14 Best Books About Miscarriage, According to Women Who’ve Been There

Find fictional books about miscarriage and nonfiction and children’s books that can help address miscarriage and pregnancy loss.

The days following one’s first miscarriage are usually among the most lonely and dark of one’s life. A woman who has experienced such an annoying moment will never want other women to feel so alone in such a common experience.

However, to avert the occurrence of such a situation, we are sharing some of the best miscarriage books with you.

This collection was the result of a collaborative effort. It includes not only books that helped the women we have had encounters with personally, but also books that readers loved and recommended. It’s clear that after a miscarriage, books can provide a sense of community in an otherwise lonely time.

We hope that this list of books to read after miscarriage will bring you healing, solace, and a sense of belonging to a strong community of women who have fought their way through the pregnancy loss journey.

The Best Miscarriage Books

books on miscarriage

If you’re looking for a good read that will help you cope with your miscarriage, try these books!

1. The Miscarriage Map by Dr. Sunita Osborn

It’s no surprise that our readers rated this book the third highest. The Miscarriage Map takes a unique approach to miscarriage by combining the author’s personal and clinical experiences.

Dr. Sunita Osborn is a miscarriage survivor as well as a clinical psychologist.

In this book, she “offers[ing] women, their partners, and loved ones” the “nitty gritty realities of miscarriage, the accompanying emotional roller coaster, and specific steps to help them get through this loss.”

2. What God Is Honored Here? Writings on Miscarriage by and for Native

Shannon Gibney and Kao Kalia Yang edited Women and Women of Color.

I can’t possibly describe this book in terms that are relevant to its own summary. So I’m going to use that summary!

What God is Honored Here? “is a literary collection of voices of Indigenous women and women of color who have experienced miscarriage and infant loss, experiences that disproportionately affect women who have often been cast to the margins in the United States of America.”

From harrowing accounts of misdiagnoses, ectopic pregnancies, and late-term stillbirths to the poignant chronicles of miscarriages and mysterious infant deaths, What God Is Honored Here? is a collection of poems that speak of loss across generations “brings women together to talk about the traumas and tragedies of womanhood.”

3. The Brink of Being: Talking About Miscarriage by Julia Bueno

The book, written by psychotherapist Julia Bueno, examines all aspects of miscarriage: “psychological, emotional, medical, and cultural.”

Its goal is to break the silence surrounding pregnancy loss.

4. Not Broken: An Approachable Guide to Miscarriage and Recurrent Pregnancy Loss by Lora Shahine, MD

This is the most highly recommended non-memoir book by our readers. Why? It’s both empowering and all-encompassing.

A medical doctor writes this research-based guide, but it employs approachable language and ideas to assist miscarriage patients in becoming their own best advocates.

It takes into account medical, emotional, and lifestyle factors related to pregnancy loss, and while it is based on Western medicine, it also takes into account Eastern approaches to loss. Our readers appreciate Not Broken‘s open-minded, all-encompassing, and inclusive nature.

Miscarriage Books About Personal Experiences

Miscarriage Books About Personal Experiences

Miscarriage books are a great way to learn about what it’s like to lose a baby. But there are also books about other forms of loss, like the death of a loved one or the breakup of a relationship.

5. The Miscarriage Memoirs by Esther Boserup

This book is the memoir of a woman who has had multiple miscarriages, and it explains her experience through her own experiences.

It’s a very personal read, but it also talks about how others have handled their own miscarriages, which helps you to see that miscarriage is not just about you, or even just about your body.

6. When You’re Expecting by Kimberly Sayer

In this book, the author shares her story of fertility treatments and miscarriage and how she found comfort in having other women share their stories with her.

It’s a great book if you’re looking for something to read that will help you feel less alone while going through this difficult time!

7. A Mindful Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond by Lori Wagner-Solnit

Lori Wagner-Solnit is an author, teacher, and mother of two who has dedicated her life to helping women live their fullest lives.

Her book A Mindful Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Beyond (2013) is a guide for women experiencing pregnancy or childbirth. In this book, she explains how mindfulness can help ease anxiety during pregnancy and childbirth.

Wagner-Solnit believes that when people are mindful they are more relaxed and receptive to the experience at hand which can have a positive impact on the outcome of their experiences.

8. Saying Goodbye: A Personal Story of Baby Loss and 90 Days of Support to Walk You Through Grief by Zoe Clark-Coates

In this memoir/grief support guide, the author recounts her five miscarriages and offers grieving readers carefully, guided support through their grief journeys.

This was the most frequently recommended book by our readers, and it received acclaim from both critics and readers.

