the future in a glorious dance.

Don’t worry, don’t fret, faint-hearted one,
The best is yet to be started and done.
In the realm of possibilities, begun,
For life’s journey has just begun.

Opportunity - Poems About Life

18. Title: “Guidance on Life’s Journey”

Embarking on life’s uncertain road,
Unsure which path it may unfold.
The key, above all, is staying true,
To yourself, no matter what you go through.

In moments of struggle or fear’s embrace,
Remember who you are, find your grace.
Hold tight to hopes and dreams so dear,
Even in setbacks, rejection, or moments unclear.

Life may present failures and frustration,
Yet, overcome, embracing your determination.
Smile, laugh, savor each present day,
Make every memory a pleasant stay.

On your journey, you’re not alone,
Comfort of home, a presence known.
Traveling through life’s ebb and flow,
I’m here for you, should you need to know.

Guidance on Life's Journey - Poems About Life

Poems about life are very powerful; they tend to carry the wisdom and knowledge of the olden days from our daily interactions with fellow humans and our environment. They also give us a better understanding about what life is all about.

After reading these poems, you will agree with me that these verses make us feel happy and wise in our decision-making concerning life.

These poems about life act as a guide, giving a sense of guidance. So the next time you want to read poems about life, remember that Dailytimepoems is always here to take you through the journey of exploring more about life. Feel free to share these poems with your friends, family and loved ones.

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