Christian Books About Miscarriage

When you’re grieving the loss of a child, there are a lot of things you’ll want to ask yourself: “Why did this happen?” “How could this have been prevented?” “What will I do now?”

And while these questions are important and necessary to ask, they’re also incredibly hard to answer. And so we’ll help you find answers by exploring the world of Christian books on miscarriage.

These books will help you understand what causes miscarriage, how to deal with it, and how to move on after your loss. They will also give you guidance on what to do next as well as offer comfort during this difficult time in your life.

9. The Serenity Prayer: Meditations for Healing] by Connie Richards

This book is meant as both a prayer and an affirmation for healing after a miscarriage. It includes meditations on themes like forgiveness and hope.

Conception and Pregnancy After Miscarriage

Conception and pregnancy after miscarriage are not common, but they are possible. Conception happens after ovulation when a woman’s egg is released from the ovary.

There are tons of books out there that talk about the very basics of pregnancy, but not many addresses the situation of a woman who has lost a baby. Here is a list of some books that you might find interesting:

10. It Starts with the Egg by Rebecca Fett

Perhaps the most famous book in the infertility community, It Starts with the Egg works under the premise that recurrent miscarriage, or miscarriage among women of advanced maternal age, is often due to poor egg quality.

It provides a particular, research-based 3-month program to help women with various fertility-related struggles improve their egg quality.

While I didn’t use this book during my recurrent miscarriage journey, I know numerous women who swear by its concrete, straightforward methods.

11. One in Four: Shifting the Balance of Pregnancy Loss by Dr. Barbara Toppin

This book, written by an OBGYN, focuses on one common cause of recurrent pregnancy loss: blood clotting disorders.

This book talks about her methods for preventing pregnancy loss due to blood clotting, the effectiveness of those methods in her own practice, and how to advocate for yourself as a patient.

12. Is Your Body Baby Friendly? by Dr. Alan Beer

Alan Beer is one of the preeminent names in the field of Reproductive Immunology (RI). An area of study that’s gaining a stronger reputation with time, reproductive immunology aims to answer some of the many unknown questions about recurrent miscarriage.

It works under the belief that the body’s immune system is often responsible for pregnancy loss.

Updated in 2019, Is Your Body Baby Friendly? discusses the latest research in reproductive immunology, includes a list of clinics practicing RI, and helps patients advocate for themselves with their own doctors.

Journals About Miscarriage

A journal is one of my favorite types of miscarriage books. Why? Because they are written to assist you in working through your grief.

These miscarriage journals will help you cope with your loss and navigate life after a miscarriage when the pain is no longer as fresh.

They include helpful hints, carefully crafted activities, and fundamental journaling.

13. Mourning Retreat: A Journal Through the Sisterhood of Miscarriage Grief by Katy Huie Harrison, PhD

This guided journal combines my own experience with recurrent pregnancy loss with the tools I’ve learned over the course of years of therapy.

This guided journal will guide you through the unimaginable process of miscarriage grief, utilizing experience-based approaches that assisted me in processing my own grief and learning to move forward.

Mourning Retreat provides a sense of community as well as the warmth of a warm hug from sisters in loss who understand.

You’ll also gain a sense of community through our private Facebook group, which is only open to women who attend our mourning retreat.

14. A Journal Guide to Conceiving After Loss by Shelly Mettling

This journal will walk you through the emotional process of trying to conceive after a loss for three months.

Basic information for anyone trying to conceive, such as ovulation tracking charts, can be found on these pages. This journal, written from one miscarriage mama to another, includes prompts and exercises to help you navigate the emotional roller coaster of trying to conceive after loss.

Fictional Books About Miscarriage

There are avalanches of fictitious publications about miscarriage, in circulation. However, only a few meet the yearnings of our readers. Nonetheless, kindly the list below:

The End of Miracles by Monica Starkman

The End of Miracles, written by a psychiatrist, examines the profound psychological effects that miscarriage trauma can have.

Margo Keber and her husband tried for many years to become pregnant despite infertility issues. When she finally conceives, she is devastated to have a late-term miscarriage.

Margo is hospitalized after suffering from severe depression, but the psychiatric treatment she receives struggles to address her overwhelming grief.

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman

Is the story of Lighthouse keeper Tom and his wife Isabel who discover a child floating in a rowboat with a dead man after suffering one miscarriage and one stillbirth.

Despite the fact that she and Tom feel compelled to report the body, Isabel is moved to claim the child as her own and keep the circumstances surrounding her discovery a secret.

Years later, after moving to the mainland, the couple and a stranger they soon meet face the consequences of their decision.

In the comments, tell us about your favorite miscarriage books!

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